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Birmingham International Holdings Announce Positive News Regarding Relisting of Shares

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that they have received a notice with respect to the resumption in trading of shares in the company.

The announcement confirms that the holding company have two conditions remaining to satisfy the stock exchange prior to the resumption in trading – namely that the proposals previously announced to the stock exchange with reference to the placing of new shares, the two convertible bonds and the deed of novation are completed and secondly that the company supplies details to the stock exchange confirming sufficient working capital for the next twelve months along with a comfort letter from the auditor confirming this.

As news goes this is extremely positive as it would indicate that one of the major hurdles with respect to getting the financing in place – to wit approval of the stock exchange – has been achieved and would now mean that the company need to just seek approval from its shareholders and confirmation from the Department of Justice that there would be no issue with the proposals as announced.

Whilst it’s probable the financing would not come in time to give any funds to the team during the upcoming transfer window it does give hope that the holding company will be able to keep the club in the black until the end of the season when wages will be significantly reduced. It would also make both the club and the holding company look more inviting for investment in the long term.

As ever, it’s not a complete solution but it would appear that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for Carson – but it is a massive blow for those who hoped for administration as this would more than likely rule that out in the short term at least.

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104 Responses to “Birmingham International Holdings Announce Positive News Regarding Relisting of Shares”

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Rather than discussing our first win at Blackburn since 1968 or Lee Novaks wonder goal, we are still focused on the news from a foreign stock exchange.

    Lets just hope this is good news, that the ownership is speedily resolved so all that we need to focus on going forward is what happens on the park.

  • StevieW says:

    And so the saga will continue with no sign of the club being sold or indeed any sign that they would put funds into the club other than to keep it ticking over so the parasites can continue to take whatever is left.

    • Stephen Wood says:

      Try & take the possitives out of this scrap of better news. The club is in the financial mire. The chances of us going into liquidation were/are very real. At this juncture, if this keeps the Wolves from the door & we remain in this division. At least when the outcome of Carsons Trial comes out, we have a chance the club will be able to be sold. We may be able to move on. However slowly! ok

  • Royalblue says:

    This is indeed bad news for all the doom mongers!
    ” we are going to lose 2-1 at Blackburn, we are going into Admin” blah blah.
    What they need to do is get off the sofa and support our team like you did in the final and Europe and stop whinging.

  • Macc Lad says:

    If this means that no one leaves in January, then it’s fantastic news.

  • Mickey07 says:

    “but it would appear that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for Carson”

    No light for that slimball he’s going down in 2014,hopefully the start of chucking the rubbish out in p.p. as well….and the stuff I’ve heard about him over Xmas is not the best either…

  • Nik Spooner says:

    Its ok news. Ie, not going into administrstion. The good news is being more attractive to buyers even if they are old new buyers.

    what will be will be and any enhancement is better than what position we find ourselves in.

    roll 2014 and and we, THE TEAM, is starting to look like a unit again.


  • The Francis Fake says:

    This definitely minimises the likelihood of administration and you would think that the conditions can be met by BIH over the next few weeks. I think that all the focus will start to be on the net big question “What happens to CY’s shares and the group if he is convicted?”

    • Stephen Wood says:

      At least some of us see that this snippet of news as more positive . If we had have gone into admin, they would have been docked 10/15pts. This would have put us down to league one. At least this way we may be able to survive the outcome of Carsons trial. I feel that the outcome will go against Carson & The FA will find him an improper owner , Then maybe we can be sold & move on, Who knows, we may get a buyer that actually has some cash to make the club buoyant again!

  • mark says:

    Lovely bubbly…………

  • Paul Carter - Loving The Unbeaten Run he says:

    Having been to all of the games on this run can I just congratulate Lee and his staff for the job they are doing.

    Lots of embarrassed people about now clutching at straws to find something to moan about and Novaks 2nd yesterday was the best goal I’ve seen in some time.

    You’ll remember Novak – easily the worst striker we’ve ever had so we constantly got told mainly by those who never go.

    Fantastic Xmas and New Year, nice present from Blues to us. Now lets go do Barnsley.

