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Dudka at the Double

Polish international defender/midfielder Dariusz Dudka has signed a two month contract (subject to international clearance) with Birmingham City yesterday with the deal taking him up until January 1 2014. However, due to the fact he is coming back from injury he will be unlikely to make his debut until after the November international break.

Typical isn’t it? I opine my doubts about the club’s finances because we hadn’t signed Dudka yet and within six hours he’s signed and waving a blues scarf on the Kop. I did say yesterday that I didn’t want to completely write it off because I know Blues can do surprising things and I think it goes to show just how little any of us (including me) know about the true state of the finances. Furthermore, if the club can find finances to bring in players like Dudka on a free I think it shows that a boycott wouldn’t have the immediate reaction that it’s proponents think it would and would only contribute to a slow painful demise in the league as well as behind the scenes.

I will be honest and say that what I know about Dudka is minimal and thus I’m not going to talk about his ability any more than to say I think a player with sixty-nine caps for Poland probably is going to be half decent. Whilst it’s true he only played three league games for Levante last year due to injury his overall career record is good; there has only been one season (2009/10) since 2003 where he has not played more than 20 top flight league games in a season which indicates to me he’s not that injury prone. However, I would also confess that I’m a believer in what Mark Twain said about “lies, damned lies and statistics” and that I need to see him play to make up my mind fully on him.

From what I know Dudka is a defensive midfielder and I think with Jonathan Spector being injured it gives us another option to use along with Tom Adeyemi and Callum Reilly in that position. Both Adeyemi and Reilly have played well of late but as much as I like both players I’m aware both are young and potentially will go through a dip in form; to be able to bring in an experienced pro like Dudka seems to be a good situation to be in. I’m also a believer that young pros can learn a lot from training with experienced players and it might be that some of what has kept Dudka at the top level for the bulk of his career might rub off a bit on Adeyemi and Reilly to help make them better players.

As much as Clark is worried about January sales I think he needs to be grateful to a degree we’re able to bring in experienced cover of this level; having lost Neal Eardley to a season ending injury he was able to bring in Paul Caddis to slot in at right back in August and once again he’s been able to sort out cover for a lengthy injury with Spector out for a couple of months. As much as the situation financially is bad Blues have got some good players in the team and having shown in some of the cup games the level they can play when they are up for it I think I can agree with the opinion that has to transfer now to the league games.

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47 Responses to “Dudka at the Double”

  • I really hope that those supporters who are talking about boycotting are ashamed of themselves. It is not the answer and will only cause more harm than good. The players did us proud the other nite and they need us more than ever.

    • mark says:

      fans need to get behind team and manager……………how disappointing was the attendance for the cup game ??? hopefully some more fans will turn up at Saturday, and show their support…………..
      boycotting is absolutely futile and banner waving absolute pants…………….all i hearing is that some fans are willing to spite themselves in their objections at Carson and pp, instead of watching their bcfc, they have again found money………..maybe it was down the other side of his chair who cares its been found, and possible what we have been missing a defense midfielder………………… well-done to Clark for keep asking the questions regarding players………….

      • bcfc1975 says:

        could not agree more mark

        • Alex T says:

          im not in the slightest bit ashamed of myself… If more people stayed away, Blues would be better off in the long term. If we get relegated, so what? We will come back up with new owners and a brighter future. I would happily watch us in League 1 under new ownership.
          This lot are selling off our future. Players like Redmond, Mutch and Butland should have been with us a lot longer than they were and you know if any more of our youngsters come though and play well, they will be sold too…..
          And this Polish player?? Excuse me, but we have signed him for 2 months!! A total cost of what? £50k?? Why yes, we must be rolling in it!! Sorry, but I dont think that means we are not approaching admin…. more likely, the trolls from the far east have more player sales lined up!

          • almajir says:

            Alex – the problem is your staying away isn’t having an effect on the long term future. The bulk of matchday revenue comes from season ticket money and they’ve already got that. You’re only hurting yourself man.

  • Christopher says:

    Having seen him play for the under 21s, I can comment to say that he seemed a decent player and stood out among the youngsters! He’s tidy on the ball and didn’t lose the ball much. I think this is a good signing and just hope it pays off

  • AuldBertie says:

    I agree Anthony but it looks like those who have said that they will not return until we have a change of ownership are more determined than ever to maintain their stance so it’s down to the rest of us who continue to support our to team to provide the backing and encouragement it needs to survive this season and hopefully retain our place in the championship.

    • JohnR200 says:

      Totally agree Auld Bertie. Judging from your moniker I’m assuming you remember Bertie Auld like me.
      I’m sorry to say it but I can’t treat those calling for a boycott as serious supporters. It will have no impact whatsoever, apart from draining the meagre finances even more, and does nothing to support the manager and players who are giving everything out on the pitch. KRO

      • des says:

        take no notice of those idiots who say they are boycotting club, rather not have them there anyway! onwards & upwards!!


        • steve says:

          They’re not idiots just because they don’t do the same as you.Everybody has a choice.Personally,i won’t be boycotting the games.But if fans decide to boycott,it’s their choice.

