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Postcards from HK – Early Morning Reflections

With Birmingham International Holdings officially denying the existence of any bid contrary to Gianni Paladini’s radio show claims that a bid not only had been made but agreed Blues fans seem to be caught in the middle of an almost standoff between the two parties.

I’m actually starting to tire of writing about this myself – I really want to get back to the football – and so I apologise for once again writing about this subject. However, I’ve spent some time this morning thinking about this and I wanted to share some of my own reflections on what is going on.

The biggest vibe I get from all of this is that Gianni Paladini has made a mistake in going on Tom Ross. As much as he feels angered by the time that all this has taken I think he has failed to understand that the Chinese do not take to being pressured in the press one bit and if anything going on Tom Ross’ show will have antagonised Carson more. Whilst Paladini may claim (and I have no reason to believe he is lying) that he has an agreement with Peter Pannu it’s my firm belief that Pannu could do nothing more than agree something to take back to Carson – there is no way it would constitute an agreement to sell the club. Indeed, the word is that agreement is seen as not worth the paper it’s written on.

Tom Ross came out in support of his friend in the Birmingham Mail and as much as I believe Tom is speaking from the heart he has made a couple of assumptions that I believe are incorrect. Firstly, Tom talks about providing the documentation signed by Paladini and Pannu as evidence of a bid to the stock exchange. Whilst I can see the logic of that I don’t believe that would achieve a positive outcome; whilst it might force BIH to acknowledge the existence of the agreement it won’t force them to sell to Paladini – especially if the word about it being useless is true – and it will only ensure that the BIH board will not want to deal with Paladini. Secondly, Tom talks about there being no other interest; again, I believe that is not the case – there are rumours here of interest in investment from the mainland.

The key in all this is that Carson does not want to sell the club outright. He is looking to sell a piece in the club to bring in new money, to ensure the liquidity of the club and of the holding company so that he can get that relisted and bring in more new investment via the stock market. As much as people talk about the money running out I’m sceptical; I’ve heard rumours of administration since we were in Europe and nothing has happened and thus I will only believe it when the announcement of administration is made.

Whilst the conclusion of Carson’s trial will have an impact -; if he is convicted he can no longer be seen to be a fit and proper owner and director the implications of that aren’t as clear cut as people might think. There is no doubt that he will be forced to stand down from being a director of the football club and from the holding company; however, the owner part of the test requires either a 30%+ shareholding or the amount of control to act as if one had a 30%+ shareholding. Whilst I can see an argument that Carson does indeed exercise that amount of control to enforce the rules will require a lot more backbone legally than the Football League have shown in the past and I am currently sceptical they will do anything more than force him to relinquish his directorial position. The trial will unlikely to conclude before the middle of January at any rate which would mean nothing being forced to happen by the next transfer window.

People have asked me since I spoke to Carson if he knows of the antipathy towards him; have told me that I should have displayed that antipathy myself and/or should have put him on the spot more about what he has done and what he is doing. Unfortunately, as much as people want to put him on the spot Carson has no obligation to answer anyone and it’s my suspicion that there would be legal issues reporting anything if he had given anything considered “juicy”. I’m not sure if he is aware of the vitriol towards him either; from speaking to some of the HK press here yesterday they didn’t seem to be aware of some of the hatred for Carson on the stands and were surprised when I showed them some of the replies I received on twitter to a picture of Carson. I have tried to make Carson’s advisors aware that there is a lot of antipathy towards him but whether it bothers him or not I will not know.

Back in May I talked about how solving the sale of Blues might need a Chinese solution as it seems to be a Chinese problem, and I firmly believe that to still be the case. As much as I think Paladini wants the club I think he needs to understand that there are cultural differences in business here and what might necessarily work in the West will not work here in Hong Kong – and that until he appreciates that, he may not get anywhere.

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  • Enckelman says:

    I know we are not the biggest club, but I am actually baffled on the lack of interest for people to buy the club. I may be biased but I really do think we have the set up and potential as a club to be a legit premier league side with investment. Are our debts and shady owners putting everyone off or has the craze for billionaires to buy clubs starting to die off?

    ps. is there a reason why there is a smiley face on the bottom left of the page!?

    • almajir says:

      I can’t see a smiley face

    • des says:


      of course there are loads of others interested, its the price difference between valuation & requirement that`s killing the deal.
      However totally think GP is not the man, what the hell good did he think it would achieve talking about agreement!!
      I had letter at home this morning from new estate agents saying buyers were interested and would pay market rate OR ABOVE for my home…is this a contract do I have to move out in the morning…no it isnt, its showing intent…which is a billion years away from a signed contract!


      • John says:

        But there was a signed agreement, often partisan has confirmed this. Paladini was somewhat naive when dealing with these people,he mistakenly thought he was dealing with a decent honest people. I know nothing of Paladin,except to say he lives in England. While the Blues are owned by these fly by nights,the future will remain bleak.

