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Missing Figureheads

The Birmingham Mail has carried a story over the last couple of days about the new Library of Birmingham being lit up in the colours of the mob from across the expressway and the furore that has caused amongst fans of Blues amongst others.

I suppose I should admit my childishness in that I don’t even like writing the name of our hated brethren from four sheds, but this article is going to be full of reference to them. For that I apologise – but I think most of the people commenting on this story have missed the deeper underlying problem.

There seems to be an assumption that the library have pulled this stunt because the city council hates the club that bears the name of the city but I think that is a slightly myopic viewpoint. The reasoning for the library doing this could be taken from this quote directly taken from the claret and blue mob’s official site (my emphasis):

Villa Chief Executive Paul Faulkner, who is also a Trustee of the Library of Birmingham Trust, said: “We’re delighted that the Library of Birmingham approached us about his collaboration and we were only too happy to agree.

It’s easy to see how an idea like this could come about with someone wearing two hats in this manner; and this is where the rub is for me – because Blues have no one in a position of seniority like a chief exec or similar who is influential in the city. Because there is effectively only one position of power like that at the club – which is filled by Peter Pannu, who spends the majority of his time in the fragrant harbours of Hong Kong – Blues just don’t have that sort of pull locally.

Before anyone says it, I think it would also be myopic to blame foreign ownership – after all, the team from the wrong side of the expressway are also non-British owned yet they seemed to have managed okay. Furthermore, from memory it seemed like Blues’ previous British owners fought the local council more often than they wielded any influence over them. Basically – for me the reason why no one in the area seemingly do anything for Blues is because we give them no reason to.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve mentioned it before in questions I’ve forwarded to Pannu; Blues need someone in some sort of figurehead position permanently based here in Birmingham – if only to be a figurehead. Someone who can hobnob with the local council and quangos, who can take positions in trusts and boards and maybe, just maybe give Blues a bit of a leg up locally. Likewise, I think it’s of massive importance that any new owner (or even this one) concentrates on trying to improve revenue and influence in the local area before any grandiose plans to do so anywhere else. After all; if Blues can do things right around here then they can build a more secure financial base to allow them to build elsewhere.

Whilst I agree that lighting up the library in any single club’s colours in Birmingham is a bit daft as it’s going to alienate fans of other clubs, as a story in itself it’s a bit of a nonentity – it’s a stupid publicity stunt. I can understand fan’s frustration that Blues are seemingly being forgotten again but the problem isn’t about some lights here; it’s much deeper and until someone in a position of power at Blues understands that we need more influence locally, it will keep on happening.

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89 Responses to “Missing Figureheads”

  • RednalBlue says:

    What’s all the fuss about. So we have two large buildings of Public Convenience adorned in the same colours. Seems rather fitting really.
    As to the council. I am happy knowing we are of no significance to them either way. The council is no different than a dog. Tickle it’s belly and it’ll wag it’s tail. Once you stop it is just as likely to lift it’s leg and p*ss all over you when you’re not looking.
    I’m happy knowing we carry the proud name of our city and once we fans make our choice we stick with it through good and bad.
    A proper “Brummie” Proud and Loyal.
    That’ll do for me.

    PS. Walk 50 yards out of Chamberlain Square and you can’t see the libary. Outa sight, outa mind. Much like the other place.

    Happy Christmas Dan and all fellow Blues fans. KRO.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      It’s not in ChamberlIn Swuate

      • thejudge says:

        To be fair, it looks more like purple and blue, and still looks disgusting anyway.
        Just remember, whilst they have a building, we have the bull (even if it was promoting something else)
        I still think it’s a bad decision not just alienating blues fans but the baggies, wolves and walsall fans who all live in the city and with their respective clubs being near by.
        Oh well besides having a library draped in similar colours what else do the villa fans have to shout about!
        KRO DNM + Merry Christmas

  • Chris W says:

    Another well highlighted article, personally I dislike the design of the new library, I took some visitors from distant lands to view it, it certainly got their tongues going and not too much in its favour.
    The other point you make is we have no one in a position at the club to but us forward, is there not a Public Relations department anymore, Sunderland have an ambassador who did a sterling job between the sticks for both them and us, Jim Montgomery, don’t BCFC have a position of any similarity?
    This has been a problem for many years, G/G/S had many run ins with Birmingham City Council which was another reason for their decision to sell up.
    If my memory is correct the true colours of the city of Birmingham are Blue, Gold, Red and White. therefore to avoid any discrimination or bias should stick with the true colours of the City of Birmingham Coat of Arms, if this had any religious undertones it would be classed as a form of racism.

