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The Carson Trial – Day 50

Carson Yeung asked for his trial on five counts of money laundering to be stopped yesterday as the prosecution introduced new documentation obtained from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) showing his deposits into the account of filmmaker and convicted embezzler Abba Chan Tat-chee.

News.sina.com.hk reports that Carson asked the judge if he could apply for a permanent stay when the evidence was introduced, claiming that the prosecution failed to properly investigate the documents and that Carson could not be tried fairly. The documentation backs up Carson’s assertion that he did in fact loan Abba Chan money as he stated in court.

Abba Chan was jailed for three years in 2011 for embezzlement of HK$63million from two listed companies, one of which he was chairman.

Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong bluntly told the defence that if the stay application was successful and then the prosecution appealed and secured a retrial the last forty-nine days in court would have been wasted. He went on to ask Carson if he really wanted to live through the trial again.

The trial resumed this morning with the prosecution expected to complete the cross-examination after the application for a permanent stay has been heard; Carson has applied for  stay previously on April 29 but it was refused at that time.

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141 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 50”

  • Lee says:

    Oh my god, I actually cannot put into words how much I hate this bloke

    • almajir says:

      He’s entitled to a fair trial. If the prosecution have held onto documents that prove his innocence partially that’s shocking stuff man – however much you want him to be found guilty justice should be done properly.

      • Karl says:

        I agree he is entitled to a fair trial… but seriously?!?! How long would the stay yapplication take? And then the appeal from the prosecution? and then they would need the retrial dates,, and then go through all this AGAIN… *Sighs*

        • almajir says:

          Application made today, dunno how long an appeal would take but a retrial would probably be a while away. I’m not sure if he will be successful but it would give him grounds for appeal.

          • Karl says:

            *Sigh* so again this time next year there may not be a conclusion? I assume there is no way anyone can step in and force a sale? like the FA or something? Sorry I’m not overly clued up on the ins and outs. Just becoming increasingly despairing. There a chance they may well release the same statement as last January and announce they will listen to all offers for first team players?

      • Ryan Foley says:

        Al, the thing is nobody cares if he is given a fair trial. If he deserves it or not. All us fans care about is the football club not the ‘hairdresser’.

        • almajir says:

          And that my friend is wrong.

        • Blueboi says:

          That comment beggars belief!

          As a decent Human Being, I care if he gets a fair trial!

          • Ryan Foley says:

            Blueboi….. Can i ask as a decent human being, why do you care if a man thousands of miles away gets a fair trial??? Trust me there are millions of other things in this world that matter more than this. He is a crook, simple as, i wouldn’t waste your time worrying about him getting a fair trial, he will be locked up soon enough..i wonder if you will still care then as a decent human being… probably not tut tut.

          • almajir says:

            How do you know he is a crook? Can you actually say what he’s done wrong, what he is being charged with? Or are you using words because they are emotive?

            Also, I hate to say this Ryan but as a decent human being I think everyone is entitled to due process. I think it says a helluva lot about you that you don’t.

          • Blueboi says:

            As a decent Human Being I care that ALL people throughout the World gets a fair trial, whether I know them or not, whether the trial has any consequence to me or not

            Whilst I don’t know you, if charges were bought against you for any reason, I would want you to get a fair trial

            It’s called Human Rights!

            Dictatorship philosophy springs to mind if Human Rights are not prevalent.

  • bluearmyfaction says:

    “British crown club Birmingham troupe.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • chatts-blue says:

    Surely the prosecution would have known this was likely and are only introducing this at this late stage because feel they have too. Maybe they believe Carson was/is going to get off!

  • Lee says:

    My feelings towards this bloke are the same as his towards us I’m afraid, I want him gone, even if he’s innocent, I want him in prison, it’s basically the same torture as he’s putting 20,000 people through, if he can sleep easy knowing what’s going on so can I if he’s being arse raped in a cell every night, to be honest after reading today’s update I was kind of under the impression that he’s been proven to be dealing with a convicted criminal, obviously I’m missing a point here

    • almajir says:

      “the same as his towards us” – you don’t know what the bloke feels towards us; the truth is no one does – you might want him to sell, I might want him to sell but he might want to be a footbal club owner and might have ideas and thoughts we don’t know about.

      It shocks me how people think he should be sexually abused – I bet most people don’t even know realistically what he is supposed to have done especially as no allegations have actually been made about the money he received. I think people need to step back a little and get a dose of realism in their lives; blind hatred is just daft.