  • Chris W says:

    While you reflect on a early morning, we back home reflect late at night, but the same feelings all round, we are all tired of this on/off, will it/won’t it, He said/he didn’t sat saga.

    I think all are being economical with the truth and all parties are bending it to meet their own needs.
    I don’t think CY can afford to sell for several reasons, I think he has something to hide and it can’t be found while he still has a chance of being acquitted, a slim chance from your reporting and what snippets have been in the press. I also think that CY may be in trouble with his original backers who want some sort of return on monies used to buy the club.

    I do feel that CY should be made aware of the antipathy, e should also be aware that the supporters want him to sell regardless of the result from his trial and/or appeal.
    You did well when you met him, I’m sure you really wanted to do the same as many supporters and smack him in the mouth, no a good thing anywhere let alone in a court house in a foreign country.

    As for the football, following Sundays game I don’t think we could play much worse, I thought we could never be that bad after Burnley, but Hey! this is the Blues, never fail to surprise us.
    Derby have a new manager and, as in so many cases when a club changes manager, are beginning to put some good results together.

    Keep the updates going for as long as you can, thanks again.

    • Ed says:

      I tend to agree with your view that CY is in trouble with his original backers. I feel that they are expecting a bigger return on the money they put in and will not agree to a sale until they are satisfied. How they are going to get more I don’t know as all the big assets are now gone. That is unless they expect a sale of the ground!!

  • Blueswan says:

    “I don’t believe that would achieve a positive income”? Do you mean “outcome”? We haven’t had a positive income for years!

  • cbrccc says:

    I disagree about Paladini and TR as they are a least trying to shake things up and now the fans are at last getting some information as to whats going on st BHL as opposed to the continuing silence which has served them so well for so long as they contiue destroying our club.
    The thing that wil decide if CY sells to Paladini or anyone else come to that will not be personalities its money pure and simple !
    .If the offer is right or they are desperate enough they will sell to the highest bidder whoever it is as money is number one in Asia.

  • Art Watson says:

    First class article Dan with a brilliant summary of what’s going on.It would appear that GP has shot himself in the foot for the second time in 18 months and hasn’t learned his lesson .In the meantime this must be costing him and his consortium big bucks in legal fees and administration.

    Regardless of this the clubs future looks bleak!

  • james says:

    Another top quality blog pal. Business in china is done mainly
    On keeping face and personal relationships. The chinese do
    Business by getting to know the people first. Then business
    Is very much the after thought. For example i have been taken
    On holiday with chinese with all the family and only later has
    The business been discussed.

    What paladini is doing with the interviews is a massive faux pas
    To the chinese. So they will be forced to save face… hence the statements
    That are being made.

    I personally believe if the club is sold to paladini now, it will only be
    When all other avenues have been exhausted due to how he has acted.
    Whoever is advising him if at all need to be sacked.

    I think a solution to the problem re ownership would be to follow the
    German model and have a percentage owned by the fans and have
    Fans reps on the board. Rather than just be a football club. Turn bcfc
    Into a community~co op. With the local bars brought and run by
    Supporters selling cut price beer. Ie for season ticket holders etc.
    In dortmund the club bars sell a pint for 20p.

    Its time to take back football from the commercial bs that it has become.

    • BigmanSteve0 says:

      Well it’s official Dortmund is my 2nd club & I carnt wait to go oner & watch them!

    • Chris W says:

      I agree with football being taken away from the commercial sector but surely that is what generates a majority of a clubs funding with the sale of merchandise, Hospitality suites etc.
      However, the German idea of having supporters running some outlets and on the board is certainly an option that I think Football Trusts are aiming for.
      The Government and the relevant Football Associations should be doing more on this subject to ensure, not only saving grass roots football but also Football Clubs remain part of the community.

      • james says:

        The German model as such was brought about when most of the clubs were in a similar state as bcfc. Owners overspending and taking the club to the brink. VBVs case was the owner building a new stand for the world cup…

        They get a large part of the funding from local businesses who want to be associated with the club. Football started off as a working mans game, much like the social clubs and co ops set out by working me, for working men. You only have to look at what Lord Sugar did with the BskyB deal – insider trading to the enth degree… but hey, that’s why hes now a Lord.

        supporters associations have a place, no doubt, but they have a massive image problem. Nobody takes them seriously, just look at blues & forza and what not.

        People talk a good game. Get behind the blues etc ect but what are people actually willing to give/do about it? The answer is not a lot – which is determent to everything. Maybe this is the difference between Britain and Germany. The British spirit is dead.