    • Applebob says:

      I dunno, I’ve been in the library and it’s alright. It’s like one of those birds you pick up when you’re drunk, dodgy on the outside but good on the inside.

  • tonyc says:

    They can have the library,it’s a blight on the city landscape just like vile park.As for the council,have they ever done anything of note to benefit our club.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    you are probably right Dan, but it is a silly action by Council which will knowingly alienate so many. I hope everyone remembers this next election and votes against their sitting councillor – no matter what the political persuasion.

  • Peter bates says:

    Dont care how the library is lit up I wont visit it anyway there must be more important things to report on as for the council they never tried to help when sullivan and the golds tried to improvd bluez so I dont worry about them they have to worry about other things like saving black bags so all blue noses kro and merry xmas happy new year all our time will come

  • sutton apex says:

    i wont be going to the library whilst it is claret and blue – shocking decision by bcc

  • Will says:

    Half the city will boycott the library (Us Blues fans) and the other half can’t read anyway

  • Darren Brown says:

    Our cup winning team with NO civil reception based on safety problems !
    This council are shocking and don’t want us !
    Will villa get a civil reception when they win the 1st division maybe yes is the answer.
    I’m very angry about my club at the moment and NO passion is being shown by Blues fans as in my day they sang and protested against the Kumars and Wheldons !
    COME ON BEFORE THIS CITY IS all about the other side of the town.
    I currently run a local u14s football team and 80% of my players are Blues do it’s not to late yet !
    CV7 Blue

  • mike ware says:

    Dan usually agree with you on most things but not sure this time. This is the same council that decided that Warwickshire ccc should change their name to Birmingham forT20. They do not understand how local sport works or the feelings of supporters. If you believe the library people they approached the villa, why because they believe they are a bigger club.

  • Royalblue says:

    What do you expect from a corrupt city council?
    By all accounts there will be a big crowd tomorrow so let’s get the atmosphere back to what it should be.
    They can keep their silly lights this club has the name of our great city !

  • AF says:

    OP, agreed. The club lacks a figurehead to provide communication, objectives, vision and leadership. Instead we have a leader who is thousands of miles away and issues legal threats if he doesn’t like something. Pathetic really and not the way to take a football club forward.

  • Fizza says:

    Why don’t Blues fans stand as councillors? We live in a democracy and if you get enough Blues fans elected you can dictate the agenda. There must be loads of support for someone standing under a pro-blues banner surely?

    And before you ask I’ve lived in London for over 30 years otherwise I’d definitely think about standing in my area.

    • Chris W says:

      I doubt many councillors actually live in their parishes anymore, they claim expenses.
      I remember my neighbour being elected as a councillor, we lived in Sheldon back in the 60’s and he was told he would have to upgrade as he had to be a standing above the people he represented not a par…

  • Lee says:

    Given the circumstances at the blues right now I find it hard to believe anyone thinks any organisation would want to be seen in any kind of partnership with the club, or should I say the people who own it, not exactly the kind of set up you would want to be associated with is it, our man is being done for money laundering, the club is in a dire mess, our chairman is probably one of the vilest individuals walking the planet making himself a very rich man in the process, and theirs has just donated 1million pounds to acorns children’s charity, it’s a no brainer I’m afraid

  • Glosbigblue says:

    Wasn’t Wiseman originally kept on to perform this role? Don’t remember it making a blind bit of difference.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    When you carry the name of the CITY, you don’t need advertising. I suppose a village team needs all the publicity it can get. Regardless of what tricks those trumped up little oiks at the council get up to, their tiny Witton team will never carry the name of the CITY. KRO!

  • MattNL says:

    Sounds to me that the Llibrary guy leading it is a Villa fan and isn’t very mature. Stupid idea – should light it up in xmas or city colours, football has nothing to do with it.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    David Sullivan engaged BCC & got absolutely no where , we just have to face up to the fact they are a bunch of Vilers…

    And to be fair boot on the other foot if you were a BCC counciller & the discussion was about how the council could assist the Vilers , how keen would you be to throw your weight & support behind it ?

  • B25dave says:

    BCFC staff mixing in a smaller social circle than the Vilers…we dont have anyone on committee’s etc we dont have an actual Club figurehead that anyone could talk to or with…Mike Wiseman is possibly the only one and im sure he does what he can..