  • Paul Carter - Loving The Unbeaten Run he says:

    Meant to add that I can’t make head nor tail of what this re-listing means to Blues although it clearly makes a takeover easier. Still don’t think we’re for sale at the prices being offered.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    We’ve always had enough backers to keep putting in the odd few million here and there to protect their investment from going belly up so Admin has never been likely.

    The away form continues to impress but 1/ Novak’s wasn’t a ‘wonder’ goal. You’ll see a couple of those every week in the Prem and 2/ they were two poor goals to concede which are the type to keep us out of the play-offs

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Of course.. you can only score a wonder goal if you’re a prem player playing in the prem. We all know Football League players aren’t good enough to score “wonder goals.”

      • chas says:

        :-) Spot on Staffs, but you cant beat a bit of negativity, can you .:-)

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I don’t have any negativity chas. When you think, with the circumstances at the start of the season, players sales, reducing the wage bill, brining in “lesser” players… it could have gone tits up in a big way. But it hasn’t. On the whole, Lee Clark has proved he has an eye for a player. There haven’t been many “failures.”

          • chas says:

            Staffs, I wasn’t referring to you, but to Julians comments. I was agreeing with you. ;-)

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            Staffs I admire your positivity but it isn’t brain surgery why we are on a 9 game unbeaten run is it? using the same system and same players, if not injured works wonders…. But well done LC for getting it right, lets continue to play the same system and team please.
            As for my comment on finances as long as we can get to the end of this season we will be ok given the big pay cheques Burke, Zigic, Mullins, Ambrose and PL are out of contract means we might, just might run at a small profit next year so perhaps PP and CY have a plan? Remember be careful what you wish for, we wanted Sullivan out.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Sorry chas, I wasn’t having a go… just giving my thoughts mate. :-)

          • tmsblues says:

            The team is on a good run and deserves encouragement and praise and that’s because there is some semblance of a consistent format and team selection at last. Huddersfield supporters main criticism of Clark was that he tinkered with the selections and set up even when a winning formula was established. He’s done it at Blues too! Not sure how many players you think he has an eye for.?? The ones we paid for and who are taking a couple of million a year out of us ie Muggins, Loviefox and Ambrosia weren’t well spotted at all. He was suckered by old mates I’m afraid.! It suggests he’s not to be trusted with a budget (if ever we had one). When these guys depart along with Ziggy and sadly Burke too we’ll be no better off as the Sky money drops off the other end! So something will have to give financially before the season end !

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        It wasn’t a wonder goal. Think Jerome at Anfield fur a wonder goal

    • parchy99 says:


      Bad day?

      Mrs playing away?

      Dog leaving home?

      Just found out your mrs wants to “tell you something” on Jerry Springer?

      Nothing like misery to cheer yourself up!

      Well done Blues, good away win and good battling when we were up against it. The armchair above has viewed the goals from his armchair not from the ground…..

    • mike the nail neylon says:

      We are still a club in limbo. Most of us fans, the real fans that were in Lancashire yesterday and go to home games, have now accepted that. People who still moan about a great win and a fantasic goal by Novak should find a long rope and put themselves out of their miserable existence. KRO

  • mark says:

    Daniel great we might finish a week with positivity……and any positive news for bcfc should to taken gratefully………….but some fans with doom attitude will never accept good news only blind hate…..if we unite our team benefits why should the rest of us not live in hope of the promise land. If the chance came to return to premiership I say get behind them…..

    • steve says:

      Blind hate? You idiot.The problem with you is you’re one eyed.You don’t want to know about the problems or the things we’re doing wrong.You just post tosh.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        thats a bit strong, football and life is all about opinions and just because Mark thinks differently from you doesn’t make him an idiot. I’m hoping we now have a settled formula that the players can play and lets hope it brings us the success that we had 2nd part of the season last year, if it does we won’t be far off the play offs and yes LC (and I’m his worst critic) brought in some rubbish players last year but he has to be applauded for what he has brought in this year, the two failures so far (Allen and Fergie) were players 99.999% of us fans would have thought would be good additions. I for one might be going one eyed…. Have I had to many sherbets this christmas????

