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With apologies for this being a meta- post…

Friday saw probably the most controversial post I’ve ever written on this website based on the number of comments it generated. It seemed to split people between those who thought I might have a point and those who think I’m some jumped-up egotist. Both sides of that argument are probably right but I thought it was worth a follow up post to try to explain why I wrote what I did.

Sometimes I think the whole OP thing is a bit surreal. I’ve only ever seen myself as a bloke who writes a website – nothing more. I’m not (nor do I want to be) a voice of the fans and I don’t write OP for financial gain. The weirdest thing is people who accused me of “misjudging what the fans are thinking” – I’ve only ever wrote my opinion and what I think. If you disagree with it, that’s fine – I have no issue with that. If anything, I love it when someone comes back with a viewpoint that makes me reconsider and re-evaluate what I think – I want people to question what I say and I want people to think about why I’ve said things.

I think the biggest misunderstanding came from me using the rather profane expression about “sh*tting or getting off the pot”. Maybe I could have explained it better – maybe I should have re-emphasised my love for the v-neck jumpered messiah – but what I didn’t mean was that Gary Rowett should sign players now or quit. Not at all. What I meant was that I wanted him to be quicker to make a decision about a player – to decide to sign them or move on to someone else. I said that because I knew (as an example) that Will Buckley had been lined up for some time but due to one thing and another a decision to sign him hadn’t been made – as it turns out, that decision was made on Friday (not because of my article I hasten to add) and we got him.

I do understand the situation Rowett is in. If anything, it shows how hard he’s worked performing miracles because we expect so much from the team and it’s so damn frustrating he’s not getting the same backing as other teams in the division. While Blues are in a position to offer decent-ish wages for loanees, he can’t compete with teams spending millions. Every penny of every signing has to count – and it makes making the decision to sign a player and potentially miss out on another even harder.

Yes, the Brock-Madsen deal looks like a bit of a turkey right now but Maikel Kieftenbeld looks a blinding signing and evidence that moving quickly to secure a bargain is a good thing – even when you might not be sure how the player will fit in to English football.

As the boss, the buck stops with Rowett and he has to make those decisions. The irony is that he asked for fans to have faith in him when judging from the comments everyone does. The way I see it, I don’t think he has the same faith in himself – and that’s the sticking point.


150 Responses to “An Egotist Blogger writes…”

  • HarryBcfc says:

    This blog is going down hill rapidly

  • Mickey07 says:

    How have the club taken the article you wrote on Friday??what are the noises coming from tatts panos and rowett? It’s a balancing act I understand but your both not void of criticism as some parts you wrote were correct and some a bit harsh……..

    • atko says:

      I doubt they read it & if they do then perhaps that’s why the signings are not coming quicker, lol! I’m sure a football manager has time to trawl through Social Media for opinion….not!

  • Terrier 1951 says:

    Profanity involves religion. The phrase you used was crude, it wasn’t profane.

  • Dave Mann says:

    He seems to me a nice, down to earth, feet on the ground man and a manager who must be certain of a target before spending what money the club as… Yes he’s made mistakes like we all do and the Brock deal did seem to waste £500,000 of the clubs finances but he’s still young and might come good in time so the jury’s still out on that one , he’s brought in Vaughan and Buckley so he’s trying to make strides but as I’ve said many times if yesterday’s team is anything to go by the new signings will find it difficult to get in the first eleven so finding them is proving a hard job for our manager .. Let’s judge him at the end of the month . We’re only half way through it for gods sake . KRO

    • Brian says:

      I think this it’s more about Rowett having to try and sort out the chaff from the chaff, he most lickley doesn’t want any of the players available to him.

    • Steve says:

      The £500k talked about for Brock is well wide of the mark. The initial/guaranteed part was less than half that.

    • atko says:

      I agree. I wonder if the removal of the emergency loan system resulted in the likes of the Brock coming in. GR has always said he will be one for the future or was that LC saying that about the dude we got from up Scotland? I can’t remember now or maybe it was both. Either way, maybe with the removal of the loan system imminent then he thought he would build for the future. He soon realized that his funds were required more urgently. Just a thought because it was a strange one at a time when we were crying out for a striker….almost a knee jerk reaction that he says he won’t do.

  • Womble Joe says:

    Can’t see how anyone could say you’re against Rowett by what you wrote but I disagree that he doesn’t have faith in himself.

    Also I think a lot of targets will wait to see if a better offer comes in before signing so most deals will get done at the end of the month


  • Blue Steve says:

    Well I certainly have faith in GR. No manager is above criticism. But in Garys case I think he has earned a leap of faith from all blues supporters.