    Under Sully our Marketing had a Budget that didnt allow them to compete with the Vile,i had that in an email from one of them and she begged me not to use it or she would have lost her job.

    Times havent changed,sadly we’ve always been skint and the poor relations
    and the Council whilst not outwardly rubbishing the club dont ever fear slighting us by favouring the Vile

    • Royalblue says:

      Marketing budgets have nothing to do with it.
      This is a Public Building!

      • B25dave says:

        a Public Building that has entered into a Partnership long term which will involve financial contribution
        of course marketing budgets are relevant,we barely have one and even when we were in better times we didnt have one big enough

        The Vile have recently been doing a lot of in your face marketing in what would traditionally be BCFC territory…they have partnered with at least 4 schools in Small Heath and providing funding for sports equipment etc..also with St Basils for the homeless.All areas that previously BCFC would have been involved..now we dont have a pot to p in so the B6 marketing boys are taking advantage

        This library stunt isnt a surprise…last year they lit up the Gas Towers in nechells and Saltley in a similar way…few noticed and the mail didnt run a big article..

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    My hatred of Birmingham council knows no bounds. Those of us of a certain age could write a list of events and times over the years when these bas**rds have shit on us.

    Like the local media, in the councils eyes there is only one club that matters around here and it aint us. This has always been the way throughout my life.

    That’s why I’ve always felt that Blues as a club and us as it’s fans have a certain solidarity with each other which doesn’t go much further. We really are all this club has got.

  • sappy dad says:

    this is not about lights on a building..it is about the thought of
    the council sucking up to prince wiilly..to gain browny points..by
    highlighting the team that he supports above all others at the
    tax payers expense without a thought to the fact that they are
    paid to serve all the rate payers of brum.noet just a few …sack

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Library – non-storry as far as I’m concerned.

    I agree with the Figurehead position and I’d like to throw my hat into the ring (assuming the salary is close to Pannu’s of course)

  • mark says:

    Vilers only get one big gate a year the rest of the time their stadium half empty. They need all the publicity stunts they can get hold of lol

  • DoctorD says:

    1. This is garbage from the library boss as quoted on the BBC website:
    “Villa’s reputation in the football world makes a nice symmetry with the new and exciting library.

    2. Stop moaning everyone about the architecture of library — it is marvellous and an envy of other cities. Seriously, it is a real commitment in education and learning.

    3. Agree with Daniel’s main points. Sadly, Blues have next to no influence in what Sebastian Coe always called “the corridors of sporting power”. In other words, what Pannu should be doing is schmoozing with the Council, the Football League, appearing on Football Focus that kind of stuff.

  • mark says:

    Talking of figureheads the vilers have got the biggest figurehead in prince William does not fill their stadium lol

  • Richard Cooke says:

    Am I the only person who thinks that in the cold light of day the library looks like it’s covered in chicken wire?
    Also, for the past couple of years I’ve noticed going by That Place That Cannot Be Mentioned’ there have been Christmas lights in the streets of Witton and their colour? Royal blue and white!!

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Architecture is similar to art – it’s totally subjective. If something thinks it looks like chicken wire and another like a load of hoops stuck together then so be it. If some like it and others don’t then I say each to their own. If you’re in the latter camp just hold your hand up to whichever side of your face is necessary as you’re walking to / from Broad St.

  • Dave says:

    BCC have failed the city for a number of years and it’s a puzzle as to why it has never been legally investigated. The BBC moved over 4000 employees to Salford, whilst only employing 65 people in Birmingham. Central TV operates only skeleton crew at its newsdesk and keeps its main office in London. Despite the international success of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, follow the Tolkien trail link on the council website and you’ll find it doesn’t work, adding to the council’s failure to exploit the Tolkien connection to the city and deprive local businesses of potentially very large revenue. There are many examples of the council failing in its duties, which have seen many people now view Manchester as the second city. The lighting up of the library in the Vile colours comes as no surprise, and isn’t helped by the absentee owners, of course. The deeper problem is a council that seems to operate purely for its own benefit and this has been going on for decades.

    • lettuce says:

      The two leaders in Manchester City Council (Sir Howeard Bernstein and Sir Richard Leese) are both openly MASSIVE Man City fans.

      However, they always do what is good for the city as a whole, hence Manchester’s success in luring the BBC, getting the tram system etc.

