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…or get off the pot.

Cynicism and apathy towards what is happening off the field at St Andrew’s seems to be hitting new heights in social media with fans either not believing or not caring about news of a potential sale of the club. With all that has gone on for the last three years since relegation from the Premier League and the arrest of Carson it’s hard to argue with fans who have grown bored and/or disbelieving of talk of a takeover.

In an information vacuum, rumour and speculation grow rife – and Blues have been living with an absence of hard information of what is going on about their club for a long time. While I’ve sometimes tried to offer my thoughts on what is happening based on things I’ve heard I’m conscious that I too am feeding the rumour mill and it’s something I will admit that I’m not comfortable with.

The problem Blues fans face is that the board only seem to make announcements when they are either forced to by regulatory bodies such as the HKSE, in reaction to a story breaking in the press or at their own convenience; there is nothing regular and so Blues fans have no idea when the next one is going to come. Part of the frustration I think comes from the fact we don’t know when the board of BCFC or BIH are next going to talk to us about what is happening.

Of course, there are the usual caveats about the sensitivity of takeover talks, non-disclosure agreements and such – and I suspect that there is a sizeable proportion of fans who wouldn’t believe anything was happening with respect to a sale even if an announcement was made as we have seen false dawns before – the Beijing Liangzhu fiasco being a recent occurrence. I think we have to accept that if we were told anything there wouldn’t be any specifics as much as the club and the holding company would have to accept that no matter what they said, some fans just aren’t going to trust it until there is some concrete proof – ie a new owner standing in the Director’s area with a shirt with his name on it.

What concerns me is that until something concrete is sorted out, the club is going to suffer – I have a feeling that the take-up of season tickets will be lower than expected until the ownership situation is sorted out due to the uncertainty over the quality of the squad and the paucity of home wins in the league last season. That is something I’m not going to discuss either – I believe that buying a season ticket is a personal decision and I have no right to say that people should or should not buy one; as I don’t want to be seen to “incite” fans I’m not going to discuss my personal choices or the reasoning behind them either.

Since Carson was sent down the holding company has lacked any sort of figurehead – and from a personal opinion, a leader. Until we see someone from BIH head office come out and address the fans I’m not sure who is in charge out there – and with three people trying to sell the club the question comes down to how long is it going to take them to thrash out a consensus without someone taking charge as Carson did. Something needs to change and to change fast – Blues need to start selling season tickets soon and only have until next Saturday to decide their retained list. To use the vernacular, it’s time to s**t or get off the pot.

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55 Responses to “…or get off the pot.”

  • motozulu says:

    It’s got to the stage – with so many ‘ITKers’ claiming it’s happening this week, next week, whenever that I’ll only believe it when BIHL have to officially announce a bid being made. I expect nothing out of them as regards communication – they have proven over and over that us fans are nothing in their eyes.

  • Kazakblue says:

    From Hong Kong and also in a smaller scale Small Heath, I think that the board are trying the old addage of “Ignorance is Bliss”
    Nothing from Hong Kong, totally nothing out of Pannu’s well paid mouth, but I will always believe that the fans of BCFC care, and care with all their hearts what is happening or will hopefully happen with the club.
    The Chinese hate to “Lose Face” but I think Carson and even Pannu have no more “Face to Lose”
    They have been exposed for what they truly are, a criminal and a failed mouth piece.

    • stephen wood says:

      I totally agree m8. You only have to look at the faces of the 3.500 that followed Blues to Bolton of what this club means to us. We have been totally let down by the owners who have NO feeling for a club we love. We have not seen 1 sign ,not 1 that they have either the fans or the club at heart …..Just the money! No wonder we are bewildered!!

  • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

    Question is if these bidders have to be so secret then why leak out that there are any at all? Just keep schtum throughout or transparent throughout. What we’re getting is a message to say there are 5 bidders then another one saying no way can we name em though. Why not? And if there is a good reason not just some corporate speak slogan then why mention em at all. Who owns the club shouldn’t have a bearing on whether you buy a ST or not. My support is a given as I can’t control who buys the public limited company that is Blues but I can help them to survive and hopefully improve by putting my money in.

    • OftenPartisan says:

      Why can’t we name them? Because it’s not allowed. HKSE rules – non disclosure, proper LEGAL reasons.

      Why mention them at all? Because that’s how newspapers/media works – if nothing is reported, no one reads it.

      • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

        Why are other bidders at other clubs disclosed then? And as far as the media goes who tells them? And how come they can tell how many but not who?

        • Chas says:

          Did you not see the bit ‘HKSE Rules-Non-disclosure,.? Perhaps the other Clubs aren’t under the Powers of the HKSE…Just a thought, like.