  • Lee says:

    As much as I disagreed with your article on Friday, mainly tbecause of the sh*t or get of the pot comment, I understand the frustration from yourself and others because we have been told money is available and as each game goes by nothing appears to be happening, particularly given the performance at Forrest, it’s also clear you have contacts at the club and hear more than the average joe, given that Buckley has been lined up for some time I do find it strange rowett didn’t move for him as a direct replacement for demarai, a lot of people think we have defensive issues but for me our problem this season particularly when cotts and Donaldson were out is the lack of goals and creativity, for the 6-7 home games before our winning run we’ve looked flat, blunt, clueless going forward so to delay on Buckley I find a very strange decision, but then we have players back now but again that proves an air of indecisiveness is in there somewhere, I say get another forward in, leave the defence alone and let’s start scoring more goals

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    If anybody is entitled to making a comment then surely it’s you as long as it’s constructive and is only beneficial to fans and team. I feel we need one or two new faces just to freshen up the team and to keep the current crop of players on their toes. The weather is takin a turn for the worse and the odd injury will creep in and so we need a back up plan of players who can step in.

  • Jaffa says:

    Daniel,just like the rest of us you got a bit annoyed and frustrated that Rowett seems to take an age to sign a player and especially you when you have a little bit of insider knowledge.The one thing that I have learned with Rowett is that any player he wants has to fit in to what Rowett likes and I think this is why it takes so long.

    • ChrisG says:

      GR is a bit like McCleish in that way, AMc always liked to do his “due diligence” before he signed a player to make sure he fitted into his plans, mind you the difference between them was AMc had more to spend!!

      • Lee says:

        Alex McLeish would have looked for defenders that can tackle and lump the ball straight over the midfield who had to have enough character to stand and watch this happen and the forward needed a good engine so he could run down every pointless ball offered by a centre half

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Must admit, McLeish’s ‘due dilligance’ used to do my head in. He was far worse than Rowett.

  • Dave K says:

    Ha ha ha, that you are Dan. Btw, Brock Madson was one for the future who ‘might be able to do a job when we need him.’ That is as close to a verbatim quote from rowett when we signed him without me trawling through old articles to find the exact wording. I actually see a lot of potential in the lad, he could end up an absolute beast and has time on his side. He has just turned 23, on the 9th, and it’s his first season in English football. Anyone think we might be judging him a big quickly? After all Paul Robinson was shot season, yes an ‘i’ could have been used, and look at him right now. Give the kid time. As for this January, inless a player WANTS to sign for us I’d prefer us to wait until the end of the month. Other clubs will be bringing players in and that may lead to better players becoming available. We have to be transfer njnjas, and IRWT.

  • ChrisG says:

    Daniel, there’s no need for you to explain what you write, some people will always read what THEY want to read for the sake of an arguement, you of all people should know that by now. I think a lot of what was posted by people on friday was because they misinterpreted what you were trying to say, in fact I think a few of us “regulars” on here have been misinterpreted at some time or another, i’ve had it myself & i’ve done it with others.

  • Womble Joe says:

    Takes two to make a signing, if the player concerned wants to wait til the end of Jan to see if a better package comes his way there is nothing Gary can do.

    By the way we’re doing alright without these new signings as yesterday’s result and league position shows. We’re miles ahead of where we thought we’d be.


  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Nothing wrong with the blog for me.A few just misinterpreted it as a criticism of GR by going on about league position etc but it was nothing to do with that.
    Like everybody else that comes on here it’s just his opinion.Dan is allowed one as well as the rest of us.It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong does it?

  • Ken says:

    I doubt very much that GR follows OP, nor indeed any of the other websites / twitter accounts. But I am sure that someone like Colin Tattum does and I imagine he makes GR aware of the sort of comments made. Im not sure what all the fuss is about concerning signings. He has gone on record many times saying that at any one time, they have about 10 targets for each position. He has said that these targets will cover a range of age, experience and cost. He has said he will not make signings for the sake ot it…they have to be better than what he’s got or bring something new to the squad. Against all this, he has also said, therefore, that it is the overall package that determines the signing…obviously, the “targets” are all much of a muchness, otherwise they would not be targets. He has created a remarkable team-spiritness that connects everyone concerned with the club, including fans and media, who hang on to his every word. He is the best manager that I can remember. So, with all of that, I just dont get why some bloggers and fans feel they want to know the ins and outs of a duck’s ar*ehole about every decision he makes. Just let the bloke get on with and support the team

  • garonsavage says:

    You have been known to tell those of us that don’t agree with your comments not to bother to read the blog. This smacks of the spoilt “bratt” who tells his mates that if they don’t play by his rules he will “take his ball home”.

    In my humble opinion “bloggers” are seeking to draw a reaction from the “folks” who read their contributions. It strikes me that you want to have your “cake and eat it”.

    Incidentally I read your blog because I find it both interesting and informative.

  • john says:

    Isnt democracy a wonderful thing. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, lets hope it lasts. After yesterdays result I think we are all singing from the same hymn sheet !!

  • Art Watson says:

    I suspect money is the prime reason for the delays and it’s nothing to do with GR dragging his feat.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      This, I agree with. I’m more concerned about the club backing Rowett, than the manager himself. It could be that Rowett is procrastinating at times, but it’s also possible that some of Rowett’s targets want more than the club is willing to offer. Now that WOULD be frustrating for the manager.

