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The Carson Trial – Day 42

Carson Yeung claimed to be the most expensive hairdresser in Hong Kong today as his long-running trial on five counts of money laundering entered its forty-second day of hearings.

The Blues president made his claim as he was cross-examined on his evidence regarding his wealth prior to 2001. When asked how he earned so much money as a hair stylist in the nineties , Carson replied “I charged the most”.

It was a difficult day for Carson as he was forced to clarify claims with respect to his earnings when he owned a chain of salons in Hong Kong, with Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong eventually spending twenty minutes ensuring that he had the correct figures from Carson with respect to his earnings.

The BIH chairman was also grilled on his earnings in a particular stock deal that he said earned him HK$22million profit, denying charges from the prosecution that he had deliberately obfuscated details to hide what money he had earned. However, Carson was forced to concede that the stockbroker involved in the deal, Ben Cheung of Taiwan Securities, declined to give evidence on his behalf.

In the afternoon session Carson was then asked about his property dealings in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Mongolia with the prosecution asking where money had been paid into accounts and what profits having been made.

Carson clearly struggled at times, with the Judge having to warn him to speak up so the court could hear him properly.His voice was more animated than on previous days and there was a clear attempt to be more careful with his answers with Carson frequently asking to refer back to documentation within the evidence bundles.

The trial resumes tomorrow at 9:30am HK Time (2:30am BST) but the day will be shortened due to scheduling conflicts. The prosecution have confirmed that the plan to wrap up cross-examination by Friday morning but it will require some effort at the current pace the trial is going.

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59 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 42”

  • On the Money says:

    Poor man. Our poor chairman is having a difficult time. It’s a real shame he is in court and having to prove his income.

  • glyn rees says:

    not looking good fo r Carson do u think Al

  • Dan H says:

    Looks like he’ll need a few receipt to prove his earnings, mind you if these rates are anything to go by you could buy a 3 bed semi after a while, maybe not a football club


  • RJ-BCFC1875 says:

    So far Carson has showed no hard proof how he has earned his money, dont look good for him, may be by Friday this stage will be over, and then on to the next chapter.

    • Dan H says:

      Surely if you made £58m in 6 years you could show where most of the money came from.

      Circa £9.6m per year in earnings, investments, property and gambling is not impossible to achieve but there must be a paper trail

  • AlexT says:

    I cant figure out why Carson thought he had a cat in hells chance of being proved not guilty and spent so much money on his defence??

    It seems as cost effective as warming his house by throwing dollar bills on the fireplace!

  • Eddie says:

    are you lot going to apologise if he is found not guilty?

  • AlexT says:

    Who to?

    Carsen Yeung has never listened to us before now, or cared one dot about us. why would he listen to or give a toss about an apology?

  • Northern Exile says:

    Now it’s all blindingly obvious: he made all of his dough on the booming Mongolian property market. Why didn’t we see it before?

  • moseleystew says:

    well the sooner he is banged up the better, new chapter simple

  • edd77 says:

    apologise??haha, if hes found not guilty he should already have documentation to prove himself so shouldn’t b on trial ,he obviously cant prove anything.in business you account for every penny no excuses

  • bluenose08 says:

    some people dont care where the money comes fron as long its there to buy players and i dont remember many people moaning when we were doing well in the prem but it shows how Quickly things can change. All these clubs that have investment from abroad do the fans really know where the money is coming from and do they care ? Big money has brougtht in top players from abroad but at the same time nearly ruined clubs like portsmouth,leeds,coventry and ourselves. I am not going to judge carson i will leave that to the court but i believe that he is a big football fan that got it all wrong. k.r.o.

    • Jedda says:

      …it always annoys me when people compare our situation with the likes of Portsmouth, Leeds etc. who spent forutnes vastly beyond their means living the Premiership/European dream. In our case, I don’t remeber it being like that at all. Yes, we signed a handful of ‘names’ on short term loans, but with the exception of Zigic we’ve not been lumbered with any of them. Also, how many clubs who have been round the Prem for a few seasons in recent times have a reocrd signing of £6m or less?

      Despite the £40m+ raised on transfer fees and the millions more from parachute payments, I’ve stil to hear an explanaiton I understand re why things are so increasingly dire.

      • Wearynose says:

        Absolutely, Jedda. We were not in the financial mess of other clubs, who spent way above their income in the Premiership and then got relegated. With the parachute payments and our player sale there is no reason that we should be worse off, as we are, than most of the clubs in the Championship.

        The clue is in the undue length of time which it took to produce accounts, the sacking of an international top five accounting firm as auditors because they couldn’t certify the dubious records and practices, the reservations which the tiny firm of new auditors expressed in the accounts which were eventually delivered. Further clues are in the Pannu salary and the similar sum which was attributed to petty cash for so called consultants’ fees and travel expenses which the auditors red flagged.

