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The Carson Trial – Day 53

Carson Yeung was back in court today for final submissions in his long running trial on five counts of money laundering.

Whilst I am waiting for fuller news to filter through with regards what was said in court, I can confirm from my colleagues in the press who attended the trial hearing that the verdict is due to be given February 28.

Edit: 21:45 BST December 12 2013

The South China Morning Post has reported that in their closing remarks, the prosecution pointed out inconsistencies in Carson’s evidence; whereas the defence said that it was “healthy” that Carson disagreed with Ian Robinson.

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13 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 53”

  • Eddie says:

    I’ve a feeling a “Not Guilty” is on its way

    • Agent McLeish says:

      You sure? The defence statement that it was “healthy” for CY to disagree with his own defence witness. This only backs up the prosecution statement of inconsistencies with his evidence. Also CY has still not offered any concrete evidence throughout the trial. Remember that he needs to provide his innocence.

  • WalmleySteve says:

    Anyone seen the picture of Carson Yeung on page 4 of BIHL’s annual report? Reminds me of Blofeld out of James Bond. Just needs a white cat on his lap. On a serious note, the wording in ‘Business prospect and looking forward’ appears to imply that any sale of the club would be contingent on BIHL retaining the right to distribute BCFC products in China…

  • EebeegeeBee says:

    He will be found guilty, but too late for BCFC to change ownership this season. He still has time to get his hands on next seasons parachute and season ticket money, his only real target.

    We need the Football league to act very quickly after the 26th Feb , but I am not holding my breath. When did they last do anything for BCFC.

  • Stevio11 says:

    Well they should act straight away

  • Weaponsguru says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t managed to get it delayed by a day until 29th February.
    Knowing our luck, someone would fall for it and we’d be stuck in limbo for another 2 years! :(

  • ForeverBlue says:

    Dan, is the 28th Feb just an approximate of when the verdict will be given and is there any chance that the judge will deliver the verdict on an earlier – or later – date? I appreciate that these things do take time and the legal process is slow, but it does seem an awfully long time to review the evidence and with the amount this case has been drawn out already i wondered whether the verdict would come any sooner.

    Keep up the good work and KRO

  • Madam cholet says:

    .I am hoping he gets life!!

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