      I would say to Panos et al, we’ll probably not have as good a chance to get into the play-offs as this for many years. Isn’t it worth going that extra mile where finances are concerned?

  • Luke says:

    Dan, I didn’t agree with your sentiments in Friday’s post, but it made good reading anyway. This is your blog, and you should say what you want.

    As a frequent visitor to this blog, there have always been two strings of content here:

    – Previews and reviews of games, injury news, squad updates etc, supported by insightful comments from fans who have been to the game.

    – BIH, HK, Carson, Pannu, TTA etc. It’s the only source of reliable and structured information.

    If you’re adding a third string of content now (challenging the club’s management to respond to fans’ expectations and desires), then it’s a third reason to come here, but please keep up the good work on the other two strings too – I’ve become somewhat dependent upon it.

  • Jonathan Garrettj says:

    Dan,you do an excellent job,as you say,there’s no monetary gain in this for you,thanks for all the updates on the goings on in Hong Kong,whilst we all stick our penneth in about who we should (shouldn’t buy) may I mentioned the taking apart of a top of the table side,Derby,what a performance,rammmed it to the Rams lol Rams to the slaughter (ok I’ll stop now) KRO

  • Pods says:

    I hear we may be looking at Seb Larson on loan from Sunderland, he is not even on the bench at moment.

    Who else are we looking at?

  • atko says:

    Games like yesterday don’t really help at times like this, lol! It’s a double edged sword. We put in a performance like yesterday & that gives Gary Rowett food for thought & he then becomes a little less active himself in the market. The funds are limited so that’s what performances like yesterday does for you….it creates that mentality where you think maybe we should hang on a bit, maybe things aren’t that bad. We don’t want to blow the funds we have. It’s human nature I guess.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    On the subject of bringing higher value players, I read a sister blog for Derby this morning to get the views of DC fans on how we performed, suprise suprise no mention of our quality only fans slagging DC about their new aquisitions,one comment was ‘lets throw another £20 mil into the market’, I think we are in a better position than a lot of the comments and do not understand the jealousy of teams like Derby’s budget. Even the Championship shows pundits are backing us for playoffs. Proud to be Blue this morning. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      A lot of fans on the Derby forums I read last night were calling for the head coach’s head already. If that comes to pass, I would urge our board (such as it is) to get a wriggle on with Rowett’s new contract!

    • blue says:

      they generally agree they were mugged paying 6M for Bradley Johnson off Norwich lol
      give me a £160k Kieftenbeld any day.

  • David L says:

    Inasmuch as my opinion counts for more than a hill of beans

    1. All bloggers are egoists to an extent – don’t stress about it
    2. The Dear Gary piece was a good rant spoilt by the ‘pot’ cliche – I know what you’re getting at and the frustrations of the situation but somehow the rudeness inherent in the phrase didn’t fit with the situation
    3. This is a great place to come to hear up to date stuff and BCFC banter with an edge but without ridiculous tribalism and unpleasant slanging – and in that it’s a very welcome oasis in the internet desert.
    4. Appreciate the ongoing worries about squad size, but didn’t Saunders’ and earlier Clough’s teams win the top division (42 games on muddy grounds+ cup + league cup) by using no more than 14 players? Different times and all that, but even so……
    5. Now we have a bit of cover up front, wouldn’t it be useful for our #44 to learn his trade with some game time at a suitably progressive club? Burton perhaps?

    • DoctorD says:

      I agree with most of that and would add one thing Dan. While you don’t see yourself as a spokesperon for the fans (it’s just your opinion etc etc), the fact is this blog has become so successful in terms of people reading it, its insights, its depth of coverage etc etc that many see you AS a spokesperson for the fans — if not THE spokesperson. And after all, you’ve written the only book on the Carson Yeung saga too.

      The point is, what you say does have an impact these days. What started out as your blog written from your bedroom has morphed into something far bigger and more signifcant. I mean, your commenst led in part to trading in BIHL shares being suspended after THAT rang from PP.

      • almajir says:

        I don’t want to be seen as a spokesperson though DrD – and I still write this from my PC in my bedroom…

        • DoctorD says:

          Yes, I know you don’t see yourself as a spokesperson. And you’re not. What I said is that many people see you as that. Whether they’re right to is another matter. It’s a fate a lot of successful bloggers have to come to terms with.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    GR could go and sign three players this week but then he gives himself an immediate problem – who does he drop from a team who have just gone and stuffed Derby 3-0 in order to keep them happy. His permanent signings ie Morrison, Kieltenbeld and Maghoma have been great successes with the jury still out on B-M due to his lack of games. The current loan signings Toral, Vaughan and Buckley are all players we have a chance of signing permanently in the summer and all come with a decent pedigree.
    What we have got is a group of players who run themselves into the ground for their manager and each other. The last thing he needs is too buy players who may disrupt that – their attitude has got to be absolutely right. It doesn’t take much too disrupt that. The likes of Vaughan and Buckley had problems at their previous clubs and they know they haven’t got a devine right to be in the team.
    We were a shambles no more than 15 months ago and I think he deserves a lot more respect and trust for what he has achieved than he got on here a couple of days ago.
    Other clubs are going to come calling sooner or later and one thing that might keep him at this club is the support right behind him and appreciative of the turnaround on the pitch that he and his assistants have achieved.