        The reason for continued sales and the lack of even a small amount of funds must be that anything above meagre costs must be being sent to Hong Kong for the reduction of the BIHL shareholders’ losses on their overblown purchase price for the club. The enormous difficulty which the auditors had in finding adequate, traceable records echoes with Yeung’s reported inability in court today to prove his sources of income. The picture is the same wherever you look.

        With Yeung’s apparent attachment still to an unrealistic value of the club and his reported desire to hang on, wishing to dispose only of a part of his holding, the only way to bring him to a realistic view is to dry up as much of the revenue as possible through very low attendances. The lack of clarity with any financial affairs with which he is involved, besides the mess which he has brought the club to, means that BIHL are not owners whom fans can rely or who are worthy of their support. The only priority is to get rid of them. The worse our league position gets and the more our revenue decreases the better it will be for our future.

        • Jedda says:

          yep, excellent post Werynose. Despite this, it amazes me that people still claim they’d welcome Carson back with open arms if he got off. At the very best he and his regime are deluded with a long and consistant track record of rank incompetance, at worst all of the above plus corrupt and on the make from top to toe.

          …and stilll we wait for any prioper investigative effort to be made by the likes of the Birmingham Post, stil less the national press or any of the ‘guardians’ of our national game in to this.

  • Masaccio says:

    Maybe he’s got a briefcase full of receipts like the guys in Dumb and Dumber?

  • DoctorD says:

    I still blame the Golds and Sullivan, who said the following in 2009:

    “With great effort, we have sourced a multi-millionaire, backed by other mega rich Chinese investors who we hope can achieve for the club what we have failed to achieve,”


    Either they knew he was flawed and didn’t say anything or they were just fooled by him.

    • Flying Doctor says:

      Or possibly the fact that they found a buyer willing to pay double what the club was worth

      • Chris W says:

        I still can’t get my head around folk blaming Gold and Sullivan.
        They bought the club for a pound I believe, they bailed the club out staved off administrators, made some much needed ground improvements and got us into the premiership,
        They then sold the club for a huge profit, and so would you and all the other bluenoses, even Paladini will try to sell for a profit, so you can’t blame them if some sucker comes along and offers double the price the club was worth.
        Tell me one person other than a complete idiot who would say, “Sorry can’t accept your offer of £82m because the club is only worth £32”

  • Roy Smith says:

    As Yeung now says he isn’t selling to Paladini, perhaps all those people who have been calling for a boycott of matches in order to cut off finance and force administration were right after all. Perhaps the ostrich head in the ground bunch still think paying money to the parasites is the right idea. I fear that they may only change their minds if in 2 years we are struggling in League 2.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    The Mail is reporting that Yeung says the club is not for sale!! The only hope is administration to get rid of this deluded parasite and his gang of thieves. At least then we can move forward…

  • Art Watson says:

    Yep…it’s a very sad reflection of the apathy currently running through the club and it’s supporters.

    Sorry to say I can’t see a quick fix to what’s going as there are too many lies and personal agendas at Board level.

  • Retired&Weary says:

    A boycott is effectively already happening; home league attendances are largely made up of season ticket holders & away fans. Season ticket cash is already in the pot, so a boycott won’t really affect finances a lot. I agree it might send a message, who to I’m not sure.
    Regarding Messrs Sullivan & Gold, at the end of all this, they surely will have serious questions to answer. In business you can’t accept large amounts of money without checking within reason where it came from.

  • Chris W says:

    Not looking good for CY or the Blues.
    There are so many rumours, stories and false hopes it is hard to believe Birmingham City actually play in Small Heath.
    If he loses he will undoubtedly appeal and that could take anything up to 2 maybe 3 years the way the Hong Kong legal system works. Another delay due to scheduling conflicts, like CY’s administration of BCFC, a joke.
    If he wins he will want to retain his status of a football club owner, will he have the funds to put all the wrongs right and purchase players, he probably want compensation and, again the pace of the legal system, would take forever.
    In short, BCFC are up the proverbial and unlikely to come out of this without serious repercussions either way, that is my opinion on the subject.

  • nigel says:

    he wont sell unless he is forced he wont be able to show the books as will show he is at it at bcfc

  • crotcher88 says:

    whos hair did he cut the yeti

  • jbfrom Oz says:

    Were you in court today?
    Are you in court the rest of the week?

  • mark says:

    Dan- did you say Carson has two more days cross- examination??

  • ray says:

    What I’ve wondered is this:- If the court rules Yeung guilty will he then be classed as an unfit person to be in charge of a football club by the F.A even if he appeals and before the appeal is heard? If so, must the club THEN be sold?

    • StevieW says:

      Surely if the verdict is guilty CY will commence his sentence irrespective of an appeal in which case all penalties should also be implemented. If he has a successful; appeal then he can get compensation afterwards.

  • mark says:

    Dan – I am assuming they are cross-examining on his trial bundle?? Which they will have a copy of??

  • mark says:

    Dan – i kindly ask you this questions some time a go if Carson gets a not guilty verdict, can the prosecution appeal??? or does that end the matter……………..look forward to hear from you………….

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