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The Carson Trial: Resumption details

Next week sees the resumption of Carson Yeung’s long running trial on five counts of money laundering. With the cross-examination now over, the trial moves into its final phase prior to the judge giving his verdict.

Carson is due back in court on Thursday December 12 for final submissions. During the period since the cross-examination finished, the prosecution and defence teams will have submitted their final arguments to the judge on how they believe he should proceed with his judgement. These arguments will be based on the evidence that has been heard coupled with precedents gleaned from case law.

Once back in court both sides will present their submissions. Thankfully, neither side will read them out in full; the submissions will instead be summarised and thus it should only be two or three days’ worth of hearings at the most to get through before the judge adjourns the case to consider his judgement. A key point to note here is that when the judge adjourns the case he will not give a date that his judgement will be due by; this will be given to the prosecution and defence much closer to the day the judgement will be given in court. It’s presumed that the judge will need between four and eight weeks to write his judgement up fully and thus with the Christmas and Lunar New Year festivities a judgement in January or February is likely.

Whilst the case is sub judice I cannot offer any opinions on the likelihood of a guilty verdict. However, I think it is germane to note recent case law with respect to sentencing that has been published very recently in HK. In June, a judgement was made in the Court of Appeal in a case concerning a mainlander Ngai Fung-Sin whereby Ms Ngai found her sentence increased on appeal from 10 months imprisonment to 2 years as her original sentence was thought to be too lenient. Ms Ngai was found guilty of laundering around HK$1.9million (approx £140k) and the case law mentioned in the judgement states that in cases where HK$1-2million is laundered, a prison sentence of 2 – 3 years is considered appropriate. Carson has been accused of laundering a total of HK$721million on five separate counts of the charge.

Should Carson be found guilty he has 28 days to submit an appeal. If his leave for appeal is accepted, it is possible that he may continue to remain on bail rather than start serving any sentence given. However, if found guilty he immediately is considered to be in breach of the owners and directors regulations put in place by the Football League and the League will have to take action regardless of any appeal. The FL Owners and Director’s Test Regulations can be found here.

As more information becomes available, I will of course update the blog.

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64 Responses to “The Carson Trial: Resumption details”

  • Gary says:

    There is just no end to this nonsense & by the look of it there never will be this is the reason fans are staying away nothing ever changes and when we do get some news it’s always bad news never anything to get the stay away fans interested.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Good luck Carson

    I will always love you for the cup and Europe

    Plus you have been a convenient patsy for all those who no longer want to be Blues (til the next final)

    KRO mate

    • Jedda says:

      Wise words, my friend, couldn’t agree more….

      The cup win was definitely Carson’s doing – and he and his cronies have been nothing but an asset from the moment they walked through the door. I too find it staggering the masses aren’t queing round the block to get in given what’s currently on offer and the optimistic future outlook.

      Yes, hear, hear, good luck Carson! Fingers crossed for anything that might help prolong your tenure at Stans.

      • Art Watson says:

        Must be something in the Birmingham water today which is obviously affecting your thinking.

      • Agent McLeish says:

        You know the old sayings, some people just can’t see the wood for the trees. Or, wake up and smell the coffee. Or even there’s no smoke without fire or a wolf in sheeps clothing. I could go on…

        • Frankie says:

          Amazing comments.
          What next ….
          Carson Yeung has done less for out club than the Luftwaffe pilot that dropped a bomb on St Andrews.

          • phillip says:

            Never mind the Luftwaffe pilot,,,,,the fireman from Witton did more damage while attempting to put the fire out,,,,,,how anybody can mistake petrol for water has never been explained.

            p.s My father knew the fireman concerned [ a rabid Witton Wannabe,s fan ! ],,,,,,only Yeung has done more damage to the club !!

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I like the one… “Couldn’t run a p*ss up in a brewery.”

          Sound like anyone we know?

      • John says:

        Carson and his cronies know nothing about running a football club. They have, made a damn good job of ruining a football club. It was McLeish and the players who won the cup for us. Greed then put an end to McLeish’s career,when he went to vile park.

        • Frankie says:

          Was that a ‘typo’.
          Carson et al ‘made a damn fine job of running a football club’.
          Into the ground perhaps.
          Yeung and Pannu have treated the club as their own personal ‘piggy bank’. that is the TRUTH of it.

