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Pannu v Paladini

To say the last twenty four hours have been crazy would be an understatement. We had news Paladini was hopefully of sealing a deal, Pannu denying any talks were in place before an afternoon session of the hokey-cokey of in-out in-out as Paladini prevaricated as to where he stood on the bid.

I will freely admit that as I write this, I don’t know what the hell is going on. On the face of it it appears we’re in the position we were in 24 hours ago – ie there is a bid on the table and Paladini wants to complete but now we have the added spice of a “deadline” of the next seven days. As Elvis sang it’s “Now or Never” – Pannu either has to take the money on offer or Paladini will walk away.

However, the situation doesn’t make sense. If what Neil Moxley of the Daily Mail wrote is true about Pannu receiving a £2mil+ commission (and I have to say it’s something I have heard from other sources previously) then you would have to ask why Pannu is endangering a massive sum of money to him personally to indulge in a bit of brinkmanship. Pannu must be incredibly confident in either his own hand or his poker face if he thinks he can bluff with that kind of dough on the table.

I do have to say, and again this is my personal opinion, that the events of the last day have done nothing to assauge my doubts over Paladini; if anything, they have solidified them further. I have a bunch of questions written down on my notepad here without any answers:

Why is it so important to seal the deal so quickly?
I appreciate that Blues need the infusion of cash now but what is in it for Paladini?
Why is it so important to achieve promotion quickly – is the £8mil drop in parachute payments next year going to affect his business plan drastically?
Are his backers banking on a promotion to the Premier League to make their money back quickly?

Most importantly – who are the backers?

It’s one thing for Paladini to talk about buying players and what-not – and I understand he’ll be the chairman if it goes through – but it’s easy to talk about spending money when it’s not yours to spend. Whilst Paladini has blabbed about pretty much everything else he’s been very careful to make no mention of who is backing him… and as someone who is naturally suspicious, that worries me. I think Paladini is a bit more clever than we give him credit for and I think he’s playing the media to force through a takeover by getting the fans onside and clamouring for his entry to St Andrews. Should we believe the hype?

When it comes down to it, right now I don’t think there is much else we can do. Unless Gianni Paladini cares to drop some names we have almost no way of finding out who is behind him – and with Pannu 6000 miles away I’m almost of the thought he might not have realised the metaphorical firestorm his statement started today. These two men currently control Blues’ destiny and it’s now down to them to sort it out. If agreement is reached then it will have to be announced to the stock exchange so the only thing we can do for now is wait and see until then.

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92 Responses to “Pannu v Paladini”

  • ZarateImissYou says:

    Still, he seems much more passionate about making the deal and buying the club than the chinese have done…

    And we don´t have much of a choice, do we?

    Get this deal through, keep our best players in January and we will see from there….

  • thongs says:

    If only we had a supporters trust. They would be able to contact all involved and get the answers we crave.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Am glad you agree with me about how paladini is playing the press.

    The local lads need to be really careful over what they’re putting out as I think they are being used

    • chris says:

      They are both using the press as Pannu’s play on words prove once again.
      Suspicions about his backers may be justified, but then if he divulges who they are, the price may very well increase, so he’d be a fool to pander to those fans bleating.
      The time to find out is when the deal has been agreed and the Football League will then find out who the backers are.

  • Rusky says:

    I would presume that the urgency to complete the deal is to ensure that the likes of Butland, Redmond (and/or anyone else worth anything) aren’t sold during the January transfer window by the current owners. The general feeling is that if a deal isn’t done, then further players will be sold to ensure the club’s survival for the rest of the season. And once they’ve gone, they’ve gone. If a deal is done by Jan, then the opportunity exists to bolster the squad, not deplete it. We are, after all, only 7 points off a play off place. A swoop for Ibrahimovic at this time could make all the difference :)
    As for ‘why is it so important to achieve promotion so quickly’, well the sooner you’re back on the gravy train, the more income you generate and the less your ‘backers’ have to provide…

  • poppa999 says:

    I think you are right in assuming that Pannu has tried to buy some time by denying any contact.