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      Here here, could not have put it better. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      What better incentive for the current players to play out of their skins, than having quality new players waiting to take their place. I think that’s what we’ve all been saying for most of the season, when the likes of Grounds, Robbo, Spector etc had no one to push them for their places. With a bit of luck, we’ll have that in place by the end of January.

      • Shirley Blue says:

        I think we need a left back to cover for Grounds and that’s it. The point I was trying to make is that if you have players who can’t get in the team grumbling in the background you can damage the unity and team spirit that we obviously have. It’s a delicate balancing act and if as a manager you want loyalty and commitment then you have to give it back. Bombing players out of the team for new signings when they have a couple of bad games can do a lot of damage as does feeling under pressure to make changes to the team to keep everyone happy.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I think a player who has no one to challenge him for his place, can often rest on his laurels a bit. That goes for anywhere on the pitch. I think competition is a good thing, never a bad one. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one SB. :)

        • Hillfield Blues says:

          I’m not sure all we need is a new left back.Dont get carried away off the back of this result.

  • nicko says:

    brilliant Shirley blue good blog and true you and Dave Mann talk sense Gary rowett is the best manager we have had for years the players respect him all the staff love him and he loves the club kro for ever

  • .KC says:

    Dan, just keep it coming. You are rarely far from reality and you set the scene for all the opinions on here that vary so much , which is great. The banter is brilliant. The Blues are the Blues I’m sure the ups and downs will continue to raise our expectations and equally cause us frustrations. The energy coming from this site Friday was amazing.
    GR was fantastic on Radio Derby on the trip back. Just hope Derby do not go in to free fall and sack their manager……..

  • I doubt if anybody dislikes GR being manager of blues except opposition supporters , the club needs a spokes person who knows everything happening in the club about the team and let’s the fans know without giving to much away , which is in my opinion what people are like around near where GR lives , very friendly but keep main information close to their chest ,I know as I live 2 miles away from his house , a statement like we are casting our net wide across Europe and trying hard to get the right players at the right price with the right wages , would have kept most fans happy for a while ,

  • Shirley Blue says:

    I think I am correct in saying that every one of our remaining away games are against teams below us in the division. With our away form there could be a lot of points there for the taking. Conversely we have got to play a lot of the teams above us at home. Those are games we will have to dig in and make sure we don’t lose starting with Ipswich next up. We have won three home league games on the bounce so no reason not to be confident. It’s all going very nicely so let’s get right behind a manager and team who have done us proud. A Wembley appearance in May is far from impossible and if not we have got Villa to look forward to next season – they are going down!!

  • Dave Mann says:

    I hope your right Shirley . KRO

  • Walterblue says:

    Gazza will not waste money such as those big time Charlie’s at Derby, boro, Brighton,etc in rowett we trust.

  • John says:

    When I personally try and think of players we could get I struggle to think of anyone. We don’t know the exact parameters Rowett is working with so it is almost impossible to guess who we could get..I cannot give you a realistic LB or CB we could get.

    When Rowett has signed the players he has, at the time we bought them, I never even thought of them as potential recruits. I never thought of players such Morrison, Toral, Keiftenbeld, Kuszscak, Maghoma, Fabrrini and Tesche etc, so I have great faith in what Rowett can do. I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the player we signed as I thought we would be targeting League 1 & 2 until new owners!

    I much prefer Rowetts approach compared to the scattergun approach of Lee Clark. Admittedly, Clark has made some great signings who are integral for us, but he had made so many signings he was bound to have had a few gems. I would love to know the ratio of his good to bad signings, but of the top of my head he made far too many dodgy signings compared to good ones.


    Why not create some sort of competition that basically puts fans/your readers, in the managers shoes and see how many people (fans/readers) ‘sign’ the same as Rowett does? It might give an indication into how ambitious, realistic, deluded etc some of us fans are and insight as to how difficult it must be for Rowett!

    • almajir says:

      John – in truth I’m the same as you.

      As for your competition idea, that’s actually a decent thought – I’ve got a prize to give away and it would be a nice bit of fun. I’ll sort something out tomorrow.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      It depends what kind of players we’re talking about. Players we’d like him to sign, or players we think he’ll sign? If it’s players we think he’ll sign… I wouldn’t have the first clue. How many of his signings so far have we predicted beforehand?

  • Strettonbluenose says:

    As you’ve probabky worked out, I disagree with the “buy somebody, anybody” view but you’re entitled to your view and dont be put off from doing this blog – you’re going to get some trolling – just ignore the more extreme views – they wouldn’t be so vocal to your face. Its a great blog.