      • Mickey07 says:

        Get a grip mayor FFs,you know what’s he’s putting us through and he knows what he’s doing,he can always speak to us if he wants??your speaking a right load of old flannel to honest….the bloke knocks about in criminal circles and you would have to be ray Charles or Stevie wonder not to see that……

        • almajir says:

          And look, here comes another one of the blind hatred types.

          I hope you’re never up before the beak because you knew someone a bit dodgy once – as I expect you probably have (we all have).

          • Lee says:

            Call it blind hatred if you like, our club has been decimated right before my f*cking eyes by this day dreamer, if he is innocent why can’t he prove it, listen, I admire you balanced opinions and I respect them, I really do, but the way I see it is this guy is leading everyone a merry dance round the garden, everyone knows it and all he’s doing is trying to play the system to buy himself a way out of prison, end of the day you can’t fault him, but he’s not in this position for no reason, has he had his house taken from him yet- probably for no reason too, if I were up for something I did wrong and it affected other people’s lives I would do the right thing by them, that simple, just because he chooses to live life in the fast lane why does it give him the right to affect so many other peoples lives and every tone just has to accept it, for two fricken years, my patience is gone, I only wish him a long lengthy prison sentence were he festers in his own piss, this is now going to drag out for years, by then our club will be lucky to still be around, f*ck him, my ‘blind hatred’ has been brought about by his actions, not mine

          • Frankie says:

            Agreed, it is pointless to ‘hate’ the bloke and YES, he does deserve a fair trial.
            Do you not think though that he is taking the the Honk Kong equivalent of the pee out of the justice system ?
            He patently wants this trial to go on and on and on …..
            His evidence for the ;defence’ is some of the most laughable I have ever heard.
            I have a good friend who is a barrister in this country and he can barely contain himself when he reads the limited court reports we get.
            If John Cleese, Terry jones and Michael Palin popped up in court it would be no surprise.

          • almajir says:

            Frankie, let me turn that argument around.

            If it was you in the dock would you honestly stand up and say “it’s a fair cop guv” even if you know that you’re been tried under a draconian law where they don’t really have to prove anything other than you got rich too quick?

          • people's republic of Finlan says:

            Knowing someone dodgy and doing business with them are 2 different thinks mate

          • Frankie says:

            Yes, of course you have to mount some sort of ‘defence’ but to maintain that you either ‘won it on the Baccarat table’ or on the Stockmarket, ooops haven’t got the documentary evidence is a bit thin wouldn’t you say ?
            We’ll ‘gloss over’ the money from the ‘nasty Triad man’ shall we …

          • almajir says:

            I should point out Cheung Chi Tai is only an alleged triad – never been proven in court ;)

          • Mickey07 says:

            Why doesn’t he do the right thing instead of leading us a merry dance,you will still be sticking up for him the blue square,you bang on about blind hate,but love is blind too….tell me mayor have you meet Carson more than once over in Hong Kong??

          • almajir says:

            “Do the right thing?”

            What’s that then Mickey – what you want? Why should he do exactly what you want – why should anyone? I keep saying this and you just don’t listen mate – you have to put aside your opinions and be objective – that’s what I have to do. It’s not “love”, it’s called being a bloody reasonable human being.

            As for your meeting question – I saw him in a courtroom. Hardly a cosy fireside chat, mate.

          • Frankie says:

            Dan is playing ‘Devil’s advocate’ here and as he has sat through the ‘drudge’ of this case, I personally am not going to decry his view.
            Am sure justice will be done eventually.
            Ladbrokes are offering 2/7 on the ‘chokey’.

          • John says:

            The word gullable comes to mind, these charges were not brought against him for a laugh.

        • chas says:

          You are the one putting yourself through it, Mickey. You have been against him from the beginning.Haters hate, that is what they do. Lighten up .

      • Thongs says:

        “you don’t know what the bloke feels towards us”

        Perhaps you should have asked him?

        • almajir says:

          I did Thongsy – he told me he thinks that the fans should get behind the team. You should have read the article. ;)

          • Thongs says:

            ok that’s not what he thinks of us though is it?

          • almajir says:

            What do you mean Thongsy?

            Define “us”? As in the fans, or the club?

