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BIH Deny Paladini Bid

Birmingham International Holdings today have released an announcement to the stock exchange to deny a bid has been accepted for Birmingham City Football Club.

The announcement which is signed by Blues president Carson Yeung confirms that the no written agreement has been reached and that the company has no plans to sell the club.

This directly contradicts the details given by Gianni Paladini on the Tom Ross show and surely casts a further doubt on just what was agreed between the Solihull-based Italian and Peter Pannu. It is also somewhat disturbing that there is confirmation that BIH are not looking to sell.


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  • StaffsBlue says:

    So it looks like we’ll be Chinese owned for the forseeable future… and probably beyond. No optimism for the future of the club then. Brilliant. Thanks for the news though.

  • bully-beef-jnr says:

    What’s new they have said that a million times not looking to sell until shares are relisted

  • oldburyblue says:

    Oh Dan, you tease!! Your 1st para says exactly the opposite to what you meant. What missing one word does!!!

  • oldburyblue says:

    Corrected quickly I see.

  • dave mann says:

    drowning without a life boat in sight, looks very bleak indeed, could be over by christmas.
    R.I.P blues and all who supported them, god bless. KRO.

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    I Knew it!…league One here we come!. No idea really why Paldini has been led a merry dance, again??. Makes me wonder if Pannu and Yeung are reading from a different hymn sheet. I just don’t understand our Chinese ownership one bit ,clearly can’t drive but insist on sitting behind the wheel.

  • Dove says:

    The statement actually says “the Company has no IMMEDIATE plans to dispose of….” I think if they sell depends on if Yeung gets found guilty or not guilty.

  • Frankie says:

    BIHL are just using Birmingham City as a plaything.
    They’ve drained it dry of money and now it is just a bargaining chip to help them gain relisting.
    Why is this shameful company allowed to exist ?

  • Art Watson says:

    The lies just continue.

    What a complete shambles -you couldn’t make it up if you tried!

    I think it’s about time the supporters voiced their opinion at the next home game.

    What else can we do?

    • Bluepenguin1976 says:

      Art you’re totally right mate,its an embbarrassment. Fans should voice their dismay at the next home match. I doubt they will take any notice though,they never have before.

      • Art Watson says:

        I think you are right and I any protests should be driven by the supporters trust.

        Small pockets of protesters (assuming you can get them) won’t make a scrap of difference .

        It will be interesting to hear what CP and TR have to say now.

    • John says:

      Like i have said before,we must all agree to boycot one home game as a protest against these devious owners. Doing nothing at all,is not an option ! It is the only way the national press,will know whats going on at Blues. We have to do something to save our club from these owners. An totally empty stadium,for just one game, will dramatically highlight our precarious position.

      • BobbyBlue says:

        It will do jacksh1t in terms of what we all want – seeing the club sold. Stay away if you don’t want to watch the Blues. But don’t stay away thinking you will help the club’s situation.

        All it will achieve is to demoralise the players who will walk out and think – what am I doing here? Where is this club going? It would also give the opposition an advantage in a season where every point is vital.

        It is frustrating to feel helpless but I’m afraid that is what we all are. Unless you have a spare £50 million burning a hole i your pocket?! We’ve just gotta ride the storm out.

        • Andy W says:

          I agree Bobby. It will do nothing. The National press already know what’s going on, it’s just that frankly, they’re not that bothered? Let’s face it, we are just another lower Championship club with foreign owners who have got us into financial difficulties. What’s new in that? Until we are about to go bust they have other fish to fry?

  • BluesinJapan says:

    This is why, without needing to touch upon ‘delicate’ issues which may be subject to non-disclosure agreements it may have been better when getting the chance to talk to the guy in person to have been positive about a favorable outcome of his court case and find out what his intentions are regarding money into the club if and when he has assets unfrozen.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Paladini doesn’t come across as any more professional and legalistic than CY himself. In the recent Tom Ross interview, he could not or would not state in clear terms what “agreement letter” he was referring to and what sort of “deal” had actually been agreed.

    If there really was any sort of agreement made and correspondence exchanged to that effect, then surely it is a case for the legal eagles to take it up and look into it further. Was it agreed in principle?
    That would allow BIHL/PP/CY wiggle room.

    There has been some rumours for some time that CY is desperate to retain some sort of authority and merely wants another investor aboard. But who in their right mind would want to invest with the shenanigans taking place?

    The announcement still proves that CY may have his hand on the tiller and reports of a power struggle within BIHL are slightly exaggerated.