    You said “he’s not getting the same backing as other teams in the division”. Where is that backing coming from? From stuff you’ve blogged and other sources, I’m pretty sure that BIHL (E&Y) are no longer creaming anything off, we’ve got a sustainable loan from TTA and our gate receipts and merchandising must be pretty good for the division. So where are the other teams getting their additional backing from? It can only be donations or unsustainable loans. A new owner donating millions would be great but unlikely for Blues. Unsustainable loans lead to Portsmouth and Leeds type meltdowns. Bolton soon to follow. Be careful what you wish for!

  • oldburyblue says:

    Hypothetically, let’s say we have Tesche, Larsson and Gardner on our “wish list” and all are likely to become available. If Tesche is the 1st to become available do we sign him and give up on our chances of the other two? If Tesche is Gary’s No 1 target…..no problem, but if he is No 2 or 3 on his list then it is a big decision. Does he wait and risk losing out on all 3? Not easy is it?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Rowett himself mentioned bringiong in a defender and a couple more forward players. Well we’ve now got Buckley, so that leaves a defender and.. as Tatts mentioned yesterday… another forward (hopefully) by tomorrow night. I think that just about covers what we were hoping for. Just a case of wait and see now.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I would take Tesche and Gardner for sure , not Seb though because we have that area covered I think . KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      With Larson, I’ve no idea what kind of player he is these days. Is he still a right midfielder, or is he a central midfielder? Either way, we’re covered for right midfielders and industrious central midfielders now. I think it’s more a creative midfielder we need. Also, I don’t see the point in selling players in their mid-twenties and buying/loaning them back as 30 year-olds. That includes Gardner.

  • Tony says:

    Criticism of Rowet may seem harsh particularly in view of yesterdays result however, it was justified he does seem slow of the mark when it comes to signing players.
    If Buckley was lined up weeks ago why wait so long?,Rowet gave the impression he had players almost waiting to sign, this does not now seem to be the case.
    The fact remains he and the club gave statements money was available to spend on the team, there has been very little money spent.
    No one on here seems to disagree GR Has done a brilliant job with the team and how he has them playing how could they? However Dan’s comments were justified in the one specific area og signings.

  • Dave Mann says:

    And that’s why we only have him for a month to start with to prove is fitness and injury problems , nothing wrong with that as you say staffs. KRO

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel. This latest from you has turned everyone nice! Not sure we bluenoses can handle such gentleness. However it is the sabbath so a little warmth to our fellow man or woman shouldn’t be sniffed at. Tomorrow however I expect normal service to be resumed. Finally it would be nice to hear from Bluey-just to say that he is a happy bunny today after Derby game. Go on – finish the great win with your smile!

  • Jez Hemming says:

    As a journalist myself I can guarantee Tatts reads all the decent social media, especially OP, and is aware of the mood of the fans.
    We all trawl the informed blogs on our chosen subjects and I have no doubt Rowett and the hierarchy also sound it out from time to time on what the mood of the fans is. I’m pretty sure, given OP’s history of holding a torch up to the dealings of BIHL, Pavlakis checks in to OP regularly.
    Anyone can be a journalist these days but not everyone can be a good one – and Daniel is one of the very best on his chosen subject, Blues.
    Inciting debate is a skill and our man, without wishing to bull him up too much, has that ability in abundance.
    It’s not necessarily about always being right on a site like this in my opinion. It’s about creating interest and there’s obviously plenty of that.
    For what it’s worth I thought the “sh*t or get off the pot” comment was a bit harsh but it started a healthy debate on the subject.
    That’s something we were all grateful for when he exposed the ‘creative’ dealings of Carsen and Pannu.
    Diolch yn fawr iawn Dan a KRO.

  • Dan Hickman says:

    Dan I think you are 100% correct to write your own personal opinion, and not change what you say to project ‘popular’ views. The reason that this blog has become popular is for the very reason that it is informative and objective, as well as inviting sensible discussion. To change it now and ‘SELL OUT’ for more hits per month would defeat the point of it, and I am delighted that you have not chosen the dark side! I disagreed with you yesterday whilst being able to understand your point of view, but just felt the styling you used detracted from your point slightly. Apologies for critiquing your writing style (that is not the point of the comments I know!) But as has been mentioned it is a tense time for all us Bluenoses! One good thing we have here is a place to sensibly discuss and banter on our views and concerns, as well as celebrate our victories, long may that continue! KRO

    • almajir says:

      Dan – I don’t mind constructive criticism at all – and in honesty I really do value some of the excellent points thrown up by some very knowledgeable fans who take the time to comment.