    I’s the pantomime season after all, oh yes it is!

  • Ste Coy says:

    I would of thought the answers to 4 out of the five questions you have are obvious and they all circle the January transfer window and I agree with all the statements Paladini has made regarding those points and do we all not want as quick as promotion as possible?
    If nothing else at least Paladini had a passion for the club and understands the fans unlike Peter Pan who lets face it sees it as nothing but a business so I for one hope a deal is concluded soon!

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Paladin has no passion for the club, why should he? It’s just business to him, simple.

      • chris says:

        Where was his passion for the last ten years or more, has he had a corporate box or season ticket in the last decade, i doubt it.

        • Ste Coy says:

          I understand all the scepticism, why wouldnt the be after the last two years!
          Paladini has lived in Birmingham since the sixties, he knows the people (tick) , the city (tick) and the club (tick)! one of Paladinis longest and closest friends is Blues legend Sir Trevor Francis (tick), Paladini has been envolved with football (professionally) since his teens (tick), he was on the books of Napoli and was a promising footballer before injury prematurely ended his playing career.
          As well as other business ventures he became a football agent bringing players to England such as Ravanelli , Carbone and Emerson (tick) . He joined QPR when they was in financial difficulties and he left them a premier club last November. (I hope that covers his whereabouts questions)
          To summarise;
          He has lived in Birmingham for over 50 years
          He has connections to the club
          He is a football person and understands the game and business
          All in all looking back on our previous owners…for me he “ticks” all the boxes.

  • Benno says:

    One thing that struck me is that if the papers are quoting correctly, then what Paladini has done would not be exactly correct when “confidentiality agreements” have been signed (which I am sure would have been, and equally sure they were mentioned in stock market statements at some stage).

    if this is the case, it wouldnt be a shock to see some legal action.

    either way, for Paladini to “disclose” that kind of info… would I trust someone who did that.. like hell would I.

    Seems the “QPR documentary” would be worth watching again, which did not paint Paladini in a good light to say the least.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Look lads forget all about the takeover for a bit, we can’t do a thing about it.

    What we can do is pack out St Andrews on Saturday and urge the lads on to 3 points.

    At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about and I still get butterflies on Fridays for tomorrows game. Get down there and love the team.

    • thongs says:

      Lol….funny guy, best wind up for ages….lol…pack St Andrew’s…lol

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Not going then?

        • thongs says:

          Yep I’ll be there booing both managers.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Do us a favour mate, stay at home.

            Can’t abide boo boys.

          • thongs says:

            I can’t abide happy clappers. I bet you loved Bruce, Sully and no doubt Martin Fecking Grainger. You are the worst kind of blues fan, the sort that sits on coach one wearing the shirt with his own name on the back. The sort that waits for autographs and rings Tom Ross. The sort with stickers in their cars and bcfc dog bowls. Blues gold pendant too I’d imagine. Embarrassing.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Rather than a sad loser coming on OP just to stir up trouble.

            Going down to boo, the very kind of fan we hate

            You wouldn’t boo on yer own though would ya, hide in a crowd like the coward you are,

    • Lee says:

      Oh I almost forgot about our other major problem. Lee Clark! What a mess.

      • Ronnie Blue says:

        We have to get rid of booer’s and Lee Clark.

        Fellow bluenoses, WE ARE IN A MESS. We all want our beatiful club sorted out, Clark needs to go though.

        Pannu and Yeung is our other main concern.

        One thing I do know, WE ARE A FAMILY. Keep right on!

    • Ronnie Blue says:

      Blueboyz, Come on we are on the same side, I understand the frustration that would lead to a boo although I prefer to stay faithful and not boo myself, We are all in agreement that we are in a mess and things are not bright at present.

      I will say I have not renewed this year as Pannu needs to sort this crap out.

      I make a solid promise come wind, Rain sleet or snow when peter pannu’s in control I will never now go!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Graham Woodward says:

    I don’t think it’s strange that he wants to complete the buy asap, he probably does have plans for the £8 mil, I would as well if I was buying the club. It’s also much better for the club to get promoted at the earliest possible chance. I would be interested to know who his backers are, but I doubt we’ll ever find out.