    All is not lost for any potential investor/buyer, wait until the company is relisted, then buy up any and all shares that are available. Might even get it cheaper than what someone originally wished to pay for it. Guaranteed the shares would be in BIHL, but there would be room for a full buyout if things progressed to plan.

    Faith sapping stuff.

    • TR7 says:

      You’re right. Paladini is far too indiscreet to be a credible business man.We have to face the fact that at the moment we have no serious ‘ benefactor ‘ type contenders on the horizon , and really , why should we ?.. We’re punching way above our weight, 5 places above our destiny position now. We are absolutely HOPELESS with a capital H.
      Drubbing after drubbing now awaits us , brace yourselves for uncharted territory. Not totally Clark’s fault obviously , but having said that , he’s not the man for a biblical proportion problem like the one we have coming towards us . KRO has never sounded so desperate……..

  • John says:

    So Often Partisan must now know, that he shook the hand of a man who continually tells lies. A most untrustworthy lot !

  • Eddie says:

    This is brilliant,
    you could never get bored following the blues.

    Its like a real life Eastenders

    really fascinating to follow

    Them Coventry, Dingles and Vile fans must be bored shitless with there failing clubs, at least our failing club has a twist in its story every day

  • StaffsBlue says:

    More than at any time in the last 12 months… you can see admin looming. I never, ever thought I’d say this, but I can’t see a better option now. It seems it’s the ONLY way to get rid of these jokers.

  • Kaje says:

    Genuinely devastating news, time for protests.

  • mark says:

    firstly Paladini has offered 20mil and cy wants 32mil it not rocket science why he wont sell…. so of course no mandate agreed?????………………. and if a deal had been agreed secondly Paladini broke the disclosure……along with tr………….please feel free to correct me if and wrong………………………..

  • mark says:

    thirdly the bid possibly put forward in Carson personal opinion was not of his satisfaction regardless of pp intervention…………………

  • DoctorD says:

    No WRITTEN agreement reached or signed….and no IMMEDIATE plans to dispose of a controlling equity.

    BUT there COULD be immediate plans to dispose a non-controlling equity OR there COULD be FUTURE plans to indeed to dispose of a controlling equity — this statement alone doesn’t really say too much.

    By the way, interesting this is the second announcement in a row not signed by PP as he usually does. This one is by the main man CY. He’s obviously taking an active role as he’s in the spotlight in the court again.

  • mark says:

    obviously i am playing devil advocate imo mind you………………………kro

  • Eddie says:

    I know it’s hard for any BCFC fan to be positive.
    But, can’t we try.
    Doesn’t this mean he is feeling confident that the outcome of the case is going to be positive and that he will return to the helm of BCFC?
    After all before he had his assets froze, we were at the most successful era in my lifetime. (42)
    I would welcome him and his original ambition back.
    It shows commitment and when our fans are boycotting and not attending matches, shows more commitment than many on here.
    As Dan has said in previous posts, be careful what you wish for, there are worse positions for teams to be in.
    The Cardiff supporters changed club shirt colour and logo for the new owner,
    Coventry lost their ground,
    Wolves have been relegated twice in succession (at least we went down with a trophy in our hand, and I still blame McLeish more than the investment from board level for relegation)
    I hope he gets off all charges and breaths some fresh air into our club KRO

    • mark says:

      eddie – i would happily agree with your comments…………..

    • Bluepenguin1976 says:

      Eddie, I hope you are right…the truth is football fans are a fickle bunch.If Carsen got off (shares are unfrozen) and he plowed 5 million into the team in January 80% of us would be happy. After all Birmingham City is our concern, people are only unhappy because we are in the mire,if we suddenly weren’t it would all be a different kettle of fish.

      Ofcourse….this is all ifs and buts, If a saudi prince with wads of cash bought us out it was also be great……not too sure what the chances of either happening are tho?.

    • TR7 says:

      Eddie , nice one mate .I know what you’re trying to do , and you’re to be applauded ! Keep positive and all that . Truth is , Wolves will be looking ( and laughing ! ) down on us next season , and Coventry the same, the season after that . This is really serious stuff now . we are in freefall. This is the biggest crisis since the late 80’s .

      • Eddie says:

        Some people just like being negative.

        Truth is, we’re not in a worse position than either Wolves or Coventry and in my opinion Cardiff.

        If you look at the table Bolton are doing worse and Middlesbrough have just sacked the manager.

        But, you are predicting the future and not living in the present.