      You are right, this would never happen in Manchester (until someone proves me wrong).

      If BCC could all unite in the same way and do what is good for the city rather than just squabble between them, they may have a chance to be the clear second city. Until then some will feel that it is open for debate.

      • Dave says:

        Interesting points. Re the new library in Brum, I remember the building of the old one and can’t see how it didn’t last when plenty of other libraries across the country are basically designed to be long term? Possibly another example of another bad decision in planning by previous city councils. As a born and bred Brummie who has travelled extensively, it breaks my heart that Birmingham has fallen behind the rest of the country after being the heart of the Industrial Revolution as well as being at the heart (along with Coventry) in creating the machines that helped us win WW2. The city council should be made answerable for their decisions, something I can’t remember them ever having to do during my lifetime.

  • andy says:

    Am I right in saying that when Carson first took over the club he wanted to keep David Gold as Chairman and appoint Trevor Francis as an ambassador for the club? We all know that Carson wants to come to St Andrews but is banished to Hong Kong until the verdict is announced and I am sure he does want to do the right things for Birmingham City, its a pity his vision of making the second city a brand in China hasn’t come to fruition and see our colours emblazoned on buildings in China, now there is an idea?

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I’m not sure there would be a better ambassador for Blues based on sex appeal and links to the club than TF. That man is Mr. Blues and although he won the European Cup with Forest I think most people associate him as a Blues man. However does he have the aura to dominate city officials when required yet pay them lip service when necessary? For all his skills as a player I’m not sure Trev was known for being a suave and charismatic guy – some of his post match interviews used to bore me to death.

  • PeeJay says:

    I would just like to point out, as the Mail didn’t, that the Christmas lights along New Street are blue and white.
    Keep the faith folks thing WILL get better.

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan’s hit on a broader point, which is actually that the city of Birmingham’s reputation suffers abroad by our club not being in the premier league. My mate works at Swansea University, which has seen a huge surge in student numbers from abroad simply on the basis that the name of Swansea gets mentioned so much now the club is in the premier league. For better or worse, Villa have traditionally been a bigger club than us but them not having any reference to Birmingham in their name means that our city’s general reputation is not as high as, say, Manchester, with its two clubs having the city’s name in their club title.

  • mark says:

    If you think we got bad look at the state of cardiff and the shambles evolving over there……..dear me………

  • mark says:

    Your right Ali it make change from a echo…….down the stans…..

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    I am really disappointed by the Council and their decision. I wanted the Library decorated in Northfield Town’s colours!

  • JOHN NIBLETT says:

    The fact that the new library was lit up in claret and blue though aggravating to us Blues Followers means in reality nothing. It was, as already stated a publicity stunt and means nothing to the wider world. However there does seem to be a bias from within both the local newspaper concerned and the council. However one response that could be made would be to ditch the present club emblem. It in no way reflects our history both as a club or as an organisation that carries the proud name of Birmingham. Better, I believe to return to the Coat of Arms of the city, as was the case in the years before Gold and Sullivan. The wearing of the arms would not only add credence to the club but would also enable the club to market itself more effectively, especially abroad. After all the ‘Lion’ of the other mob is not even English but SCOTTISH!!

    Happy Christmas to all

    • DoctorD says:

      The latest club logo comes from the 1970s — well before the Gold and Sullivan era. In fact, it was designed by a Blues fan I seem to recall.

    • Chris W says:

      Good point regarding the coat of arms, it was on the shirt when I first started watching my beloved Blues back in 61, not sure when it actually got taken off, I remember a competition being run to find a new emblem about 72 and the coat of arms was replaced by BCFC on the first Penguin kit, so I thing it was around 68 when the coat of arms was used last. It had been on the shirts on and of since about early 1900’s.
      As for Scotland’s lions I lived in the rural Highlands and never saw a Lion, Scottish or otherwise, most lions are native to the African continent if my geography is correct.

      Merry Xmas


      • JOHN NIBLETT says:

        For your interest, the Scottish Lion comes from the arms of the ancient Kings of Scotland and is rampant and was introduced by a Mr. McGregor. As for the Birmingham Coat of Arms it derives from when Birmingham became a City and illustrates the fact that it was known as the workshop of the nation.