  • Art says:

    I think your article reflects the mood and feelings of many fans who continue to be frustrated by the lack of any news or communications from a silent board.In the meantime season ticket sales-sponsorship investment and commercial revenue will continue to fall.Talk about shooting yourself in the foot-you couldn’t make it up and how on earth do these people expect to receive loyalty and financial support from the fans?

    It’s all beyond my comprehension!

  • Kazakblue says:

    Sorry one and all, I should have said “A failed Fat Mouth piece” or is that considered politically incorrect??

    • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

      Wish I had the same failure rate at £750,000 pa

      • Kazakblue says:

        Paul, we should be so lucky !!!!

        • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

          Kazak have wondered before cos of your user name if you are from or live in Kazakhstan?

          • Kazakblue says:

            Hi Paul, originally from Bankes Road in Small Heath, within the roar of the old St Andrews when it held 55000, been living and working in Kazakhstan for 10 years now. Cannot get any feed to see the Blues live, only get from You Tube. KRO

          • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

            One of the few ‘European’ countries that I haven’t been to. Yep been in 50,000ers myself, most memorable the Boro quarter final and loads more where the figures had been fixed lol. ‘Twas a regular thing to hear the whole ground laugh when the club announced the crowd size over the tannoy. Great days. KRO mate

          • Kazakblue says:

            It’s a fantastic country, get yourself to Astana or Almaty, do not believe what the English press say about Kazakhstan. I know of at least one more Blues fan working in the West of Kazakhstan. Abiding memory of Barry Bridges goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup replay with Bob Wilson in goal.

          • Bazzathebluenose says:

            Yes Kazak mate, that was the greatest goal I have ever seen before or since. Overhead kick from the edge of the area from Big Fred Pickering’s head down. Hit the net so hard the bar rattled! Would have taken Bob Wilson’s arm off had he got anywhere near it. 1968; we had a cracking team in those days. We narrowly missed promotion just like we did under Chris Hughton. The year after we finished in a similar position to the one we did this time around but we bounced back and got promoted finally at Orient in 1972 so you never know history may repeat itself. :-) KRO SOTV

          • Drew says:

            Surprised you haven’t slagged Kazakblue off for not having a season ticket Paul.

  • EveshamBlue says:

    How much is Blues realistically worth? There is the stumbling block. Who would want to buy in tranches and have the old regime kicking about to? Has the final parachute pyt already been swallowed up?

    • beegeeblueboy says:

      With the right signings and right manager we could go up with a £10m budget surely. We have a Premier quality facilities and infrastructure at Wast Hills and Stans notwithstanding they may be a bit run down following cost-cutting.

  • Dan says:

    Slightly off point but I’d like to say well done and congrats to all Bluenoses for staying up. You deserve it, irrespective of my feelings for LC. Don’t mix up chest thumping and passion for managerial experience and know how!! Hopefully things get cleared up for you next season. Dan the Brum Terrier.

  • Big Al says:

    Just as an aside, if the Queen were to die tomorrow and Charlie decided folk would never accept Queen Camilla – both the King of this country and the Prime Minister would be Aston Villa fans. Scary!

    • Kazakblue says:

      Big Al,
      It would be time for the last man out to switch off the lights, more terrifying than a nuclear armageddon or a plague of locusts.

  • BlueB says:

    Revenues from season tickets will be lower then they expect and my fear
    is that they will just try not to lose face on the selling price. They
    will then realise a last minute deal has to be done and sell. But by
    this time no action on players being bought and sold will have been
    taken and we will enter next season with a squad of youth players and a
    few loanees. I think next season will be hard whoever owns us and as I
    personally cannot see a quick sale being made, I really do hope i am

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    My head is telling me not to renew until BIH is gone because I want my ST money to go the new owners.

    As to why there is not an unconditional offer and acceptance we can only hope its not insurmountable difficulties but just hard negotiating.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Not in my opinion Kazak….seems spot on to me!!

  • phil smith says:

    If we get new owners I will get a season ticket ….

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Dan, can I just say how much I value and enjoy seeing comments again and being able to see others views and opinions and to communicate with them.
    Many thanks

  • Robert Hughes says:

    I for one will not be renewing my season ticket until we have new owners. It seems likely that the current lot are just intent on extracting as much residual value from the club as they can. they have no real interest in its future.

  • Rhees says:

    Are there talks actually going on have herd nothing at all

  • Richard Granfield says:

    It’s difficult, but fans need to be patient regarding any takeover. We need to hope that discussions are and will be held behind the scenes. We remain in the Championship and that is a positive and it has bought us time.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Irrespective of who owns the club or who the manager is next season it is interesting to compare Blues’ record with that of Wigans. Wigan finished 5th and are in the Play-Offs, but have exactly the same AWAY record as Blues and have scored only 3 goals more than us home and away.
    So if Blues improve their home form (how can they not)? Then the future may be brighter than we think.