        If Wolves and Cov are above us next year, then let’s deal with that next year, there is also an argument we could be above the Villa this time next year. Depends on how you look at life

  • Ken says:

    This is just a cleverly worded statement to satisfy the rules of the HKSE. It says nothing we didnt know already ie that no written agreement has been reached or agreed and clearly they have to confirm that there are no immediate plans to dispose AT THE DATE OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT so clearly that can change tomoro or some other date in the future. Basically, how can CY sell whilst hes in his present predicament? Nothing will or can happen til his fate is known, thats been obvious from the start. So calm down!

    • Andy W says:

      Agreed Ken. This is an attempt to stall while the trial is still on-going. If CY gets found guilty and receives a custodial sentence, things will have to change from the viewpoint of this statement. And I don’t particularly see Paladini as a preferable option in any case given the way he has gone about his business i.e. publicly. He does not seem to me to give us an option of long-term stability which is what we need.

  • Marvy says:

    This is what Paladini said:

    ‘The deal was done. I have got proof, signed by me and Peter Pannu. We came to an agreement.’

    So Mr Paladini – if this is the case then please put this docuement in the public domain!

    • mark says:

      was it signed by the daddy himself, i bet no…………paladini knows it not worth the paper it written on, plus he was under a disclosure he would look even more foolish than he already is imo………………….

      • Mac says:


        If you listened to the interview, you would realise that this agreement would have been drawn up by solicitors and only signed by Mr Paladini and the obnoxious Mr Pannu. Presumably, Mr Pannu had the authority to negotiate for the Company. If this is correct Mr Paladini has nothing to be embarrassed about. If he published the document, it could leave Mr Yeung in bother with the HKSE. (By the way Non-Disclosure agreements work both ways) so this announcement could also break an agreement.
        If I were Mr Paladini – I’d accept defeat but I wouldn’t go quietly, I’d publish all the paperwork I’d got and expose the lies that appear to have been told.

        • mark says:

          Mac – thank you for your reply…………negotiations by gp were only the interim agreement, In imo gp believes what he is offering 20mil is the going price, carson believes what 12mil short he want 32mil with all the other clauses in………. so unless gp plays ball carson not interested by the sounds of it…….simply as that…………..maybe carson learn from ziggy contract??/……………can knock the guy for trying…..

  • edd77 says:

    How can he be not looking to sell for God’s sake we are piss poor, im so fed up, and angry, yeung is like a 4 year old that wont give up his dummy, grow up yeung

    • DoctorD says:

      Picture the scene — you’re in court getting grilled. You could be going behind bars. You’re money’s frozen. You own a football club.

      That club is the one decent thing to your name — you’re not going to sell it unless you have to are you? Not defending him, but you have to put yourself in his shoes.

      And fair play to Dan — he is out there on the scene. Dan, if you get a few more minutes with him — what are you going to ask him?

      • bluenoseb says:

        What he thinks the team selection will be for derby if yesterday was anything to go on.

        • Dan H says:

          Dan was obviously trying to gauge whether he is still keeping tabs on the football side of things.

          If Dan goes straight into an interrogation about BIH, the club and money CY will not answer any questions.

          It was sound logic to get him to drop his guard and open up, he may decide to let Dan have an interview if he builds up some trust

          • bluenoseb says:

            The word Trust and carson or any of his cronies don’t go in the same sentence mate, and if carson asked yesterday is he the front page news in birmingham well he certainly is today with this latest twist in this everlasting saga. Well if he couldnt ask questions directly about BIHL or blues, why not ask a general question about how does a owner of a football club with no money, no money coming in for the foreseeable future, cant get any investment of any real significance for over two and half years , plan to take the club forward not backwards? For the sake of the fans of that club would it not be a better idea to sell it on to someone who could take it forward, and if carson was a fan not owner watching all this unfold what would he think. I do think dan’s does a great job and understand he wants to build trust with him espec with a book coming out with him as the lead role, but he would of only been telling him the truth if told carson about the fans ill filling towards him and ever coming back, didnt have to tell him in a nasty way just straight and direct, whether he likes it is tough shit to be honest, bit like having your football club ripped to shreds for the last 2 years, its crap but its the truth.

  • darren says:

    time to stop giving him any money and bleed him dry. I said this 6 mths ago and got lambbasted on this site.

    Boycott the club now and force them out

    • Teej says:

      I agree totally, boycott the home games and starve them out. Power to the fans!

