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Postcards from HK: Delay No More

On Friday after the court session ended for the day I was asked if I would agree to be interviewed by a reporter for a Cantonese language newspaper here. Normally, I would have declined as I don’t like being interviewed but on this occasion I felt it was important to answer questions on the perception of Carson Yeung in Birmingham to the HK Cantonese media.

You can imagine the questions I was asked – about how people saw Carson when he came to the club, and how they see him now; what people think of the trial and what people think is going to happen. I can only ever answer from my own perspective but what I tried to do was to refer the reporter to comments made here, on messageboards and social media about the case and about Carson. Readers might be pleased to know that this site is being read by the HK media and that their comments are being noted – both the good and the bad.

I tried to be honest. I said that whilst we’d seen some of our greatest triumphs in the Carson era, we’ve seen some of the hardest stuff to bear too as the team has been decimated around us and as the club has run out of money. I told them that whilst it was clear Carson had got love for football that he was holding on longer than necessary now and that it was my belief that he should get out now whilst he can still get something for the club; that if he holds on much longer he is going to lose it all.

I got the perception that the press here know as much about Carson as we do; that they were as surprised as us when he made his bid for the club and that he’s as enigmatic with them as he is with our own media. I also got the impression that the press here don’t know much about how things are in Birmingham and that it’s difficult for them to understand because they don’t understand the whole tribal nature of being a fan – the difference between western and eastern culture rearing it’s head once more.

The interview concluded with me being asked if I had a message for Carson – and I said  “Delay no more, Carson. Sell the club”. Now, obviously this fits in with what I’ve been saying – I think Carson needs to sell the club now for all our sakes, including his own. But there was an ulterior motive for what I said and I think this needs to be shared – although I will admit it probably doesn’t paint me in the best light.

“Delay no more” is the tagline for a brand of clothing here in Hong Kong made by a company called “Goods of Desire” or G.O.D. It’s meant to be a call to arms, but they picked it because it means something else in Cantonese – it’s a homonym for the phrase “diu lei lo mo” which means something fairly unprintable but roughly is used here in Hong Kong as “f**k you”. Thus when my quote is printed in English as “Delay no more”, people here will understand the double meaning of what I said –  even if I potentially didn’t mean it.

Do I hate Carson? No, I don’t. I see a man who is a council estate kid like myself, who got mixed up with the wrong crowd and indulged his passions. He gave me some of the happiest moments in my life and I’m happy for that. Realistically I truly meant what I said in English but I think it’s important that he understands the strength of feeling here and I figured this was the best way for me to get that across.

I see that a protest group sprung up on Facebook and has died once more as people realise the effort required to organise one properly and the personal issues it can cause if it goes wrong. I don’t want to protest against the staff in Birmingham – but I am assured by the media here that they would have picked up on a banner in Cantonese shown in the crowd – and it would thus have got back to Carson. I’m not going to organise anything but I humbly suggest if people want a tagline for a protest “Delay No More” would be a good one. I would also offer if someone wants to speak to the press here my help in contacting them.

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77 Responses to “Postcards from HK: Delay No More”

  • Art Watson says:

    Another great post and congratulations on establishing communications with the HK press .As you know I live in Cyprus and like HK it is a very different culture to the UK and at times communications can be very difficult and frustrating.

    As for any future protest -it will be interesting to see the reaction to your suggestion but I get the feeling that the majority of fans have long lost interest in what’s going on but maybe the supporters trust will pick this up and do something at the next home game…..MAYBE!

    • Puckers15 says:


      How come we haven’t got a Blues Cyprus Supporters Club? I’m in Paphos and attempts a few years back failed miserably. Fancy a chat on trying to start something? Drop me a mail and any other Bluenoses…there’s a good few I’ve met in the past 14 years…and let’s get supporting our boys instead of watching those Arsenal and Spurs ‘BBCs,’ Man Utd and Chelski ‘fans’ blathering on about their ‘teams.’

