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Dark Days

It’s a hard time being a Birmingham City fan at this moment in time. Rather than looking forwards to a summer of transfer speculation and who might be tempted to join the ranks of Royal Blue at St Andrews, off the pitch matters are at the fore. Is there any hope?

A comment that was made on this blog yesterday that stood out to me was made by bluenoserob, whereby he opined that there could be a 100 comment thread on here without the mention of a player’s name. Whilst I suspect that this might have an element of facetiousness about it there is also an element of truth – so much news regarding Blues right now concerns the financial direction of the club and the ongoing legal problems of its largest shareholder.

It doesn’t help when Curtis Davies, who was voted player of the season by his peers, by the fans and of course by the reader of this blog effectively told the Birmingham Mail he was off and that the club would be doing well to retain its status in the Championship next season, such were the problems that the club faces. Given that sort of downcast view for the next season, one must wonder just how bad it’s going to get.

I have to be honest in that whilst I’ve tried to find out information about what is going on I can sympathise with the viewpoint that maybe ignorance is bliss. There is a valid viewpoint that we might be better off not worrying about what is happening in the far east as it’s difficult for the fans to change anything and that breaking some of the info that has come out in the local press of late isn’t going to help people feel any better about the club.

However, there is also an equally valid counterpoint that the revelations about consultancy agreements etc would have broken eventually – if not in the local news then I suspect one of the national newspapers would have run with it as it’s a newsworthy story. There is no doubt in my mind that the brown stuff is about to hit the fan in the court case at any rate and I think we as Blues fans are going to have to man up a bit and take it all on the chin – the next few months aren’t going to be pleasant at all.

With season tickets prices coming out finally on May 20 I can also imagine the takeup on them isn’t going to be great. With the uncertainty of just where money going into the club is going, coupled with the stone cold fact that Blues aren’t going to have anywhere near the resources to compete with some of the teams even in this division I can imagine that for some fans enough is enough. Whilst there are no doubt some readers of this blog who will no doubt make their feelings known that people declining to renew are turning their backs on the club in its hour of need I wouldn’t criticise anyone right now for deciding to hold onto their cash.

That being said, I will say here and now that I will be renewing my season tickets. It’s not been an easy decision but I am of the belief that the pain that is happening now cannot last for too much longer and whatever route out of it Blues take, they will need me as  a supporter to support the team and the club. I’m actually quite excited to see what Clark does in the transfer market as I’ve always been a proponent of signing younger players and I do think that if he gets it right, then it might just end up Blues put together the nucleus of a team that grows up together and starts a true long-lasting legacy. The highlight of last season for me was seeing the likes of Mitch Hancox and Callum Reilly go from raw youngsters on the fringes to being valued first team squad members and it’s my hope we’ll see more kids from the Wast Hills production line follow in their footsteps.

From the people I have spoken to out in Hong Kong and since I’ve got back, the message has continued to be bleak. However bleak it is though it’s not a situation that can continue forever and that alone is hope enough for me to look forwards to better times.


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  • Aussiebrum says:

    I will always support the shirt so will renew my ST the first day they go on sale as I do every year.

    As long as I can afford it I’ll renew, to me that belonging is a special feeling I want to maintain. We’ve had some rotten days in the past which is part and parcel of being a Bluenose.

    I hope all the great people that sit near me when I’m there (Tilton Block 16) all renew as the match day experience, banter, humour, frustration, delight, horror or exasperation just wouldn’t be the same without each of them.

  • KiwiJohn says:

    It could be a whole lot worse. Look at Wolves, Coventry, Portsmouth, Blackburn. Things may go downhill for a while longer but we are in the Championship and until the first ball is kicked next season we’re in the picture for automatic promotion to the promised land!

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      The way things are going, it’s arguable that we’re better off than Blackburn. At least they can afford to pay transfer fees.

  • Gav_bcfc says:

    Please no increase on ticket prices.Pay on the day fans
    are disappearing fast.We could average about 12,000 home
    fans next season.