    It does seem strange that Pannu would say there’s no talking going on considering Paldini reckons he has evidence to the contrary, which if released, would obviously leave Pannu with egg on his face.

    What we have to remember is Yeung only owns 26% of BHIL, so there’s another 74% owned by other people, and they have to agree to the sale and they’re probably not in the same position as Yeung and could potentially be in a position to wait it out. For all we know, these other people have fallen out with Yeung and might not be interested in doing him a favour and selling (if indeed it benefits Yeung)

    • chris says:

      If it was me i’d rather get a third of my money back than none of it, which is the likely scenario if this deal fails and the club sell it’s last assets to get through to the summer.

  • Lurker says:

    From reading your previous blogs, it’s my understanding that HKSE have very strict rules in place regarding takeovers etc. My first thoughts on reading Pannu’s statement was that it was in response to Paladini’s recent media activities and was intended to protect the position of BIH re the HKSE.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, Please refresh my memory, if you will,!!.

    Just how much is the parachute from the Premiere, this time, ?.

    I assume that it is due to be paid in january, ?

    Is it sufficent to delay the selling of players in January, So we can ” soldier-on “, until seasons end, ?

    • almajir says:

      £16mil … already paid in August.

      Next year’s is £8mil.

      If there is no investment or takeover we will sell players.

      • Letsby Avenue says:

        Not correct AJ.

        The payments are in two halves.

        Season 2011-2012 the second payments were due in March but were advanced a month for all clubs and paid in February.
        It is anticipated that the same will happen this year.
        i.e. Second payments to be made in February 2013 (£8million in Blues’ case)

        • almajir says:

          Actually, you are incorrect.

          I spoke to the FL about this a season or so ago. Whilst there are two payments the bulk of the money comes at the start of the year.

          • Oldbluenose says:

            I thought there were 3, payments, ?. First and Second, of £16 thou each, folowed by 3rd [ and last ] of £8, grand, but cannot remember when they started from, ????????.

          • chris says:

            Old Blue
            i think it used to be £32 million approx over three years after relegation as we would have recieved after our previous relegation, but 2010-11 season it changed to 2 years of £16 million each followed by 2 years of £8 million each with a total of £48 million.
            I think from 2014-15 season it may be raised as a new tv deal starts, but the parachute payments have not been annouced as far as i am aware.

          • Blueboy88 says:

            Additionally to the parachute payment this year we also trousered 3m euro from our Europa League exploits…


  • Rusky says:

    There’s one nagging doubt about all of this that worries me – time and time again Pannu has proved that when it comes to business dealings, he’s no idiot. So why would he put out statements that, if Paladini is to be believed, can be easily disproved? On the other hand, the general perception of Paladini from his QPR days is that he’s a bit of a clown, and as has been stated above, is adept at playing the press. Who are these backers? Why can’t he tell us? Obviously, as supporters all we can do is support the team and see how it all plays out.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    At the end of the day CY is the seller and he doesnt have to sell if he doesnt want to does he?. Paladini is just trying to force the issue so they can get in by January. If this doesnt happen – then they will pull out as he has said it is no good coming in in feb after more assets are sold, the squad cannot be strengthened further but is weakened and chances of promotion have decreased.

    If Paladini succeeds in buying for 30M then they will get their money back straight away in the Prem just by promotion alone.

    Has anybody considered that this break down in communication is probably just a culture issue with flamoyant emotional Italians and secretive “cant lose face” Chinese?

    Either way I have a feeling CY will hold on. Selling for 10M under his asking price would not be good for saving face and remember if Blues by some miracle come good and get promoted to the Prem vai the playoffs – then CY can get his asking price.

    I just dont think he wants to let it go at 30M. I can only see this changing if the outcome of his trial goes against him.

    • thongs says:

      I’m sick of hearing this face saving nonsense and the Chinese way of doing business. Money talks in any language. Pay Pete his share and its all over.

