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The Carson Trial – Day 45

Carson Yeung today confirmed in the District Court that he used over HK$36million transferred to him from suspected triad Cheung Chi Tai to buy his house in London in his long running court case.

The Blues president confirmed that earlier reports from his expert witness that the money was used to help fund his initial stake in Birmingham City in 2007 were incorrect. Carson told the court he had met Mark Pulvirenti once and had not viewed his report before it was submitted in court.

Carson went on to tell the court that the money from Cheung had been transferred into his account  as repayment for an investment in a VIP gaming room operated by the Neptune Group. He went to confirm that he had asked no questions of Cheung as to where the money had originated.

Cheung was named in a HK high court case in 2009 as the suspected leader of the Wo Hop To Triad group but has never been charged with an offence and is currently resident in Macau.

The senior prosecution counsel John Reading SC questioned Yeung intensely on the investments made in the Neptune group and how the returns had been split between Yeung and his late father Yeung Chung with the Blues president having to concede that the documentation required to back his testimony was missing. The trial judge, Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong then had to intercede during questioning to remind the former hairdresser of his right to refuse to answer questions that might incriminate him on charges other than the ones he currently faces.

The hearing was cut short due to another scheduling conflict with the defence counsel required in the Eastern Court for another case. The case will continue on Monday with another hearing possible on Thursday if required.

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