      68 years a fan, Small Heath boy and still going strong but starting to need support from other Blues fans no matter what their age


      • KazakBlue says:


        another Small Heath boy, from Bankes Road, even remember one year listening to the roar from St Andrews when we scored against Tottenham. 60 years of following them from various locations around the world, China, Gabon, Japan, Siberia and lots of others.

        Here in Kazakhstan I think I am a loan voice, no TV where I am, so rely heavily on radio or blogs.

        BCFC is our club, and will survive, as it has always done, this club is bigger than any individual.

        Take care in Paphos, and one day hopefully we may get Dan on the board of BCFC representing the interests of all the fans worldwide and also of the club.

        • Puckers15 says:

          Remember many a roar and Eddie Brown jumping off the touchline to have a chat with the young boys DURING a game. Plenty of roarswhen Ken Leek scored a legit goal (disallowed) against the push and run Spurs team, (We would have won 4-3 in the cup) the fug around St Andrews lifted a good 100 yards. (We lost 6-0? in the replay at White Hart Lane) Memories abound. I lived a minute from Bedders. Sometimes seems that you are a lonely Bluenose in Cyprus most of the time and that’s why we need to get something going. Good luck KazakBlue and the way they usually play when they are on TV thank yourself lucky you have no TV feed! For the younger Blues fans – we paid our dues and though we don’t get to games now – we will always be Blues fans, hopefully like you will be just like us! KRO. (Nobody in touch from Cyprus yet)

  • tomeo says:

    Just did a little bit of research into ‘delay no more’, very clever fair play :P. Ingenious way of getting the message across, get making some banners people!

  • FrankieCopyit says:

    All contributors on here are grateful for the ‘on the spot’ information you contribute and I’m sure few of us would have been so circumspect.
    Think Carson did have big plans for us but it’s all gone ‘belly up’.
    He has managed to claw back much of the inflated price he paid naively.
    Delay no more for all our sakes !

    • almajir says:

      I think you’re wrong mate, he hasn’t clawed back much if any – I keep saying this and people don’t seem to grasp it … but the people who took the most out of this club moneywise are on the pitch – as it is at every single club.

      • sutton apex says:

        absolutely right al – greedy players are ruining football. But directors agree their contracts- so they are to blame. Needs government intervention to impose a maximum salary cap

  • ChrisG says:

    I think with Carson it’s a serious case of what if?, I do wonder where we would be now IF he hadn’t been arrested for money laundering & had all his assets frozen. I think back & up until this happened things were going pretty well, we were building a pretty good squad & we’d overcome the odds to win a major cup for the first time in years. I suppose it’s just OUR luck that something would go wrong!!. I would reiterate to Carson now though “DELAY NO MORE” & get out while we still have a club to salvage.

    • Lee says:

      You’ll probably find that if carsen hadn’t been up to no good he wouldn’t have had or got hold of or used someone’s money to buy blues, and we wouldn’t be where we are now, he’s a piece of sh*t, simples as, he didn’t appoint McLeish, all he did was bankroll, or use money from somewhere to fund buying a couple of mcleish’s signings, rest of ot was down to luck, most of the groundwork that went into the club was done by the previous owners, the sooner he goes down the better, delay no more carsen, and take pannu with you

      comment edited.

  • Art Watson says:

    Do you think the evening mail would be interested in running a “Delay no more Campaign ” in conjunction with the HK press?

  • Darren Brown says:

    Well done mate for being at the trial and giving a true fans report..I think you’ve got every Bluenoses wishes with all your communication with the local press !
    I cannot see any Chinese investment in our club because who wants to be associated with the Chinese triads ? I currently deal through business with the Chinese and as its been said theirs ways are totally different to ourselves ! They’re very hungry for money at the top and bottom and I fear for Carsons future in jail or out !
    British investment is required with nociations being advise by the Chinese is some way !