        • RichardM says:

          Swansea City as I understand it are 100% owned by the supporters, who took over when they were on the precipice of dropping out of the football league altogether, with crowds barely topping 8,000. 10 years later what a success story they are, new stadium, established in the Premier, winning accolades for their football, League Cup winners and playing in Europe. I don’t think anyone could argue that Swansea are a bigger club than Blues with a bigger catchment area, history or potential.

          It can be done !!

          • Chris W says:

            Swansea City -The Fall and Rise is available on Youtube, a great story of success, but they needed help from a figurehead to lead them to this success.

          • james says:

            Jasper Carrot ~ TF maybe? with some serious lobbying
            Taking place at birmingham city council. As a business model
            I have always thought that blues should be trying to attract
            More small heath residents. Lets face it bcfc fan base is now mostly
            White round the solihull area.

            Id love for blues to actually become a team for birmingham
            The way it should be

  • Jaffa says:

    Al.i thought you was going to tell us what Carson said to you when you met him!

  • pierre says:

    i agree with James view with the way to take blues forward,don’t forget unless if a rich sugar daddy wants to buy a football club as his latest new toy,there is no money to be made into buying a football club.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Thank you AJ


    Carson arrives, alone at his Court. No bodyguards as he has had at St Andrews.

    If that was either of the 2 Dave’s he’d have been ankle deep in overweight skin-heads in suits.

    I’ve seen snaps of other ‘high profile’ money-launderer’s ” arriving and outside court in HK and they are surounded by the beefy brigade
    .[Do you have to shave your head to be a Bodyguard?…strange that…Madonna’s BGs also look the same… :-) ]

    However, Carson arrives at Court, on his own. Alone.

    Unlike other people, I’m really grateful for your post about ‘Dan neets Carson’…it had a subtle remenbrance of what Carson gave Blues, ir actually alluded to the footie-fanatic that Carson has become.

    And most of all, however short and sweet your conversation was – – you are not a ‘threat’ to Carson, and I hope he realises that and I pray, mate, that you renain an open-minded person.

    At the end of the day, your preconceptions could be proven wrong,

    Best keep an open mind AJ..t this point in time….

    And your report of Carson’s conversation is terrific..the first time I’ve read your blog without any inference and insinuation contained wthin it.

    Keep it up


    Admits freely that friends and colleagues’ have ignored his requests for submissions in his defence.

    • almajir says:

      Not sure what you are insuinating or implying there Letsby, but I suspect that I am far more open minded and knowledgeable of just what is going on than you think…

  • jbfrom Oz says:

    What court No is the hearing in?

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    I don’t see any logic whatsoever in Tom Ross’ suggestion about providing documentation to the HKSE – they wouldn’t be interested and they can’t force BIHL to take it seriously – that’s a matter for the company itself. As you say the so called ‘agreement’ is likely not worth the paper it’s written on and perhaps a bit more caution by Mr Ross in future won’t go amiss. I firmly believe nothing will happen until post the CY verdict – but then ,if he is found guilty, perhaps the dynamics at BIHL may change. Meanwhile let’s get back to the football – looking forward to Derby on Saturday, where ,perhaps, we might spring a surprise.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious now that Yeung & Co aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Paladini is wasting his time. The Chinese dragon will hang on for dear life…. even if the head is cut off, the body will cling on. I don’t think they even give a rat’s if we’re relegated, because so far, they’ve done bugger all to prevent it. Lee Clark and his boys are having to go it alone. They need our support, even if the owners don’t.

  • Mickey07 says:

    I just wish the chinese would f… Right off….please please send that feckin idiot Carson yeung down,I rue the day they walked through our doors the chinese are a feckin nightmare to deal with….stick your new mainland investment up your arse…fans are at there wits end now mayor….

  • Art Watson says:

    Best way to capture Carson’s attention and to express how the supporters feel is to protest at the next home game.

    Carson says he watches every game on video,

    • Mickey07 says:

      Really need a big f… Off flag/banner that was talked about a few weeks ago slagging pannu and yeung then send a few pics to the Chinese media over there…

  • Leigh says:

    Well said Letsby Avenue, I wonder how many supporters still play their copy of the Cup final dvd complete with Carsons obvious delight with ‘his Club and players’ .
    In your earlier reports I believe BIH denied ‘acceptance’ of a bid, I wish they had used a word which could not be misinterpreted such as ‘receipt’, then I would have been sure of what they actually meant.

  • Quokkasskip says:

    Mickey. I agree. Where is that flag? They need to know we disrespect them.

    Without Bcfc Carson Y is nothing but a hairdresser. BIHL has no other income or real money to ‘play’ with. That’s why he won’t sell.

  • Jase says:

    Great article again, thank you. It seems Paladini hasn’t done himself any favours talking to Tom but I guess he is trying to force something to happen.

    The more the Chinese hear about our disgust on this whole debacle the better, I’m not sure a demo is the right thing but a big flag for CY to see at the ground gets my backing.