  • PaulB says:

    We are currently in the best position (both financially and league standing) that we have been in for a very long time. Taking this into account I think any current criticism about our club or any member of its staff is just stupid and totally uncalled for, we know we are not first choice for a lot of players due to our financial restrictions, I would rather we was slow and methodical as opposed to just grabbing anyone, I don’t understand why on one hand you seemingly criticise our purchase of Brock, and yet in a different breathe you are saying we need to do more business… Its borderline hypocritical. What do we honestly expect above what we have already achieved this past year or two? We are doing amazing at the moment. Incidentally on the subject of this blog what I don’t like is when Daniel says things like ‘You’d be surprised’ to answer a comment, why leave it at that and not just tell us? instead of trying to portray a sense of ‘I know, and you don’t)… if you are just one of us and not getting any benefits from the club or anyone else in any way shape or form then I don’t see why you would choose to try and be so secretive, you wouldn’t have anything to lose… To be honest I turn to this blog far far less than I used to. Sometimes it does feel like you are trying to speak for us, to be our voice… when you really really do not need to.

    • PaulB says:

      Sorry having re-read my post it was harsh and not very well worded, what I really wanted to say but totally missed was when I first started to read your blog it was always informative, you would post information that I couldn’t find easily elsewhere, about Carson Yeung and any talk of take overs etc… it really did feel like you was there with us, talking to us, letting us know everything that we wanted to know and in a way we could understand, with no bullshit … I am not sure when this changed exactly but it seems to be more of you trying to talk for us now, rather than with us. That’s how it comes across to me anyway and I apologise for any offence, as none was intended.

    • almajir says:

      Paul – I’ve seen your second comment so I know you’re not trying to be harsh.

      However, I’m not a voice of the fans. I don’t want to be spokesman for the fans. I have no desire to be spokesman for the fans. I actually loathe the idea of trying to be a spokesman for the fans. How many times do I have to say this until people understand – I AM NOT A SPOKESMAN FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I really need to continually re-emphasise that.

      I don’t really understand the rest of your comment. Surely you understand that there are reasons why I can’t say some things I know – it just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes it’s because it would get me into trouble legally; sometimes because it might get someone else into trouble which I have no wish to do. I’m not a journalist but I do try to follow journalistic ethics; number one among that is to protect your sources which means sometimes I can’t say something that could identify them as a source of my information. If I can’t say something it’s not because I want to keep a secret or because I’m being paid to do so – it’s because I just can’t do it.

      Likewise, it’s not hypocritical to be balanced in my views. At the moment the Brock signing doesn’t look great but that could easily change; the fact that has not come off yet doesn’t preclude us from doing more business nor does it preclude from trying to wrap up deals more quickly.

      If you don’t read OP as much as you used to, then that’s absolutely fine – it’s your prerogative. I’m going to be brutally honest here – I don’t write this blog for anyone but myself anyway; it’s my opinions and it’s just a happy coincidence that a lot of people read it. If I didn’t want to do it, I’d stop doing it regardless of how many people were reading it at the time.

  • RICHY says:

    The blues gave a really good example of why we dont really need many signings yesterday against derby. Gleeson, davis & klif look so solid and n-sync in that midfield. Our back looks solid and strikers are all putting a shift in. GR aint stupid he knows what works and does not work. I honestly think we only need a good utility player who can play across the back. Yes brock is a bit iffy at the min he needs a load spell maybe like notts county for example. Dan you have kept so many fans in the loop about so many things when we had no idea keep up the good work pal!!! KRO

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Sometimes you are told information off the record and this being the case the only way of using it to ‘you be surprised’ and similar

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think Mr Ivery should change the banner at the top of the page, to ‘Often Partisan – The voice of one man, not two, or three or a hundred, or a thousand. Just one.’

    Jeez, I don’t know how many times he has to say it.

  • ChrisG says:

    If only blues could be a little more consistent in their play we would only need to bring in players to act as cover for any injuries or suspensions for the rest of this season. Yesterdays performance didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me (even if the result did) as blues have played that well on a few occasions this season. In GR’s post match interview I thought he actually looked quite emotional & you could sense how huch he cares about his players, i’m now wondering if whether some of the players he’s targeted don’t quite fit the bill as far as the dressing room goes & that it’s not just a case of finding the right positional player but it’s his aim to find the right personality too so as not to upset team spirit, which I imagine is very important to him.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I know that, you know that and Mr Ivery knows that but some fans don’t unfortunetly. KRO

  • Blue Boy says:

    Daniel, as my post on Friday referred specifically to you being an egotist and suggesting, (tongue in cheek) that your “Dear Gary” blog may have been the reason for us signing Will Buckley, I find this latest blog really interesting.
    Firstly may I say that I think you do an absolute sterling job as OP providing all Blues fans with in-depth information that in many cases wouldn’t be available to us if it wasn’t for your research, valuable relationships that you have built and endless pursuit of the truth and what is happening in HK – albeit I assume a large chunk of credit should also go to Will ?
    However, there are a couple of comments above that I must disagree with. You state that you are fine with people disagreeing with your view even though historically your response always tends to be along the lines of “if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it”. I would suggest this implies quite the opposite and a more reasoned response might be beneficial.
    Moreover, you make reference to knowing that Will Buckley had been lined up for sometime but as good as your contacts may be, they will never know the full details of any transfer negotiation that is happening and all the small twists and turns that may be the reason for delays.
    That said, keep up the good work. The site is a great read and at the end of the day, we are all fighting for the same cause. Just keep working on the humility you’ve start to show in the above post ;-)

    • almajir says:

      Thanks for your comment Blue Boy.