            It’s obvious to me he still cares about what is going on the pitch – he listens to every game on Blues Player and they have to send him DVDs out there of them all. As for the fans – well, I think again it’s obvious that he wants us to back the club and my impression is that he thinks the ones who do back the club are “good” fans – ie he likes them. Does that help?

      • mark says:

        here,here Daniel

        • John says:

          He wants “fans” to back the club,it’s a pity he won’t back the club. He has no feelings for the club or it’s fans,if you think any different,your a mug.

          • Streetly Blue says:

            won’t back the club?? so in that case when Carsons assets were not frozen who forked out on wages for Hleb, Bentley, Martins as well as Zigic in an effort for us to compete at the top level?? Whatever we think of him now – he deserves some respect because when he was financially able he got us to compete, albeit briefly with the big boys. Yes, I think we a need a change, but other than not sell the club for less than he wants, I am struggling to see what Carson has done wrong. Even the HK court has yet to decide on that.

        • Mickey07 says:

          He doesn’t give a monkeys about the fans….even Tom Ross said that tonight on the phone in…

      • chudlt says:

        I agree some peoples idea of justice is beyond me. Everyone deserves a fair trial. Lokk at the mis carriages of justice that have taken place in Birmingham.

  • Leigh says:

    I am confused. If there has not been complete disclosure then Carson is correct, if however the new ‘evidence’ backs up his own assertions, and is somehow in his favour, why is he concerned? I can only think that if the evidence were to be allowed, is he concerned that it could open a floodgate of further information that he believes prejudicial to him?

  • parchy99 says:

    This stinks to high heaven. I had a gut feeling that it wouldn’t be a simple case of closing arguments and then a verdict!

    The prospect of this case entering next season is becoming a real one…….

  • an olden says:

    If the judge fails i to give proper consideration to the application and there is an appeal to a higher court and that court decides that the judge made an incorrect decision a re=rial with he attendant delay might follow. This is the last thing that we want

  • Applebob says:

    So basically the prosecution are backing up Carson’s claims, but haven’t submitted it for examination for the defence? Is that even allowed? Shouldn’t he have stay to examine the evidence anyway?

  • Macc Lad says:

    A delay won’t help Carson now. If we go into administration, he’ll lose the club. It looks like he’s gambling everything on the case being dismissed.

    • almajir says:

      Macc – we won’t go into admin this season.

      • Art Watson says:

        So what harm will protests and boycotts do to the staff at STA -this season?

        • almajir says:

          Lower morale? Make them not want to keep the club run as well as it is?

          I’ll say this and allow you to consider it. In Cyprus, it’s fairly easy to say “boycott/protest” – because realistically you won’t be involved. Here in Birmingham, it’s a bit different.

          • Art Watson says:


            To some extent I have made a contribution to boycotting the club by refusing to renew 3 season tickets for my grand kids and have stopped purchasing goods from the club shop.I plan to continue to do this until we get new ownership.

            I also offered to set up an online petition if you recall and received only 4 takers.

            I think your reply is a little harsh Dan.

        • mark says:

          no art you are been a little harsh to your gran-kids let them make up their own minds, and stop been spiteful…………..they are our next generation……………………take the rough with the smooth………….kidda

          • Art Watson says:


            My grand kids having the backing of their father who like me has decided not to fund the lifestyles of PP and CY.

            If you wish to continue to give these prats (was going to use the word crooks) your hard earned cash that’s fine with me but don’t expect me to join you Mark.

        • mark says:

          again i put to you art then its selfishness on both your parts children dont understand only want to watch the football and wear their beloved shirts…….i can never understand some people………….good luck at Christmas…………

  • Masaccio says:

    The man needs a fair trial, whatever the verdict at the end we can all say it was correct.

  • mark says:

    oh dear the prosecution been naughty now that’s a first is it…….they can do no wrong………… claims that the prosecution failed to properly investigate the documents………..have they slip up, is Carson fighting back………..

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    As I’ve said on previous posts he may yet be found not guilty or have a retrial. Guilt by association is not guilt, just prejudice of the worst kind.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    “He went on to ask Carson if he really wanted to live through the trial again.”

    Well, duh! If you were looking at a 5 to 7 stretch… wouldn’t you? But, is he drawing it out for other reasons.. to do with the re-listing and debts and sale of the club, etc? Who knows.