  • generalblue says:

    Let’s not forget that Paladini and co are trying to buy the club for as little as possible.
    If the bid was right then maybe Yeung would listen.
    Paladini’s supposed 9 million pound increase ain’t actually on the table, it’s subject to achieving promotion and then staying there. So the bid is 11 million ( I think ).

    As frustrating as it is, I don’t think that’s a high enough bid.

    • fletch says:

      i thought it was 20 mill with add on of 9mill ….. the hairdresser wants a straight 32mill ….. don’t forget he recons he paid 80mill to the cockney boys ?

  • AF says:

    I agree with all you say and as you know Dan, I have suggested the only way forward is a share issue to bring in investment and a real go at promotion. Then Carson might sell as the loss wouldn’t be so great,? I’d love to concentrate on the football but that is equally depressing. And with our inconsistent, team changing Manager, who seems to get sway with awful decision ala Leeds but nobody seems to hold him responsible??

  • BND says:

    Agree with generalblue. Paladinis offer is derisory. CY does not want to sell the club unless he has no other choice. I believe he still has other options so Paladini is just a storm in a tea cup.
    The loss CY would be forced to take if he sold to Paldini would be huge.
    I suspect ideally he wants to get Blues back in the Premeir and then sell.
    Of course circumstances could force his hand otherwise.
    Having dealt with the Chinese they do not like to be seen as losing face.
    If they had owned the Titanic everyone would have drowned.
    My concern is where Blues will end up by the time this sorry saga is played out.

  • Carlos says:

    If I was a wealthy chinese business man on the mainland and I was approched by a man who overspent buying a football club, paid a player too much money without putting relegation clause in his contract, constantly,changed sacked chairman etc sold off all the assets the club had and I then find out he could be going to prison on a £50 Million money laundering charge
    Carson “fancy going into business with me?”
    Me on the mainland ” er no”

  • chudlt says:

    After waiting 15 months no wonder Palladini is aggrieved and wants to put pressure on CY & Co. As for the matter of CY being displaced from the board if found guilty. By placing his son on the board he has covered himself if he is removed.

  • Mark1875 says:

    you can’t blame Paladini really if Pannu is telling him yes yes yes yes and then nothing . Unless Yeung goes we will be relegated. Clark will be forced to sell more players and that will be it

  • DoctorD says:

    Listen folks, the Chinese owners are going nowhere anytime soon.

    I see some interesting parallels with the owners of MG Rover — car-lovers are tearing their hair out at the slow pace of events with that particular company developing new models. But the owners SAIC are seemingly in it for the very long term. They do things at their pace and to their liking.

    I come back to my point I’ve made several times — while I’m not criticizing the Golds’ tenure while it lasted, they did leave the club a terrible legacy by selling it the Chinese.

    • Chris W says:

      Re the Golds/Sullivan comment, they sold out to someone who offered twice the amount the club was worth, would you say “Sorry that is too much”, like CY will have to do eventually, they sold to the highest bidder. I don’t blame the Golds or Sullivan for anything, they saved us and left a legacy to build on, unfortunately that legacy has now been annihilated by CY, but more importantly PP… Maybe PP has been spinning CY a yarn as to the exact financial position of the club…. Highly unlikely I know, but then he allegedly agreed a fee with GP.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Spot on. We might not have pulled up any trees under G/S/G and Brady…. but we had about 15 years of being a solid, well-run club. So they never went into hock to get us a couple of places higher in the premier… so what? We never had any worries while they were in charge. And of course, they’d have been insane to have turned down £80m for a club worth half than that (or less.)

        • Oldbluenose says:

          Spot-on Staffs;, Some peoples memories are very short,

          • DoctorD says:

            Yeah but if the Golds had had an ounce of nous about them, they could have smelled a mile off the Carson Yeung’s finances are far from clear. Clearly the last thing on their mind WHEN they the sold the club was what would happen to the club in the future.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            But, if someone offered you twice what your car was worth, wouldn’t you flog it to them, buy another car and pocket the difference? That’s really all they did… only they bought another football club. It’s just business… and it was an excellent bit of business for them. You can’t expect these owners to care beyone the money side of it. Gone are the days when owners gave a f*** about a club.

  • dave mann says:

    whos left to sell in january?…..chris burke, darren randolph, david murphy, paul caddis,
    callum reilly, tom adeyemi, lee novak, peter lovenkrands, matt green…..that will propably
    fetch us 3 million if were lucky….. things, dare i say it are looking very grim, send for the
    reaper and start digging the graves, i cant see any way out of this if that moron dont
    want to sell, admin here we come!!!!!! KRO.

