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Birmingham International Holdings yesterday released their full annual report prior to an annual general meeting of shareholders. The report contains the figures contained in the accounts with one addition – emoluments paid to directors.

I write this with some trepidation. Recently I was advised that Peter Pannu was considering suing this website for “harassment” over questions with respect to the wages paid to him by Birmingham City and Birmingham International Holdings. He felt that he had answered questions in full as to why he is paid the money he is and that further questions were taking an overly aggressive stance.

However, having read the report, I came across the following two figures.

Directors emoluments paid to Peter Pannu for the period September 21 2012 to June 30 2013 – HK$6,621,000 (which includes his wages as Chief Executive of BIH) – page 93

Consultancy Fee paid to Asia Rays Ltd (a company solely owned by Peter Pannu) for the period July 1 2012 to June 30 2013 – HK$5,920,000 – page 130

This makes a total of HK$12,541,000 or £989,516.52 in wages and consultancy fees paid to Pannu last year – and this comes on top of his wages and benefits in kind received from Birmingham City FC (last year £687,611).

In comparison, Carson Yeung  – majority shareholder, chairman of the Board of BIH and president of BCFC earned just HK$600,000 or £47,341.20 for the period July 1 2012 to June 30 2013 – a reduction of over 75% on the previous year.

In light of these figures, I’d like to revisit these two questions put to Peter Pannu in October – which Mr Pannu declined to respond to then.

  • In light of the club’s continuing ongoing financial constraints and the issues that the holding company have faced can you give some sort of breakdown of what your role entails and how your wages/emoluments as detailed in the Annual Report of Birmingham International Holdings published December 12 2013 are correct using industry benchmarking standards?
  • Do you agree that it must be difficult to be simultaneously the Chief Executive and Managing Director of one company and the Acting Chairman of another, particularly bearing in mind that these companies are based 6,000 miles apart? Would you consider putting a person into position in Birmingham as a “vice acting chairman” so that the fans have a point of contact with BIH that resides within the Birmingham area?

As always, any response received will be fed back on the blog.


Please be incredibly careful in the comments you make on this article. As much as you might have an opinion on Peter Pannu if it is defamatory you can be sued for it; I will have no compunction in handing over any details I have if a legal letter is served on me – anything I see that I feel is across the line I will delete summarily.

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109 Responses to “£989,516.52”

  • Flakey says:

    £10,500 off a million,if we all chip in……………………..what would we do without him eh?Well Done Dan keep him on his toes,KRO DNM

  • Enckelman says:

    so we are paying this bloke £19,000 per week for what exactly??? and there was me thinking we are in financial trouble.

  • jan says:

    Well done Dan,for asking the questions,we have a right to ask.

  • HK Phooey says:

    And so the smoke clears and left holding a pretty penny of the clubs dwindling money pot is Mr Pannu!!!.. At the very least we deserve a response to the questions posed about his ties within the clubs structure. In my personal opinion this just backs up my view that the enigma that is Pannu is no more than a illusionist who can make things dissappear behind a smokescreen of figures!!… Sell up, ship off and don’t look back!!! KRO! !!

  • cfar says:

    What a scumbag for considering suing the site for harrasement, if he doesn’t like the questions he should just f**k off and asap while he’s at it… Sooner he’s gone the better KRO

    comment edited

  • Art Watson says:

    Just boycott the games and stop feeding this arse…e

    • pieman1979 says:

      If we all boycott the games Pannu wouldn’t lose out on his “wages”, backroom staff will be made redundant before that would happen KRO.

      • Wearynose says:

        If backroom staff have to go then they have to go. The primary target is the removal of BIHL and Pannu. ArtWatson is right, the only way to deal with them is to starve them out financially; that is in the best interests of the club and no one, not even the backroom staff, are bigger than the club.

        With greatly reduced revenue the company would eventually go into administration, the resources to fund Pannu’s ludicrous drawdown would not be there and his payments would cease. That is the only way to remove him. Annual emoluments of £1.6m plus are ridiculous for an organisation of this size, particularly given its current financial straits. The latter of course are being exacerbated by the payments to him.

        As I have said before, the only way to rid ourselves of this crew is to boycott games. To show the team and, more importantly, prospective owners that there is great latent support for the club supporters should go to the ground and stand outside and cheer. Ten thousand doing so would be a news story at every home game and would advertise our potential.