    I don’t personally wish the guy any harm, but it’s blindingly obvious that he and his cronies have not been good for the club in any way. So why on earth would he want to hold on to something where his paying customers are so hostile towards him… where he will never gain their support again?

    • almajir says:

      not been good for the club in any way

      I must have dreamt the ninth placed finish, the carling cup win and the european tour then…

      • Mickey07 says:

        Mayor wind your feckin neck in will you,as your turning out too be the most patronising bloke about at the moment…..part of me thinks you want this dragging out as long as possible because what do you do then when all this is over??back to writing about football matches on a Saturday and that’s it.

        • almajir says:

          Ooo, the irony Mickey – take a look at some of what you have written mate and see who’s the one who is spouting bile and who is being reasonable – and when someone counters your bile with a reasonable opinion you start getting personal.

          Take a step back, have a think about it. Seriously.

          • Mickey07 says:

            I’ve just told you that love is blind and you still can’t feckin see it can you?whether you like it or not he and pannu have been shitting on us from a great height for the last two years and yes basically we have all had a feckin gutful,it’s human nature,he’s dragging and dragging everything out for as long as possible,which then means he’s stepping on mine/our toes…..so yeh feck him and I do hate the pair of them for what they are doing if that answers your question,to be honest I imagine I’m in the majority because every fan I ever speak to says the same as me,all I’m asking is for him to do the right thing any sane business man would do and sell? But he’s not hes one selfish greedy bastard that no one wants near this club again and you know it…..p.s.you still haven’t answered my question about meeting YEUNG more than once?

          • Flying Doctor says:

            Alex McLeish & the players gave us the Cup, certainly not Carson

          • almajir says:

            Who bought in both goalscorers and the man of the match in the final, paying wages and transfer fees that the previous board refused to? Answers on a postcard…

          • Flying Doctor says:

            Alex McLeish. It was the greatest day in the clubs history and yet, the manager and players don’t get the fulsome praise that they deserve. It could only happen here.

          • almajir says:

            Really, he paid the money out for those players? Carson Yeung deserves some credit too because he was the one who ponied up the dough. I think it beggars belief people don’t take that into account.

        • StevieC says:

          9th place finish, Cup final and at what price?

          I would much rather of had neither and be a stable Prem Club, like the Baggies are now.

          Carson is obviously a great manipulator, case in point. ‘One night in ”with” Carson’

          • almajir says:


            Mate, you’re in the wrong sport. Sport is about winning stuff, not finishing midtable. You should only be proud to finish 10th or later in an orgy.

          • StevieC says:

            Yes, because that is exactly what I want isnt it! Thank you for understanding my point perfectly. I WANT before anything else ‘a football club’.

            I’m sure Pompy (amongst others) fans would completely agree with you, being 8 points behind Fleetwood town and only 9 points in front of Accrington Stanley in League Two is a small price to pay.

          • WalmleySteve says:

            Can’t understand why people claim that Yeung “gave us” the Carling Cup win, the 9th place finish and Europe as if he was single-handedly responsible for them all. If anybody “gave us” these then surely it was Gold and Sullivan – who employed McCleish? Who oversaw the purchase of most of the players associated with those 2 years?

          • Lee says:

            Agree completely, winning that cup was f*ck all to do with carsen yeung, the club was built by Sullivan and gold, they appointed the manager, they did all the ground work, that piece of sh*t only walked through the door 12 months previously, all carsen yeung has done is destroy a well established premiership side, you dismiss the amount of work and time that went into what you call ‘only’ finishing top ten but all of us would kill to be back there now, it’s the place to be, playing the best players in the world In the best league in the world, that first promotion was a dream come true, took that w*nker a couple of years to take us back 20, and he’s the one who playing with people’s jobs, not the stay aways, he’s the one who created this whole situation, he’s the one who rubber stamps pannu’s income despite the state of the club, the fact you can actually defend this f*cking scumbag amazes me, the fact you can say winning that cup is worth being where we are amazes me more, un f*cking believable

          • almajir says:


            If you didn’t make a promise with yourself, a Faustian pact that you’d take anything if you could have that moment of glory… well, I don’t believe you.

            And anyone who would happily give up a trophy to finish 17th in the Premier League needs to re-examine why they’re a football fan.

      • carlos says:

        Who owned Portsmouth when they won the cup? He must have been a good bloke.