    • Wearynose says:

      Administration is looking increasingly likely to be the only route to BIHL coming to a decision to sell. Yeung’s view of the value of the club is a minimum of twice its worth, which is a sobering thought because that is above his estimate when he bought the club for 1.8 times its value. For the really long-term sake of the club the worse the revenue position gets the better.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Sell Novak and Lovenkrands? We would have to pay someone to take them off our books. You can add Mullins and Ambrose too that as well.

      • Chris W says:

        Apart from Novak are the others all being given Free transfers, goes to show what others feel about them, add Olly Lee to that list too …. Another job for an ex team mates son…. If Sunday’s debut was anything to go by he’ll have to pay someone to take him, I hear the garrison are looking for players when it re-opens

  • Griff134 says:

    I am fed up of hearing a lot of insulting comments about Carson Yeung .

    The fans who behaved so badly towards the Golds / Sullivan are as responsible as CY for our current predicament. They behaved like kids who wanted a new toy in the shop but couldn’t have it cos mom could’t afford it.

    We are passionate about football , and I understand that ,but a football club, if it is going to survive has to balance the books

    We collectively caused the golds/ sullivan to go despite all that they had done for the club.

    CY decided to take control of the club and spent a lot of money. He then was in control when we won the cup. No one would have predicted our relegation. I for one would not have missed that day in Wembley despite all of the pain that came afterwards. I waited 45 years for glory don’t dare suggest to me I do not know how to support my club.

    There were then two issues, Yeung and his alleged money laundering and the financial state of the club.

    It is clear that Mr Yeung was naively looking upwards without considering relegation ok but didn’t we all do the same.

    I see it this way. If CY is found guilty of money laundering then he should be punished for it. I am sure that he will face the full force of Chinese law. I do not know enough about Chinese law but in the UK he would face up to 10 years and all of the money that he laundered plus any that he could not explain could be taken off him. .

    If he is found not guilty what has he actually done other than throw money at a club, perhaps without due caution , however isn’t that what most of the fans wanted him to do , to throw money at the club.

    I appreciate that we are fans , love football and our club but it is still a business and with any business , there is risk.

    Of course we have had to lose players . Of course the books have to be balanced , what else do you expect them to do now that the money from CY and the generated income has dried up..

    If you run into financial difficulties as an individual do you instantly sell your house at 1/3 of it’s value just to please the people who come and visit, come on , I know we are frustrated but for heavens sake have some common sense and stop being insulting or none sensical. The club is not OURS it is the property of the directors. We have a moral ownership of the history and the heart of the club and of course if the directors want to keep their customers (which is exactly what we are ) they need to be mindful of this, but they do not have to tell us their business activities or decisions. For goodness sake

    Just cause you shop at a particular supermarket every week do you expect them to tell you when they are considering selling the company. It is no different no matter what we would like to think.

    I would be happier if the club was re financed , I don’t really have any right to say who that should be by and of course I want the club to be safe. What I also want is for fans to support the team, stop being pretend football managers ( in their heads)who no matter what a manager does always have the opposite opinion if things don’t go our way ( in some cases even if they do),

    It will be fair to lambast CY if he is found guilty, but for heavens sake. what he has done with our club is take risks to deliver what the fans want, he failed, ultimately because we were relegated. Until he is found guilty he has done nothing more than that.

    Our position was compounded by his arrest as we lost advertising and other investment as people stepped back just in case it affected their business, gates fell , we lost more money, we sold palyers, gates fell, revenue reduced …… get the picture? . If CY is innocent then what actually would he have done wrong other than perhaps over reach?

    I am not naive and I have of course formed my own opinions about him ( and they are just that ) but it is what the courts decide that matters. Lets wait and see. Until then the club will have to survive best we can . If he is innocent why should he lose 50 million or more just to satisfy us, would you?

    Dan should definitely be applauded for his efforts and people saying that he should be insulting or confrontational to CY is just plain daft. If you want information, if you want to have the opportunity to speak again you don’t walk in and swear at the man, grow up and use your brains instead of your anger which will achieve nothing.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion , this is mine. Purile responses will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

    • almajir says:

      I have to say, this is a top comment.

    • Chris W says:

      A voice of reason at last, wish I could have put it that way, my sentiments but I just couldn’t put it on paper to such effect.
      There are more supporters with the same feelings but unfortunately a lot who just can’t see beyond their Bluenoses.

    • Bluenozee says:

      Here, here!

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Grif 134;, I wish I had read your response before I had my ” twopennysworth “,

      Your from the heart, [ And using your ” little grey cells “, is far far more eloquent than my poor addition,

      Well constructed, common sense mate, !!!!!!!!!

    • Enckelman says:

      ” What I also want is for fans to support the team, stop being pretend football managers ( in their heads)who no matter what a manager does always have the opposite opinion if things don’t go our way ( in some cases even if they do)”

      Do you see what you’re asking? You’re asking people to not voice their opinion if it’s a negative one?