      • Evesham Blue says:

        Not that simple. CY is PP’s boss so it’s not up to PP to sell..

        Blues have assets with Butland and Redmond worth something and an 8M parachute pyt still to come next season. Your team is 7 points off the playoffs a 1/3 into the season.

        Would you sell for a knock down price unless you had to?

        Paladini is trying to force the issue as their bid depends on being in by January.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Don’t let it get to you, it’s not worth it,

        It’s just a comment on an internet board.

    • Jay Sidney says:

      How many people did you insult in one sentence merely on the grounds of their cultures? Was it 1.3 or 1.4 billion? Should we insult you on the grounds of your spelling (i.e “flamoyant”, “vai”)?

    • chris says:

      he may have to sell even if he doesn’t want to as he only owns 26% of the shares and i believe he cannot vote as he is a bcfc board member.
      if someone makes an offer acceptable to the board monetary wise i.e. it meets the value of the business, they have to ask shareholders to vote even if the board are against it (hostile takeover)

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Paladini comes across as an individual who likes to think out aloud and make decisions before scenarios have been played out. When he first made his interest known on September, he made noises about wanting to “get things sorted quickly or we’ll consider our other options”. Well there are no other options. He and his crew have been after Blues from the start and thought they could bullshit and bluster their way through with PP and CY. Obviously they haven’t and can’t. Look at his ‘attempts’ to buy Forest. He thought he could get them on the cheap after their ex-owner passed away suddenly yet was given short shrift and the club moved into the hands of Middle Eastern owners for a nominal sum even though the ex-owner had pumped about £100m of his own money into the club. At least when DG and DS used to make rash comments and statements about our club and team, they had the testies to back them up with financial clout and some decent financial/business acumen and decisions. Regardless of what our thoughts and views are about them, we progressed under their tutelage.

    The January transfer window has nothing to do with the attempt to rush the deal through and it would be folly to think so.

    If the price is right, there will always, always be groups/individuals willing to to take a punt. It is in the hands of CY and PP and no-one else. If anyone believes that they’ll give the club up easily or for next to nothing, they are way off the target and do not understand the modus operandi of far eastern business methods. CY will only go when there are no other options or even a hint of one. Do you think he has spent the last year and a half twiddling his thumbs and waiting for others to try and decide his future direction?? The man will have tried to cater for every eventuality and his hand is not as weak as some may hope or think so.

    The club will be sold but only when there is a balance of interests and finances. Nothing else matters to buyers or sellers. Sadly we are not even an after-thought.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      So if we take it at face value what PP said it looks pretty much like CY wont be selling to Paladini unless they up their offer again. I do think January does have everything to do with the itallian bid as they dont want CY to sell off any assets. So in other words when this deadline to do a deal elapses then they will pull the plug.

      The current bid cant be a million miles off the asking price. CY must be confident he doesnt have to sell as well for PP to issue the statement.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        CY laid down the gauntlet when he said he wanted £40m for Blues. Paladini and his group have offered £30m with £17m as a down payment and the rest in future instalments; probably based on how un/successful the team are in getting back to the EPL. If CY got the figure of £40m in his mind, he obviously thought that he could/can hold out until he receives somewhere approaching that figure. Paladini is still 25% off with what he’s offering and even then not in a full and final figure. He can talk as much as he likes with “assets being sold in the January transfer window to keep the club afloat until the end of the season”, but he doesn’t mention the fact that this allows him to talk down what anyone will pay for the club because the main asset(s) have/are being sold. Many suitors might even be waiting for such an event because it will allow them to buy the club for an even cheaper sum.

        As for PP getting a ‘bonus’ or ‘performance-related-pay’, it is what is done at that a senior level because most only aspire to such positions as they mostly know of one main value – self-interest. The BIHL shareholders would approve if it means he will fight tooth and nail to get the best possbile price out of any suitors.

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Atahualpa mate;, Very well presented blog,!!.

