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Where Are They Now? Part XXXI

With news being thin on the ground during international week I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a player who has suffered somewhat having left Blues to take an opportunity abroad last January. That player is Jake Jervis.

Jake Jervis

Sometimes, when opportunity comes along you have to grab it with both hands and see where it takes you. Jake Jervis had come to the end of his career with Blues for all intents and purposes; recalled from Portsmouth during a striker crisis he only managed to make two league appearances and was quickly discarded in favour of playing Nathan Redmond and Ravel Morrison up front. So, when the chance came to go to Turkey to play for Elazigspor I can believe why he jumped at the chance.

It must have been a culture shock for Jervis, moving from the familiar surroundings of the West Midlands to mountainous eastern Anatolia but eleven minutes into his debut for Elazigspor he scored with a header to give his unfancied side the lead against Fenerbahce. Jervis went on to make two further appearances before injury curtailed his season and his dream turned sour.

The World Players’ Union FIFPro have recommended that players are very careful before signing contracts in Turkey amongst other countries – particularly the smaller clubs – with the reason being that wages often are not paid on time by them, if at all. This is the fate that befell Jervis, and a mere six months after signing for Elazigspor he was on his way home having cancelled his contract.

A trial spell with Coventry followed before Jake turned up back at Portsmouth. Guy Whittingham, having known the striker from the previous season seems happy to sign Jervis but again the Turkish connection is proving to be problematic, with none of the footballing regulatory bodies able to give a definitive answer as to if Portsmouth will be forced to pay Elazigspor any money under the rules concerning signing out of contract players under the age of 24.

It’s left the Wolverhampton-born striker in limbo, and whilst he trains with the south coast outfit there is nothing much he can do other than hope that either Elazigspor will waive any rights or that Portsmouth will take the plunge knowing that it might cost them money. It must be hard for Jervis and I hope that you will join me in hoping that it works out for him.


17 Responses to “Where Are They Now? Part XXXI”

  • Frankie says:

    Yep, good luck to Jake.
    Hope it works out for him, he has ability and deserves the chance to fulfill it.

  • mark says:

    almost as complex as Carson trial lol……………….. footballers always think its green on the other side……unfortunately there not a lot of players now who will show loyalty to the club……it appears to be a thing of the past now that players make over say 300 appearances for their club…….maybe with 10 clubs…………happy to join you with regards that it works out for him…………….

  • DoctorD says:

    It’s hard for the lad. On the one hand, an opportunity arose and it must have been tempting to take the plunge. On the other, he should have had his radar switched right on. I wonder who advised him to make the move? The injury can’t have helped one bit either.

    This French guy Zahir Belounis got in even more of a mess — he spent 2 years actually unable to leave Qatar for home.

  • Chris W says:

    Clubs promise young players glittery contracts and all they see is ££££ signs.
    Whatever happened to his agent, don’t all players have one these days?
    Hope it works out for him and Portsmouth, they have both been through the mill over recent years.
    Regards Qatar and the WC, someone should do an investigation and highlight the problems in Qatar as well as the allocation process because something was obviously wrong, whether money talked, or Sebb Blatter suffered a Alzhiemers moment the WC should not be played in Qatar.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      If all the big nations, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, etc boycotted it, what would FIFA do then? They’d be left with a Mickey Mouse cup that few people would be interested in. When things are wrong, it’s up to the big boys to step up.

      Then I wake up. :-)

      • Chris W says:

        It will be the only way, Qatar is going to cause more problems for ALL Leagues in every participating country.
        But will anything be done, I doubt it, they are all concentrating on Brazil at the moment and things are not going to well there either with Stadia and crime all making the headlines for the wrong reasons.
        Still at least it is quiet for BCFC at the moment, no news is suppose to be good news….

      • chas says:

        The BIG Countries wouldnt Boycott it , they make too much money out of it, and the Sponsors would take their money away from everyday football, where would the ‘BIG’ Clubs be then?

  • Northern Exile says:

    A certain L. Moore has also found his way to Elazığspor. I wonder how he will get on?

    Did Elazığ actually fail to pay Jervis or was it just that he was injured, the management changed, and he was deemed surplus to requirements? I mean, I know there are problems with the smaller clubs here in Turkey, but you don’t want to be misleading people on the exact nature of the situation.

    As for Qatar, I’m sure in any other election in the world, if the winner had been proven to have cheated their way to victory with bribes, they would be disqualified and the process would be re-run. Why is this not the same when it comes to FIFA?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    The few times I saw Jervis play I thought he did okay and I was a bit surprised we got rid of him. By comparison Asante has been given much more opportunities than Jervis and I’m sorry to say hasn’t impressed me at all. I wish Jake all the best and just hope he doesn’t become another player who returns to haunt us.

    • Bob Your Uncle says:

      I wish Jake all the best, don’t think he was good enough though. Eddy Gnahore was the lad I didn’t quite understood why they let go. Watched him a few times for the development squad and always looked a quality player.

  • Smudge says:

    I feel this is part of the problem with agents, and also the financial issue with BCFC. Whenever I saw Jake play (which was not very often) I always felt he had a promising future and I was surprised when he went. I hope for his sake this is just a small blip in his career and that he can learn some valuable lessons and come back stronger (not against us though).

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