  • Rar says:

    Out of darkness cometh light. Wolves motto, I believe. Also applies to this situation. One day things will improve. KRO. Impatience will get us nowhere.

  • A Turton says:

    The end to most of the nonsense will be Jan or Fab.

    If guilty, he appeals but con no longer be on the Board of BCFC…. so hes gone.
    If innocent we should all put this behind us and let bygones be bygones….. after all, apart from having crap business processes he hasnt done much wrong (if innocent!).

    Paul, your love for Carson most definately puts you on another planet! And get off your high horse about the stay awayers…. I am one, but will happily come back to league 1 football if it meant that we are run by someone who gives a damn about the club (I know this may contradict the above sentiments, but I happen to think he is as guilty as hell!)

    DNM! KRO!

  • Gary says:

    You make a good point Paul but whether we like it or not it’s Carson’s fault that blues are in this mess you can only be grateful for so long especially in football it’s wrong but that’s the way football has gone we need new owners with decent amount of money that are willing to buy decent players that’s what will bring fans back.

  • Peoples Republic of Finlan says:

    Hi Dan
    Do you have any knowledge on what kind of a judge he is? Is he seen as a hard liner or a more liberal kind of chap?

  • Darren says:

    So the good news is by feb he will either be guilty and the league will boot him out or not guilty and he will have all his cash back.

    At least we will have some closure to look forward

  • Oldbluenose says:

    It almost became a shock to realise that Carson Yuengs, trial is due to re-commence.

    Whatever the verdict may be, I pray for some resolution to aid the sale of our club soon.

  • Cocka says:

    Paul carter: I’m a season ticket holder and can bearly face going down tommorrow so where does that sit with your condemnation of the missing Blues fans?

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      You really expect an answer to that?

      I can’t wait to go, same every match.

      • bluenose08 says:

        Where have you been paul I have missed your comments as nobody winds people up better than you. !! And apologies in advance I work most Saturdays !!!!! K.r.o.

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          You do’t have to apologise to me or anybody else mate.

          Work has to come first for everyone – KRO brother

          And to answer your question, I stayed away from posting for a while to give Dan and everybody else a break cos a lot of my posts provoked arguments. Yep having the temerity to question our piss poor crowds was a taboo question for some.

          comment edited – Paul – don’t lie.

      • Steve says:

        Sad very sad.

  • Chris W says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but going on the case study, if CY is found guilty he is looking at anything up to 14/15 years.
    I despise what he has allowed happen to BCFC, not all can be aimed at CY, though if you break the law you will eventually be caught, the fact that all his monies and assets have been frozen for the trial has meant no investment.
    I wonder if CY is aware of everything that PP has done while he has been under a curfew
    Every man has a right to fight for his freedom, but there comes a time when you have to admit defeat and let go, sadly CY has kept a tight hold on BCFC as it is his only asset left, though it has been stripped to the bare bones.
    Soon we will have a result, If he is found guilty he maybe forced to relinquish his reigns, however, I will probably counter that with his right to appeal, we all know how weak kneed and yellow bellied the powers of the FA and Football League are.
    I can’t logically see what would be best, CY guilty he appeals, CY innocent and he can take up where he left off.
    This is going to drag on longer than Coronation Street I fear

  • Weaponsguru says:

    More importantly from my point of view, my Mother-in-law is flying down to visit for Christmas on 12th December (presuming Air Traffic Control give clearance for her Broomstick movements).

    …..and you think Blues and Carson Yeung have problems!!!

    At least there’ll be closure within a few months – my misery is likely to go on for years!! :(

  • Lee says:

    Get him gone, delay no more, diu lay lo mo, w*nker, hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars

    • Mickey07 says:

      Hope he gets 10 years and never to be seen again on these shores….he doesn’t give a flying about what he’s put us through so why should we cut him any slack…..the only thing he’s interested in is himself,I seen through this mug 2 years ago.

  • Tony says:

    Mcleish won the cup for us, he built a good side.

    • kirkus says:

      u must of been there tony,chanting 4,4,2 at him every bloody home game.he was crap. mind u hes done well after he releguated us for the second time has’nt he.

      • BobbyBlue says:

        Mcleish did a very good job (Promotion in first full season, 9th place finish, cup win) but his memory is tainted by his move to the Vile. Ok, we got relegated but with a very high points tally. And yes he was defensive – but that was playing to our strength. He and the players won the cup.