        • Chris W says:

          Thanks John, the bit about the lion was meant as a bit of wit, trying to get into this spirity thing but laid up with some flu bug.
          I knew about the Birmingham Coat of Arms, we studied it in metal work at school, even made our own examples, and I worked for the Birmingham City Transport which offices were in Congrave Street and the coat of arms was on everything back then…

  • LondonBlue says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but were we stopped from using the City of Birmingham coat of arms as our club emblem because the council did not want to show any kind of favoritism towards any of the City’s teams!!!???

  • andy says:

    Yes the club logo was designed by a Blues fan in the ’70’s and without being biased it is, without a shadow of doubt, the best club logo in the country. Changing it would be as bad as changing the colours of our team, never!

    • Chris W says:

      Though I agree that the globe emblem is probably the best in the country and has certainly lasted well, I still think that we could use the original coat of arms on publicity posters and advertisements when promoting the club,

      • Ali Duncan says:

        Interesting to hear different views on the crest / badge / logo. I’m not a fan of the ball and globe. It’s certainly unique and I think along with the Coventry logo there isn’t another one that stands out in relation to the size of the artwork and the impact. However I’m more of a minimalist and love the BCFC on the penguin and on the Gil Merrick seats. I think it has real definition and looks classy. Personally I think as time has gone on the ball and globe looks a bit tacky and lacks elegance. Purely my opinion of course.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Absolutely agree

  • Bluenosesol says:

    There are twin gasholders in Saltley which are visible from the Blues ground. One is Claret the other Blue! so we do have a precedence.

  • Walsall Blue says:

    The current logo was run as a competition in the Sports Argus in the 70s and as stated by others in this blog is very much a renowned crest amongst football fans everywhere.The city council never have and never will do anything for Blues and our carling Cup triumph must still make them cringe everytime its mentioned.Dans point about the figurehead is spot on but in all honesty with the current problems we have at the club its never going to be a priority,but maybe in the future Dan will have the opportunity to mention it to either the current or hopefully new owners.As I keep reminding other midland football fans of other clubs in this area we do not have anything to boast about at this time but it doesn’t stop us being the most successful midland team of this century and theres no sign of other clubs changing that,regardless of what colour the library lights are.KRO

  • phillip says:

    Birmingham City council cant get things right about major things like child protection so how does anyone expect them to get this right, compared to a childs life this is a non event

    • garyblues says:

      The worst of the situation is B’ham Council blew a huge amount of money on a library that was not really wanted, bearing that in mind the question needs to be asked why just before Christmas the council have put thousands of council employees on redundancy notice citing( and I do have paper proof) that they must save money, the amount being nearly identical to the cost of the library
      It begs the question that by using the Villa colours they are trying to advertise and justify a colossal waste of money………………..

      • DoctorD says:

        I don’t want to go off-topic, but I disagree with you there mate. Birmingham has always prided itself in top-class libraries, dating back to the Chamberlain era. And the budget for the library was agreed before the current recession hit.

  • Will says:

    There’s another announcement from HK
    Reasons for and benefit of entering into the Deed of Novation, the Debt Capitalisation
    Agreement and the Subscription Agreement
    The Company is in negotiations with third parties regarding a possible disposal of an interest (being
    less than a controlling interest) in BCP and/or BCFC (the “Disposal”). Against the backdrop of
    Mr. Yeung’s ongoing court case in Hong Kong, it has come to the attention of the Board that some
    potential buyers’ interest in BCP and/or BCFC are deterred by the financial links between BCFC and
    Mr. Yeung. By virtue of novating the Debt from BCFC to the Company, the value of the Company’s
    interest in BCFC to prospective buyers may be increased. Pursuant to the Deed of Novation, the
    Company will assume the Debt, which is held by BCFC (a company directly wholly-owned by
    BCP, which is in turn 96.58% owned by the Company. Accordingly, BCP’s shareholders other
    than the Company will be released from their respective share in the Debt. Please see the section
    titled “Financial effect of the Deed of Novation” for further information. It is the Board’s view that
    adverse effects due to the assumption of all the Debt by the Company is outweighed by the potential
    advantages of completing the Disposal with terms that may be positive for the Shareholders. The
    Debt Capitalisation Agreement and the Subscription Agreement allow for the Debt to be converted
    into the Debt Convertible Bond. The Board considers this to be beneficial to the Company’s gearing
    ratio and for strengthening the financial position of the Group, upon the mandatory conversion of the
    Debt Convertible Bond into Shares upon maturity.

    • DoctorD says:

      Where d’ya get that from? Can’t see it on that irasia site.