      I doubt you’ll ever achieve this..so because someone has an negative opinion on clark it means they don’t support the team?

      I agree with what you mostly say about Carson, but come on because people disagree with clark doesn’t mean they think they are a football manager…it’s just having an opinion on a sport they’ve followed all their life.

    • AF says:

      Yes, its a top comment, I agree that he has naively over reached and from my viewpoint the only way forward must be to obtain finance to fund a better side and aim to achieve promotion. I think the only way a sale will take place at such a low price will be via administration or legally forced (seizure of assets). I think because there is no direction from the top the playing side is being left to deteriorate too quickly and with ambition, vision and organisation we could be mid table. However its now up to the Directors to show some vision, to get this court case over and deal with its results and forge a way forward. Whilst finances are an issue there has to be some aims/objectives on the playing side too.

      • Chris W says:

        I agree from the point of view to the playing side, LC can’t be sacked and it appears he is answerable to no one, so he can play who he wants how he wants, maybe this is his way of a protest to the present regime in not allowing him to have a war fund, it doesn’t have to be huge, but something to say we are behind you and appreciate what you are trying to do.
        I suppose nothing can be sorted while CY is on trial, it might be a good thing if he is found “Not Guilty” and walk away to rebuild his reputation and tattered business empire, however, from following Dan’s excellent coverage, it looks hardly likely he will which might mean a further saga of an appeal.
        Either way Blues will be in limbo until a decision is forced upon them.
        Administration looks the most likely way for blues to move on,

    • Knowle Blues says:

      Well said Griff134. I feel you also have to also take into account cultural differences and the business mindset between Asia and the West.. Paladini (with the help of TR) has threw his last dice in an attempt to force CY hand… Wrong!! Very wrong. In Asian culture going so public with be considered to almost belittle CY and would be seen as insulting the integraty of the man.

      Paladini has well and truely shot himself in the foot – together with TR manning rumour control.

      Im convinced CY will not sell our club whilst the trial is in full swing – In Asia this would be seen as an ‘admission of fate/guilt’ at a critical stage of his trial, so he will wait until after trial (loosing face in HK culture is really important)…

      Clearly we need more investment & Paladini would bring some – BUT IF there are other investors in HK or mainland China they could bring a hell of alot more!!! Second largest world economy (only a matter of time before they overtake debt littered US).

    • chas says:

      Griff, absolutely brilliant.. Well said .

    • Art Watson says:


      A lot of what you have posted makes sense especially the call from some fans to become abusive to the current owners as this should not happen in any circumstance.I do however have a different opinion concerning the events over the last 18 months or so.Do you not think that the club has been mismanaged by the owners and has also been financially raped of any worthwhile assets?.Mismanagement of the club includes not having an active CEO in the UK and no one from the board is shows any interest in the club so how can you expect loyalty from the fans?

      I could produce a long list of events including blatant lies and a total lack of transparency from people who should be trusted to look after the future of our great club but I won’t as you may persevere this as being Purile. I will leave on this note. The fans are not the cause of our current situation they are the victims and have every right to voice there opinion but only in a constructive way and I for one will be glad to see the back of the owners as soon as possible.

    • Andy W says:

      Well said Griff. A bit like Dan, I think we are all becoming tired, and it’s good to read something that brings us back to the reality of the situation, which effectively we can do little about. KRO!

    • Carlos says:

      Biggest load of rubbish I have ever read, what planet are you on? Is it the fans fault that BCFC cannot produce a set of accounts on time and unqualified by the auditors? Is it the fans fault that the hkse will not allow the holding company to be registered. Is it the fans fault that CY has his assets frozen and is currently facing charges of money laundering. You talk as though CY is an unfortunate victim of circumstance, well I don’t believe in coincidences, I also don’t believe that it is coincidence that Sullivan and Gold found such an unsuitable buyer. Check out the kumb forum to see what the West Ham fans think of our old owners, and remember they profess to be West Ham through and through.

      • chas says:

        Carlos, you are unbelievable. Where were West ham when they took over and where are they now ? Do you deny that the Blues Fans were nothing short of a disgrace with their behavior towards them ? It is You who should read again what Grif wrote , not matter how you insult him, he is completely correct.

        • Carlos says:

          Read my post again.What have I said that is not fact?.Have you checked the kumb forum to gauge their opinion of G & S? Still, if you still want to blame your fellow Blues fans for all of this that’s your prerogative.

          • Chris W says:

            To be honest who gives a flying… what the west supporters think of their owners,the Gold/Sullivan era was good for us….
            All we are concerned about is BCFC now, the present but more importantly the FUTURE, which doesn’t look very rosy right now.