      • Flying Doctor says:

        Really, he paid the money out for those players? Carson Yeung deserves some credit too because he was the one who ponied up the dough. I think it beggars belief people don’t take that into account.

        Carson Yeung allowed Eck to spend money we couldn’t afford. You give a manager money he’s going to spend it. It wasn’t Carson who got the tactics spot on, or who played the games of their lives. Incredible how some of our fans don’t appear to appreciate that

    • chas says:

      Staffs, have you forgotten Wembley already ? It wasn’t, isn’t and never will; be Carson young’s fault that Blues were relegated that season.

  • mark says:

    what makes me sick more than anything is damn right abuse given to a bloke who is not even guilty yet………..I am sure if he was here he would have been dished out the same cr*p sullivan and gold brothers had before there reign finished…………Really some people need to take a good look at themselves……………….. they all appear to want to be judges………..god help us……………roll on Saturday…………kro

  • paul says:

    I just can not understand that if the prosecution withheld evidence which backs up the defendant
    then the defendant would be found not guilty instantly in most justice systems.
    I was under the impression Britain gave HK its justice system and although not a legal minded
    person I read all the time that people get off here & in the USA for errors like this

  • Peter bates says:

    My heart wants him out of our club but my head tells me he is going to walk a free man does anyone know that if this happened are his assets released and would it help the relisting process

  • WalmleySteve says:

    Dan – you know for a fact that the club won’t go into administration this season, and presumably therefore won’t need to sell any players in January (to the extent that we have any sale-able players)? Any idea then why some journalists such as Colin Tattum and Neil Moxey are saying the situation is grave and the cash will run out in a matter of weeks?

    • almajir says:

      Tatts hasn’t said that. I think Mox had a caveat.

      I was told by the club directly in the last two weeks that the club has enough money until the end of the season. Whether that includes player sales, I don’t know.

      • WalmleySteve says:

        Tatts said on 1 November that his “sources indicate that the situation is grave”. Granted, he stopped short of saying admin would happen in a matter of weeks but it certainly implies that we’d struggle to get through to the end of the season as you have said. Maybe Pannu’s taken a pay cut.

        • almajir says:

          No it doesn’t. I’d describe the situation as grave too. Doesn’t mean the same thing, you are incorrectly inferring it.

          • WalmleySteve says:

            Ok fair enough. The definition of ‘grave’ in the Cambridge Dictionary is “seriously bad” so maybe you can understand why I’m a little confused.

          • almajir says:

            Things are seriously bad, have you not noticed?

            Doesn’t mean administration is around the corner though – because administration comes about due to not being able to service debts. Debt has never been the problem for us, it’s always been Cashflow…

  • Thongs says:

    You removed the reply option after your response.

    Basically what does he think of the abuse he gets from “us” the fans? He must hear it if he watches every game.

    But it doesn’t matter really….as you were.

    • almajir says:

      I didn’t Thongsy – I’ve mentioned it before but there is a limit on nesting comments.

      And as for the “abuse” he gets from us – I don’t think he understands it. He’s never mentioned it. His English is limited, it’s easily possible he can’t understand the chants of a few thousand disaffected brummies on a dvd

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Free The Hong Kong ONE !!!


  • Agent McLeish says:

    As much as I want CY and PP gone, and I really do, he is entitled to a fair trial under HK law. What does surprise me is why the prosecution have produced this documentation at this stage. Is there some prosecution agenda behind this that may be played out later or are they covering their asses? Don’t know but whatever happens only an uncivilized person would deny he is treated fairly. Then there is a better chance that whatever the verdict is it will be based on the balance of probability.

  • toby says:

    i know cy was a barber but he seems to have collected alot of fringe benefits along the way.We can all peddle the sayings guilty by association and other claptrap of that ilk but when it comes to cason it seems ‘no smoke without fire seems pretty apt.Has the guy ever struck anyone as coming across as honest and trustworthy ?.I certainly wouldn’t oppose him getting a fair trial but from his past and current situaions then i wouldn’t trust him as far as i can throw him.

  • mark says:

    sorry Dan i pick up in early comments, now you had a chance to speak to Carson, will there be further opportunity for discussions with him ???

  • Adam says:

    It makes you wonder, could we be facing the same downfall now as Leeds and portsmouth? I know it is different circumstances but it is still a worry.

    • chudlt says:

      We are in the same position as Pompey and Leeds .On the brink of relegation to League One with no rescue plan and owners who have litttle interest except to make money.