      You’re right – if someone tells me that they hate what I write then my answer is for them not to read it – equally if someone thinks they can do a better job then they should start a website and do it – I can offer pointers on how to get started technically etc if they’re serious. That’s not me not liking criticism – it’s just I don’t see the point in people reading something that they don’t like and makes them riled up.

  • oldburyblue says:

    As long as posts are pre-empted with “in my opinion” or similar I enjoy reading everyone’s views, whether I agree with them or otherwise. What annoys me more is when those opinions are portrayed as fact….giving the impression of “inside knowledge”. Some of us, (Dan included) may have our genuine sources but the more genuine those sources are restrict what is passed on. Does that make sense?

  • Texas Pete says:

    Friday ans Saturday have been like a fairy tale and should add the the GR legend. First OP expressed frustration at thr apparent lack of movement in transfers. An opinion from a well respected source of real information and the best place for interaction amongst fans.
    The legendary response was GRs timely and calmly reasoned quote in the media to have faith in him. Why sould we? Because it was immediately followed up with the signing of a very exciting winger. According to GR he needs training during his trial but will rise from the ashes of his recent form.
    That was the perfect response and perfect timing to all of us. This is a backs to the wall, battling blues underdogs story that is unfolding.
    To top that the very next day, we beat the very strong, big money team at there home ground and not by a whisker, but by 3 goals! More than than we keep a clean sheet with a defence that according to the fans needs a centre back and left back. This is legend.
    On top of that our grey haired club captain risen from the ashes plays 90 mins and svores the vital goal. That is legend.
    It is time to start believing.
    Cant wait for tomorrow and I am enjoying today.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Robbo has been a revelation this season. I was one of those who thought he was finished last summer due to age but not only has he come back defending better than ever he has scored a few vital goals and is a natural leader out on the pitch . Even if we got another centre back could GR drop him? Grounds is another who got slated a month or so again by many on here but according to the BM had a great game yesterday. GR kept faith in him and he is back to his best.

  • Jim the hat says:

    On signing players guys did anyone else hear pre match I think it was Richard Wilford on wm say that tesche could still have a future at blues.And Dan keep the views and blogs coming I do post a great a deal but do follow and read all posts views kro.

    • almajir says:

      Tesche I believe would be more likely in the summer.

      • Shirley Blue says:

        Yes that’s when plenty of players are out of contract and he can use the Grsy money to get them in by paying the wages. I think Forest are also subject to a transfer embargo until the summer so would struggle to replace him now. I think GR will keep his powder dry for now in terms of permanent transfers and use the emergency loan system if he needs to ie we get a few injuries- that continues until March doesn’t it.

  • Jim the hat says:

    Meant to say don’t post duh lol

  • Waycoolblue says:

    I disagreed with your letter to GR I fort it was way off the mark and unfear. But you are intituled to your opinion. I think It is hard for GR to bring players in because he can not offer them any financial package of any real merit therefor he as to sell the club to them. So they have to want to come for the playing time and have to be in the right mined set with the right attitude they must be ready to fight for the team and prove their self how hard must it be to find players like that. KRO

  • Perhaps a swap deal with El khayati with Edgar as a makeweight at Sheffield utd …

  • Fletch says:

    Spector is our weak link every time he plays we lose

  • Dan of course you are entitled to your rant,but I bow to no one having seen every Blues manager since Bob Brocklebank in saying that this lad is up their with Arthur Turner as one the great managers of this club.When you consider the what he has had to contend with,with the help of the help of Panos Pavlakis they have done an amazing job.

  • Fletch says:

    We need a left back …the young lad at Walsall.?….I,d have gardener back as well!…also a forward (Tom Bradshaw)….is brockMadsen any better than Denny Johnston?….let’s make our minds up about n Hancox Novak and Thomas ….free transfers if need be to get rid of wages etc

  • Your right Fletch we need to part chop them for good youngsters , I like GR ‘s idea of signing attacking wingers with a lack of ball playing strikers , except at massive prices, Duffy + cash for El khayati at Burton ,

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Dan – your blog always provides some intellectual honesty, and in my opinion the man who shuffles his opinions in order to match that of the masses is seen through quickly. I for one want none of them.

    So please continue to blog from the heart, I may not agree with everything you say but your thoughts are certainly not derived from ego, they are from the club we all love.

  • Andrew says:

    Every man is entitled to his opinion

  • Mr Floze says:

    We have always been mightily slow in transfer window, always have done and probably always will do. I dont think this is down to Gary or any other manager and without working at the club and knowing all the internal functions that go on, I would be in any position to really question the speed at which a transfer is being conducted.