  • harborneblue says:

    I think it really is time for the club to make a positive move about season ticket prices and reduce them across the board, kid’s maximum £99.00 across the whole ground including the kop! There is no worse sight than seeing our players walking out to rows and rows of empty seats! But can’t see it happening ……

  • James says:

    We need to take a different view of the current situation. We can’t do anything about the off field shenanigans other to monitor and voice opinions. LC has a great opportunity to piece together a young, hungry, passing, ball playing team to counter the riches of other clubs. Long gone are the days of the big signings as we say hello to the unknown owns who will surprise and inspire in equal measure. I for one, hope that we get to see some great attacking, ball to feet football that surprises everyone and sees us challenging at the right end. I would go as far to say we need two more years in the championship to really bed the team in before we are ready for anything bigger. The future is bright, the future is blue KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    As I was looking at the end of season table I saw something that surprised me a lot, Hull who went up automatically lost the same ammount of games as us, where we failed was drawing too many games. I know there will be quite a few comings & goings in the summer but I think we have the nucleous of pretty good squad & they probably would have learned a lot from last season, I don’t think now is the time for doom & gloom & if anything the club needs our support now more than ever, it’s all ifs & buts but if we can retain the services of Caddis, Ravel, Fergie & possibly Butland for another season then I think we’re halfway there. KRO

  • sutton apex says:

    await the summer of change – davies,burke,king,redmond,zigic will all go for sure . Then in clarks babes we must trust – hope to avoid administration and relegation
    unless of course a friendly billionaire comes in who likes the colour blue !!

  • Pete says:

    New ST not a problem, but the best thing fans could do is to try and come up with solutions for creating an attmosphere on match days. The club could do so something here too. I would be happy if they could close off the main stand or Olympic where I sit to make the titlon and kop one mass of people altogether and create an attmosphere- this is what is most shocking nowadays. We, as fans, could focus on doing something about that. The sad reality in football now is that it used to be a fact that some players will come and go, but now it is the case that most players will and so will some fans. We need to make the best out of the fns we have- I see no doubt in my mind that our better away showing and poor home form relates to the pressure, expectation and pure berating that takes place from fans at St Andrews. The jury is still out for me on Clark, but also it is out on what our fans are really like- because lets face it, we can call ourselves the best fans and we can find excuses for why we make no noise, but when the away fans sing about our support being ****ing **** they are right.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Of course I’m going to renew my ST, what am I a fairweather supporter? Come on, this is Blues! Supporting Blues is for life and to desert the club would be unthinkable for me, regardless of the situation. Everything has it’s ups and downs and it’s easy to support during the ups. We’re in a down phase now with the blame squarely at the owners door – not the club. Remember, not renewing STs will kill the club, the staff who work there and any chance we have of getting out of this mess.

  • Black Country Blue says:

    Why does everyone keep saying that Burke is off? The club has taken up the option on him when they could have got him off the wage bill

  • mark says:

    Always enjoy reading your blog mate, can you recall any darker days than this????? If so when… Fans Come on Davis has already stated where he wants to be……there no surprises where….remember roger Johnson….if we get 4 mil as quoted I will happy with that…… Would I turn my back on blues the answer quite easy really never. Kro……..

  • JK says:

    I roundly abused (thanks to a few too many) and accused Pannu of being corrupt loudly and straight to his face two years ago in an executive box and was summarily banned. I love Blues. My great grandfather used to go to St. Andrews and so I have no choice but to support the club.

    comment edited

  • hammy says:

    try and look at things in another light….we could well have new owners in the near future, my guess would be around September time…..
    ive supported blues since 1971, and seen some shockingly bad times, but, I honestly believe this could be the new dawn for blues….
    keep the faith….KRO….

  • RUPERT says:

    These so called “young hungry” players are on the whole not very good. They will be cast offs and players with little natural talent. Some might have been rejected by bigger clubs, the ones like olly lee will be hopless. Clark might get 1 in 5 good players going down this line but on the whole we are now firmly on the Coventry route. As for season tickets, I have been loyal but no more, I cant let my money go to Asia rays any more. I would suggest everyone bite the bullett foe one season, dont buy ST and watch the “owners” run away.

    • mike says:

      After eing a ST holder since 1967, I decided last year that I would never give Pannu or Yeung another penny as I want nothing to do with the chinese. Why they bought us and then fleeced us off I will never know. The fact that Yeung has been under almost house arrest for 2 years shows something is wrong !!. They bought only THREE players since they arrived at the club. ( Davies,Gardner,Zigic). They have sold and entire premier team and pocketed the cash, sold Hughton and his staff to Norwich ( more cash) and wont spend a penny anywhere. I urge all blues fans to stop buying tickets and tyhen watch these crooks disapear !! After all with no support they have NO CLUB. WE ARE THE CLUB, and I for one ,want it BACK !!!!!!!