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Scott Allan looked a cracking signing when he first arrived. Who know what’s happened to him since. As for Ferguson, he did really well last season, so there was no reason he wouldn’t do just as well this season. Unfortunately, he hasn’t pulled up any trees with his performances so far, but being a natural left-footer, he might be worth keeping on.

          The only one I really can’t make my mind up about, is Andrew Shinnie. He came with a good reputation and he’s shown some good stuff in flashes, but I’m not convinced he has what it takes to nail down a permanent place. A decent squad member, but we have quite a few of those.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            As for last year’s signings, well, IIRC, our transfer embargo wasn’t lifted until July and those were probably the best (on reputation) that were left. I don’t think many people thought they were “rubbish players” when they signed.

            They didn’t work out, but anyone can be clever in hindsight.

        • steve says:

          If he thinks fans that don’t get over excited hate the club,he’s an idiot.Do you know of any nose that hates the club?Doubt it.

      • bcfc1975 says:

        steve why dont you get off your high horse matey totally agree SBN mark has every right to vent his opinions. If you dont like it read the radio times.

    • Mickey07 says:

      Blind hate??pannu and yeung are bleeding the club dry pal….and if you know what I’ve heard about pannu then you would change your tune……worst than the pigs at Westminster with there noses in the trough..

  • Blueboy88 says:

    In other news BCFC extend their unbeaten run to 9 games , after their first win at Blackburn since 1968,

  • psmith says:

    LC must be well pleased with the team he has assembled and its performances. An unbeaten run of 9 games and still the moaners are saying, ‘but they are not winning.’ As the confidence builds surely the wins will come. Top 10 will be great after all the gloom and doom. KRO

  • Poppa999 says:

    28 matches played (all comps this season) lost nine (eight if you call Stoke a draw). Not too bad when you consider Leicester have lost six.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I don’t think this latest news changes much. We’ll still be and, will probably remain, under Chinese occupation and there will most likely be no investment in the playing side. Still, as long as they can prop up their ramshackle little business for another few months, all’s well in the far east. :-)

    • chas says:

      I don’t care if we are still under Chinese Ownership when all the troubles subside. It has just been bad luck , where we are concerned, that these things happened. HE didn’t take us down, he provided the Money that won us the Cup , he didn’t turn up each match and go through the motions like a lot of the Players, and then bugger off as soon as possible. I really hope, just for the sake of fans like some on here, that he stays and completes the job he wanted to do when he took over.

  • A Turton says:

    This news is good news….. because it is just that… NEWS! The lack of inertia was suffocating this club and was becoming a sort of slow death. But now we have movement again!

    I was all for Admin, because it would get rid of the current Jokers quickly and would have been more affordable for British investors.

    HOWEVER, I’ve got nothing against Carson personally (except for the fact he cant run a business with proper governance) and if this news means he can sell the club and make a buck (or at least just lose a little less than he thought)… or even allow him to keep the club with some small investment, then that is fine by me.

    Now that Admin is no longer likely, I think I will at last allow myself to go to a few games (no football on Saturdays was hard to endure!)


  • Knobby says:

    It seems our fortunes are changing on and off the pitch. Well done to the lads on the pitch and in the office. Here’s to more of the same in 2014.

  • zxcv says:

    Lets just hope we get the new date for the egm asap. Great news for blues imo at last.

  • dave mann says:

    its 9 unbeaten and looking good on the pitch, beat barnsley wednesday get to 31 points and
    were pushing away from the bottom 3 and up towards the top 6, of the pitch..cant be bothered
    with all that… said many times, nowt we can do about it, plenty to say about the team but nowt
    about the owners and the holding company!!! KRO.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      My thoughts exactly Dave. Nothing I can do as one individual other than back the team and enjoy our good run. I seem to remember very clearly multiple Clark bashers in the first half of last season and the team coming good for the last 20 games. We’re well placed now and about to play the divisions whipping boys who we beat with ease at their place 5 weeks ago. Win that and we arrest the run of home draws and start the new year on 31 points. Nothing to say we can’t continue the good run and snatch a top ten finish.

  • Dave says:

    Any good news is good news. I’ll be there for the match on wednesday hoping for more good news with a win and no rain! KRO

  • Dodger says:

    This seems too mean that we will just keep limping along as a club I think administration would have been 10 points well spent KRO.