  • Eamon C says:

    Great piece again. I for one believe the battle needs to be taken to HK where it gets at BIHL. How about a Postcards from Birmingham campaign. We could target BIHL and the local media. Keep the good work up.

  • mark says:

    Dan – i must come back to the point that Carson is not guilty yet?/ there a lot of ifs…. What if Carson has managed to find new investment!!!!!!…… Carson hands are both tied due to his court case…..assets are frozen ..unfortunately we have to accept unless Carson wishes to give up his controlling of bcfc………and at this time he apparently said no……. so why say delay no more………….unless you are able to get a clear message from the man himself!!!!…….imo you got no chance……………….. We can all take his story how we want…… leave your business card , and gently see if he will eventually voice his opinion on his club…………………

    • almajir says:


      I think you’ve totally missed the point – if he doesn’t sell the club soon the decision will be taken from his hands, court case or not – the club is running out of money rapidly. I’d rather he walked away now to make the situation better for all than if it went through the mess of administration.

      • mark says:

        Dan thanks for reply, but when is administration going to happen ?/ or if it will happen??/ noted you put if it went……

        • almajir says:

          Unfortunately my crystal ball is out for servicing at the moment Mark

          • Lee says:

            Mark, please don’t tell me you actually believe what you posted?

          • bluenose08 says:

            Dan great work in hk keeping us updated. dail mail reported we would go into admin at xmas !!

          • mark says:

            lee- i share my opinions you dont have to read them if dont want too…………….but i will put one point to you if i may……………….over the years i have supported the blues….. i have never once thrown the towel regarding our club what ever the manager or directors let tell you i seem some , even when the wave of fans demanded David s and the gold brothers out, with their obnoxious abuse towards them…………This made me physically sick that those fans can actually call themselves fans……………… one thing i am definately proud of is been a brummie, and family of brummies, with one true team bcfc…. how about you mate?

        • Lee says:

          Well yea mark,if you really like a story, and it makes you happy, I started going when I was a kid,bout 14 years old, I live in Lichfield and did 3 paper rounds so I could catch the train over to brum and watch the blues, in the 80’s, I was there at the lowest attendance ever at blues, I’ve been to some of the shitest grounds in the country to follow blues, I’ve got up early and gone over to brum to shovel snow off the pitch so the game could go ahead, turning down the free ticket on offer and still paid to get in, because the money went to blues, this loyalty shite dont really cut it with me, I’ve been going for around 35 years, paying well over a grand a year for my season ticket and my lads, if my mrs was to read this she’d flip her lid if she knew how much money I’ve spent at the blues,my money is very hard earnt, there’s your story, do what you want with it frankly I don’t care, if you wanna get arrest because I question what you say, despite what has been posted on here over the last few months that’s up to you, but don’t start pulling the loyalty bullshit every time you don’t like what people say, we’re all on this page for a reason, we want yeung out, we care about blues. We are all loyal supporters and do what we feel is fit and right for the club, you choose your route, I’ll choose mine

  • mark says:

    maybe we could get some hysteria going in hk, maybe get the judge to wear one of our replica shirt……

  • an olden says:

    Forgive me for injecting a note of caution into this saga There is a probllem that has not been understood When a person is charged with an offence tor this type of
    case where the issue is not an simple such as a a matter of the identity of the person
    involved but concerns the way matters of money and tradiing have been conducted
    the mind of the person charged believes they have done nothing wrong ..The longer the matter
    takes to be concluded the belief of innocence increases I can remind you of the recent issue
    where the person in what was the Polly Peck collapse who ran to Northern Cyprus where there was no extradition Years afterwards he returned of his own accord and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to a long prison term There often are examples where self induced belief blinded
    them to the reality of their conduct. Of course I am not suggesting that this applies to our revered
    chairmen but it perhaps explains why he will not take any step to release his control because
    he expects to renew his situation when he gloried in the moment when he was the owner sitting in
    the directors box at wembley stadium of the team that had beaten the famous Arsenal, Would you
    not want the opportunity again?.