    I think as fans we are eager to see a new face, and we know that we need strengthening and im sure Mr Rowett does too, as most others at the football club. I dont think anyone is twiddling thumbs, ever thought it may actually be the players we are going for and their agents waiting for a better deal or something? I dont think we are a big enough attraction as a club to bring it who we want and as quick as we want it.

    I never go into a shop and buy the first tshirt on the hanger I genuinly have a look around first and may even visit other stores.

    • oldburyblue says:

      Good points made.

    • paule says:

      Mr Floze the amount of times I’ve seen a nice quality t-shirt & decided to look round & end up going back for it, risk is sometimes that t-shirts has gone & you end up getting one you didn’t like as much!! I agree though I don’t think it’s down to Gary Rowett but to the Clubs finances, we weren’t slow in the transfer market when old Barry Fry was manager he’d have signed double figures by now.We’re doing well with what we’ve got at the moment so we shouldn’t panic and trust in Mr Rowett.

  • We have to think that our soldiers are over in Arab countries getting killed and bodies damaged , try and tell them that every man or woman is not entitled to their opinion , and that it doesn’t change anything , if human beings do not have the right to an opinion then why was they created with a brain so that it was possible for them to think for themselves ….KRO.

  • gazza says:

    personally i do believe that many influential people read these blogs and other media available on the net. if you are to have an idea as to what the fans are thinking then you need to do some homework. everyone has an opinion, and sometimes that particular opinion is maybe valued and taken on board. sometimes if you follow social media religiously , you see a pattern emerging. some might call it coincidence. it is strangely satisfying though when such events come together like you hoped they would. coincidence or not. it appears to be working so far. K.R.O

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Re: the competition one was told he saved one pair at the far post and one pair at the near post. The competition ones can’t be the near post one because he never saved anything there.

  • rvh1t says:

    Can we get things into perspective? It was Phil Bull who coined the phrase “The Great Triviality”, he was referring to horse racing but it might just as well apply to football (the alternative view is that of Bill Shakily; football is not a matter of life or death, it’s even more important than that). OP does a great service to Blues fans everywhere (or at least those who care to read him), his opinions are his own, take it or leave it.

  • wanchaimassiv says:

    I for one was disappointed you decided to hijack a brilliant win at Derby with a post on SHA. It should have been about Rowett, the players the game on Saturday not yourself

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m amazed how much the words “sh*t” and “pot” have offended/upset people. Three days later, I’m still laughing.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      I don’t think the words in themselves were particularly offensive. For me the whole thing was unnecessary, poorly timed and patronizing to a manager who every blues fan I know thinks has done a great job in a relatively short time and deserves a bit more respect and appreciation than he was given. Anybody who thinks its easy getting the right players in during January (with very few players out of contract) without paying big transfer fees is deluding themselves.
      He has got two in and still a long way to go before the window shuts. Most clubs still have something to play for at this time of year so why would they want to allow players to go to us unless we make them (and the player) an offer they cant refuse. Vaughan and Buckley had issues which is why we could get them.

  • Tony says:

    To be fair Staffs I also found the phrase vulgar, and unwarranted, Dan could have found alternatives, however this does not detract from the sentiment of the article which was by and large true.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Maybe an explanation at the time would have helped.. but I think it’s just been misinterpreted tbh. I understood what was meant when I read it, but obviously some people put a different inference to it. It’s a phrase that’s been used for donkey’s years.

  • sam says:

    Dan, If you are good manager and respected it doesn’t ever mean you are above any criticism or even questions. Too many fans take a simplistic view that a manager is great or crap, like every manager they will have positive facets and areas which can be approved. He earns a very good living from Blues and while I do respect the job he has done and the way he carries himself the nature of fans is too question as we aren’t privy to all that goes on, what’s the worst he do reply!

    • almajir says:

      That’s the way I see it too, Sam. One thing I really admire about GR is that he does open up when asked about why he’s done things – I love how he talks about tactics post-match for example – and as such is it so bad to ask him about transfers?

  • AussieBlue says:

    Dan, I am outraged. You have taken a time-honoured Australian expression ‘p*ss or get off the pot’ and turned it into a sordid profanity involving number twos. Our Ministry of Kultcha will be in touch. Rest of what you blogged was ok imho I suppose. Even the Caesars needed a special assistant whose job it was to periodically whisper ‘You are but a man!’ I don’t recall learning that he reminded Caesar to do big jobs though.

  • JWK CORNWALL says:

    “Maikel Kieftenbeld looks a blinding signing and evidence that moving quickly to secure a bargain is a good thing”
    I heard it took months, are you presuming he worked quickly because we didn’t get to hear about it until it was done, or did someone tell you ” GR went there Tuesday bought him Wednesday ”
    Nobody in their right mind would want to disclose transfer targets, competition may not know that the player is even available.
    If I look to employ someone I don’t give my competition snippets of who and why I would like to employ them.

    • almajir says:

      Once we found out there was a release clause we moved quickly to make the signing because we didn’t want anyone else to take advantage of it. Likewise, with Nicolai Brock-Madsen we moved quickly and actually gazumped another club to the signing, believe it or not.

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