      • almajir says:

        Just to correct some inaccuracies.

        1) Carson isn’t under house arrest, he is on bail.

        2) Since BIH took over Blues in October 2009, they have paid fees for:
        Michel (£3m), Craig Gardner (£3m) Ben Foster (£4m) Nikola Zigic (£6mil), Martin Jiranek (undisc), Jean Beausejour (undisc), Curtis Davies (£3m), Wade Elliott (undisc), Pablo Ibanez (undisc) and Darren Ambrose (undisc).

        This doesn’t take into account the huge loan fees paid for various players such as Aliaksandr Hleb, David Bentley, Obafemi Martins or Matt Derbyshire or some of the obscene wages for said players – Hleb was on £65,000 a week from Blues.

        I hate to say this, but the majority of cash has ended up in the player’s pockets – the same as at any other football club. That’s the main reason so many clubs are in the crapola.

        • Pete says:

          Mike- I have to say. If Yeung had not been arrested, I do not see him wanting to have done this. He may well be corrupt, but getting put in the position he has been in has led to this. I think fans were very happy when he came in and was looking at a host of players. But as Dan says the players earn most of the money, hence the cutting costs. I may not like them and certainly dont like what they have done to the club, but I do not think this has ever been part of any long term plan.

        • Gibbsy says:

          As Dan say’s whatever we think about Carson, he has put his own money into this football club, this may have been foolishly, Hleb on £Extortionate per week is stupid, but he has made the effort and we are all now having a go at him, because he has been accused of something he may not be guilty of, but has stopped his ability to invest in our club.

          However, if he is guilty of said offence, please let’s get new owners ASAP

  • The Francis Fake says:

    I surprised that Almajir hasn’t been more positive about the appointment of 3 new Directors mentioned on an earlier blog “Mr Chen is currently CEO of China Natural Investment Company and has 20 years worth of petroleum exploration and development experience, Mr Cheung is an executive director of China Oil and Gas Group and has been linked to various PR China oil companies since 1969 and Mr Gao has 40 years worth of experience within the oil industry and is currently CEO of Beijing Sysmoto Joyful Multimedia Co. Ltd.” . To me all the previous Directorial appointments have been cronies of Carson and without much financial substance. It appears to me that these individuals are much more financially substantive and I cannot understand why such individuals would get involved with the mess that BIH is unless they had some plans in mind. Hopefully some news may come out of the AGM today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these individuals are serious and would stump up some cash.

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      I too felt like you about these appointments. But since to wrote this, these directors have resigned at the AGM, days after their appointment. Farcical.

  • The Hurc says:

    I have been a Bluenose since I was about 7 or 8 years old, and in that time I have been frustaited, angry, occasionally happy and they have made me cry many times. I am now 47 and the last time they made me cry was on 27 Feb 2011, which was the day the Football Gods decided that Blues fans had suffered enough…the downside is that we need to start paying the Gods for the next silverware. This could take many years but I am willing to stay behind the Blues because I am a Bluesnose. KRO.

  • Mickey07 says:

    People must be bonkers buying season tickets in my eyes when you don’t actually know where the money is going,the only thing pannu will understand is when the money ain’t coming in to the club through the supporters,now is our chance to poke them in the eye,never mind all this “our club needs us bullshit”I’d rather take a kick in the bollox now to get them out of our club in the long run,short term pain for longterm gain mayor,I understand that you are always going to get your type of season ticket holders that just love a tot and day off from the missus but anyone with a bit of common shouldn’t be buying to fill pannu and yeungs pockets out there…boycott now,starve them out like port vale fans did/do.

    • mike says:

      Absolutly SPOT ON !!!! Thats what I said a year ago and thats why after 46 years I didnt renew my season ticket. Nor will I spend another penny on blues till the chinese have gone !!

  • bluenose1949 says:

    If it is going to be a long drawn out affair but results in seeing the backs of CY & PP, bring it on. KRO

  • Ali Duncan says:

    This is Blues not Manchester United. We’ve had to deal with this kind of austerity before and we don’t ever expect a full season ticket sales compliment, trophies galore, marquee signings, monster wages and prawn sandwiches. We and practically all of our support base just aren’t that sort of club and I am thankful for that. What we do expect is passionate fellow fans, noise and banter on the terraces and blind commitment on the pith with players who will run through brick walls for the shirt.