        At the moment, as Dan belatedly realised recently, we have a team of other clubs’ players, free agents and promising kids who have been promoted prematurely from the academy, to its and their detriment. That is not a position which anyone who has a feeling for the club should rejoice in. We should at least own the majority of our players and be in a position where we can resist the sale of good players. That is the only position which is consistent with fans’ view of us being a big club, in potential if we are only lower middle ranking at the moment.

        To get to that position we need to be rid of BIHL and so there should be no fear of the short term loss of status through administration and relegation. We can bring the club back from wherever it falls when we are rid of the dead weight of BIHL, who are bleeding the strength from club, and the fans’ financial resources.

        • almajir says:


          As I have said repeatedly, it’s too late to boycott. Ticket money is only a small proportion of the money the club gets.. and they’ve had the majority of that in season ticket money…

  • swissjonny says:

    Disgraceful.Does Mr Pannu have to perform any other tasks or engage in any other form of behaviour to justify these extraordinary benefits? Has Pannu ever given or lent money to Mr Yeung to help him with his legal fees? All perfectly proper questions which will undoubtedly go unanswered. It beggars belief that as the ship starts to sink at a faster rate of knots certain individuals appear to be helping themselves to the silver from the Captains dining room .If those certain individuals do not talk ,communicate or answer questions people will obviously jump to such conclusions which may or may not be correct.Its a long time since I was last cautioned by a UK police officer but I seem to recall part of the speech advising me that if I failed to answer questions it may be to the detriment of my day in court.Answer the questions Mr Pannu or be damned by your own silence.

  • bluenose 11 says:

    mr pannu
    please take the time to answer the questions above so that we the fans may have a better understanding as to how YOU EARN the money you take from bcfc. a club by the way that is struggling and a fanbase that is very worried if you dont answer questions like these then you can hardly complain when people come up with their own explanations one that i have heard lately is that you could be described as a modern day pirate plundering the good ship bcfc for all its worth then when you have squeezed all the blood you can from it smashing A hole through it and finally leaving it as a sinking wreck im not saying this is my view just what i have heard people say .
    i for one would love to see what you have to say otherwise there can never be any balance


  • Art Watson says:

    A couple of excellent posts but sorry to say he will not respond to Almajir or to anything written on this blog.He has helped to financially rape our club and will continue to do so until the money runs out…he’s just a complete arse…e.

  • sutton apex says:

    mr pannu – these are hard times for the common blues fan, please explain to us via bcfc website why in a company struggling, selling best players etc you EARN MORE THAN OUR PRIME MINISTER ??

    • John says:

      Mr. Pannu has not confirmed to this site, that he EARNS the money he gets from the club. The company has stated, this is the money he has received. Until he replies to the questions posed to him, nobody but him,can actually say,what duties he has performed ,in relation to B.C.F.C.

  • pierre says:

    nice to read you back online,hope you are well.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Mr pannu……how do you sleep at night??? Somewhere down the line karma is going to get you…

  • derbyblue says:

    I dont think you canbe sued for printing and repeating factual information. pannu and cronies have done nothing to warrant that pay. any idiot could have sold off a whole squad of players for completely less than market value (oh sorry i mean “undisclosed”). it makes me sick to the bone how OUR club has been destroyed by total greed

    comment edited

  • mark says:

    So in effect 1.5m per year for presiding over a defunct holding company and it’s football club!!!!!

    The average wage for similar positions in premier is around 1m

    So Mr Pannu please explain how your version of austerity works?

    Clearly the fans should make a petition and send it to the football authorities.

    By July 1st he will higher paid than any single person at the club.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    PP seems to consider suing anyone who disagrees with him. Quicker he and BIHL are gone the better.

  • ChrisG says:

    I think it’s about time CY grew a pair of balls & kicked Pannu in his & into touch. I’ve said before that I found it strange that Paladini made so much noise about buying the club & saying he had an agreement in place with Pannu, now i’m convinced that PP didn’t put forward Paladinis offer to CY as it seems he has the most to lose. KRO. DNM.

