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The End

So that’s it. The takeover has finally gone through and the Carson era is over… and with it so is Often Partisan.


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Gotta Have Faith

One of the key words I’ve seen spoken on forums and social media in the past few days has been faith. Faith in Gary Rowett as manager, faith in Panos Pavlakis as head honcho, faith in Birmingham City as a club. Faith in its purest form requires unquestioning devotion – and questioning the management at Blues seems to be apostasy in some Blues fans eyes judging by some of the comments and tweets I have received.

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Editorial: A Stabilising Process

The news of a group who are in serious talks with Birmingham City has been the big talking point this week – with record numbers of pageviews on this website alone showing just how much Blues fans are eager for this news.

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Editorial: What’s Holding Up The Sale of BCFC?

The ninth month of the year began yesterday and Birmingham City FC seems no closer to a sale than it did in the first month of the year. Despite a statement talking of due diligence nothing has been further forthcoming and with the crowds dwindling and the team looking ever more lacking in Championship quality the question has to be – how long can this go on for and more importantly, what is holding it up?

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Editorial: Where Do We Stand Now?

The trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering was yesterday adjourned for a period of three months due to scheduling conflicts and is now due to reconvene on October 15 of this year. A question I’ve seen a lot online is how much this affects the club and what happens now.

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The Carson Trial: Preview

Seventeen months after his initial arrest, the trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering will finally start on Wednesday. Having failed in a desperate appeal to get a further six month adjournment to proceedings, Carson will have to face proceedings that could see him landed in jail if convicted.

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The Pros and the Antis

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Whilst Blues have been trying to get the points on the pitch Peter Pannu is (theoretically anyway) in discussions with interested parties for the sale of BCFC. It’s a weird situation at the moment as Blues are now in the final throes of the Carson Yeung tenure and I wanted to touch upon the whole “pro/anti-board” debate that cropped up in the comments section on this site this week.

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The Bigger Malaise Surrounding Blues

Judging by the comments on here many of the people who read this blog felt as badly as I did after the game. There are some very unhappy people on this side of Birmingham right now – a feeling I can empathise with as I wasn’t best pleased either – yet I fear that there is a bigger malaise that people are only just becoming aware of.

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Loans, Debts and the Nightmare Scenario

Having been asked by a few people what the news from Friday evening means in context to Birmingham City I’ve decided to put together this post. As always, where I have stated something as a fact I’ll cite it with what sources I can and if something is my speculation/conjecture I will make it clear that it is so. I also ask that you take into account that I’m not a trained accountant and lawyer and what I have put together is based on what I have read, understood and deduced via what I believe is logical.

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Delayed Accounts – the OP Perspective

So, it’s been announced that the accounts for the period ending June 30 for Birmingham International Holdings Ltd, parent company of Blues have once again been delayed – this time until July 31 at the latest. All I’ve seen online today is people speculating about what it means and what will happen. Here’s my take on things.

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