    What some people have lost sight of is perspective. After a good run in the Prem under Bruce we’ve arguably found our level again and although I believe we could and will complete in the Prem again now is not our time based on what is happening at the club. People must acknowledge this. Although, like all clubs, we have our share of knuckle scrappers who will call for ridiculous achievement and player investment we have to all acknowledge that Lee Clark will be doing his best under VERY difficult circumstances. I’m praying the jokers amongst our support don’t call for his head if we say lost the first 3 games stating “Clark is rubbish and hasn’t got a clue” He will be rebuilding a team, has no cash for fees, will be restricted by wages and ultimately have to make the best of what he’s got and with loans and young hungry academy players.

    I disagree with statements above that some of these young lads aren’t good enough. I would point them to the form of the team at the end of the season and in particular Mitch Hancox. He embodies everything about the club that is good at the moment – a young Brummie lad who has come through the ranks playing for his club. Some of these lads will become (if they aren’t already) good quality Championship players.

    LC and the players deserve our support. It’s not just about giving PP & CY your cash it’s about supporting something you love and having shared experiences with your people – Blues fans. If you can afford live football and it’s in your blood then you’ll miss it like you’ll never know. As all the ex-pats on here will I’m sure, testify if you’re away and can’t go it eats inside at you. I had a year in Australia when I was 21 and I can’t describe in words how I wasn’t whole by not being able to attend Stans and in particular participate in the away game culture.

    We’re a special club – be a part of it!

    KRO (and renew)

    • Gary says:

      Spot on – couldn’t agree more. Some of the more enlightened amongst us might even look at this as a true sporting challenge and enjoy it for what it is.

    • mark says:

      Love it, said from the heart mate kro

    • AndyW says:

      Good post Ali. I agree regarding perspective. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and just have a think about things a little. I understand all the arguments for and against renewing season tickets, and I am going through all the same thought processes in my own mind before I renew. Lets say that as a mark of protest or making a point 5000 season ticket holders decide not to renew. That would cut off around £2.5 million in revenue. That is a substantial sum to us, and would undoubtedly have an effect. The danger with that is of course that the money would have to be replaced in another way, probably by further players sales as I can’t see anyone investing at the moment? The likelihood of this is that the team will be weakened, we will be fighting to stay in the division with young and inexperienced players, and the prospect of playing in League 1 the following season increases. Should we get relegated, are we actually in any better a position? We can’t say at this stage, but we may still have the same owners who will be looking to now sell an unprofitable and much less marketable club. In my mind, we would be nowhere further forward, and the ‘doom and gloom’ would surely continue?
      In my view, holding onto our Championship status is vital for the longer term future of the club, and I honestly believe that boycotting season ticket sales will not help. I also think that it sends the wrong type of message to the players. How are the likes of Mitch Hancox and Callum Reilly, bluenoses like us who love our club, going to feel walking out for the first game seeing 2 thirds of the stadium empty? Will they be able to put that into context and think that supporters are doing this for the long term future of the club, or will they think that the supporters are past caring and the club is a sinking ship so we best find the quickest way out, as Curtis Davies seems to be doing?
      I am not convinced yet that Lee Clarke is the man to take us back to the big time. But there are signs that he is learning his trade, and if he can keep us in this division for me he will have done well given the circumstances. I think it will help if as many of us that can make it can be there? There again, new board members might throw a few million our way and CY may be found not guilty? Oh, hang on…this is Blues!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Fantastic post Mr Duncan!

    • Sir Harry 1875 says:

      Love that post Ali. Absolutely love it!!

    • James says:

      Great post AliDuncan – back the shirt, back the manager as they’ll need our support more than ever. The Boo boys can stay at home or head off to B6


  • B25dave says:

    sorry but have we ever known where the money is going…football has never been any different
    only now in the world of fast mass communication we have access to things never revealed before.In the absence of all info we simply supported our club,but dont be fooled into thinking iit was ever any different in years gone by…so having this info may sway some not to renew or purchase ST’s…more fool you because its no different now to the Coombs,Kumars,Sully and Golds
    The ownership model of football is to loan and debt laden a club ie spend nothing whilst playing the field…This is what needs to change across our game
    My ST’s will be renewed regardless

  • iang says:

    At some stage something has to change to force these owners out and in my view the only way is top starve them of cash starting with season tickets. I had missed one game in 15 years until this season gone however there comes a point where propping up a regime who is doing harm to the club is not sensible.
    This summer and May 20th is when we all need to make a stand and cut the supply of cash off to these owners, for even administration force to a quick change is better than seeing the assets being bled away every transfer window. There is no point having great kids if as soon as they make a mark they are sold ie Mutch , Bultand , no doubt Redmind this summer and then Arthur and probably Hancox further down the line
    The signing of Olly Lee and the fact we cant even afford Wes Thomas even if we wanted him! should now be the call to action for all of us in same way Port Vale fans have. To do this is a sign of love for the team to speed up change for recovery, to not do it will just sustain the pain even though it is done for the right motivations .

    Lets be emotional based on the head not the heart and do the right thing now for the future of the club

  • tony says:

    It’s all well and good Clark wanting to bring in a more youthful squad but does he really have an alternative.The experienced players he signed last season were a disaster and young cast offs and loans are a lot cheaper.Any kid that does well(Redmond comes to mind)the board will sell and put us back to square 1.So long as the club pays for pannu to consult with himself and other wasteful enterprises then we will never have any money and the gravy train will roll on for our money hungry owners.We can all pat ourselves on the back for renewing our season tickets then bury our heads in the sand only popping up to put on the rose tinted glasses but are we funding the clubs lifeline or pannus bankbalance?

  • Louise says:

    Unfortunately, a huge portion of the fans have had enough! To sell players for pittance, ie Mutch, then read about how much Pannu is taking from the club just beggars belief. As fans we have no control over the running of the club, or where the money goes when the last few assets are sold. The only thing we have control over is the purchasing of season tickets/ match day tickets and I feel the numbers will be hugely down next season- it’s all we’ve got to make a stand against the board.
    Rightly or wrongly, money will be staying in people’s pockets instead of paying Pannu’s wages!!

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I agree that will happen Louise unless the exciting ST offers speaks of are so appealing that it would go against the garin to pass on such a “bargain”. I look forward to the 20th.

  • Richard Barron says:

    I have read the comments from Curtis – I think he was just being honest.

    Most fans were getting excited that once the season was over that a takeover wouldn’t be far away. Tom Ross stated that it will ‘happen sooner rather than later’ – clearly it isn’t.

    I’ve said it for months now that whilst there are saleable assets at the club; Pannu and Yeung will still be here in one capacity or another.

    If the club is sold, it will be sold to a group with connections with Yeung – hence keeping his fingers in the pie.

    Lee Clark is now walking a tightrope. His approach may work, but there is little or no room for error given the budget available. He needs to sign the RIGHT players this summer; something I have little faith in when I see him sign Olly Lee – who wasn’t good enough to get on the Barnet bench.

  • Blackie says:

    Good luck to Clark signing the ‘right’ players then with no money, owners who are shafting him and a squad that will be made up of kids and loans. If Blues fans start getting on his back like they did at the start of this season it will be a disgrace. The owners are the ones to blame for this mess, not Clark. Do you honestly think Olly Lee is for the first team as a replacement for Fahey? Give me strength.

  • jeff says:

    dan,curtis davies wasn,t that good this season.if he goes he goes.we can pick up a centre back from a prem team on loan or freebie.it,s where the money is going that bothers me.fahey leaving when he more or less he play for less is worringing.i hope it,s just lee clark dont want him otherwise we are having to offload blokes who will take a pay cut.

    • chudlt says:

      The supporter and, players don’t agree with you about Curtis. They picked him as the best player at the club this season. The manager also picked him above all the other central defenders.

  • DoctorD says:

    That’s gotta be one of your gloomier posts, Dan. I think you need a day off out in the sun and switch off thinking about Blues.

    By the way, we’re likely to have NO derbies next year. Is that a good thing?

    Also the Birmingham Mail say that when Davies joined the Blues, “little did we know that he would be the club’s last big-money signing.” Football can swing so fast — so who knows, maybe we might one day be saying “little did we know that Olly Lee would be the club’s last bargain-basement signing”.

    • Richard Barron says:

      It’s no surprise. Rob Lee is his Dad, and Lee Clark and Rob Lee played together at Newcastle.

      It is clear to me from reading up on him that Olly Lee is not the answer to our midfield problems.

  • Richard Barron says:

    Lets be frank here; the wage budget is being cut largely down to the fact that the parachute money is set to be halved to £8m. Also it is to fit around Nikola Zigic who picks up over £2m in wages.