  • Masaccio says:

    Old Chinese proverb says, Peter Pannu do one you greedy git

  • andy says:

    This is the same guy that waved a wad of cash at supporters, the same guy that promised to answer questions on the local radio, the same guy, who apparently agreed to sell the club to Paladini. Instead of threatening to sue, its about time he showed some guts, showed his face and answer the all important questions about the football club truthfully.

    • chas says:

      Andy, why take his action out of context to make your point ? He didn’t wave a wad of cash, he waved his wallet in a direct answer to a load of Fans chanting ‘Where’s the money gone’. It was a joke, shame so many of our Fans have had a Sense of Humour Bypass.

  • Bob Your Uncle says:

    Thank goodness we sold Nathan Redmond to keep Pannu!
    This is criminal, no wonder the club will never get sold, he’ll never be as rich again in his life.

  • BobK says:

    This reminds me of when the club was run by the Kumars, with them buying expensive cars etc with the club’s money when the club was in dire financial straits, i.e. bleeding it dry. This situation will not resolve itself until we either get sold to a more worthy owner or we go under, which is the most likely outcome I’m sad to say.

  • the badger says:

    Why would they want to sell the club when they are drawing this amount of money. Would you in their position? As long as they can keep the balls in the air(pun intended) and the snouts in the trough, happy days.
    PS Last parachute payment due in January to top up the trough.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Mr P iwould seem to be a bit touchy about reconciling the fees paid to him by BCFC..

    Truth is we cant afford him, his communication skills are at best poor, & he does not seem to have a clue about how to get BCFC out of the mire they are currently nostril deep in .

    Please Go Quietly…

  • Frankie says:

    And Pannu does precisely NOWT for the club and that has been the story from Day ONE, when he ‘waddled’ through the door.
    Excellent ‘exposure’ again from this excellent site.
    Well done Dan !
    Actually can’t work out why Yeung was paid 47k either.

  • Nigel says:

    I’ll help with the legal fees if it gets to that stage Dan.

  • Art Watson says:

    Well done Dan for having the balls to stand up to this arse…e.

    I just hope he gets caught with his fingers in the till one day.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    What with that and Ziggys wages we could have kept half the team

  • Leigh says:

    Perhaps the best thing would be for him to sue. Who knows what he may be obliged to reveal

  • Terry Lacey says:

    Well don Dan keep up the good work, this farce can not last for ever the sooner this mob go the better

  • DoctorD says:

    What bothers me is not so much his salary but this messy business of his consultancy Asia Rays.

    I mean what’s that all about? How he can run the show and then also get paid for consultancy? I note from the report that the consultancy is due to end next September, but I guess he could have it extended.

    CY: “So Peter, what should we do about player contracts?”
    PP: “Ah, Carson, I’m not sure but let me get our consultants in. I’m just typing an email to myself.
    CY: “So Peter what do your consultants say?”
    PP: “Um, I have told myself that we should not put a relegation clause in Zigic’s contract”.
    CY: “Ah very good Peter, have a pay rise”.

  • Gary says:

    Supporting blues is just like being in the film Groundhog Day going through the same thing week in week out nothing ever changing and by the look of it never will it’s just totally boring and it seems like every time fans put suggestions on to do something they are put down so we might as well just let these people do what they want .

  • TonyE says:

    So add together the above and what he receives in respect of being Blues acting CEO, including the ex’s and he’s receiving approx £2m p.a. now we know why we had to sell Redmond! All this and he manages the club from thousands of miles away and we, the paying public, have no idea what he does. You couldn’t make it up.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I have no words to describe my feelings. I couldn’t take censoring that volume of profanity.

  • Arnieclaws says:

    i greives me to see the empty seats at Stans these days. going steadily back to the dark days of Div3 gates. this is all down to PP & CY. Clark can only do so much with loan players etc.
    my question is…how much did Gold & Sullivan know in advance about them?.cos some of the blame for the present debacle can be firmly put at their door. there seems to be several Blues Groups around on facebook the web etc. wouldn’t the supporters have more ‘ clout’ if they all formed a collective under a single banner? i am aware of the ‘blues trust’ but apart from getting the area of community value on the ground. we are at a standstill. you may call me naive, but history shows that lots of voices as one acheive more than several splinter groups.
    KRO and keep the faith!

    comment edited

    • chris says:

      the fans are too split and fall right into their hands.
      some boycott some won’t, some want a protest some don’t, some want bedsheets some don’t, some want Paladini some don’t etc etc.
      with this fragmentation and people not seeing the bigger picture it is stalemate and nothing moves forward which ever side of the fence your on.
      divided your conquered

  • Gary says:

    I wasn’t talking about you almajir you are doing a good job mate what I meant was you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t blues are doomed no matter what fans do. Something needs to happen soon whether it’s blues being sold or blues or has much as I hate to say it blues going out of business because this pathetic saga has made blues a laughing stock and fans have had enough.