      • AuldBertie says:

        Yes JohnR I do. Bertie was in the team when I first watched the Blues as an 8 year-old in the 1963/4 season and not only was he a cracking player he had a fiery temper to match :) I’ve been privileged to see some excellent Blues players over the years and he was certainly one of them IMO.

        • chas says:

          As someone who saw his first game in ’61 and always names Bertie as his favourite, who had a Season ticket through all the darkest days of our Club, has been attacked by probably one or two on here who think they are Gods Gift to Blues, can I just say, mind your own business , it is nothing to do with you why Fans don’t go anymore, they may have reasons that you don’t know about. If you do go, great, give them a cheer for me, but get off your high horses and stop being so sanctimonious.

          • AuldBertie says:

            Where did I say it was anything to do with me? I merely stated the current position and I made no judgement on those who no longer attend. If you read what I said properly that is quite obvious.

          • chas says:

            Sorry Bertie,it wasnt aimed at you, just a general rant at the Holier than thou mob. Anyone who calls themselves after oor Bertie cant be bad.

          • Chris W says:

            I saw my first game in 61 and remember Bertie and apart from a couple of years in the Highlands of Scotland have been a staunch attendee all my life. I don’t think anyone is being sanctimonious, if supporters have other reasons then that is fine. I think the comment is aimed at those who are staying away because of the present ownership and feel in doing so will bring an end to their reign. They are the deluded supporters.
            The current squad may not be household names and they are certainly not setting the league on fire, what they are doing is playing with pride and passion for the club, the badge and those loyal supporters who do turn up, some home and away.
            The atmosphere on Tuesday was reminiscent of those 60/70’s days.
            I remember the Kumars and Wheldon eras as being dark days, we have been here before and come through them stronger and we will again.
            I doubt we will get back some supporters, but those who don’t turn up for matches shouldn’t use excuses for not going then moan about Lee Clark or the players/formations or selections.

  • pieman1979 says:

    All that boycotting the stands will do is cause further financial restraint. Those “supporters” that have decided to boycott need to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror and realise that they are aiding in the demise of BCFC.

  • Chris W says:

    BCFC, more like “Surprise Surprise” expect the next signing to be Cilla Black.
    Makes you wonder what the true state of our finances really are.
    Either way it is good to see they are prepared to support LC and sign a player of Dariusz Dudka’s experience which will help the youngsters while providing cover until Spector is fit, he will probably used as a substitute in the main, especially when we need to tighten up to see a game out, hopefully, in a winning position.
    So the stay away army are draining the finances from the club, as is being proved, its not.

  • zxcv says:

    Everybody, Lets just get this straight, there is no organised Boycott at the blues. Just because a few (and it is only a few) have called for a boycott does not mean that the thousands who choose to stay away are boycotting the games, they have in actual fact just stopped going full stop. That dose not mean they will never return, some will some wont. If you look back over the season gates have been on the decline long before any calls for Boycotts, and the truth is many folk have just had (sad to say) enough.

  • mark says:

    Dan- how long (subject to international clearance) takes??/

  • dave mann says:

    it is sad yo say that some fans( if thats what you want to call them….. not me! ) have had
    enough zxcv then ive had enough of them, your right that the gates have fallen over the
    past 18 months but to desert your club when they need you most and to turn in performances
    like they have in the cup and get 12/13000 there is diabolical, the fans not turning up are not
    doing blues any favours and the sooner they realise that the better, call them selves fans….
    …..joke, not in my eyes anyway.KRO.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    I agree with Dan, they can play when they are up for it but have to transfer that to the league games.

    We have shipped 9 goals in the last three games , that needs to be addressed smartish, because we are not going to win much if that continues indefintetly..

  • mike b says:

    hi all…….some maybe boycotting the club but also dont forget we are in a situation when certain people can not afford heating never mind going to a match……..also if the excitement and enjoyment we had on tuesday was every week crowds would improve….derby have had their problems but look at the crowd last week……

  • psmith says:

    Yes, the gate for the mid-week game was poor but that is not necessarily a sign of apathy. Christmas is coming along with high fuel bills and many folks are still having to count the coppers. I think that there are signs of real optimism at st Andrews with an enthusiastic squad who know the manager is prepared to give them a chance on the field and they are deserving of our support. For a 19 year old to volunteer to take the first penalty was a massive decision and it characterised the team spirit which I am sure will see us through these difficult times. KRO

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Great to see that we can afford to sign a player of Dudka’s pedigree, albeit on a short term deal. Obviously no fee involved because he’s a free agent, but I can’t help wondering why clubs with more financial clout did nor go for him, especially as we have a wage cap of £5k/week. Makes me wonder if we’ve made an exception and exceeded that figure, or if his last injury was quite serious – enough to frighten off other clubs with more cash. Hopefully neither, and it’s a case of LC selling the club to him pretty well, like he did with Randolph.

