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BIH Court Case Factfile

BIH currently have four outstanding court cases involving them. I have collated this page to keep in one place the court reference numbers and dates they are next in court.


This relates to the summons issued to set aside the receivers Ernst and Young. This was held over until shareholders were canvassed to see if they wanted to join the action.

This case was heard in court on July 31. The report on the case can be read here – judgement has not been published online but you can read details on it here.

Predictably, Carson has appealed against the decision. Carson has until March 1 2016 to file his skeleton submission; from there we will hear if further hearings are scheduled.


This relates to Pannu’s claims against BIH for unpaid salary and various other monies.

The full text of the announcement to the HKSE made on March 26 outlining Mr Pannu’s claims is here.

Two hearings for this case were scheduled but were cancelled. It has been since confirmed that this case will be subsumed into the case BIH brought against Carson Yeung, Asia Rays and ATIEL.


This relates to BIH suing Carson Yeung, Asia Rays Ltd and Amazing Top International Enterprises Ltd for various monies related to salaries, consultancy agreements and housing costs.

The full text of the announcement to the HKSE made on July 15 with respect to this case is here.

As per the accounts released on October 2, Peter Pannu has been added as a fourth defendant in this case and his writ against BIH mentioned above will be subsumed into this case.

The next hearing in this case will be heard on 13 April 2016.


This relates to BIH suing U-Continent for knowingly entering into a deal with BIH while acting in concert with Carson Yeung but without disclosing that to the HKSE.

The full text of the announcement to the HKSE made on July 21 with respect to this case is here.

No date has been scheduled for a hearing as of yet due to the case needing to be filed against an extraterritorial entity.

Page last updated 28 Feb 2016.

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