  • Tony says:

    Must admit I was hoping for admin, get a clean break fom Carson and the fat controller, guess we will just carry on rudderless and without direction, very depressing.
    At the season start I was very specific on where this side should finish in the table. between 10-12 there is still some way top go to achieve that goal.

  • DoctorD says:

    Why did it take Pannu eleven days to tell us this news? He got it on the 19th and now it’s the 30th.

    Never mind, this is good news. Looks like Pannu is getting things moving at last.

    By the way, I had to look up what a “comfort letter” actually is:

  • Chris W says:

    Though administration would force the sale of the club this has to be better in the short term.
    Administration has to be the last straw, hopefully all conditions can be met and we can concentrate on the playing side. Could this mean we wont be selling during the January window, it may even open the door to maybe a couple of additions with at least 4 loans expiring on New Years day.
    We still have to wait for the outcome of CY’s trial before any long term plans are put forward and I think there is a lot going on behind closed doors to implement a plan B should CY be convicted.
    If all CY is a figure head why haven’t the rest of the shareholders clubbed together to appoint someone of their own or are they happy with PP and his extortionate fees.
    Maybe all the above questions have been asked and answered before.
    It looks promising that 2014 will begin in a promising light, but remember this is BCFC and nothing is done the simple way.

  • dave mann says:

    to be where we are with the players weve sold and with no money to buy be 7points of the
    playoffs and 9 points away from the bottom 3 is an achievement in itself so cheer up all you
    miserable lot, stop letting off field problems diminish what our loanes, freebies and bosmans
    are doing on it, if any other club had had our problems we would be lording them and there
    manager on a good job done…. i say well done to all the playing staff and management staff
    on a tough year for the club and happy new year to them and all blues fans who are as
    posetive as i am…..KRO.

  • John says:

    A problem mights arise from the fact, that the auditors would not sign off the accounts,because they were unsure of the validity. Unless a “comfort letter” clears the auditors of any blame.

  • DoctorD says:

    I just hope the board are putting a plan in place to deal with the possibility that Carson Yeung will be convicted. There must be a plan A (Carson stays on) and a plan B (he goes under).

    • mark says:

      Staffsblue mentioned sometime go that Carson had plenty of time to be put these into place. imo i believe
      he has……..there way to much money involved for this not to be in action……………not just his but other associates as well……………

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I truly believe that, even if he does go down, he won’t relinquish his ownership of the club. He may “transfer” it to a friend / colleague / family member…. but I’d bet a whole thrupenny bit that he’ll still be pulling the strings in the background for some time to come. He’s hung on this long… we won’t get rid of him that easy.

        • chas says:

          Staffs, can I borrow that thruppeny bit for a few days ? I was talking to a young girl and mentioned it and she had never seen. heard of it. I told her I had one and would bring it to show her, and I cant find the bugger. :-)

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Lovely little coin weren’t they? Sorry, I don’t have one either. Try google images if you want to show her. :-)

  • dave mann says:

    Plan B sounds better than Plan A DoctorD but i dread to think what Plan C or Plan D is,
    your the doctor so lets hope your plan is in place because it cant be any worse than
    what this lot can throw at us.KRO.

  • ray says:

    Seems to me this is good news and, as Villa are a lot nearer the relegation zone than we are, even better. KRO

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Ignore Steve. He probably thinks no player is worth his salt if he hasn’t run around all afternoon like a headless chicken but his earned his corn because he’s sweating profusely. “C’mon Dugarry. Get stick in my son”

    • Blue in Spain says:

      I think LC and the coaching staff deserve a lot of credit for assembling a good squad with hands tied. The detractors on here have whinged at his signings, yet the ones that haven’t worked, Lovenkrands, Ambrose and Mullins the majority of us thought were good signings. Some of his best signings Robinson, Lee, Novak, have received dogs abuse on here from the usual detractors. In fact it was one poster on here that said Lee’s signing was nepotism (Obviously they know more about Clark and Lee’s Mum than we do) and most said he was only signed because of Clarks friendship with his Dad. Those same detractors have gone incredibly quiet…