      • Dan H says:

        Boycotting games will not achieve anything other than selling more players and cutting staff costs which means hard working brummies that work at the club will lose their jobs.

        That’ll be nice on the run-up to Xmas.

        Get behind the team, fill the ground, make it attractive to new owners – Simples

      • mark says:

        just out of interest you wont be at stoke cup game then????//

      • Mike says:

        I have been saying this for over 2 years now AND personally I have not given the club a single penny in that time !! Too many so called fans are burying their heads in the sand and doing NOTHING to get rid of the chinese !!
        I personally dont give a toss for YEUNG AND PANNU, and starving these morons out of the club is the ONLY way forward !!
        I hope we go into administratioin ,get relegated and finish up in the conference if thats what it takes to get these people out!!
        Filling the ground,buying merchandise only means a bigger cash cow for the chinese and so we we will NEVER get rid of them !!
        Wake up and smell the coffee before its too late !!

        • tonyc says:

          I totally agree.Does anyone really think if we filled the ground every week that pannu would be the slightest bit interested in helping to sell the club.If the barber won’t sell then our only option is administration .Otherwise this soap opera could last longer than coronation street(and thats just as depressing.)

  • StevieW says:

    Palladini publish your proof lets show the world who is telling the truth.

    Either Palladini does not have an agreed sale or BIHL are telling white ones to the HKSE.

    As for not selling that does not surprise me if a lot of other peoples money has been used in BCFC.

    This is very messy Where is Hercule when you need him.

    • Dan H says:

      The situation may appear to be completely confusing but it appears that:

      1) Paladini most likely has an Agreement in Principle with Pannu only – PP will be keen to sell as he will receive a bonus.
      2) Yeung obviously does not like the Preliminary deal
      3) Yeung is in no rush to sell, which means we must have secured additional finance
      4) Yeung would definitely sell if it meant administration as he would seek to lose a significant amount – £20m is better than £5 -£7m which is what he would likely receive if we went into administration
      5) The clubs finances are obviously not as bad as we all feared

      This is not going to end soon if at all, I think we should get behind the team, make the club as attractive a proposition for new owners as protests and staying away will not attract new owners – KRO

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Only thing I would say to that… is WHAT new owners? Even if Yeung did want to sell… £32m? Really? After buying the club for £80m, I would say that, fools like Carson Yeung only come along once in a lifetime.

        • Dan H says:

          Staffs, There will still be interested parties out there and their finance will be based on business plans

          The more fans we have at the ground, and money we’re pulling in on match day then the more finance the bank will offer based on the business plan, which will increase the price closer to Carson’s asking price.

          Notwithstanding Paladini, we know there was an announcement to the HKSE in January regarding a Sports Management Company / Consortium.

          Carson is also talking to HK parties most likely to secure investment and his own involvement for longer, but there are people out there.

          Reading, Fulham, Forest, Sheffield United, Leeds have all been bought in the past 12 months by Foreign investors. The Prem TV deal is too much to ignore for some people

  • Blue92 says:

    Maybe Carson knows he’s not guilty

  • mark says:

    yeah lets boycott the cup game against stoke we dont really want to progress further in the cup and still be giving money to pp cy what a bunch of happy fans you really are……………………………..just remember i must get there early before someone takes my seat…………..

    • Mac says:


      If you listened to the interview, you would realise that this agreement would have been drawn up by solicitors and only signed by Mr Paladini and the obnoxious Mr Pannu. Presumably, Mr Pannu had the authority to negotiate for the Company. If this is correct Mr Paladini has nothing to be embarrassed about. If he published the document, it could leave Mr Yeung in bother with the HKSE. (By the way Non-Disclosure agreements work both ways) so this announcement could also break an agreement.
      If I were Mr Paladini – I’d accept defeat but I wouldn’t go quietly, I’d publish all the paperwork I’d got and expose the lies that appear to have been told

  • ...sappy sad says:

    ………I don’t think in all of my life have I ever felt so much hatred for such people ……..never in my life have I known such total disregard for peoples feelings ,…and total misuse of peoples passion….who has brought all this on the club and yet it doesn’t show ….this is not just about sport this is about people having belief …passion ….people having an aim in life ,..something to look forward to each weekend and to share with others in watching and talking about after in the week ,…it has been said that fans feelings will be considered in the future of the club ,well Birmingham city fans have the chance of seeing their clubs future secured ,have a chance of new players signed in the January window and if the owners cant equal this then they have failed

  • dave mann says:

    i think most fans have boycotted the club already darren, but i wont be one off them ime not
    sorry to say, i suppport my club and no situation or person is going to change that so dont
    expect me to boycott any games, i do it for me, my wife, my son, my club, my way of life, not
    for yeung or pannu, they just both need to dissapear and asap for the sake of BCFC. KRO.