    • TheJudge says:

      Fair play griff top comment. I do only disagree with one thing though. The football club does belong to the fans. With out them what’s the point in being the name on the top of the ownership deeds. TV rights mean jack **** if no one is prepared to watch it.

      I think your comment is the utter truth most fans (including me) don’t really want to admit to.
      I only worry what may happen to the club
      Oh well KRO and roll on the derby game!

    • Top comment mate and the best chunk of common sense I’ve seen on here ever. On the odd occasion I have said anything personally I have maintained that we know very little if anything about what is actually going on and much of what is said is speculation. WE all have to await the outcome that only time will reveal. In the meantime stick to football and get behind the team depressing though that may be at present.

    • mark says:

      top banana once in a life time some one with common sense arrives – that’s you my friend …………great to see someone give Dan a bit of competition…….lol

      fundamentally carson fate is really in the courts hands, and if not found guilty just maybe some fans should take look at themselves………………

  • Bluebird says:

    It took two years for CY to buy the Club from the Cockney Boys ~
    Maybe they were advised correctly and realised what they had & had not to do!
    Do you recall all the denials from DS & DG regarding the purchase?
    Nothing leaked into the press ever!
    Two Years later it all came about in the end ~ and now don’t we all wish it hadn’t have happened?
    Me a Blues Supporter for 50yrs+ and never thought I would be questioning myself regarding my ST!
    Will the supporters of the Original BCFC finish up doing a Wimbledon FC?
    You just never know…
    After all, isn’t the Bank holding ownership of St Andrews as collateral?
    How the UK’s Second City Club finish up in this state is beyond me!

  • dave mann says:

    well said Griffi34, you took the words right out of my mouth, nothing more to say.KRO.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir mate;, Loved the straight forwardness of your article, Well presented and should be looked at with ” open-eyes ” by many of our fans, !!.

    I, for one, would love the day to arrive when [ if ] we were back in British ownership, BUT, What our fans need to reckonise are simple facts. !!.

    The Chinese cultre and way of buisiness, IS totally different from ours, Slagging them off in full view of T-V, cameras, will not get their sympathy, — DONT FORGET, — They OWN us, ?????????.

    Palladini;, Whatever his true feelings for the Blues, Shows little or no understanding of the Chinese mentality, — Trying to bully them provokes only ” stoney-faced ” response, Again, — I remind all, THEY actually own us, So are in the driving seat without being bothered about anyones feelings, !!!.

    Finally;, Your meeting with C,Y. was well handled in the light of the tempo you [ and I ] in this blog reply, A ” full-in-face ” encounter by you, would NOT have invoked the breif response that you got, Also leaving the door open for a further encounter with him if lucky enough, C,Y. will be more ameanable to further exchanges, ??????.

  • jbfrom Oz says:

    ArWhilst your in Honkers go to the Ozone Bar which is 118 floors above the Ritz Carlton Hotel
    At Airport Express.
    It’s the highest bar in the world…490 metres above sea level…I would have seen you in
    Court today but got waylaid in New Terrortories.
    Not too sure what you glean from this soap opera.
    You know and I know they will.never sell the club until forced to.

  • Ryan Foley says:

    I am REALLY REALLY REALLY bored of reading this sort of stuff, really does anybody care anymore? The board are s*** the team is s*** and the fans are s***. From top to bottom nobody cares. I reckon next season we will be in league 1 averaging 4000 a home game. Nothing will change this has gone on for how long!!!!! BORING!!! tom ross is a clown, paladini is a clown and the Chinese are bigger clowns. Almajir this post isn’t a pop at you i think you do a great job!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I will desist in making a full comment of your latest blog from H,K. court, So that I do not cause any possible legal upset, !!.

    Crikey mate. — Shot in the foot, ???

  • tamuffblue says:

    To me Paladini agreed the sale with Peter Pan who was satisfied with it and his cut !!!!! went to a third party with it to pass on to his ex friend the Hong Kong Barber who then dissagreed with what he was gaining – got a nudge from his friend the Barrister who told him he had to tell them naughty men at the Stock Exchange so he smiled and denied everything then went and cut some more hair at a million dollars a throw THIS IS NOT A DREAM – WELCOME TO CARSONLAND !!!!!!

  • tamuffblue says:


    What a load of shite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Barrow boys were looking to offload the club 3 years before Sweeny Todd appeared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also they NEVER NEVER had any intentions of staying they were just waiting for their Beloved Hammers or was it their Beloved Cardiff or was it Her beloved Arsenal or whatever to move onto and make bigger profits IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR FANS –

    • chas says:

      Another dreamer..

    • Chris W says:

      I think you will find that a section of Blues supporters abused Sullivan on several occasions, the worst was when his son was targeted too.