    Thank the lord that Zigic will be gone this time next season.

  • Clive says:

    Almjr , you seem reticent to comment on the three new directors ?
    Why ?

  • Fozzylou says:

    I will definitely be renewing my season ticket as I can not image a Saturday afternoon where I’m not at St Andrews. I have no time for the owners or Clark but my love of Blues transcends this so it was a simple decision to renew.

    The culling of the high earners such as Fahey sticks in my throat as Clark is along with the owners responsible after signing Ambrose, Mullins & Lovenkrands on no doubt good money. Of the three only Mullins contributed anything to last season and that is also questionable.

    I fully expect us to be relegated next season if there is no change in ownership and manager. It hurts to say this but the comparison to Pompey (on the playing side) is alarming.

    Hancocks & Reilly did well at times but at present they’re not of a standard to play 46 games in the Championship at the required level.

    If as expected Redmond & Burke are sold we have no creativity or pace. We have no right back, only two strikers in Zigic & King whose knees are completely shot.

    Too much of an overhaul of the squad will simply create chaos. Clark couldn’t get a fairly settled squad to understand his ideas so what the hell is he going to do with a group of waifs & strays?

    Dejected & downbeat but not defeated so let’s just suck it up and KRO


  • Tony says:

    Richard its called nepatism the same as Houghton did with his son, and Bruce with his, the old pals act. I have seen Lee play and I have also seen better players on a sunday morning in the park
    In the case of Houghton he was worse than useless and Bruce little better he even changed country to get a few more bob.
    In over 50years I cant remember things being so bad even in the dark days of the Kumars and Wheldon. In an earlier blog I saw people talking of the elation of survival in the championship and refering to exciting prospect of a non leauge player shown the door by Rochdale joining us, thats how bad it has become.
    Surely even the Paul and Marks of this world can understand why people will not renew it has been said many times by Dan that not a penny has left the club for HK ,But is has and gone straight into Pannus pocket as will a large chunk of future st sales.
    All this looks set to go on for months, possibly years , administration would be an option but not it seems a polular one.Could some one explain the pros and cons of admin, would it not help the speedy sale of the club?Iam aware of the situation regarding Staff as Stans but for the greater good things have to move on, after all just how much did they know about the financial arrangement regarding Pannu? and yet statements were issued denying any such arrangement.
    Something has to give and quicklyotherwise I dread to think where we will be in 5 years time.

  • Seaside Bluenose says:

    It is always difficult for a fan when he or she is not living in the greater metropolise of Birmingham. We rely on people like Dan to help us through the bad time and the good times. But i have to say, we have all know the situation with the club for the last 2 or 3 years. We have all watched as things have got bad but maybe never as bad as we first thought. Who would have believed last September that we would finish top half of the championship and only 7 points from the play offs. I have always believed (having worked in the Far Eas)t that our owners would not just go away. This would be unthinkable for them, as it would mean them loosing face.
    So here we are at the end of the season, still in the chanpionship.
    We are better off because the trial of our beloved leader (sic) has started (better than waiting for it to start) and potentially a resolution within 9 months ( after the trial and subsequent appeals) and what do we do as Bluenoses. We get out our bits of rope and prepare to hang ourselves in dispair.
    Remember, that a new side will bring its own rewards with players who want to play, not the self delusional stars (no names) who have only turned up because they had too on a Saturday.
    I pay for my season ticket, miss bewteen 6-8 matches each season because of work but at least it makes me feel i am part of my beloved team.
    Just go out and buy your season ticket, because you know you will still go each match because it is the Blues and they are playing and who wouldn’t want to be there.
    Remember, paying and going gives you the right to moan, and we all love a good moan and the feeling of dispair as we leave the ground. But remember the days when we won the cup and went to Europe and made our club proud.
    Dream of better times because we can.

    • DoctorD says:

      Thank you for the comment. You are right. Birmingham is a Championship club with modest budget and a modest manager living within its means. We cannot afford people on big wages so right to axe them. The challenge is to mould a team around young people and loanees with a few older heads like Elliot, Burke and the like. Like it or not, there is no other option right now. With a fair wind, we will get new investment from within the existing directors and owners, but more likely than not things will rumble on next year for another mid-table finish.