  • andy says:

    I do wonder what David Sullivan makes of all this, the club he rescued from obscurity being sent there again by the current owners.

  • dave mann says:

    as you might know what goes on off the field is to depressing and to boring for me to keep
    commenting on, its dragged on to long and have lost total interest, but i will say that by the
    end of tommorow night having come back from bournemouth i might have spent around
    that much so dont get to irate about it because theres nothing we can do about what
    people earn or dont earn as in pannus case, roll on the 28th febuary so we can atleast
    see some light at the end of the tunnell.KRO.

  • Tony says:

    The questions Dan asked really have no chance of being answered and they dont need to be, its easy to draw our own conclusions, and they are not favourable to Pannu.
    Like Ali I am at a loss for words that would escape Dans white pencil other than Ba*****

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    sounds like a job for Zulu warriors

  • blueb says:

    Dan, are their any legal responsibilities for a director of a company with relation to pay either in UK or HK when it is known the company can potentially not afford those payments? I would have thought there is but I know little of these matters.

  • carlos says:

    I don’t know about gambling debt, but I think it’s pretty clear who is the organ grinder and who is the monkey.

  • carlos says:

    As I said above, of the two PP is the one with the power. The real problem is who is pulling PP’s strings and where does the money go from Pannu’s account. Also cannot understand why there has not been more scrutiny of Zigic’s contract, does that money also get divied up after leaving BCFC, there has never been any great urgency to resolve that issue. I mean, how “incompetent” was the awarding of that contract.

  • AR says:

    How many players could we have kept/had with half the money Pannu & his company are receiving? I wouldn’t like to have to justify these amounts to anyone who loves the Blues. It does seem to be extraordinary that someone could feel they could take this sort of money when the club is in such difficulty. It would appear that there is no care for the club.

    • DoctorD says:

      Well half of what he earns is about £500k a year, so assuming you pay someone £5k a week, which is our upper limit, then it would be two players who could come out of that.

  • Art Watson says:

    Suggest those fans who are shareholders send an email to the board expressing their dis-satisfaction and request justification for his outragous re-numeration .

  • chris says:

    So he thinks “that further questions were taking an overly aggressive stance”.
    Well if he doesn’t like scrutiny in a public held company, answerable to the democratic process by shareholders, media, stock exchange in the UK and in Hong Kong, THEN HE CAN ALWAYS RESIGN.
    £1 million probably puts him and his company as the highest paid people in the club except i guess for Zigic, King and Murphy?
    Why is he taking so much money when this should be used to cut debt or pay shareholders.
    If Yeung can take a pay cut, why isn’t he and setting an example?

  • chris says:

    So we lose Redmond for £2 mill to pay IT, as he gets the equivalent of half of that transfer fee.
    What a piece of clever business!!

  • Blue92 says:

    Yeah so basically a man who doesn’t speak out at all is sitting at home reading this waiting to pounce on a nasty comment, sue me if anything iv got about £11 in my bank you can have it pannu maybe if everyone donated a quid we could get his wages touching a million, this just proves to us even more as a club and to the fans that the board don’t care about the football that’s being played, us the fans, the hard working people at St Andrews, all they care about is rinsing the money dry, I cannot still believe we sold Redmond for 2million all that was for is so pannu got his yearly lump sum, I always criticised Zigic for bring abit of a fool for rinsing the club.. But pannu don’t even score GOALS!! Can’t be bad sit 6,000 miles away from the football club watching the money roll in
    Hope my comments haven’t offended the bald man himself!! Enough is enough you can retire with what you have managed to claw, don’t be idiots and wait for the club to go bust or league 2

  • Martin Grainger says:

    This is a disgrace.