  • an olden says:

    further to my effort above, I wonder if as a result of this trial there is any possibility of there being any civil proceedings by any party in relation to the probable dispute about these seriously large amounts that have been referred to.If these create litigation even further delays would occur I ask this because whilst I follow much of the information it does not always stick, but from memory there appears to be one or two others fingers involved in these financial machinations Also I would repeat my comment made previously that a man who has sat in the owners seats and seen them defeat arsenal would want the chance of doing it again

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    The prosecution should have to clearly explain themselves as to why this new evidence was not submitted earlier. Forget what the judge said, if CY’s defence team feel that the omission seriously prejudiced their opportunity to defend CY, they should ask the for the case to be struck out. Let the prosecution appeal, they’ll need good reason(s) to show that they never withheld the evidence on purpose. Maybe CY can still get himself up from the canvas and land a solid blow or two. On this occasion it’s the prosecution who have been guilty of incompetence, we’ll see to what level and whether it was deliberate.

    Old CY might yet start dreaming of B9 again.

  • Karl says:

    In house fighting amongst everyone on this message board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like him, loathe him, pity him, whatever!!
    Just do not miss the point that Birmingham City may not exist in a years time. I am not an accountant or businessman, don’t need to be. Simple facts are we have no more players of top value to sell and the gates dropping. This WILL get worse, relegation is a distinct possibility and BIHL can no longer sell the one remaining asset, ST Andrews or if the can it will be far more difficult than previously! As a fall out from the above, match day revenue will drop and eventually all of this could effect sponsorship income!

    Stop arguing and get ready for the worst. I love this club so, so much but I can really see the end in the distance. I don’t care a toss about Carson and PP just BCFC! Everyone here is arguing about these two, it doesn’t matter what you think about these pair personally!!!!

    I renewed this year for two reasons. To back a manager (who may or may not be the right man) with the impossible job and to be there to see the new owners walk onto the hallowed turf. All I can foresee now is an Administrator and a League One fixture list. I DONT CARE ABOUT CARSON.

    So fed up and angry I doubt if any of the above makes any sense whatsoever. But I can say, I wont turn on my own like some of you lot are on here!!!

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    The way I’m reading this AJ, is that “Full Disclosure” was not carried out during pre-trial by the Prosecution.

    Which in Western courts (and I presume HK, as it is mainly based on UK precedent) under any basic jurisprudence the Prosecution have forfeited this trial.

    The question remains on how much ‘evidence’ that would be favourable to CY has been withheld by this 100% sucessfull prosecutor.

    I did wonder why there was so much mudslinging and “hinting by association” by the Prosecutor and very little substantive paperwork – other than Bank Accounts.

    Now we see that they have withheld evidence that CY couldn’t obtain – but condemmed and tainted the other party as if to minimise the importance of that evidence.

    I’m surprised that the Judge considered Carson’s feelings about going through this all over again..:-)
    It beggars belief that he wants to avoid a ‘stay’ when confronted with wilfull and contemptible withholding of evidence.

    In the USA this trial would be stopped immediately and a fresh trial ordered with supervision of full disclosure.
    In the UK I think it would be an automatic mis-trial.

    Glad to see you keeping an open mind AJ…this might make your book even better



  • Chris W says:

    Yet another twist in the Carsongate saga….
    I agree that he deserves a fair trial and find it hard to believe that after all the trials, trivialivities, adjournments and with everything seemingly going so wrong looking for CY, the prosecution would throw a spanner into the mix to derail the whole case.
    As you have seen first hand Dan, do you think that this new information is taking away the work, seemingly good, the prosecution has done and handing CY an escape route?
    If it is then CY deserves to have his freedom restored and I can’t see the point in the prosecution appealing, which will only cause this whole fiasco to draw on for at least another two to three years.
    You also claim that BCFC will NOT go into administration this season, you and Paladini obviously have information to substantiate this as all other news stories claim Administration within 6 to 8 weeks depending which news article you read.

    • Karl says:

      don’t need rumours of administration, surely the stuff we know, player sales, crowds diminishing trying to offload higher earners would make us all believe we are going that way. Its only how long it will take before money runs out that only the HK two know!