      I personally, would rather ” wait it out ” than have Paladini heading any ownership of our club, !!. He scares me, just the thought of the possible outcomes that his present antics, Do not exactly show him in a good light for PROGRESSING our club, !!. [ We require CALM, BUSINESSLIKE hand on the tiller ].

      That we are unable to gain any insite into what exactly is or is not happening behind the scenes, is unfortunate for us, but we just have to have ” blind faith “, That the outcome will be good for our club — LONG-TERM, !!!!!!!!!!!.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        Many thanks OBN.

        I might not get many thumbs-up ‘likes’ for saying this; more than likely a one-fingered salute, but another set of far eastern owners with different circumstances to the current mob might be suitable.


        Because of their tendency to not want to make a spectacle and highlight themselves – too much of this is probably not ideal either. But steadiness, long-term vision and solidity is what we need. In the 1970s an American president (can’t remember which one) asked the then Chinese premier what he thought of the French Revolution. He replied “too early to say”. Whilst I would never encourage or endorse that level of projected caution, I truly believe that to move forward without ever having to encounter the level of crap we have recently, stability is key.

  • Cypriotblue says:


    Surely it is illegal to get a commission personally for a deal when he is in control of a quoted company? I am concerned that you have heard it elsewhere, as I thought it was just the Italian mud slinging.

    • almajir says:

      I have no idea on legality whatsoever – I just know I have been told by multiple sources that it is true.

    • chris says:

      i presume it depends how it is worded.
      i maybe wrong but didn’t Ms Brady get some bonuses for being involved in the sale, some of which supposedly involved the Porche.
      i also know people who got paid a bonus for helping a bank takeover by staying for about three months after the sale to help in the transistion, so Pannu’s alledged payment is probably legal but some of us may not agree with it.

  • ChrisG says:

    I think there’s just 2 reasons why Paladini hasn’t named the backers, either they’re mega rich but want the deal to go through as cheap as possible, or they don’t really exist & are just a figment of Paladini’s imagination. I know which one i’d like it to be but I fear it’s most probably the second option. KRO

  • Cypriotblue says:

    comment edited

  • bluebob09 says:

    Congratulations, Atuhualpa is a Bluenose that is the most sensilbe assessment of this whole sorry situation that I’ve read to date.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    You are right to be worried about who Paladini s backers are given his past record of dodgy friends. Is it because of the impending January transfer window and losing major players or does he need to launder some money quickly? We just don’t know, everything is speculation at present. We don’t know what paladinis intentions are or if they are for the good of the club.

  • Louise says:

    I don’t agree with what either Paladini or Pannu are doing right now. They are playing with fire and in my opinion one of them will get burnt. It just makes our club a total embarrasing laughing stock.
    What worries me is if Paladini and his consortium walk away, who’s gonna save us? ’cause let’s face it, the hole we’re in is getting deeper by the minute.

    Just putting myself in Paladini’s shoes, come January, the players left that are worth anything, will be gone for whatever they can get. That makes Birmingham City worth no where near £30 million. I feel now £30 million is a generous offer considering what is actually left. Would my current £30 mil bid be still on the table after the fire sale? No chance. If they are waiting til after the Jan transfer window to sell, then god help us. I can only see a buyer picking us up after admin on the cheap.
    I don’t know what the hell is going on, but as usual it’s us that will suffer in the end, as we always do!

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Louise;, This comment, may NOT make me popular with you, ?. but remember when the Kumars folded, Sully, Gold bros and Brady, picked us up cheaply, !!.

      Whatever your personal opinion of them was/is, they left us on a firm financial footing, with a good infrastructure, [ Which, in the main, ] is the present Stans backroom staff, who are working miracles already, ??.

      So if that scenario is repeated agin,???. I would breathe a sigh of relief, !!!.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    does anyone have any idea what the current financial position is? how much debt we have, a rough idea of player worth, and value of any other assets?