  • chris says:

    What exactly does this Asia Rays do for their money?
    Shouldn’t it be in the accounts?
    Why is the same consultancy firm employed every year by the directors?
    What are the directors doing if they need a consultancy to run the company?

  • bluenoseb says:

    How come none of the other directors of BIHL are questioning why pannu is getting paid so much for doing absloutley nothing, cus if I was a director there and saw the returns he was getting for doing jack shit compared to other and myself id be fuming and would want answers. And if his earnings are in reports that are being made public how can he threaten to sue you dan when your asking him questions regarding things in the public domain? Seems like your ruffling his feathers any way keep it up cus his cash cow ent gna last forever roll on feb 28th.

  • Peter bates says:

    Time for cy to say bye bye to pp he his killing our club do it now mister yeung

  • Matt says:

    Fan power is greater than what people realise…. getting the national news behind this by mass protest outside the ground will get the press we need! 12000 turning up to games with the odd chant won’t achieve anything…. a huge revolt is now what is needed!!! 10000 + noses outside stans every home game will get the BBC/ITV/SKYSPORTS attention and more importantly the FA! come on people think!!!

  • bluenoseb says:

    So basically its a company made up of a load of yes man around those two who wont rock the boat or ask questions. Well be good to see if he has got the balls to answer your questions a second time dan, and if you got nothing to hide pete then spill, after all its money from our club that keeps bihl alive, if it wernt for blues propping up that inept company out there you’d all be directors of a company worth absloutly nothing. Thats why we all have a right to know !

  • Matt says:

    and more importantly the FA would not allow all those people to lose their jobs they would step in before that, a football club is differen to any other business! Fed up of the moaning but people still go to games??? Idiots!!!!!

  • Johhny G says:

    Two simple words spring to mid with this whole debacle ‘CASH COW’

  • Bluenosesol says:

    If Asia Rays is a bona fide organisation, how come they havent got a web site?

    • almajir says:

      Not every company has a website mate…

      • Bluenosesol says:

        You would expect a business which charges 100’s of k’s a year for their services including companies which are half the globe away, would have a modicum of web media conent?

        • almajir says:

          Why would I?

          • Bluenosesol says:

            I work in the telecoms industry, any business that wants to be visible, wants to compete and has a compelling business proposition, has to engage the internet. Google 100 UK companies that you know of and they will have a web presence. If you have a company that has a purpose other than growing it’s business and selling its services, then they wont need web engagement and you probably would get a Google response similar to that of Asia Rays.

  • BluenoseDan says:

    Bluenoses seem to be divided at the moment in to 2 categories – the ones who will not go because they think they’re lining the boards pockets (and based on things like this – can you blame them?) and the ones who will go every Saturday no matter what. Surely there’s something that would make both camps happy?

    How about a one off sell out (possibly the Forest game as its cheap tickets) with 28000 singing anti PP and CY songs?
    – 28000 getting behind the team and manager
    – 28000 united against the board
    – 28000 drowning out the away fans for a change

    Think about it… a full house at Stans would give us the team a massive boost and possibly 3 points. The fans that stay away aren’t losing out on anything as it’s just one game, and I doubt one matches ticket receipts would even make a dent on PP’s salary. And the ones that go regardless will be united and may actually have a decent singsong for once (even if the footballs crap).

    This would take little or no planning (unlike a full on march or walk out etc.) instead, just a bit of word of mouth that its going to be a good crowd/atmosphere and more people will want to go… even if its just to vent your anger

    Also its a decent excuse to get out of the last Saturday before Christmas, Christmas shopping!

    • almajir says:

      Why don’t you try and organise it?

      • BluenoseDan says:

        I’d love to.. if people are interested in the idea then sure!

        Unfortunately, I’m a final year uni student not in brum at the moment so would need a bit of help… perhaps you would consider a ‘guest post’ on OP that would help to get the ball rolling?

        • almajir says:

          Nope, I don’t do guest posts. Sorry mate.