  • Squatnose says:

    Haven’t you gone on record before, both here and on Small Heath Alliance, to say that BIH simply HAVE to sell this summer as they’re running out of cash? In other words, ignore the silence as there definitely WILL be a sale? The alternative for BIH would be an asset with absolutely no money.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    In a way, Hong Kong (where I live) is not famous for transparency ;-)
    Rather the opposite …
    So if the five consortia out there come from this part of the world they are serious in that they don’t want anything in any newspaper until the deal is almost done.
    I have hoped many times before that a giant rich Chinese owner would take away his focus on the Macau casino VIP tables and instead benefit us. I would like this guy to have the same philosophy as Carson (or his advisers) when he made his original investment, that is to make the club popular in China with Chinese owners thinking of all the merchandise that they could be selling there. It is a huge market.
    In the meantime, it is not a bad idea if Blues supporters boycott season tickets until the ownership solution is solved.

  • phil smith says:

    Like o said new owners will get season ticket. I went to one game this season Blackpool away I live in lancs….. But was living in Scotland for twenty yes..
    . so don’t get dwn such but I have bcfc running through my veins ….I love bham city fc , my dad used to take me in the kop, me n cousin would stand on milk crates which dad took with him so we could see games. Then me n Couz would be in tilton yes later as teenagers … Sell this club Carson … Give us back our club. And do it now. kRo ….

  • mark says:

    Daniel IMO I am with you regarding buying season tickets, there will be a few who will vote with their feet. Also in agreement with you their will be some who will moan and knock others for taking the opportunity and advantage of cheaper season tickets with the knowledge that they can take a child under 10 free with them. What ever fans choices I say this to them who are undecided. The money men who have owned blues in the past come and go…………….but fans love of their team stay with them for life….. Rather than clutch at straws, we must accept that whether you like or not IMO Clark will be manager next season, blh will possibly still be with us. There are fans out their who wish to continue to support the team and are extremely loyal to their team. If those who wish to not proceed for what ever their reasons good luck to you………….kro

  • mark says:

    We are staying up , we are staying up, we are staying up………

  • mark says:

    Staffsblue where are you mate, missing your constructive views kidda…..

  • Bluehobba says:

    Haven’t had a season ticket for a couple of years now as I struggle to make evening games so our family of 4 pay the going rate of turning up every Saturday. Well that changed last Season as rather give the current regime my hard earned money (barring 4 home shirts and a few extra items from the shop) we travelled away to a lot of games. The team had my support but unfortunately the away ground got the money. Unless the current regime changes that’s what will happen next season and would have done so whatever division we were in. Home games have been turned upside down with no support from hierarchy, apathy around the club and the appalling record the management have earned us. The away days are as good as ever and that is where we will be for the foreseeable unless something changes.
    Not good reading I know but keeps the enjoyment there!

  • Chris W says:

    Eloquently put Dan.
    My decision on my season ticket is to wait and see.
    As you say, we have no figurehead or leader, no one to deal with the problem directly and make a decision over even the slightest iota.
    My view is that, though we avoided it, Administration is knocking at the door and some of the alleged buyers are waiting, again we hear of 3 up to 5 offers are on the table, but nothing concrete. I hope I am wrong, as admin would not be in the clubs interest for besides a points deduction I fear a transfer embargo would also come with it.
    As supporters, we can only sit and wait, we saw what happened with the Paladini fiasco, and even if you knew anything, following the legal ramifications that a few posters caused you, you would not publish before an official announcement.
    We are, as they say, “in the lap of the gods”.
    I like to believe that, no news is good news, but since time is of the essence and we are talking about BIHL, then it can only be bad news, and getting worse the longer the wall of silence remains.
    It would appear that we supporters are also powerless and leaderless, so the only
    power we have is not renewing our season tickets until we have something concrete.
    The only source of income for 3 months is tickets sales, sponsorships and media, I
    believe that even some of the corporate box owners are withholding their fees for the new season, and at least one has refused to renew completely.

    • Geoff S says:


      I think your points are well-made.

      You mention that fans are leaderless and this surely begs the question as to what the fairly new Blues Supporters’ Trust is doing. They have done a good thing in raising the question with the city council about St Andrew’s being an Asset of Community Value to lessen the chance of these dreadful owners trying to flog the ground. The Trust is also canvassing Blues fans concerning the possibility of community shares being bought by supporters (although I don’t profess to know all the logistics here). I heard about a month ago that around £750,000 has been pledged by several hundred fans over a period of months.

      However, a look at the Trust’s website shows it is not making public statements insisting the owners state their intentions when it is clear that, for many months now, thousands of Blues fans have had more than enough of this living nightmare.