        See no reason why we should thank CY for that. His and the boards job is to run the club as a business and – what little we do know – is the shocking terms of Zigic’s contract!

        Am hoping the ownership will be resolved before the end of the season and our club and its fans will come out of hibernation during the summer.


  • The Francis Fake says:

    Mc Leish also took us to our highest league position in 50 years. Yes it was boring football but I wish we were back to those days again. I think that most of the very negative sentiment aimed at McLeish by Blues fans is down to the fact that he went to Villa, but, we should not forget the positives otherwise you will never enjoy watching the Cup Final DVD again. McLeish and Lerner both made terriblly foolish decision’s when they agreed for him to take the Villa job and I’m afraid that that decision has completely ruined McLeish’s credibility as a manager ever since. McLeish has paid a very heavy price for deserting Blues but we should remember what he did otherwise it will undermine those happy memories that we should try to retain of the positive aspects when was in charge.

  • Neil Jones says:

    What dawns on me now is that we should all have had a sweep stake at the beginning of this whole debacle on how many days it would run from start to finish, could make a tidy pot for someone or even to donate to charity?

    just a thought, suppose we may have an appeal hearing to resurrect this idea for either way if anyone fancies it?

  • jdf2473 says:

    If there was ever anything to show how negative a manager McJudas was it was him signing Zigic to replace Chucho!! Our best finish that season was because the only player on the pitch that season that did things unpredictable was Chucho, while the others marched to McJudas’ negative tactics. Solid base with one player providing the spark. He soon saw paid to that tho. Ginger tossser!!

  • DoctorD says:

    I think it looks increasingly likely Carson will get convicted. (Dan – am I allowed to say that?)

    So he steps down, his pal/family member steps in as boss. Nothing will really change though except if the new boss has different ideas. That seems to me the key — who comes in in his place.

    The club is staying in Chinese hands for the foreseeable — everyone better get used to it. Maybe David Cameron had a nice word with one of those business execs when he was over there this week.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I have commented on this before but I find it difficult to condemn a man who is yet to be found guilty, if he is found to be innocent then no one can blamed him for what has happened during the time of his assets being frozen. I remind you all that we recently had a sex offender wearing our shirt and dont remember anyone suggesting a boycott because of that! I also find it quite racist when everyone calls for a new non Chinese backer….does everyone think that the Chinese are bad businessmen? Compare our two economies and then see what you think. I also think everyone is missing the good news bit of Daniels article, if he were to be found guilty, say next week, the league would have to act immediately irrespective of any appeal. Im not jumping to any conclusions about low gates but low league position usually reflect s low gates. Do you honestly think a boycott would happen if we were
    top of the league? Its just a good excuse.to stay away!

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    CY’s regime invigorated the club and he did invest in the team and Wast Hills. We had the Unbeatables, 9th in the League and of course the CCFCW. It was not his fault we got relegated; if we’d stayed up McLeish would not have left and we would probably still be surviving with the Premier League money.

    CY is certainly to blame for not being able to fund a decent enough team to attempt an intstant return through automatic promotion and after his assets were frozen the honourable option was to sell the club. However having paid such a high premium who would have been able to cut a deal with him?

    If these money laundering charges are false he hope he is acquitted and then sets a path of investment as only a return to the Premier League will restore his and our fortunes

    • Lee says:

      What are you talking about? McLeish spent shit loads not only on fees but also on ridiculous wages, hleb, martins, zigic, foster, all over 50k a week, Cameron Jerome got absolutely slaughtered by the fans for being shite yet that twat still played him 4-5-1 every week, against some of the best defenders in the world, last game against spurs, Jerome had been injured for a couple of months and was no where near match fit, still went 4-5-1 with him up front with zigic and Kevin Philips sat on the bench probably on around 80 grand a week between them, 74th minute we had our first shot on target, put biggest game of the season and yet he still would not go out and attack them, he had money, he wasted it, his tactics were inept, he was clueless and with what money he spent he is without doubt the worst manager we have ever had, carsen yeung has ruined the club, in the couple of years he’s been there he’s took it back 20, all the good work done by previous owners and managers like Steve Bruce has been completely obliterated, the lot of em need putting infront of a firing squad and shot infront of their own families, with them lot in charge of any football club it would end up how Birmingham City is right now