    • chris says:

      2010-11 accounts should have been out Oct 2011 and were only released in June 2012 with a £10 million loss.
      2011-12 accounts were due Oct 2012 and haven’t been released on time again so we have no idea of profit/loss, though i think the club is close to an even keel.
      There is no one saying they haven’t been paid like suppliers or the tax man nor other clubs so i think we are relatively okay.
      Trouble is last Jan we sold players to get through this summer and i can see the same happening this coming January unless we are sold.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    It could be Pannu & Paladini are working together to flush out a third party to make a bid…

    All the figures are now in the public domain on what may be acceptable to complete the sale ,
    & who will get what . Very handy if you were thinking of making a bid..

    & actually all we really know is that there has been more heat than light generated ,there has been plenty of publicity , & there has been a seemingly spurious bid that has no known backers .

    So just maybe the P brothers are having us all in the net here..

  • Art Watson says:

    Maybe PP does have another interested party and he’s just trying to manage Paladini’s expectations.

  • prewarblue says:

    forgive a thick O.A.P but has any thought been given to the idea that “Peter Perfect” is so confident of winning the court case that he WONT need to sell ?.

    With [possibly ] the dodgy elements [ Hui & co ] off the board, Yeungs bank and cash ubfrozen by winning the case Peter Perfect stands to make a lot more for himself with bonus payments and legal fees than the £2 mill being bandied about in the press.

    Any way this affair turns out is only bad for the club with 2 grown men playing childrens game with it,,,,,,,,”You said this,,,,,,,No I didnt,,,,,,,Yes You did,,,,,,No I didnt ad infinitum

    PANNU and PALADINI aint worth 2p between them, in my opinion both “Perfect Prats”

    • chris says:

      i think a few have thought about this scenario, but that would be a massive gamble for us fans and our club, but it is not a massive gamble for Carson as he has little to lose by waiting and maybe everything to gain.

  • tamuffblue says:

    Money men will always want to remain annon and just use figure heads for their purpose !!!!

  • Bluenosesol says:

    What’s Michael Knighton up to these days? Ken Bates will be ready to offer once he has offloaded Leeds!

  • Charlie Jones says:

    Talking of CY’s Court case, when is it supposed to begin , I have lost track ?

  • Cypriotblue says:

    28th nov i believe

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Chrisl, Many thanks for the update on Parachute payments,!!. With the change a couple or so years ago, I knew there were figures of £16k x 2. but thought there was only a 3rd, yr payment of £8k,

    So it is good news that there is a further £8k, to follow, [ If I have read that correctly ], As we are in dire need at this point of time, !!!.

    I really do hope that P,P. has another suitor in the background, As I never wanted G,P. in the 1st, place, and even less now after his LATEST gaffe, !!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Relax. We have survived up til now and if we were in dire straights we would be sold like a hot potato. Wait and see it will all come out in the wash. One thing I have learned from this current lot is there is no point expecting straight answers.

    All that is for sure is we will try to offload Ziggy again in January and fail again!

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Well said, OBN.

    Both Almajir and I mentioned yesterday that a couple of the possibly interested parties Colin Tattum publicly insisted were around a couple of months ago MIGHT be waiting in the background (unlike the frankly clownish Mr Paladini) until the time is right. However, who knows for sure?

    • Evesham Blue says:

      Hey forget about about it. No one is interested aprt from some mouthy Italian Brummie. Lets just get on with working with what we have. It’s out of our control

    • Oldbluenose says:

      The machinations of the mighty, !!. lol.

      A lowly old soul like myself, just wants stability for our club, !!. — Personally, — I would settle for SLOW and STEADY progression for us, even if it took a couple of seasons before we were ready for a proper Premiership challenge, but at least we BE ready when that happens, ??.

      Such as Paladini, would bring in 2nd string players on long-term contracts which would cost us in the long run with probable debt, !!!.

      I am now off to drink myself into oblivion, — lol.

      • Jay Sidney says:

        Mark Y has rightly pointed out that it is not known if there are any other bidders still sniffing around but a hell of comments here continue to insist nobody else is interested.

        OBN. I reckon that news of Blues making slow and steady progress would feel like winning some silverware right now.