  • I Roth says:

    It has to end one way or the other very soon. In the next month we will know our fate. I see the case has cost Carson over one million pounds and counting. Unless Carson has other investors he will have to sell up. The longer he delays the less money he will receive. A team this size needs to be in the Premiership not floundering around in the lower leagues.
    Maybe if Carson gets out of jail he has big plans for us. Lets hope something good happens. We have had so much bad luck over the years it has to level out sometime.

  • If I had the money myself if fly over to Hong Kong and stand outside the courtroom with the banners. Id be there everyday until he finally got the message. I really feel he doesnt want to sell because he desperate to hold on but surely it would be better for him considering the predicament he is in.At the moment he seems happy just to bleed the club dry of any possible asset it has first and then move on. I only wish there was something the FA could do to step in.

  • Chris W says:

    Thank you Dan on another excellent article, first class reporting all round and what a coup being interviewed by the HK press.
    From what you say I think you covered the feelings of the vast majority of supporters.
    The play on words is excellent and hopefully will be used by some sections of supporters, or the local media in some shape or form.
    I liked the idea of one comment as to “Postcards to Hong Kong and BIHL, I should imagine being bombarded with up to 13,000 odd postcards a week would really p them off a tad and also make them realise how unwanted they are.
    Have you arrived back in Blighty now or will you be in court Monday, if not I assume you will have a contact who is attending to keep you updated.

    • almajir says:

      I will be in court Monday, I’m due to fly back Tuesday evening.

      • Chris W says:

        Thanks, will the judge do a summing up tomorrow before his adjournment and if so will this give some indication on how the case might go.
        Sometimes they say “We will adjourn to consider, however you will be looking at a term of internment” or similar.
        You might not be able to say but you obviously have an indication on how the case will go, but from reports in local news and from your reporting I would say he has shot himself in the head.
        Thanks again for all your updates and safe journey home.

  • Blueswan says:

    You told him to do WHAT to his mother?!?!

  • Derek says:

    Ha – Good work Dan. I hope that little play on words works out for you.

  • TonyE says:

    Thanks Al, best yet. Let’s hope this stirs things up and they start moving in the direction I think we all want.

  • tamuffblue says:

    Great Piece but as usual there is Fook all we can do as the club is not in our domain anymore Sweeny Todd will do what he wants when he wants and nobody will influence him other than the ones he wishes – the court verdict about Jan he will then appeal court reconvenes May another 2 weeks of listening to appeal judge retires verdict announced JULY 2014 meanwhile BCFC limps along relegated in div 1 additional debt of 7-10 million HE WILL ONLY SELL WHEN THE VERDICT MAKES HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS GRIM BUT TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Excellent work, Dan. At last you have 1) spoken to the man himself; 2) spoken to the local media, both things we haven’t managed in over three years of growing suspicion and protest. All we now need is a banner with “Delay No More” in Cantonese hauled up in the Tilton. Simples!

    Anyone know a Cantonese speaker/writer? (who won’t instead write Dim Sung Restaurant Is Best or similar)?

  • Poppa999 says:

    Dan, can you tell us why in your opinion the other share holder in BIH are keeping faith in Yeung and have not looked to more their shares and with it the power base of the holding stock? If someone else buys 51% surely they could kick Yeung into the long grass and move the club forward towards a sale, or for someone to move in.
    Every day longer Carsen Yeung holds this club back is a further loss of face for him.
    Delay No More = Keep Right On

  • ...sappy sad says:

    ………..imagine the scene the camaras rolling the fans seemingly settling down for half time the tv station ready to talk about the first half ……and suddenly all the fans in the ground start a very slow clap,…… and sustain this slow clap one clap every five seconds for about three minutes after which with cameras watching ,placards appear around the ground ,telling somebody they are not wanted,…and then a world first in sport all the fans turn their backs to the pitch and gives a braveheart suggestion to get world wide media attention………………..he who dares wins,.,…..k.r.o.