    • Dan H says:

      Spot on Dave.

      We had a far worse team, stadium, training ground etc under previous managers.

      This season was always going to be a roller coaster, we should get behind the team.

      At the end of the day a privileged few teams at the top of the Premier win trophies every season, the rest of the teams just play. Blues fans support for the love, loyalty and allegiance not because of success

      • mark says:

        the spirit of being a bluenose never dies, we are the ones that past that mantle to the next generation……kro

        • Dan H says:

          Couldn’t agree more

          My son’s 10 and the next generation he loves the whole match day experience

          Due to an increasing minority I’ve seen the Culture of the club change a bit over the past few years it’s become a bit negative, the gallows humour is still there but a lot of apathy and increasing quiet spells during games.

        • steve says:

          Let’s hope there’s something to pass on.

  • Ken says:

    I dont think we should assume that CY knows what he is doing. I think we should assume he hasnt really got a clue. What would he know about running a football club? How could he? Anyone who paid £81m for Blues at that time clearly paid well over the odds. In reality, the Golds and Sullivan saw him coming. I just dont think we shd assume that he has some cleverly defined strategy

  • mark says:

    i hope one day the mustard seed will return to stans……………………..

  • SMIFFY says:

    I’ve said it all along – they will not sell until they get what they want – around £32 million. There is no chance of that. Another major stumbling block is who owns the other 70 odd percent of the club? all of these ‘investors’ would have to agree to a sale – the whole sorry saga reminds me of a tangled fishing reel that cannot be unscrambled! I really fear the worst – ground sale and liquidation is a possibility with these people. We MUST NOT go quietly into the night – protest (peacefully) NOW. KRO

  • it is so simple, the answer is all supporters stop attending games? if this was to happen it would soon bring the arseoles to buck, it needs the supporters to show gumshone @ intelligenge , of cause there is always
    the plonkers but please spread this around and bring these b****** to there knees

    • Dan H says:

      Like I said earlier

      Boycotting games will not achieve anything other than selling more players and cutting staff costs which means hard working brummies that work at the club will lose their jobs.

      That’ll be nice on the run-up to Xmas.

      • Art Watson says:

        Sorry I have to disagree,

        Carson will lose millions if the club go in to administration but starving the club of finance will force him to sell.

        To do nothing is should not be an option.

        • Mike says:

          Spot on m8!!!!!

        • Dan H says:


          He’s obviously secured finance already as he’s not keen to sell (because he doesn’t have to) and Paladini confirmed BCFC are not near administration.

          Boycotting games is having no effect on the ownership, and if they needed cash they would just sell Burke, Randolph, Murphy next prospect Packwood, Hancox, Reilly, Arthur etc

          The only way the to get these people out is to raise the earnings of the club which will result in Banks offering prospective owners more finance and getting nearer Carson’s asking price.

          Finance of Paladini will be based on a business plan, and the business plan and finance available will look a lot better to Banks if there are 20,000 fans at home games rather than 14,000

          • mark says:

            some people dont like reality checks Dan H, and almost forgot the dear old brummies working at BCFC, BASICALLY what they are saying stuff you LOT…………we want carson and pp out at all costs………..How selfish can some people be……………………….well i am not one of those………………..until guilty i rest my case……………………………to all the other faithful bluenoses keep the faith…………….kro ……..another thing if i was down to my last pennies i would still watch my beloved blues……………..

    • mark says:

      you are second person same question just out of interest you wont be attending the stoke cup, it a pretty simple question…………….really

  • The Francis Fake says:

    As fans I’m afraid we have simply got to wait for the court verdict. I can’t see anyway a buyer can deal with the existing owners to secure a purchase under the current circumstances surrounding BIH and CY. Based on the feedback on the court case CY is going down barring a miracle. The question is, what happens when the authorities hold the shares some time in the New Year?