  • mark says:

    i think judge Judy would have called this mistrial ……………..methinks

  • John says:

    Does this mean it’s looking good now dan

  • ChrisG says:

    I would have thought that if the prossecution was with holding evidence that prooves CY was telling the truth about certain things then surely his defence should call a mistrial & so should the judge, rather than him saying the last 49 days have been wasted he should just throw the case out

  • Tony says:

    Well Im utterly bored pisssed of with the whole sorry saga, Im turning my attention to the Ashes series.

  • Karl says:

    everyone now loving this DNM……………….if only it was DNA then Jeremy Kyle could sort this in 30 minutes!!!

  • richard says:

    You know Carson might care about us but it’s past the critical point now. Hes not going to be able to afford to pay his legal team for another year is he? Without what? Selling whatever we have left. It was bad enough against Charlton no beer in the kop area scoreboard broke can’t afford to fix it. What next? Shut one stand? What annoys me PP getting mega money and the people who do the hard workthere who don’t know if they will have a job in few months time. Are a fraction of the wages flyingaround. Rant over but I spent far to much Money down there for it to go to a lost cause!! Carson just sell almajir sorry but I think I speak for the 12.000 empty seats too!!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    All the frustration is boiling up and causing us to attack each other, When in reality,!!. — There is not a thing we can do about it, !!.

    I said a few days ago, That Carson Yueng has all the cards in his own hands, Only he can decide to sell up, and to who he chooses, [ That is of course ] if he chooses to sell us, !!.

    Talk of Boycots, Demonstrations etc, will cary no weight with him, Only harm the club and those backroom staff who are working their socks off to keep us as a going concern.

    I, personaly, want him out, along with P,P, and all of B,I,H. but as long as his court case meanders along we just have to suffer this frustration as we cannot affect the outcome, !!.

  • DoctorD says:

    Great post and love all the comments — my daily Blues soap fix.

    It’s boring to say, but we should all just get behind the team. Our rivals must be loving us fans bickering with each other.

    Daniel — there’s just a teeny-tinsy bit of me thinking you’re in danger of falling into the old trap of liking too much the person you’re writing a biography about. Tell me it’s not true.

  • bluenoseb says:

    ‘Lee says:
    November 8, 2013 at 8:55 am
    Call it blind hatred if you like, our club has been decimated right before my f*cking eyes by this day dreamer, if he is innocent why can’t he prove it, listen, I admire you balanced opinions and I respect them, I really do, but the way I see it is this guy is leading everyone a merry dance round the garden, everyone knows it and all he’s doing is trying to play the system to buy himself a way out of prison, end of the day you can’t fault him, but he’s not in this position for no reason, has he had his house taken from him yet- probably for no reason too, if I were up for something I did wrong and it affected other people’s lives I would do the right thing by them, that simple, just because he chooses to live life in the fast lane why does it give him the right to affect so many other peoples lives and every tone just has to accept it, for two fricken years, my patience is gone, I only wish him a long lengthy prison sentence were he festers in his own piss, this is now going to drag out for years, by then our club will be lucky to still be around, f*ck him, my ‘blind hatred’ has been brought about by his actions, not mine’

    This is absolutely spot on especially the last line. Any feelings the fans have towards carson are through anythink HE has done not the other way round. And us as fans are expected to be rational and compassionate to carsons situation, im sorry but he has been the most unrational and self centred pr*ck over the last 2 half years. Were expected to respect his feelings when has said on one of the last statments from BIHL that it wont sell until the shares are relisted, event though the club dies a slow death in the process all because for his own agenda he wants to keep BIHL going for his personal wealth, does not benefit blues in any way shape or form just carries on destroying us. He has litrally meddled and gambled blues livley hood and every fan of blues come to the matter with his ridiculous sale price demands and shit leadership (feel embarrassed to call him a leader). And he has known for over 2 years now knowone wants to invest to help blues so he should of done honourably/decent thing and stepped aside to someone who cud take us forward but has chose not to for HIS personal reasons. So innocent or not it doesnt stop what HIS actions have done to blues and any fans that feel pure hatred towards the man, and think your find dan there would be alot more fans that feel that way about him than the ones who have sympathy by a landslide.

    • almajir says:

      There may well be – doesn’t mean that they are right.

