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The Carson Trial – Day 47

Carson Yeung told the district court that he invested HK$40million in the film “Killzone” as he continued to be cross-examined in the district court today.

South China Morning Post reports that Carson told the court that it was “the accumulation of several winnings”. However, the film didn’t pass mainland Chinese censors and thus made a loss overall.

Carson had to explain to the court once again why he had belatedly decided to take the stand, saying that he had found that all three expert reports by his two expert witnesses Mark Pulvirenti and Ian Robinson contained mistakes and thus he needed to rectify those issues in court and did so after consulting barrister Kevin Egan.

The case has been delayed again due to scheduling conflicts and thus the cross-examination will continue on Monday November 4 at 11am (3am GMT).

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40 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 47”

  • Carlos says:

    Killzone sounds like a good film to sit down and watch on haloween

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Bad defensive advice all the way through so far, ??.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Mr Yeung and Mr Pannu might be forgiven for thinking that ‘Kill Zone’ meant the area around St Andrews.

  • chris says:

    see Blues have signed Dudka, lucky you Al (re this morning’s comment, not to comment!!).

  • Shergar says:

    Currently holds a 7/10 rating on IMDB about a detective trying to take down a crime boss… Hmmm

  • Mickey07 says:

    Will Monday be the last day of everything mayor as this is like pulling feckin teeth?

  • bluenoseb says:

    Delayed yet again for the same crappy excuse!!, next time you do this report just right at the bottom just put delayed due 2 a mockery of a pathetic HK system who cudnt organize a p*ss up in a brewery. I mean surely to god they wouldnt have so many scheduling conflicts if they tried to get finished the cases that are close to getting wrapped up like this one, instead it seems like there fitting this case in and when they can around others. I mean how long would a murder trail take to finish in this country, 20years! This inept system is another factor as to the club not being sold cus the longer the conclusion the longer he hold on, whole thing is a farce!

    • almajir says:

      You don’t have a clue how the legal system works, do you? You do know it’s exactly the same here, things have to be moved around. It’s the way it is – just because YOU want the trial done and dusted doesn’t mean it’s more important than every other case that’s being heard at the same time. Financial trials always take a long time, it’s the way things are – and yes, they take years here.

  • bluenoseb says:

    You right i dont, but im sorry have to disagree here. This week there were meant to be in for 5 days yeah? They have done a day and a half havent they? So not even HALF of the time what they were supposed be in the court. I fully understand there other cases going on but like here as you pointed out how many times did you hear about the Harry Redknapp KEEP getting adjourned to conflicting schedules and his defence team being involved in other cases? And as i have said on previous post about this it will not surprise me at all if next week they turn round and say we have gone over the protracted time allocated so we will adjourn to the new year because the judge and defence and prosecution are involved in other cases. And sorry mate but is only HK lawyers/solicitors that take on more than one case at a time, i dont think so and the rest of them and countries seem to manage withtout the CONTINUOUS and ONGOING adjournments or amount that this case has had right from day 1 in court!

    • almajir says:

      And as i have said on previous post about this it will not surprise me at all if next week they turn round and say we have gone over the protracted time allocated so we will adjourn to the new year because the judge and defence and prosecution are involved in other cases

      Or, as I have said many many many times repeatedly there will be an adjournment for six weeks or so for final submissions? Have I not continuously stated since about July we’re looking at a January/February finish?

      • bluenoseb says:

        Ye well i dont think you get what i meant dan, i meant an adjournment to carry on the cross examination in a months time (due to going over the protracted court time for the cross examinaation now), and then another adjournment after that get to that final verdict. Are you telling me that after all the adjournments that, that definatley cant happen? because nothing would surprise me with this HK system.

        And know i dont fully understand the system but lets be honest you ent no expert in it either, granted you know more than most but think its very arrogant the way when you get a comment that either you dont like or someone ent as clued up as you remarks about, you get on your high horse and normally get quite rude. On my original post about this i didnt claim to know or ‘have a clue’ about the HK system, but i made a comment about it. Now if your looking for poeple to post comments who are clued up in the HK legal system think you might be shocked to find most blue noses ENTT that at all, but dont mean there not entitled to an opinion on it does it mate!

        • almajir says:

          Bluenoseb – that won’t happen. The judge has made it abundantly clear he wants this done and dusted asap and that he has cleared the schedule of court time to do so – I think I’ve reported that.

          And as for me being rude – you’ll have to understand I get tired of the same questions over and over and over… (and this isn’t aimed at you at all mate, I’m not having a go) – and it does wear on me. If people read what I write generally the answers to what people are asking are there. People seem to have this massive entitlement complex about how the HK legal system is sh*t and how it’s dragging on when the truth is it’s not as bad as people make out; these things just take time and understandably there is some impatience about but you’re just going to have to put up with it – like me.

          People are entitled to an opinion, sure – but I’m just as entitled to point out how ill informed it is. Cuts both ways mate.

          • bluenoseb says:

            Ok dan appreciate were your coming from with regards to same question getting asked over but same time as that you are doing internet blog so expect indifferent opinions that arnt always gonna agree with yourself or have your knowledge on certain things. Sametime as that i dint ask any questions that were viable about the report just aired MY views on what I think of the HK system which still stands.

            End of the day Im as frustrated as a bluenose about the situation as probably yourself is, look forward to reading your future blogs.


  • zxcv says:

    I think it was last week that someone said that Palladini had gone over to Hong Kong, does anyone know if that was true or not?

  • mark says:

    Totally agree with Carson if your expert witnesses have made……………..f**k up’s
    a least he has the opportunity to put it right………………by making the stand himself…………
    GP going over to hk IS absolute BS Why????
    Simply because GP wants full control of BCFC, Carson told him bye,bye…………..

  • river says:

    i sometimes find ur attitude towards people not so uptodate as u as qiute shocking dan u can be quite rude hope ur gonna appologise to mickey07

  • river says:

    thought this was a comments post he doesnt have to correct (sarcasticly) every person that gets it wrong or slightly out of context or so just be a good little boy and give the info needed then be quiet and let the rest of us comment amongst ourselves KRO

  • river says:

    my appologies dan that was also a bit sarcastic but see how u come across sometimes? other than that u r doing a cracking job and i thankyou for ur hard work

  • Aussieblue says:

    Agreed, Dan can be a bit robust in his replies sometimes but he does have a lot to put up with and he does keep this blog going on his own eh? Also, he has profound jet-lag. Generally, he is more fact-based than anyone in mainstream media that I read, and he gets points for that. I for one am happy to put up with the occasional pompous superiority for the quality writing we get in return. I mean that constructively of course :-)

  • Stevio11 says:

    Carson in court 21 at 11 am hong kong time monday, wonder how long that will last as its nearly luch time then,no wonder its taking so long.

  • this is the age of aquarius where everything evil is washed away?
    you cannot even prenounce his name without feeling ill his time will come
    and I hope very soon?

  • Enckelman says:

    reading the comments on people moaning about almajirs smart-arse replies have made my day! he may seem socially inept but he does do a very good job with this blog and talks sense..which is all that matters!

  • Rated R Superstar says:

    I think we are all forgetting the point here which is BCFC so lets all just take a step back and realise that there is nothing worse than in-fighting amongst the fans we need to remain strong for Clarky and the boys


  • Pablo Diablo says:

    Your doing a sterling job Dan… ! Obviously this trial demands a lot of time, and patience, a virtue that not everyone seems to have.
    It’s Ironic that, the lyrics to KRO are actually there to inspire patience and determination.
    Keep up the good work. And many thanks for the updates.

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