  • SMIFFY says:

    Dan H – if we don’t do anything the hardworking Brummies that staff the club will lose their jobs anyway. These cretins are interested in one thing, they always have been from the first moment – MONEY. They care NOTHING about the club, its’ supporters, its history or its future – what they originally bought the club for has now evaporated. Even Dan was drawn in by Yeung who had him believing that he cared how we got on against Leeds and that we have the players to do better – we don’t and he does NOT care about BCFC – he wants his dough back mate!! Cut off his income then he will let go – then we can rebuild our shattered club together. KRO

    • Dan H says:

      Smiffy, It still doesn’t make sense mate

      That’s like someone with a terminal illness committing suicide.

      You’ve seen what happened to Portsmouth, Rangers and Coventry when clubs go into administration you lose control of the assets and potentially your whole status if you go into liquidation as Rangers did.

      Portsmouth were playing 3 trialists in a competitive game last season, don’t panic we’re nowhere near that yet.

      Administration would push us there at great speed

  • Tony says:

    No wonder Pannu urges people to attend games, its what pays his fees.

  • Bob Your Uncle says:

    Maybe it wouldn’t be the worse thing if Carson continued to run the club. Paladini don’t seem to have a clue to be honest and the way he ran things at QPR were far from great. CY had the club under its greatest ever spell and did spend a lot of money on players and did put in for some great players (Dembele, Lewandowski) which I believe if we had got we would still be in the Premier League, but that wasn’t CY fault that was Mcliesh. So I would be careful what you wish for. KRO!

  • Ronj says:

    Thank you for your article . You are doing a good job keeping us fans up to date. If that man had any decent thoughts about the club and the fans he would be selling it as there is a constant need for funds to run a football club.they don’t have any so I can only presume he would rather see the club go down than try to get rid of a liability that he really has no interest in. Unless something happens to change his mind I can only see deverstating times ahead and I don’t mean relegation. The clubs existence is at the crossroads. Protests staying away would only exacerbate the matter.
    Blues or any other genuine fans do not deserve this treatment.–

  • Chris Evsns says:

    How come Paldini has come out & said he agreed a deal
    With Pannu.
    Pannu & Carson Yeung have made us a shambles
    I hope Paldini buys us before Christmas less
    It will be league one for us next season

  • mr_crosby says:

    Haggis was right, as well as telling Carson to f*** off out of our club you c**t you’re not wanted you should have smacked him in the mouth first.

  • dave mann says:

    its so easy for so called suppporters to come on here and tell die hard fans to boycott the blues….
    …….up yours!!!!! would be my response to all you part timers, you boycott, your desicion, but stop
    telling us to bleed the club dry and denie me and my family a great day out weather its home or
    away because of our hatred for the chinese owners, your never stop the die hard fans going
    so give it up cuz your getting on my nerves.KRO.

  • Tony says:

    All this is diverting attention from our most pressing problem ie CLARK. we are now nearing the relegation places.
    In all seriousness I think I have an answer, we cant afford to sack him or put him on gardening leave,
    Bearing in mind his continued use of the man by the name of Novak, we could argue that is not the actions of a rational man and apply to have him sectioned.
    Put the moran in a padded cell where he surely belongs.

    • Dan H says:

      I’ll always support the Blues Manager whoever is in charge, however starting Olly Lee and Novak on Sunday were bizarre decisions.

      He has a tendancy to panic, the Bolton game was not great but to drop Adeyemi, Reilly and Green who all worked hard against Bolton seemed mad.

      Not to mention Leeds would have breathed a huge shigh of relief when Zigic was on the bench

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I have to agree with Leaving Reilly out for Lee. I also think there were better options than Novak. I’m not a Novak basher… he’s a bloody hard worker, but in front of goal, he has no luck at all (could have had a brace on Sunday.) As strange as it sounds, if you’re going to play Novak, why not Zigic too? They scored 3 between them against Shamrock, so it worked that day. Only other thing I would say, is that we don’t know how fit Zigic is. Can he last a full game yet? I think the obvious pairing now, would be Zigic and Lingard.

        As for Adeyemi, he was sick and had to be left back at the hotel. We certainly missed his drive.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Sorry, that first bit doesn’t read right. I meant that I couldn’t undertand why he dropped Reilly for Lee.

        • Dan H says:

          Clark should be at the point in the season where he knows a couple of formations to play home and away as well as the relevant personnel.

          On Sunday’s tactics and selections looks to me like he hasn’t learnt much.

          I agree Novak works hard and should only be used for hold-up play as you can’t rely on him for goals.

          October was the month when we kicked on under Hughton and started to get some beliefe under Clark last season I think we need to play 4-4-1-1 in away games with Lingard off Green for some pace to stretch defences.

