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The Rowett Revolution

It’s been a good week for Birmingham City – four points from two tough games; a clean sheet, two goals for Clayton Donaldson and more importantly the feelgood factor appears to have returned to St Andrew’s.

It’s been a bit of a manic week at work and as such it’s been difficult for me to get caught up in the Rowett revolution that has swept Birmingham City FC. Three much-needed (and by all accounts well-deserved) points on Tuesday at home to top of the table Watford was just the tonic for the homecoming of the bloke jokingly referred to on Twitter as the “Bromsgrove Mourinho”.

I’m wary of being caught up in the hype but how refreshing is it to read our manager talking about the reasoning behind his tactics? For example – the little shift of Davis back against Watford to change the way the midfield worked to exploit the tactics of the Hornets was proof that you don’t need to make massive changes to really affect the way the team lines up. The only shame was that tactical analysis was in the local Watford newspaper; poor Colin Tattum finds his reportage of the changes at Birmingham City swamped by pages of pics of Blues fans at the game, and tweets from fans that we can all see on Twitter (if we really wanted to look).

So we go into Saturday with our tails up, feeling good and hoping that maybe we’ve turned a corner on the pitch at least. The noises from the club seem to be that the players collective heads are lifted; there is an air of competition for places once again – and interestingly, Rowett who referred to the fact our squad is actually quite large, it looks like we’ll see a few go out on loan because first team action is good for our younger players.I also thought it was intriguing that Rowett is insistent that any player who comes in has to be better than or different from what we already have – it might just be that if money is to be spent it won’t be on another legion of midfielders.

The mark of a good manager is one who can get the most out of limited players and in the albeit small bits I’ve seen so far there has been improvement from players who I thought just weren’t good enough. I think the first test will be when we play poorly – which will inevitably happen. I have this feeling Rowett will be measured and thoughtful in his response rather than emotive and irrational and it might be that that, more than anything else will be what saves us. As much as I thought Clark was limited it was obvious to me he cared about the club – and in the end I think he cared too much and tried too hard to do something he just wasn’t capable of – and the team suffered because of that.

As I write this on a Virgin train heading back to the shires I can’t remember a time when I’ve looked forward to a home game so much. I hope my first taste of the Rowett revolution is as sweet as everyone’s on Tuesday night.

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21 Responses to “The Rowett Revolution”

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan — agree 100% with that analysis. Rowett has been such a breath of fresh air. It’s so comforting to know the manager knows what he’s doing.

  • Hillfield blue says:

    Looking forward to seeing what GR does tomorrow tactically. As you said Dan he gives us an insight into his thinking which is refreshing. Blues 2-1.

  • Chris W says:

    Summed up brilliantly Dan.
    You missed a spectacular on Tuesday and hopefully this is just the beginning.
    The players walked out with pride and set their stall out, it was refreshing to see the ball spend more time on the floor and building from the back.
    Another home win will be welcome to lift confidence and then GR will have two weeks to work more magic getting the players to play his style. These three games have been about consolidating and making us hard to beat
    Looking forward to the visit of Cardiff, just hope Macheda leaves his scoring boots at home.

  • Naime Rehman says:

    Dan St andrews was rocking against Watford. You missed the best 90 minutes in a long time . I work with a watford fan who attended the game and said the renditions of keep right on from our fans was unbelievable.

  • Darren wise says:

    Resilient! That’s certainly what blues fans have been, now the players seem a bit more resilient too… KRO … I just want us to go into the break … Unbeaten under Rowett, that would be fantastic.

  • Zuludave says:

    Dan, any positives from the Blues Trust meeting in the pub?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Apart from the obvious, 3,points again tomorrow, I would not hold G,R. to account we if were not so, !!.

    The man has been with us less than 2, weeks at the time of this post,to actually do what he has so quickly lifts us all, BUT, He will stumble sometime, [ Hopefully rarely ] so let us not expect the same for every game onwards, — Great though that would be.

  • Darren Brown says:

    It’s all about playing to players strengths and getting the full backs forward !
    Well done Mr Rowett for drilling confidence in the players and the loan signing.
    How many loan signing for the previous manager never worked and it’s refreshing to have tv interviews with the manager looking in to the camera with confidence.
    I’m not slagging off Mr Clarke because he did care !
    A plea to the decision makers at the club ! Give away tickets to the local schools and football clubs and breathe life in to the next generation of fans before its to late !