    • almajir says:

      There is and I will be dealing with it tonight… unfortunately I’ve been rather busy today

    • Poppa999 says:

      I had to look this up: ‘Novation’
      For example, if there exists a contract where Dan will give a TV to Alex, and another contract where Alex will give a TV to Becky, then, it is possible to novate both contracts and replace them with a single contract wherein Dan agrees to give a TV to Becky. Contrary to assignment, novation requires the consent of all parties. Consideration is still required for the new contract, but it is usually assumed to be the discharge of the former contract.

  • Alan watton says:

    Good point about figure heads however the figure heads of the vile and the Council should get a history lesson. Nothing to do with football is the fact that the town of Aston was swallowed up by the City of Birmingham in 1911. This upset those living there a great deal. Going back to the civil war when the royalist Edmund Holte then the owner of Aston Hall sliced the head of his cook after a disagreement about the heat of the soup, the people of Birmingham were really p***ed when he got away with it. There was a massive uprising in support from the erstwhile bluenoses in support of Cromwell. This predated Robbie savage being attacked at the Lower Grounds by 350 years. The perpetrator of that attack also got away with it!
    The Town of Aston entered in the domesday book and after which the Vile took their identity disappeared from the face of the earth in 1925. The district in Birmingham is not the same place.
    The council can fly claret and blue flags till there hearts content but ask any foreigner where Aston is and they wont have a clue

  • Will says:

    H Kong Stock Exchange

  • Bluenosegaz says:

    They have put the vile colours on because vile park is as quiet and as dull as a library always has been & always will be. KRO.

  • bluenose08 says:

    The library are giving free books to vile fans so they can look at the pictures while the game is on !!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I seriously couldn’t give two shits to what colour the council paint the library however when they refuse us something like an open top bus to celebrate one of the greatest days in our club’s history then they piss me off. I don’t think we are being one eyed with regards our club and the way the council panders to the vile and looks at us like dog dirt. Having someone on the council MAY get us more favorable treatment but it won’t happen under this regime.

  • kneesupmotherbrown says:

    Blues dont need a figurehead to hob nob .. Blues need a footballing board , a footballing coach , and a team that lets the footballing on show do all the talking for the club that calls itself Birmingham City Football Club ….All the fringe stuff is just horseshit .

  • I live over the water ,channel, and I will make one revelant point if your boat was sinking would you raise
    the villa emblem or would raise your birthright BIRMINGHAM I ma bloody sure Brummie Birmingham would come first in any circumstances KNOW AND RESPECT YOUR CITY.

  • Saltash Blues says:

    All Bluenoses living in Brum should ask for a rebate off there council tax as they dont want to pay for these Vile lights , I am assuming local tax paid for these lights ? KRO

  • Block 39, back row says:

    Maybe the vile should change their name to Birmingham United, alphabetically, we,d still ne ahead of them!

  • steve says:

    don’t see all the fuss tbh.It’s a horrible looking building anyway.I don’t hear the vilers getting upset over the Bullring advert. “Bullring Birmingham.We are City”

  • Agent McLeish says:

    The story is all wrong. It was D.Gold who convinced B’ham council to drape the library in WHU colours. Joking apart and keeping on track with the theme here, we do miss someone like DG who like it or not was excellent with the media and local businesses. PP by comparison? Less said the better.

  • zuludave says:

    I was going to take my sons to the library but the thought of them vomiting on seeing it has put paid to that, also I have a long memory and will vote against my sitting councillor. KRO.

  • Poppa999 says:

    They probably unaware as they all live in Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth anyway!

  • Tony says:

    Dave is quite correct ,this city has never got the credit it deserves, we were the powerhouse of the countrys economy back in the days when Manchester was a provincial milltown it really is not much more now.
    We made the guns, made the ammunition. built the planes that won two world wars not to mention the zulu wars, and Napolianic escapade
    We were doing so well that Parliament passed an act to slow us down fearing we would become more important than London even.
    The one thing Birmingham lacks is a major river, Roman logic was all capital cities must have a major river, since the river rae does not qualify that Iam afraid has held us back. Manchester has become the entertainment centre outside London but they do not produce much of note other than two wonderful football clubs.

    • Dave says:

      Tony, could you tell me or give a link to a site that has information relating to the act that was passed to hinder Brum’s growth, please? i hadn’t read about this and would be interested to research this more? many thanks. KRO

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