          It’s funny (and this isn’t a dig at you) but everyone I know who talks of doing something has a reason that they can’t do it themselves. Everyone is looking for everyone else to start something…

          • BluenoseDan says:

            No problem mate, cheers anyway

            Spot on – i guess that sums up blues at the moment – no leadership and nobody to look towards for the answers…

  • ny says:

    Bring it on Panhead
    OP website is providing a service for disgruntled customers(fans) of the company you are being paid by and shareholders of the parent company also have a right to transparency
    These are legitimate questions,given that there are huge money laundering charges against the parent companies largest shareholder and the general financial state of the company
    Any lawsuit would hopefully unearth alot more truths about the workings of the company
    OP could call upon thousands of us who would back him up in feeling his actions are justified
    So go for it,or just stop trying to bully people
    The truth will come out in the end,and where will you be then?

  • Lee says:

    To ask questions is not breaking any law, if so, I’d like to see these laws, if asking someone a question is against a law and deems a libel case then surely treating people who pay your wages with utter contempt is also illegal? If asking someone a question is illegal then surely not answering it is illegal? The bloke is ridiculous, he loves shouting his mouth off with threats, threats of libel action should be made more illegal than asking a question, if this guy is a lawyer it’s no wonder he gone into consultancy, it clearly pays a lot more for doing a lot less

  • bluenose08 says:

    Well if pp won’t answer your questions we have to draw our own conclusions that he has something to hide !! Keep up the good work Dan and if pp is threatening you then he is threatening all of us and it means you are Getting close to the truth and he obviously is not happy about that.

  • StevieW says:

    For those who think the 28th Feb will start the glorious end of this absolute destruction of our club are mistaken. At best the only person to leave will be CY and as has been demonstrated in the past by PP he clearly has the reigns in his hands and has no intention of letting go until he has no more to take out of the club and BIHL.

    The 28th Feb is the end of a chapter not the book.

  • Lee says:

    The question is, why don’t you want to answer the questions, why, if there are perfectly good reasons for taking £1 million from a club that is short of money would you not want to be a decent and honest person and explain to the people who spend their hard earnt money the good reason why this money has been taken from the club and not been spent on important issues such as keeping hold of players that could potentially avoid the club being relegated again and losing yet more revenue, there must be a very good reason why he’s doing it and all he has to do is say, would make everyone a lot happier and maybe even like him…….

  • roger says:

    imagine where we would be wiyhout PP , we are so lucky to have a premiership standard CEO

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I think the point made bt SWgirl was a valid one, PP could just be a vehicle to remove money from the club. The mention of a boycott is laughable they have the money for 9000 up front so I dont think 3000 staying away every 2 weeks is going to cut the mustard really!

  • Marvin says:

    In the age of Austerity and our club having to sell young players to keep a float , may I say for less than the market value Redmond 3.5 mill when Ince worth 8 mill.
    I find this hard to swollow would it be unreasonable to see a breakdown of his wages for work done as I am led to believe this man spends very little in our country, is this work outside of the UK?

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    He doesn’t respond to general questions so good luck with him answering specific ones regarding his income. Its time for a reality check for all Blues fans, we will have to see what the outcome of the trial is at the end of February. If CY is guilty then the league should act immediately in removing him, cue manouvering tactiics, if innocent then let’s see what funds he has to reinvest in our club. In all honesty I would prefer the latter.

  • Peter bates says:

    We take our money and buy our tickets because our club keeps us going througj bad times in and outzide of football we love it but we are all guilty of sitting back and not doing anything apart from a chorus about carson yeung I would not advocate boycotting games but to me there seems no alternative we need to show these people what our club means to us and hottw little cy pp and bihl dont kro

  • Peter bates says:

    Almajir does carson yeung know the feelings of the fans of the club because peter pannu does he must have told him or is there a little bit of you dont need to know about it all I cant believe he would not ask

    • almajir says:

      I hate to say this Peter, but why would he care? He’s 6000 miles away with the possibility of 5 years in chokey hanging over him, why would he give a toss what we think?

  • Dave says:

    Wheldon, Kumar etc…….

  • Lee says:

    Why, when I look on bcfc official is no one giving him and cy no stick whatsoever? Amazes me, surely if you want to get the ball rolling that’s a good place to start, you haven’t even got to leave your house, if you want to start something, start there, get some feeling going, I started yesterday, people ask if he and baldy know the feeling towards them back here in the uk, well pannu clearly does as he won’t come here, and judging by the official site you’d think we are all singing all dancing, no one is doing anything

    • almajir says:


      I hate to say this, but posting stuff online isn’t getting the ball rolling – people have been moaning online for a long time. And think about it for a second – do you think a website owned by the club and thus administered by someone who has Pannu for a boss is going to allow people to lay into Pannu continually?