          We need Murphy and Ferguson and Caddis and Burke on the pitch as our strength for the past 3 years is out wide

          Home can be 3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 but we need a consistent team to build up the confidence

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Personally, I don’t think we play that well with 4-4-2. 3-5-2 and 3-4-3, I’m not convinced about either. 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1 is better., but If it were my choice, I’d go 4-2-3-1… simply because we are so soft down the middle it’s untrue. As we don’t have a defensive-minded midfielder, we need the 2 players protecting the back 4 and winning the ball when we lose it (which is way too often.) With that protection, it should allow the front 4 a bit more freedom and confidence.

            For me personally, the first 5 names on the team sheet, would be Caddis / Burke, Hancox / Ferguson and Adeyemi. Pick ‘n’ mix for the other places.

          • mark says:

            Dan H and staffsblue i must say the polish international had a reasonable game in the U21……maybe a possibilities in that position mentioned………………….

  • Enckelman says:

    Shows how insignificant us fans are and how simply the people who love the club, have no choice on the matter.

  • Rick Bell says:

    As I have said all along, nothing will happen until CY’s case is done and dusted. When his verdict comes in IF he does not appeal then we will see something happen.
    2 reasons I have been saying this
    1 He will need the money if he looses
    2 Any potential buyer is waiting for the price to go down (not that it can get much lower) if he CY looses.
    All we can do as fans is back the boys who wear the shirt.
    I am a season ticket holder living in Blackpool

  • AlexT says:

    woah! hold on…. Al, didn’t you say the rules of the Stock Exchange require the business to make a statement to the HKSE if an offer was made for the club??

    Paladini can prove that he at least made an offer, so aren’t BIH breaking the rules? And if so wont this hamper their re-listing?

  • dave mann says:

    lee clarks team against leeds was baffling beyond belief, novak playing, reilly not playing, zigic
    on the bench, stop pissing about with formations and pick the best 11 in there favourite positions
    …….simples… stop changing the team to suit the opposition, its starting to really bug me big time.

    • Dan H says:

      I can understand starting Elliott but not with Lee, how many times have we played that combination in midfield?

      Rodolph Austin ran the midfield for Leeds by filling the gap between midfield and our defence which sucked our centre backs out and created all sorts of space

      Clark should have seen it after 30 minutes and put Robbo in as holding MF or brought on subs earlier it was obvious

  • gerard says:

    is Yeung deluded,deranged, off the planet, there was a legally binding offer given to him, its turning into a soap opera come farce , I know Paldini is telling the truth , what next?

  • DoctorD says:

    Found this interesting on bcfc.com:

    ==== EZE Group are looking to reward another deserving fan that has overcome personal adversity, carried out outstanding work in the community or shown tremendous support for the club over the years. A lucky individual and a guest will be rewarded with the chance to enjoy VIP treatment on a matchday in the St. Andrew’s Boardroom hosted by the club’s senior finance officer, Roger Lloyd. The experience will include a luxury meal for two ***alongside both sets of clubs directors**** and the chance to watch the match in the best seat in the house.===

    Right, I’m interested to see WHO on our board is going to be there.

  • TonyE says:

    What would happen if Paladini sent a copy of the signed agreement to the HKSE, that should put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. Yeung is clearly living on Mars if he thinks he can get £32m for a club which has sold all their best players, including (and this really hurts) potential stars of the future. They’ve raised tens of millions of pounds and yet we are still in the mire with one of the highest paid football administrators in the world on the books, why?

  • BlueBlues says:

    No boycott for me either I’m a season ticket holder and will always be there. People have very short memories of how bad things have been in the past. A boycott has already being happening for the last two years gates down to 13K this will go on decreasing but will make no deference to these chances.

    A supporter supports his club not the owners, we need to stay in this division look what happened with Crystal Palace things can turn around very quickly

    The blues trust needs to galvanise and organise some form of mass protest other than a boycott

  • James says:


    Does the announcement mention an offer to buy BIHL? The evening mails article doesn’t mention that a move for BIHL was rubbished rather that there was no immediate plan to sell BCP or BCFC.

    I’m on a train with poor signal so can’t do my own digging.

  • Pete Flamingo says:

    Lots of people talking about League 1. What about League 2?
    Pompey are there, it might be fun, think of all the new grounds to visit.
    The pies at Morecambe are the best in the country.
    Bring it on whatever league we are in, every cloud.

