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BIH Board Meeting

edit 1645 BST 22 April It would now appear that the meeting is going ahead and bids will be considered. Watch this space.

Birmingham International Holdings have apparently cancelled a board meeting scheduled for tomorrow to decide a preferred bidder. There has been no official notification or cancellation of the meeting to the HKSE with the news originally coming from Mark Regan on his Radio WM show last Wednesday.

It’s my understanding that the meeting was to be held at BIH’s head office in Harbour Centre, Wan Chai to discuss how to proceed with respect to naming a preferred bidder for the club. Sources indicate that there are up to five bids on the table from consortiums based in the UK, Australia, Qatar and China. Due to regulations surrounding reporting of bids prior to notification to shareholders and non-disclosure agreements there is no hard information as to the value of bids or the identities of consortiums and as such it’s difficult to say who are the front-runners.

It’s also my understanding that BIH are to proceed with selling the club in tranches, to enable them to satisfy the HKSE that they have other businesses producing turnover when the sale of the club is complete. Documentation obtained last year showed that BIH were expecting the transition period to take anything up to 24 months; however it is hoped that once BIH receive some cash for a sale of a stake in the club that can be reinvested quickly into another business to enable the speedy completion of the transaction.

It could be that the leaks of information surrounding the bids – particularly what was disclosed by Regan – has hindered the sale process. As I understand it the HKSE are watching the process closely due to the previous failure to sell 12% to Beijing Liangzhu coupled with the unusual share price movements recently and it could feasibly be possible that the HKSE are making demands of BIH behind the scenes to ensure that the sale is conducted absolutely by the book.

Right now is a very delicate situation. As much as we want to know what is going on there is very much a need for the deal to be conducted with the required degree of confidentiality. I can understand it’s frustrating as people want to know what is happening but I think until the end of the season we have to hold out tongues and wait for BIH to speak. On the flip side, if the end of the season comes without any word from BIH as to how they’re going to prepare for the new season and invest in the playing squad to remain competitive in the Championship (or God forbid promotion from League One), then I think it would be the time to force the issue.

As much as I have sourced information as accurately as possible and from multiple sources, I invite people to treat all of my personal speculation with the scepticism it deserves.

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31 Responses to “BIH Board Meeting”

  • Rhees says:

    All this dosnt sound to promiseing to me
    the club needs selling in one fowl swoop

  • teejay says:

    here we go again how many more dissapointments in the cupboard its unbelievable pathetic

  • Mezz says:

    Suppose it’s no big deal if it’s delayed a week or so for whatever reason. If it’s been delayed due to bids being withdrawn or not being concrete then that is a worry.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Whatever is happening BIH have to sell. The playing assets have already been stripped, there’s no money in the coffers and the parachute payment is gone.I also don’t buy the assumption that BIH is clinging onto BCFC to maintain HKSE status, there must be other reasons for this. The valuation of the club diminishes each day so it seems crazy that no sale has been made as yet so there is more to this than meets the eye.

  • matt says:

    Birmingham International Holdings have apparently cancelled a board meeting scheduled for tomorrow to decide a preferred bidder? says who?

    It’s also my understanding that BIH are to proceed with selling the club in tranches? says who?

    It could be that the leaks of information surrounding the bids – particularly what was disclosed by Regan – has hindered the sale process? Back up what your saying dan?

    Are you just making things up just to keep the website ticking over?

    There is no substance to what your saying dan?

    Sources tell me your a wind up merchant!

    Play fair mate!

  • Matt says:

    cheers regan ya mug

  • riverphoenix says:

    never eating another Chinese again but would love to know what qatars food is like KRO

  • devonshireduchess says:

    Surely if the Football League have only had reassurances of funding until the end of the season they will be asking about the future anytime soon?

  • tmsblues says:

    Perhaps all the bids are being withdrawn after Monday’s result.! Why pay for what may be free come July when Blues are in a lower division and no viable business plan has been submitted and only a handful of tickets sold ! ?? !

  • Chris W says:

    Obviously something is afoot or these rumours are pure wishful thinking and speculation.
    Radio WM and Tom Ross have lost all credibility after their last fiasco regarding a takeover and the Paladini scenario.
    BIHL are not ones to divulge information, when was the last time someone other than PP made any announcements regarding BCFC, and we all know what Mr Peter Pannu’s remarks were and how he has failed to follow up his last statement regarding the fans and importance.
    Nothing will happen till the end of season, by which time the price will have dropped, especially if the worst happens and we fail to maintain our Championship status.
    Whatever happens plans need to be drawn up and announced by BIHL regarding next season.
    If I am correct in reading the Football Leagues rulings, and no doubt someone will correct me, BIHL have to submit their protracted financial status for the new season within three weeks of the end of the current season, these then have to be finalised and agreed by the Football League prior to the new fixtures being published or roughly six weeks to the commencement of the new season.
    This has to be completed by all current club owners in situ at the proposed dates, irrelevant to any takeovers or potential sales.
    As I say if anything is incorrect I apologise, it is only my interpretation into an e-mail I received regarding the situation at BCFC and the Football League Rules.
    Like Dan I am not a finance expert, I have been involved in the running of a successful amateur football club and though the tolerances are not as strict the rules of the Football league stay the same and apply to all.

  • Steve says:

    According to tom Ross,the meeting goes ahead.

    • Chris W says:

      I wouldn’t trust Tom Ross if he said Grass was green.
      He lost all credibility with the Paladini fiasco

      • Steve says:

        Looks like he was right.I don’t think he lost credibility at all.He told us what he had been told.Fans moan about all the secrecy,then slaughter somebody who thinks he’s doing the right thing.

  • matt says:

    “BREAKING NEWS” Meeting to go ahead! apologies accepted dan?

  • matt says:

    “BREAKING NEWS” Meeting to go ahead! Apologies accepted dan?

    • OftenPartisan says:

      Apologies for what? For posting information that I believed was correct?

      Matt – told you before, you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s simple.

  • Geoff S says:

    I was a little wrong-footed with the new (to me) Disqus lay-out on OP but I think I have got it now.

    I see Daniel posted an edit at 16:45 to say this meeting of BIHL board is now on again. I know Daniel cannot afford to post things online which have no basis in fact but where did that information come from? Cheers.

  • tmsblues says:

    Its all on then now mmmm ?? Perhaps they’ve realised now as we approach the exit door from several directions, it is the time some decisions at a pace! To keep the bidders in and prices up maybe they will make another overdue and important decision and put LC on garden leave! The team must now have lost all confidence in the manager. The board might just as well pick the team themselves while they meet.

  • Art says:

    Let’s just be grateful the meeting is still on.

    Could be the beginning of the end!

  • DaveM says:

    Without doubt, this continues to be frustrating, especially their idea of selling over two years. Hopefully the preferred bidder won’t be the Chinese one, which i can only assume has connections of some form to the current regime? that’s only a guess, of course. in other news, David Moyes is available ;)

  • Kingsbury Rich says:

    All the Midlands News outlets still say that the meeting is going ahead, Whose correct???

  • Kingsbury Rich says:

    Sorry only just noticed the edit as i had read this earlier, DOH!!

  • Raymondo says:

    If we go down we might start winning matches at the lower level and that may bring back the fans, just as it has with Wolves. Their club motto, I think, is “out of darkness cometh light”. Perhaps we should think that way too. Whatever happens I will always be behind them, as I have been since 1954, even in the lowest possible division. KRO

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