  • Mark Y says:

    Pannu’s has been dismissive of Paladini’s interest right the way through as they simply haven’t offered enough money that the shareholders are willing to sell for and he did not deny there had been discussions earlier just there are none going on now. Paladin’s angry because I don’t think he can stump up any or much more. What we don’t know is what price is acceptable to the shareholders and if there are any other bidders still sniffing around. Pannu is not offering much info, but he is right to be pee’d off with the constant breaches of confidentiality coming out of Paladini’s media campaign. We could do with a decent run of results over the next few weeks to keep in touching distance of the play offs as some kind prospect of promotion may help in attracting bidders interest.

  • Paulo says:

    It’s just crazy ..simply a mess. This is plainly showing the lack of loyalty and professionalism towards the club, by both parties. Almajir ..I’m presuming at this point in time, that when it comes to either PP or Paladini, one of them is being rather ‘hubristic’?

  • Mark says:

    Why is it so important to seal the deal so quickly?

    Do you seriously not see the answer?……………….Paladini just like everyone else will believe the quicker he gets in the more likely chance at achieving promotion ASAP

    I appreciate that Blues need the infusion of cash now but what is in it for Paladini?

    Why does anyone buy a football club… Its the passion for the game and involvement at the business end. He has an affiliation for the club too.

    Why is it so important to achieve promotion quickly – is the £8mil drop in parachute payments next year going to affect his business plan drastically?

    I think our financial situation would explain this

    Are his backers banking on a promotion to the Premier League to make their money back quickly?

    The massive increase in revenue at top flight is a good aim

    Most importantly – who are the backers?

    To be honest it don’t matter who they are. Sully & Gold were the 4th richest owners in uk in 1995 where did that get us? Mittal is worth £12bn and as spent zilch. Don’t matter how much owners have if they don’t want to spend it what’s the point

  • RUPERT says:

    Its ovbious who the backers are, the same as QPR. The only problem is we AINT for sale at ANY PRICE. Yeung will not sell this club, it might get taken from him in the end but he wont sell. This is not a normal business man this is carson yeung we are talking about! Possibly a walter mitty type of person who lived his particular dream for a couple of years.

    • Jay Sidney says:

      Rupert could be on to something when asks if Carson Yeung may be some sort of Walter Mitty-type.

      However, this continual “Blues AIN’T for sale at ANY price” stuff does tend to fly in the face of the facts as they stand.

  • BluesinJapan says:

    Paladini a bit more clever than we have given him credit for?

    Paladini has very successfully played message boards and media in this country to have people clamouring for the takeover from his group, with his latest stunt on Free Radio being nothing more than a tool to try and exert pressure onto Pannu to accept a bid which clearly isn’t good enough for him or his shareholders (if it was he would have accepted it).

    He has tried to portray the image of a man who talks too much, but has very successfully not told any details about who wants to buy the club. For anyone to now think he is cleverer than he appears; they have just been played by someone manipulating the narrative of the deal through the media and and ‘leaks’ to message board webmongs.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    I dont think paladini is clever. He is just making a fool of himself and showing how unprofessional he is. All that Pannu has done it told the truth I suspect. That talks arent ongoing, I expect they have stalled over either amount of payment terms, as all the money is not upfront. It is a grey area, if no continuation meeting has been set up then I suppose technically talks are not ongoing.
    People have moaned about not being kept up to date by Pannu, but when he does they dont like it! He is bound by duty in his position and the rules of the HKSE. I would not underestimate Pannu.

  • Paulo says:

    A new owner and a big cash injection will not give us automatic promotion, and neither will having such a negative attitude from the fans. This mess is really showing the true coulours of everyone right now, and the only way we are going to get promoted is for the team to play in a positive atmosphere and take all the luck they can, and enjoy doing it.
    Paladini aint gonna change anything, other than keeping us afloat, but even then ..the fickle nature of many will only criticise him for not delivering what he said he would ..promotion.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    I think we should turn our backs on The Bid. Then, when the good ship Blues finally sinks below the waves and we’re left clinging to the wreckage, we can congratulate ourselves for not getting into Paladini’s leaky lifeboat!

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