  • Clive says:

    Sorry Almjr what I meant was it appears strange to me that 3 reputable successful businessmen should suddenly join a ailing company such as BHL with its chairman in court on ML charges.
    I thought you might have a theory on why . Good or bad for bcfc.

    • almajir says:

      I do, but I’m keeping my mouth shut until I know more.

    • prewarblue says:

      To my mind its fairly obvious as to why there has been a sudden influx of new directors,,,,,these have been appointed to the board since it has been disclosed how much “Poison Pete” has been paid,,,,,the ordinary shareholders were/ are about to declare a vote of no confidence in him and “Yeung” and thus vote him off the board of B.I.H,,,,,these three appointee,s are there to give him the needed majority vote to remain in charge,,,,,,Vico Hui and his clique would / will be voting to throw him off for spoiling their Xtep kick back,,,,,others for not getting the return on their investment they expected and the loss of face this will have caused them

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I think that LC is getting unfair stick for signing Olly Lee. All LC is doing is utilizing his contacts – the same as what he did to sign Ferguson and Caddis on loan, let’s face it, OL is hardly going to be on a massive contract and he can’t really expect anything more than being a squad member.

    Sometimes it also gets over-looked that it was CH who actually recommended LC to the Board to be his successor, and that again shows that it is a contacts network that operates in football (not much difference to what happens outside of it as well). Look at how SAF wanted Moyes to replace him as another example.

    We really are up against it, but I admire the fact that LC has not moaned about his lot or tried to blame the off-field situation. He has simply accepted that we are not in a good place, and that he will have the bare minimum to work with. He has acted within the parameters placed upon him.

    Good luck to him.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Am I the only one who won’t miss Curtis Davies if he goes?

    Although he makes some great clearances etc, he’s often caught out of position, or trotting back and failing to make a challenge on goalscorers…. and was one of the worst exponents of stopping and raising his hand for offside. Was he never taught to play to the whistle?

    I have to be honest, if he stays fine, if he goes fine…. as long as it’s for a decent fee.

  • prewarblue says:

    With the number of lower league/ division players already being mentioned as joining Blues,,,,is history repeating its self ?,,,,,,do we have or going to have ,,,,,,,”Barry Fry”mk 2 ?,,,,,will “New St” station have a platform reserved for the arrival of trains of newly signed hopefuls to the Blues,,,,,,can we expect comments along the lines of “K Brady”,,,,We have more employee,s than Birmingham City Council

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Who knows prewarblue! This is the wonderland that is Birmingham City. It might not always be plain sailing, but it’s never dull following the Blues. It’s easy to criticise the rercruitment of players etc before a ball has even been kicked, but I’d rather sit back and watch as things unfold this summer. Then, Lee Clark should be given time to assemble and mould yet another “new” team, without the jeers and catcalls and calls for his head.

      Give the guy a chance.

      • prewarblue says:

        My comments were “Tongue In Cheek”,,,,,Staffs,,,,,I am not calling for his head,,,,,although not happy with the present management I am prepared to give him a chance provided he shows signs of having learnt from this season and his trip to Barcelona, tactic,s and better man management

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Sorry prewarblue, that wasn’t meant as a pop at you. The first part of my post was humorous, the second part wasn’t aimed at anyone. I just thought that the criticism of Ollie Lee was a bit harsh, when we’ve not really seen him play much. They made him captain of the development side, so someone must see something in the lad. :-)

  • Paul Carter says:

    Can all the people not renewing and calling for boycotts please be true to their word and stay away. We don’t want you and are better off without you. Just do me a favour and make it permanent ok.

    To the rest of us, the honest, loyal, resolute true Blues a big KRO and see some of you in the queue at the ticket office on Monday morning and at the pre season friendlies.

    Walk away from Blues? I’d rather lose an arm.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Following your intelligence-gathering mission in HK, Dan, its obvious that ploys like a ST embargo are not going to cut any ice with Our Gallant Leaders. In time they will be replaced, and a new board, hopefully with a bankroll, can set about rebuilding the team.

    Players, a new manager, and training staff can be relatively easily be replaced (given the money), but will they be playing to an empty ground? Remember what Sullivan said, “my scouts told me that come hell or high water there would always be 10,000 loud and loyal bluenoses – and I liked the sound of that.” Blanking the ST takeup would hardly replicate that.

    If we are not careful, there will be a covey of unguided youngsters milling in front of a frustrated LC and a St Andrews made up of a few die-hards, revelling in their new status of ‘the only true blunoses’. The success will be rare, the atmosphere sour, no Fortress Stans and little hope for the future, the new Leyton Orient. Only the ground will be the same.