  • Bluenosegaz says:

    I can understand the season ticket holders not wanting to boycott games when they have put there hard earned money into the club & I can understand why fans want to stay away and not give these people anymore of there money whatever our fans do they are the ones that are going to loose out. What I can’t work out is these people have been saying the club is up for sale for the last two years then all of a sudden it’s not up for sale nobody seems to know what the hell is going on at blues this is what is frustrating many fans .

  • NJfrom the paddock says:

    I saw Carson at Birmingham Airport after the Forest cup game when Ferguson scored. He had come over from Hong Kong and watched the Blues on one of the coldest nights I can remember. He had a quick chat and I feel he genuinely enjoys the Blues. All the bloke has tried to do is live the dream, I hope he gets off and spends all his dough in the transfer window.

  • Blues1875 says:

    I’m getting to the point where a good psychiatrist would not be a bad idea I seem to be bouncing from bad news to good news to bad results to good results from a fully fit team to an injury hit team will they sell or won’t they sell…oh yes it’s the blues I support so no need to see a shrink after all !
    KRO all you blues fans and remember its part and parcel of supporting such a great team – not the owners the team we must remember this when commenting about boycotting the games this doesn’t hurt the owners what so ever and never will I’ve never seen any action against an owner that has worked to the benefit of the team

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    The various comments from BIHL and PP on the radio interview have been carefully worded.
    – no denial of a bid (only denial of a written agreement to sell)
    – an announcement from BIHL of no IMMEDIATE plan to sell
    PP’s article recently hinted of differences between him and Carson.
    This won’t play out until after the verdict on CY.
    I think it’s perfectly possible that PP would be happy to conclude a deal with Paladini but CY doesn’t. That could change after the verdict.

  • dorsetblue says:

    Shirts off.
    We need a protest that gets us in the news. On a given minute in every game home and away blues fans take our tops off and slow clap for one minute.
    A great protest to say you may as well take the shirts off our back. If done right it will make headlines here and abroad.

    • Big Bill says:

      I’m up for the “Shirts Off” protest….. NOT during the game, that would be too disruptive to the team.
      NO. Let’s take our shirts of for the WHOLE of the Half-Term Interval, AND, at the Final Whistle, regardless of the result.
      THAT WOULD GET SOME PUBLICITY. The cameramen would love it.

      And if you do get cold, just wear your “All We Care About Is BCFC” 3-clour scarf around your neck.

      You know it makes sense.

  • Chris W says:

    Who do we believe?
    We have local radio host stating a takeover is imminent, local businessman claiming he has signed an agreement, Hong Kong based acting chairman stating he was not meeting anyone and the chairman saying he wants to sell, then an announcement by the holding company, whatever they are, that they have no intentions of selling all or part of BCFC.
    Can anyone shine even a glimmer of a glow into what is going on.
    No wonder LC keeps swapping and changing, seems confusion, some relation of confucius, is actually running the club.
    Does PP send an e mail before every game telling LC his options….
    Not only is this a “Long Long Road, there are more twists than Paladini’s Rotini.

  • Alex T says:

    The problem is Dorsetblue, we have one half of blues fans saying don’t boycott the club but start a protest instead, and the other half say that protests are for Vilers….. like they are too embarrassed or something and would rather bend over and take one up the jacksie from CY & PP.

    Such a bad mix of apathy and football snobbery amongst our lot, it drives me nuts! Personally, im in the ‘boycott’ camp but all for a protest as well.

    • Chris W says:

      As we saw with Blackburn and the Venky’s, our owners are in the Far East and don’t get a lot of coverage so who would report any protests or who would see the same?
      A boycott would do no good because the season ticket holders have already paid up front, there fore would attend as to not waste the money already spent.
      I agree that we need to do something, but it needs to be something big and effective.
      Blues Trust are still waiting on Birmingham City Council re their application for the ground to be an asset to the community, if every Blues supporter bombarded councillor and Lord Mayor with daily e-mails, they may reach a decision.
      We need a big name to head any ideas that come forward, something the Blues Trust are addressing with their plight.

  • Crazy about blue says:

    Can all the ne’er do any things stop having a pop a Dan? It’s befitting,that he’s doing op,and as usual the wuckfits that are only ever happy moaning, continue to take solace, in laying into the one objective,sensible,heart on his sleave get off his arse, put his money where his mouth is, supporter that we have, and all you do is condemn OUR best footsoldier ( by miles) it makes my blood boil, twits!!

  • mark says:

    Protest is futile try doing the conra instead…….. Should be a enough of us to do that………show carson we are enjoy ourselves…………

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