      • Lee says:

        I hear what your saying, and they are deleting my comments, but when this type of thing goes on at other clubs a stand is made, man utd with the yellow and green scarves, comments on line etc, thing is at blues all I see is a few complaints on here, nothing on the official site, we simply have to at least say our thoughts on there wether they like them or not, the message has got to start getting across, instead of nothing, or if someone does something it’s pointless so no one bothers, he makes legal threats so again, no one does anything, he wins, and continues to collect 1.5 million a year, with no one saying a word other than a few grumbles on here, if he does send a letter, get it on here, whoever he sends it too, get it in the mail, it’ll start highlighting the bastard for what he really is, a big mouthed bully, rinsing our club and getting away with it, we need to start somewhere, I’ve started, and I will continue, even if I’m on my own

        • almajir says:


          You missed the point. Posting comments on a messageboard isn’t taking a stand at all. If you want to make a stand, you actually have to do something PHYSICAL, something REAL and something that isn’t on the internet.

          Also, whatever your thoughts ref legal process I’d prefer it if you reined in your comments a bit.

  • Tony says:

    One things for sure we have seen the last of Pannu, I cant see him having the balls to come back to brum ever again.
    Can you imagine if he did? the police bill woulds be horrendous.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    It seems PP doesn’t like people finding out that he’s paying himself large amounts of money. It’s public knowledge now and there’s nowhere left for him to hide. From what I can see you’ve written nothing wrong and even asked him to put forward his side of the story.

  • W_wonka says:

    So PP is head of consultancy company that the club uses. Surely this is a conflict of interests? Most blue chip companies have a segregation of duties for employees so why is this blatantly overlooked?
    As an example, you would not have the same person raising a purchase order and also having the approval access for that order…so why do I see such similarities with the same person being in acting charge of the club and it’s consultancy ?

  • Bluenose1875 says:

    I can’t remember which set of fans it is (I have a feeling it’s Real Madrid) but their fans have a way of protesting against poor performances by waving white handkerchiefs. Couldn’t the game against Nottingham Forest be the perfect time to do this and make sure that the press were aware of the protest and what/who the protest is against (including Sky………after all they will have their own commentators there and it would be broadcast live (and get back to China!!)) . The protest could take place at a pre-determined time during the game, while it would mean that those looking for a boycott of games would have to turn up for one game, but 22k+ waving white flags would certainly raise awareness of the situation.

  • mark says:

    Daniel agree with your questions put forward for peter to look at………maybe you should put the questions to carson as I am led to believe he is the paymaster………fans need to move on and stop looking at things through green eyes….imo carson is the one who is fully aware of these monies been paided to peter.

  • Lover Blue nose says:

    It seems none of the fans can see thro the justifications for his high pay, if it can ever be termed as high. He is obviously the highest qualified executive in UK football and now has ensured that we won a cup and after Carson s arrest, had further made sure that we did not go bust. With the arrest of Carson and withdrawal of the credit by the bankers, we would have been in bankruptcy but due to him we are still here and efforts are made to dispose of the club which is still available for sale thanks to him.

    He also had to take over the control of the parent company from the old lot and since doing so, he had moved the parent company forward with the publication of all the accounts and had done so much (as announced in the HK company s browser if anyone is bothered to read) to get the share trading resumed. One cannot forget that he is also a qualified lawyer and have many other responsibilities to the group and the directors which we cannot begin to understand in the UK. So there is no point to compare him to the other CEOs in football in the UK when he covers so many different responsibilities at so many different levels and when he is a highly qualified legal professional.

    I for one would thank him for working so hard over the years in very difficult circumstances. If anyone of us can read between lines when ever he speaks (usually at bcfc.com news site) that at times he is against Carson s approaches and maybe he is also facing many difficulties to make sure he keeps the whole ship from sinking.

    It is like someone demanding us fans to pay a triple sum for our season tickets to support the club… on a par with someone demanding executives to cut or wave their pay packages. Try saying this to the footballers or the agents?

    Let s shut up and go down and support the team rather then just making empty noises.

  • Teej says:

    “Second star to the right and keep right on ’til morning. ”
    … Long live the Hook!

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