    This club needs rebuilding from the bottom up, and we, the fans, are at the bottom of this pyramid.
    We should stop thinking about ineffectual ways to influence the board ( who will probably be gone by this time next season), railing about Ziggy’s wages or whether LC’s drinking buddies have just been signed up as our new defence. The fan base is down to us. We can change this, build up the support and make our voices heard in a mass. Turning our back on our club in its hour of need is not an option. We are Birmingham City. We Keep Right On.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Last word to me.

    None of what has been said worries me in the slightest as what we will end up with at Blues is a football club run how it should be: balanced books, well paid (but not overpaid) players with hunger and fire in their bellies – cos they’re mostly Brummies – and a restoration of pride to a club that may HAVE to go backwards to go forwards but the end justifies the means.

    Heads up, keep positive and KEEP RIGHT ON!!!!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    There are two ways of looking at our situation

    1. I will not give these w *nkers any more of my money and the only way to get rid of them is to boycott. Result – poor attendances, shit atmosphere, possibly resulting in more player sales because of reduced income. Attendances get worse and the downward spiral continues until we go into administration or are sold.

    2. We carry on supporting the team through the hard times making the club a more saleable product to potential buyers.
    Would this just delay the stay of the present regime thinking these supporters are idiots and we could screw them over as much as we like and they’ll just keep coming back for more.

    At the end of the day it’s your money and your decision.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    I am actually quite excited about next season. Lets face it most championships teams have a full compliment of loan players. Our youth development is bearing some fruit. The division is crap in standard. We have had an attrocious season with a very poor home record and we still managed to finish mid table. The beauty of this division is the play offs.

    So what if we have to cull players on big salaries to surive. Let them all go. Start again. Things will probably not pick up until the end of next season when more dead weights are moved on.

    Olly Lee has been given a contract which means if he dont cut the mustard he is out the following season

  • Andrew Whalley's rave video says:

    Seems to me that Pannu is content to hold on as long as he possibly can. He’s probably sitting there logging into his online bank on a daily basis watching the ££££s from his expenses roll in, while safely ensconsed thousands of miles away in Hong Kong out of reach. It’s all about the Peter Pannu show and how rich he can get before it goes tits up. Sad….very sad

  • KPG says:

    Thanks for your considered and balanced view, as always. I will be renewing my season ticket next year ands will continue to support those who wear the shirt. Andrew Shinnie appears to be a good acquisition and good luck to Lee Clarke in his building of a young and hungry team.
    For several years we have lacked pace but in the second half of the season we move forward with pace and purpose.
    We sold Butland and will no doubt have to sell other ‘stars’ but we should remember we have always been a selling club Francis, Latchford et al.

  • elliott_1875 says:

    seen and heard a few rumours, the first one is

    Clark will be going in for out of contract Lee Novak and out of contract goal keeper Danny Randolph from motherwell

    2nd one: Peter Pannu has found 2 / 3 interested investors to buy the club. they currently know about the situation and want to buy the club and make them wealthy.

    3rd: Nicky Law singing a pre contract agreement from Motherwell a midfielder.

    just remember i said its was rumour

  • dy1959 says:

    A Bluenose since 1968 (Freddie Goodwin following Stan Cullis). I remember the 1-0 away win at Orient that secured promotion to the old Division 1 in 1972…and the years under managers like (in particular) Jim Smith. When Gordon Taylor, Alan Campbell, Bob Hatton and the Latchford brothers played for us. When we were a team about more than Trevor Francis….but maybe more than that, the dark days of the late 1980s/early 1990s under the Kumars. Watching Hartlepool and Northampton at home and thinking them challenging games. Winning 7-0 away at Oxford & Stoke. Going to Wembley in 1991 with John Gayle and the rest – what a day against Tranmere (a regular bogey team) – and even 1995 (step forward Paul Tait) for the first ever sudden death goal against Carlisle. Jose Dominguez. Long before the adrenalin rush of the Norwich penalty and the likes of Dugarry following. Even without the trials and tribulations of the past 20 years, we know what it is to be a Bluenose. Birmingham City is, and in my view will always be, part of “proper” football. We would love to dine at the top table, but we’re not meant to be there. And actually, where we prosper is more about football than the Premier League will ever be.

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