      I can’t help feeling the Trust should be more upfront here.

      • Chris W says:

        Thank you Geoff.
        That is my point really regarding the supporters being leaderless. Yes, the supporters trust did a good job with the ground being made an “asset of the community” and they have put out feelers re: the possible purchase of shares, but like the club there is not much information coming back.
        There was a flag paid for from donations but it only made two appearances, other groups shout about this, that and the other but then nothing.
        The club needs stability and apart from all supporters following the team there is not much solidarity, all the other groups seem to want to do something, but actually do nothing because another group opposes or finds fault, everyone is prepared to criticise.
        All these splinter groups should unite, form a joint committee and work together in generating unity where we have strength in numbers.
        Owners come and go, as do players and managers but we, the supporters, are always there, BCFC without the supporter would be nothing, 3800 proved that at Bolton.

        • Geoff S says:


          I agree Blues fans need to form some sort of action committee (maybe like the Blues Action Group of 1978?) I dug out an old “Blue Revolution” leaflet explaining what had gone on back then and sent it to the Blues Trust and suggested their committee had a look but there has never been any reply.

          How many groups were you talking about in your earlier comment?

          • Chris W says:

            Don’t know them all by name but Forza Blues and Section 19 spring to mind along with the Supporters Trust. I’m sure people like Dan who write blogs could be approached to liaise information until something could be arranged. There are a lot of people doing something, but it is little here and there, it needs is to be channelled and formed into a united front, as with the scarf’s, the blues supporters are prepared to support individuals, just think of the force if it was united.
            My worry is that the apathy has bitten in too deep and some supporters only want the glory days.

          • Geoff S says:

            I agree that it needs to be united action. Let’s hope your worry about the depths of apathy are not completely borne out.

          • Chris W says:

            Well the following to away games this season has shown that the support is there, it is the ones who have found alternatives on a Saturday afternoons that we need to encourage back.
            Any new owners need to look at the pricing structure to bring back some, follow that with a winning mentality and the glory hunters will return too.
            Maybe glory hunters is a bit cynical, but those that stuck through these bad times and through the Wheldon era deserve the title “True Supporter.

          • Geoff S says:

            Here’s another slightly different one for you, Chris (and other Blues supporters who remember the club in the 1970s).

            The “Tired and Weary” site has a BCFC Instagram section (I wish this modern IT stuff didn’t baffle me so much..) and there are claims that Blues may wear an all-blue Adidas shirt next season which looks almost identical to the shirt Blues wore when they were fortunate enough to to have players of the calibre of Colin Todd and Frank Worthington in the books.

            Somebody reckons it has been leaked but I wouldn’t like to say.

          • Chris W says:

            I think more worryingly, who is making these decisions and why. I thought we had a two year deal with Diadora, have they pulled out given the current regime or has someone made an executive decision, if so who?
            I must admit I am a bit lost with all this IT, I’d have made a nuclear physicist if I had had this technology at my finger tips instead of wasting hours in libraries trawling through books.

          • Geoff S says:

            The stuff about the shirt/kit on “Tired and Weary” was some Blues bloggers making claims which they obviously were not able to properly substantiate so who can know for sure about next season and Adidas or Diadora?

            I think most Blues fans would sooner hear news along the lines that the current owners are finally on their way out.

          • Chris W says:

            On the ownership front I think everyone will be happy to hear something, from those who work behind the scenes, the manager and us, the supporters.
            Given the timelines laid down by the Football League I should think we will hear some movement in the next week, to begin with we have to notify the FL of our player retention, that is followed up by the draft on how we are going to finance the new season.
            I am not sure of any sanctions that can be administered on the players retention, maybe a transfer embargo, but on the finances, worse case scenario in expulsion from the league. Given our current owners track record I could see that route being a reality, alternatively administration, which we should avoid if at all possible, and a transfer embargo.

    • Geoff S says:

      I also meant to say the Jonny Greatrex video in the “Bham Mail” inviting fans to send a “Give us our club back!” message to Carson Yeung is gaining ground.

      • Chris W says:

        I have noticed that too, hopefully it is getting to BIHL too, they are the main stumbling block now, and again have no leadership. Even PP is keeping quiet and a low profile.

  • mark says:

    http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-blues-eyeing-summer-7093081? great to see Clark hitting the ground running,scouring the market……..kro one i do know he will be working his socks for bcfc………

  • mark says:

    Noted the that a premiership club does not play by the rules!!!! Oh dear, maybe a big fine..wow…..could have bought bcfc with that supposed fine…oh well slap wrists……

  • Thongs says:

    Unlike Dan i’m no expert but it seems to me that the volume of shares being traded recently suggests that those in the know are offloading gradually before an offer is announced.

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