  • dave mann says:

    i agree psmith, some folk are struggling and family and well being come first , ive no problem
    with those genuine reasons for picking and choosing games thats blatantly obvious…….its
    the no showers who wont go down because were all mugs that do and were giving all our
    money to carson yeung…….pathetic and uninteligent reasons that are totaly rubbish, ive said
    many times on here…. i go down for me, my wife, my son and the crack we have every match
    day home or away, not because of carson yeung or peter pannu, they can jump from the
    highest building for all i care but if its stopping any of you going then i feel really sorry for yiou
    ……or maybe not!!!!!. KRO.

  • stu says:

    “I think it shows that a boycott wouldn’t have the immediate reaction that it’s proponents think it would and would only contribute to a slow painful demise in the league as well as behind the scenes.”

    Are we not already in this position.

    The idea of a boycott could work, it would make the owners realise that they would lose all of their investment if a buyer was not found in the near future (12 months).
    We are currently in a state of limbo, a slow downward spiral which is not going to change whether we have 10,000 or 30,000 attending because of the relatively small amount being invested in players.
    i was there on Tuesday and it was a great display but when you see good performances by players like Tom Adeyemi that the club actually own, in the back of my mind i was thinking that he’ll be gone in January.

  • dave mann says:

    if things dont happen come january stu, your right, adeyemi could go, randolph could go, burke
    could go, there the only 3 we would get a transfer fee for but even that might not get us to the
    end of the season, its mind boggling whats happening to our club, i hope yeung and pannu find
    a safe haven after they go……there gonna need it!!.KRO.

    • DoctorD says:

      Could, could, could. You can do your nut in thinking about what might happen. Best not to worry about it too much mate. Easier said than done I know, but still…

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Lee Clark has stated in the BM today, that he hasn’t a clue if there will be more player sales in January. But, he did say this: ““If it was to happen again with another couple of players, it’s difficult to keep going to the well and bringing more out. You can’t keep doing it on a repetitive basis. You need a bit of help.”

      At the moment, we have the potential to, still, have a very good season… but, if the likes of Randolph, Burke and Adeyemi are shipped out this winter, the best we could hope for is clawing ourselves away from the trap door. No matter what you think about Lee Clark, if we lose more players and get relegated, he’d be crazy to stay. But I think he would… unless he got a better offer. Then again, that wouldn’t be hard would it?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I can’t see the point in signing Dudka as he won’t play more than a handful of games if any for us. It’ll take him at least that amount of games to get match fit.

    As for the people staying away it’s entirely their choice how they spend their money.

  • dave mann says:

    dudka will propably play 1 or 2 games in that time so i cant really see the point for the time
    were have him but were see what happens on that one.
    on the people staying away, yes, it is there choice how they spend there money but
    for the resons i gave earlier, if fans are staying away because of those 2 morons then
    they can stay away for good for all i care, spend your money on helping mothercare,
    morrisons, tescos, travel agents, car manufactureres make there millions but not
    blues because there not bothered what happens to us do they…..fans…i think not!!!!!. KRO.

    • Bob Your Uncle says:

      People saying they are boycotting the club are not, they’d be back in a flash if we draw Villa in the cup. They’re coming up with excuses not to spend their money on poor championship football. Their choice at the end of the day but at least come up with decent excuses I say.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Dudka is having a mini pre-season and won’t be ready until after the international break. That’s only two games. He could possibly be available for the Blackpool game. That gives him 9 games to earn an extention. A couple of people on this blog have seen him play this week and have given decent reports. You never know, he could end up being the signing of the season.

  • tony says:

    Dudka immediately becomes our most giftet technical player, if he gets fit will be an asset that could make the difference

  • Enckelman says:

    Dudka could be a great signing as he is versatile, I think we could see him ending up playing centre-half most of the time due to our lack of depth in that position.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think he’d be best deployed patrolling in front of the back 4. That would allow the other 3 or 4 midfielders to attack with a little bit of security behind them. Whereas now, either Adeyemi or Reilly (or both) are having to worry too much about losing the ball and leaving a hole behind them… which has happened umpteen times this season. The man-in-the-hole gives that extra security.

      But… it’s the manager’s choice where to play him.

      • mark says:

        staffs- imo he will probably play that role you have mentioned several times defensive midfielder which again imo clark will probably play him the most…………he does have other strings to his bow and can convert to either centre half or LB or is it RB not sure…………..
        I am hopeful regardless when specs is fit, this guy will be useful acquisition to keep if he does alright in game play………..hope Clark will keep on moaning at Carson to keep him, another experienced international around the young players can only do good………………..imo

        • StaffsBlue says:

          For me, it’s a vital role in midfield mark. A good defensive midfielder gives both the defence and the midfield a bit more confidence, knowing there’s someone there to patrol the space between defence and midfield and snuff out any breakaways, especially when we lose possession. I’m personally very happy with the signing of Dudka. I just hope it’s a gamble that comes off. Like I’ve said, he could turn out to be our best signing.

  • mark says:

    he remind me of a player called vince overson

  • Sh*t on the villa says:

    Sounds like a good partner for specs.

    Caddis – Burn – Robbo – Murphy


  • Blue92 says:

    comment edited – do me a favour, and don’t bother posting this racist drivel again.

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