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Competition: Win a Savile Rogue Cashmere Birmingham City Scarf

Often Partisan has teamed up with Savile Rogue once again to give you the chance to win one of the world’s finest cashmere football scarves in Birmingham colours.

Savile Rogue scarves give a nod to football terraces of yesteryear, shunning in-your-face logos and cheap nylon in favour of a traditional design and the comfort, quality and warmth of top grade wool. It’s the sort of scarf you would be happy to wear even when you’re not at the match.

To get your hands on one all you need to do is to answer a very simple question:

Who scored the first goal in the Blues Ladies Champions League game on Wednesday at St Andrews?

You can pick your prize from any of the Birmingham City cashmere scarves priced at £58.95.

If you’re not lucky enough to win – or if you’re starting to think about Christmas presents – you can use the discount code OFTEN13 to get 10% of any order before November 30. You can follow Savile Rogue on Twitter and Facebook.

Competition Rules:

To win the competition you must email competitions@oftenpartisan.co.uk before 23:59 Saturday 23 November. All correct entries will go into a hat and one winner will be drawn at random. No entries in the comments of articles will be accepted. Your entry must have the correct answer in the message body of the email. Only one entry per person. Entries will not be accepted by anyone connected to Often Partisan or Savile Rogue. My decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.


3 Responses to “Competition: Win a Savile Rogue Cashmere Birmingham City Scarf”

  • skareggae72 says:

    Savile-Rogue ? well yes I would say so,wouldn’t you?

  • Lee says:

    How times have changed, 58 quid for a scarf……

  • mark says:

    BIRMINGHAM CITY FC – NIKOLA ZIGIC – SIGNED POPPY SHIRT 2013 equally is bidded at £471.00 on ebay with two days to go…………. Sorry the say lee people will paid anything if they want it enough but this is going to our British
    forces ……………..

    maybe for one adult and child that’s two games in real terms………..

    But on the upside this is a quality scarf and Daniel giving fans opportunity to win one, so everyone is in with a shout good luck………………….

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