      • Carlos says:

        Sullivan kids were never targeted, they just happened to be in the directors box when fans vented their frustrations at Sully. Sully then hid behind them in the press,castigating the Blues fans for using bad language in front of kids rather than addressing the reasons for it. He is doing it again now, letting his lad make excuses on his twitter account about ticket prices at West Ham. Shows the quality of the man,hiding behind his kids.

        • Chris W says:

          So you condone foul and abusive raged anger to the owners of and establishment…. Sorry you just lost any credibility

          • Carlos says:

            No, don’t condone it but can understand the frustration,although it is something that I wouldn’t get involved in myself. To suggest that a bit of abuse would cause the delicate flower that is David Sullivan to sell Blues is laughable,unless I’ve totally misjudged him. Perhaps he just needs to be loved ;-)

          • Chris W says:

            It wasn’t just a bit of abuse though was it.
            Along with no help from Birmingham City Council when rebuilding the ground, and as they said, they had taken BCFC as far as they could…. so they cut their losses with a nice profit courtesy of a Hong Kong hair dresser…

  • Ted says:

    Tom Ross has shown himself to be journalistically and culturally naive on this matter, letting his friendship with Mr. Paladini shape his writing. These heartfelt and emotional tirades will mean nothing but annoyance to the Chinese. Counter- productive in the extreme. Paladini can have all the bits of paper in the world but if none of them is a legally binding document it’s means nothing.

    • chas says:

      Tom Ross would do better to aim his heartfelt Pleas towards Birmingham City Council to get them to take the ground under their wing. I don’t doubt his heart is in the right place but at the moment the Ground is a far more pressing need than the takeover, which will run for months.

      • Chris W says:

        Strange it has all gone quiet on that front, it is important to get this pushed through so it would help if the local media put their force behind Blues Trust, but though Tom Ross professes to be a Blues supporter, he along with the Mail won’t get their reputations tarnished with anything good for BCFC.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          The process is supposed to take approximately 8 weeks. It will be 18 weeks this Saturday since the application. Make of that what you will.

          • Chris W says:

            I remember them asking for some more information and that was supplied.
            Birmingham City Council have never been too quick to help BCFC, another reason why BCFC was put on the market for CY to buy.

    • Art Watson says:


      Couldn’t agree more and I’m sure TR and GP were aware this before the radio broadcast.

      It was never legally binding.

  • jbfrom Oz says:

    Have you tried Ebeneezer’s kebabs in Louard Rd Wanchai.
    It’s next door to Delaney’s the Irish publ.
    Go ahead out of court across courtyard into Immigration building up
    the escalator over the footbridge and go your right.
    If you like Kebabs these are HK’s finest.

  • ...sappy sad says:

    ……..so what is stopping paladini making an offer again having a copy delivered to carson pannu the solicitors and the court by hand with cameras filming ………from what we have seen so far is that their is not enough sponsorship interest in china for brum to be successful unless the Chinese government backs brum ,..otherwise C.Y…is wasting his time

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Is it Carson who makes the final decision to sell the club? It could be his financial backers may not be the sort who take kindly to losing money. If it is triad money then Carson would have to tread very carefully or his very life could be threatened.

  • SW16girl says:

    On commercial sales before the lawyers are instructed it is usual for reach what are known as Heads of Agreement, these set out the main terms of the deal in general terms and are then passed on to be worked on by the lawyers to produce an agreement that is actually binding. They are not enforceable or anything other than an in principle agreement. It could be that what Paladini is claiming is his agreement with Pannu is simply a Heads of Agreement, if so then they are not worth the paper they are written on except to show that some negotiation went on at some time. And jazzy that is a comment I have made previously – once the club is sold any loss is crystalized and at that point the people whose money it may actually be are likely to be extremely unhappy with Yeung. Until it is sold Yeung may be able to kid them their money is safe – if of course it gets confiscated by the HK police or he is jailed and loses control due to FL/FA regulations then he has at least a small figleaf to claim it was not his fault. However as usual the biggest problem here is that everyone involved tells enormous lies the whole time for reasons that are not known to anyone but themselves (but which may be very good reasons such as staying alive) and a fair number of the people involved, although not crooks themselves certainly know a lot of crooks, so anything is going to be a guess at most.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    I expect that Bham Council don’t want the ACV so that they can do a land swap with future owners

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Well it’s all gone quiet over here… yes it’s all gone quiet over here… :-)

    • Chris W says:

      Never know who or what to believe these days, could this be a reality, could this be Paladini’s camp making waves to force Yeungs hand or just plain idle newspaper talk?
      I have said for the best part of 12 months that administration is going to be the only way to move us forward, the sooner the better as we have a chance of getting the 10 point deduction back before the end of season.
      I do think in this case that a deduction would be unfair as it is not the clubs fault that the due diligence failed to do its job with CY as fit and proper… But like the law in this country… Crime seems to prosper and the innocent suffer.

  • I would be happy to be interviewed

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