  • pipsy says:

    Great piece Dan, talking of the players taking money from the club are there others taking money out of the club from BIH apart from Pannu ?

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    If his money is ‘dirty’ his pals in the laundrette will ensure that the washer/dryer is resumes working because there’s a pile of clothes sitting in black bags

  • ESONEULB says:

    Simply the best Blog you have ever written mate….


    I hope that the press over there at least stir the interest of potential buyers..

    I feel every thing will still hinge on the outcome of the trail and anyone that is interested is really waiting for the result of the trail… except Paladini who wants to get it before it goes up for a dutch auction.

  • Mickey07 says:

    It is understood blues have enough money to get them through the season mayor….

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, Have you any jdea why the rest of B,I,H. shareholders seem to keep so silent, ?

    They do have majority holdings combined, ?.

    • Poppa999 says:

      Any idea Dan?

      • almajir says:

        Firstly – not sure if you’re aware, but I’m in HK still and we’re eight hours ahead here. I’ve been asleep.

        Secondly – I think people need to remember what happened when the second largest shareholder Liu Xingcheng got uppity – he got pushed back down and his veto was nixed. The reason the smaller shareholders do nothing is because that’s precisely what they seem to be able to do at the moment…

  • Always a Blue says:

    If all the blues fans put a £1 in we could hire a billboard for a month with a strong message or a double page spread in a national news paper that would get the attention of the British media,

    Maybe a Message like…….




    • Chris W says:

      Sounds good in principal, but who would it be aimed at, who would be responsible for the money and what would it achieve.
      We need something to be seen in Hong Kong, maybe a full spread in the Hong Kong papers.
      Like any protest or action it needs structure, a purpose and organising, hands up all those offering to do any of these…
      KRO – DNM

  • Andy blk25 says:

    How much do we need Dan? This feels like something worth looking into more, and will do more good than a boycott. If we have a clear plan let’s stick it up on kickstarter or similar and see if we can crowd fund it.

    • Andy blk25 says:

      Ah- apologies Dan, I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t you suggesting buying media space. Happy it set up a kick starter for the banner if we have a plan though.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Is telling Carson to F@@@ his mother a sensible message to put on a banner. Wouldn’t a simple Carson out in Cantonese be better

  • Aussieblue says:

    Really, there’s nothing to be gained by lowering BCFC fans’ message to the level of a disgustingly rude Cantonese epithet. Let’s rise above it and take the high road; leave the filth to the Vile supporters (royalty excepted). For all those not in the know you can look here: http://bit.ly/18taSao and read the whole rotten lexicon of HK gutter-speak including the one that Dan, regrettably, has uncovered.

    • almajir says:

      I think you misunderstand mate – saying delay no more in english isnt a swear word and fits our situation. The fact that there is an ambiguity is coincidence but neatly covers some of the vitriol felt.

      • Aussieblue says:

        Hey Dan,
        Review the Wingman post about banners – and replies where you say: “i can write “Delay No more” – well the rude version – in Cantonese myself.” I’m not being a humorless stuffed shirt here but the nasty nature of the slang message in Cantonese -a very phoenetic language – is beneath both this excellent blogsite and a very talented soon-to-be -published author.
        Of course ‘Delay no more’ is an appropriate message to CY but it will forever be stigmaitised by the phoentic Cantonese equivalent unearthed and published here by yourself.

        Anyway I still luvs ya and your passion for the Blues mate.

  • kiddie blue says:

    i have been a blue for over 40 years and believe this situation needs sorting asap i will not attend matches until the chinese clowns have gone,i emailed pannu and andy walker last week all i got was the usual reply from walker and nothing from pannu,can you send details for contacting the hong kong press.

  • philanza says:

    Hi dan do you think it will be printed and approx when?

  • mark says:

    Slightly changing the subject dan are you writing anything on the cup game???

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