  • ChrisG says:

    It was great to have the atmosphere back again at stans on tuesday night, GR said he wanted to get the place jumping again & i’m sure it had a positive effect on the players.
    I’m really hoping that we can take full advantage of Cardiffs poor away form tomorrow & get back to back wins for the first time since what feels like the beginning of time!!

  • Teerev says:

    I drove up from St ives Cornwall for the Watford game,along with my Dad,(69) and son,(14).
    The last time i drove up for a night game,was against watford in the play off’s.What a drive home that was,after the heartbreak of extra time and pens.I had work the next day at 7.30 and didn’t get home until 5.30! The things we do as blue noses.
    While this was the first game i have been up to for a couple of years, (skint) it reminded me of the time when Trevor Francis took over. Years in the doldrums,then a bit of hope!
    To all you doom merchants out there,this is Birmingham and this is what we do! Feast or famine,our hearts will still beat strong! We don’t eat prawn sandwiches,we have a pie and a pint!
    Much love,Teerev. x

  • Jaffa says:

    Dan,before Tuesday’s game the last match I attended with my son was Bolton and he told me he didn’t want to go to another game which given the football I could understand.But Tuesday night’s game was so different.Even before we kicked a ball you just knew that something good was going to happen and it did.A 100% improvement from every player and the crowd.dare I say it but credit to Pannos and the club for giving GR the job.

  • nicko says:

    well done teerev can you and your family come more often.that was the best we have played for 2 years.the fans were brilliant on tuesday but for the last to seasons we have had nothing to sing about.at least g/r has brought the feel good factor to the club again,p/s dont leave it so long to come back kro

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Lets hope we get a good crowd tomorrow as the players thrived off the large crowd on Tuesday. I have to admit I wanted an experienced manager in thinking Rowett may not be up to the job. However after his initial press conference he impressed with his composed and confident manner and I knew instantly he’d be a big improvement on LC. GR was one of the best right backs I’ve ever seen play for us and I knew he would definitely sort out our defence but such a huge change so soon. Absolutely amazing transformation. The Bromsgrove Mourhino is a compliment to Mourhino who is an arrogant ass and not the intelligent man our Gary is. In Rowett we trust. The positive vibes around the place are refreshing after the misery under LC for the last two and a half years. The fans need to get their butts to the ground and raise the roof. Onwards and upwards. KRO.

  • Dave mann says:

    Up early this morning looking forward to three points this afternoon with another good performance to go with wolves and Watford, same grit, determination, quality and management know how of the blue boys and we should turn Cardiff over but we’ve got to start with a quick tempo and get on the front foot and try and score early and boss the game, come on blues!!!.kro.

  • bluesbot says:

    It’s also my first game for a while, travelling up from weymouth, looking forward to my 7 year old boy having his first taste of St.Andrews.
    My lad is hot & cold with football so Really hope we can repeat Tuesday’s result and atmosphere in order to get him hooked lol. KRO

  • steve says:

    For the first time in a long long time, i left St Andrews smiling on Tuesday,along with many others. So for the first time in a long long time,i,m going to predict a Blues win today. I,ll go 2-1. There seems to be a different mood amongst the team. Players,that in previous weeks i believed needed to be dropped,have suddenly started to perform. The biggest surprise imo is Andrew Shinnie,he,s a different player under Gary Rowett. Why the players are suddenly performing? Only they can answer that,but long may it continue.

  • Dave mann says:

    Enjoy the day bluesbot with your lad and I hope we produce the same performance and result as Tuesday night, go down to Weymouth regularly myself with the family and its nice down there so enjoy the game and your journey back mate with three points in tow .kro.

  • slap1875 says:

    Your summary of Lee Clarks reign was spot on. He was capable of putting a team out that could perform in this league under very difficult cics, but would start panicing when things weren’t going the teams way , this transferred to the pitch. In Rowetts first to games the difference for me is that all the players seem to be given a job, they understand their jobs and are confident performing those jobs.
    My 12 year old has just told me that for the first to time in 2 years he’s looking forward to a home game.

  • tmsblues says:

    Excellent night. The crowd that I thought Clarks team had killed came back to rock the place. Whatever the short term future ups and downs, we clearly now have a thoughtful articulate leader picking and motivating the team thank goodness. We kept LC cos we couldn’t afford to sack him so it was said truth is we couldn’t afford not to sack him. How much has this club lost not just in £’s but in supporter morale and numbers as a direct result of not making the decision 2 years ago !! C’est La Blues. KRO

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