  • Lee says:

    McLeish got us relegated twice in three years, worst style of football I have ever seen in my life and walked out the ground every week in despair, utter twat that bloke was, he should never be allowed to manage a football club again

  • Daz says:

    Carson had good intentions when he arrived and all was good. We had excellent times under the ginger rat but the football was dire and so negative, Fahey on the wing for example! Remember forever the cup run and win but never forgive him joining the vile.
    Delay no more. Personally I don’t mind Lee Clark but I feel if we had new onwers and maybe Ian Holloway as boss the fans would come back for sure.
    The quicker Carson’s gone the better, how anybody can think otherwise baffles me!!

  • Blue Steve says:


    Am I right in saying that while the FL would remove Carson from the board if he is found guilty he would still be BIH’s major shareholder? Could the new board then sell the club without Carsons authorisation? Of course I presume they could only sell the remaining 73.69 % /

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I was speaking metaphorically Daniel. Sorry if it wasnt clear. What I meant was as soon as the verdict is guilty the league take acaction. Is that correct?

  • Tony says:

    Lee how do you explain best finish in league ever, and first major trophy in our history. As for him being boring well I would prefer to win a match 1-0 boringly, than lose a thriller 4-5

    • Lee says:

      Hleb hated playing for us, what was that Russian geezers name, played in the final, he couldn’t wait to go, we played 4-5-1 every game, including against lower league sides in the cup, if we went 1-0 down we generally lost the game, he would take Jerome off in the 80th minute against Wigan at home, and bring zigic or Philips on, so we won the cup, it cost us everything, we finished 9th, after getting relegated in his first season then got relegated straight after, don’t mean shit to me, he was awful, his record besides that cup win, is shit, he’s a shit manager with shit tactics which is why he doesn’t have a job right now, that in itself closes the argument, I also seem to recall and if you check back you will see the statement by pannu, a lot of fans were complaining about the lack off money being spent, the side needed improving and where is the 40 million that was promised, this all occurred just before we made the final, pannu, like I said released a statement saying the manager has been given funds and has bought in players that were either not fit, of did not directly improve the quality of the side, players not up to prism pace were zigic, hadn’t been playing 1st team football then there was the other geezer we signed from Spain who said he was homesick, played a couple of games over a year or so then f*cked off, if your happy watching shit football, good luck to you, the whole McLeish/yeung/pannu era has been a total f*cking nightmare, sooner he goes down thd better for me, and I hope he stays there for a very long time, I have nothing but contempt for him and his sidekick

  • bluenose08 says:

    I would rather try and win a thriller 5-4 !!!!!

  • CY has already planned for all outcomes.Correct me here if I’m wrong wasn’t his son appoint on the board? we haven’t seen the last of CY for a long time unless some mug offers him the supposed 32 million.

  • Poppa999 says:

    And talking of reporting…
    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that there is nothing about Nelson Mandela on ‘Free’ Radio?

  • mark says:

    i bet Carson cannot wait to be back in court Daniel, and rightly so Carson deserve some of the accolades to do with Birmingham city, which Paul rightly commented on………..
    Carson will not be going anywhere, he will have a plan B and C in place, ……………………….
    i WILL be definately there tomorrow come sun, rain, wind, or snow…………………………i love the blues………….kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      “come sun, rain, wind, or snow”

      We’re likely to get the lot during the 90 minutes mark. ;-)

      • mark says:

        yes with our luck staffs lol……… long with a crap ref everything rosy down stans………….. hope for a bigger crowd today surely more than 13,000……………..otherwise we be singing on our own,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry long with daniel, paul,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if they are there…………..

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Always there, always have been always will (hopefully) Bournemouth next week too


  • heinrich says:

    If Madela could achieve what he did after 27 yrs in prison then I think a stretch for Carson can only be positive for Blues. At the end of the day he wasn’t to know that the 721 Mil wasn’t from his hairdressing business, it’s just a simple misunderstanding.

    I think as Blues fans we need to plan for the worse, we should already be planning the campaign to secure Carson’s freedom.

  • davidfowler says:

    Dan, at the match yesterday someone said that there had been a statement made to the HK Stock Exchange, just before they closed, to the effect that discussions had now started with a Hong Kong based group regarding significant investment.
    Have you heard?

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