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Hi there!12295370_10153726996726322_5274467920013849339_n My name is Daniel (although I use the pen name almajir) and I write, edit and publish Often Partisan.

About five years ago, I started writing this blog as I felt that there wasn’t enough out on the web about Birmingham City at the time. The web has changed a lot since I started but I’ve always stuck to my core values – original content, original thought and original investigation. I’m particularly interested in things like the infrastructure and ownership of the club; youth development through Academy and Development Squads in addition to regular things like the team and how it’s playing.

1972328_605015286239619_1081172556_nAs I’ve been lucky enough to travel out to Hong Kong, Macau and China on several occasions I’ve built up contacts out there and have tried to make sense of a lot of the mess that has gone on with Birmingham International Holdings. I was in court for a large period of Carson Yeung’s court case and have written a book about the former BCFC President, his rise to power and his fall from grace – you can see links for it on this site.

I’m not a trained accountant, lawyer or journalist so please bear that in mind when reading what I write. I also should make clear that I am in no way a spokesperson for the fans; I write what I think and believe, nothing more. I try to cite facts where I can but I’m a big believer that speculation should be treated with scepticism – including any speculation from me. I invite everyone to question my thought process and to come to their own conclusions.

You can always contact me on social media or via email if you’ve got a question about the site – you can also sign up for the weekly newsletter to get the latest on what is happening with OP.


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