      • Sam says:

        I do belive that if yeng was innocent then hed of proved it by now or atleast produced damm gd evidence but that doesnt mean he has done it I could be utterly wrong and every1 is entitled to a fair trail even muderers so why shouldnt yeng as for blues I do belive he should sell but saying that would u wanna lose an assit that u paid 80 odd million for for less than half that no 1 would no1 can blame yeng for not wanting to sell as for the financial trouble relagation caused alot of it u can hardley blame yeng for that

  • Peter bates says:

    Daniel it would be good to know hong kong law regarding withholding evidence so am I right in assuming a mistrial could be called and cy goes completely free or would there be another scenarii I know your not asolicitor but have you contacts who would know

  • TeeK says:

    I may get shot down for this so please be gentle! One thing I don’t understand is why all this anger towards a man that is currently innocent, but more importantly who only owns 26% of BIHL who in turn own 96% of our club. I scratch my head as to why we are happy with other investors to sit in the background and watch us go down the swanny! Surely as an investor in a business you don’t want it to go under so why is everything so quite from the other investors in BIHL? It is because they just don’t want to be associated with Carson or they just really don’t understand what is happening to the club?

  • keith says:

    how many of the people being quoted on this site were saying almost identical things about the previous board who finally took their money and what was left of their self esteem after the pummeling they had taken from so called supporters of our city team,which I may add,I have supported for in excess of 65 years.How many,given the chance,would welcome them back with open arms,those very same arms that welcomed the Chinese money when it arrived.Will we never learn from past mistakes.I fear for the future but hope that the management of the team,can start to achieve the results we all hope for.Keep right on.

    • Frankie says:

      Think it more defines how bad that these latest lot have been so awful that some people long for the triumvirate of: Sullivan/Gold/Brady.
      They did many good things for the clubs but were largely self-seeking, as demonstrated by their final acts at St Andrews by ‘stitching up Yeung and ensuring we would struggle financially, knowing that Yeung was a ‘man of straw’, as they first suspected., Then they threw the money at Wet spam.
      Think they’ll be ‘cashing in again though when Upton Park ‘real estate’ is sold.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    There is no end to this nightmare. Administration is the only way out and that will hurt the normal hardworking BCFC staff.

    Don’t blame CY for wanting to stay out of jail.

  • bluenose08 says:

    You mentioned apathy well there is certainly a lot of different opinions on here !!!

  • South West Blues says:

    This truly beggars belief… It is no wonder that CY can’t run a football club when the powers that be can’t rubn a legal system within constraints and timescales

  • welfordblue says:

    I often read these forums with interest and insight, but today I have to make a comment.
    It seems all those hateful towards Carson don’t ackonwledge him for ‘the cup’, Europe and 9th finish, yet want to blame him for relegation etc.

    Cake and eat it springs to mind. It is really sad that all this hatred, passion and anger towards him isn’t channelled to supporting the team to help them improve on their current situation.

  • richard says:

    Almajir I know u see points from both sides but if u had all your assets frozen and only money coming in legitimately was bcfc an not baccarat where else would he get the money? It’s add 2@2 u get 4 mate. If so where has all the money gone? Bcfc is a cash Cow for BIHL. Bled dry and when there is nothing left where do we go? To often partisan an say told you b4 no we don’t. Could be worse tho could be pompey. Legally u can’t say much but u as a bcfc ain’t happy are you? Carson out don’t care for sentimental issues with Carson where there is smoke there is fire!!!

    • almajir says:

      How do you know his only money is coming in from BCFC?

      Could it be that we don’t know the full story? I’m going to bet we don’t.

      And as for your statement – okay – so what are YOU going to do about it?

  • Bluenosegaz says:

    It doesn’t matter whether he’s innocent or guilty it doesn’t matter that we won the cup and had our highest finish under his ownership which I think all blues fans are grateful for there is only one person to blame for the state we are in now and that’s CY and his people which in my view is unforgivable.

  • richard says:

    Its simple he can’t even fart without the bank manager knowing about it. So do you know another business dealings he has that hasn’t been frozen apart from bcfc? If so then I don’t know. And as for doing something about it actions speak louder then words so for me like 12.000 others ain’t gonna go and hit them in their greedy pockets, as evidence suggests he can’t keep on using his bcfc to bail himself out because our well is dry. He may loan more money to pay for it but only a stupid person would lend him money now. It kills me to stay away from st Andrews it’s inked on my body but enough is enough!

  • hawk says:

    I am dizzy now. Isnt it strange how accepting you lend money to an embezzler is a good thing and strengthens your defence?

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