    • Matt Barnes says:

      As big admirer of this website I think it would be great if we could have a month of radio silence about Carson as its beyond boring now. As a season ticket holder since 1989 I have seen some ups and downs and that’s all part of the being a blue. If you want boring go and watch the villa (my pals hate going as it same all the time). I wasn’t a big fan of Lee, but like his team their learning as they go along. In our present position why would we want the finished article as they wouldn’t stay. I truly believe this is the time to get behind the team and let’s see what’s happens.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    I have still not completely made up my mind about the manager. With the only significant loss being Jordan Mutch in the 2012 close season we went from being a team that comfortably made the play offs to relegation contenders until we rallied in the last few months. The problem with Mullins etc was that he added players who were past their best to a squad that already had its fair share of over-30’s and we just got out ran and out paced with some truly shocking results and performances early on.

    He has done well this season with the players he has got in. I like the way this team is developing. It’s just a shame some will go back to their clubs at the end of the season. I think Burn and Bartley could become a really good partnership. It’s hard to steadily improve a team when that’s happening. There are some big earners out of contract in May – Zigic, Mullins, Lovenkrands, Ambrose and I think Murphy and Elliott. I reckon getting on for £6m in wages there. I can’t see why we would any of those on due to age, cost, injuries or just being cr&p..

    Still Not sure if we did get new owners and a cash injection whether he’s the right man to spend serious money. Some team selections have been bizarre IMO over the last season and a half but that seems to have settled down over the last couple of months. Great result to win at Blackburn. We really must beat Barnsley though – no excuses they are dire.

  • sappy dad says:

    the things i like about this squad of bluenoses is that just
    when you have doubts .they end up stuffing the opposition..the
    thing i like about l.c. is that he seems to listen to what the fans
    say …. the team is sweating blood …l.c.and his.team are giving
    200%..what are the fans worried about … come on lets get this club
    back on track ..super blues

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m more than happy with the manager, more than happy with the players. I still think that if we find a striker who can hit 10-15 goals in the last 23 games, we’ll be in the shake up at the end of the season. We’re that close to really taking off. 4 or 5 against Barnsley would be a great start. Please! :-)

  • tonyc says:

    Having been at blackburn i was more impressed with the effort than novaks goal (as good as it was.)Lets face it being a blues fan all we ever ask for is 100% effort from the team .As for the off field goings on then who knows.Carson has proved what an inept owner he is and pannu is just a parasite.Personally i hope we don’t make the play offs simply because if we somehow got promoted i don’t think we would spend anything and the hairdresser and parasite would just milk the club even more.I sincerely how yeung gets locked up,the club gets sold to British owners and pannu crawls back under the rock he came from.

  • Ken says:

    Excellent news, which will hopefully allow the Board to introduce some new funds and avoid administration. The manager Lee Clark has worked wonders with the team given the poor hand he was dealt and in my view, should be given the chance to develop his expertise within a stronger financial base. Whether this is with Carson or without Carson is, again in my view, an irrelevance. KRO.

  • Will says:

    More behind the scenes changes?

    The board of directors (the “Board”) of Birmingham International Holdings Limited (the
    “Company”) announces that due to an internal reorganisation of Somerley Limited (“Somerley”),
    the existing compliance adviser of the Company, Somerley Capital Limited (“Somerley Capital”),
    a fellow subsidiary of Somerley, will take over the role as compliance adviser of the Company with
    the effect on 1 January 2014. As a result, Somerley Capital will be appointed as the compliance
    adviser of the Company as required pursuant to Rule 3A.19 of the Rules Governing the Listing of
    Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

  • Karl says:

    I don’t pretend to know much about the financial situation only what I read here and hear elsewhere… However I would just like to add that some of the comments on here are disgraceful.. So what we conceded 2 goals.. surely as long as we score 1 more goal than them and we get the 3 points then surely that’s all that matters? This may sound a bit immature.. but I would rather scrape a win by 1 or 2 goals and be realistic about it than win by 4 or 5 and get carried away. We are unbeaten and on a great run.. lets get behind the boys and show them we are proud of them. KRO!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    According to Bowyer, the Blackburn manager, Rovers dominated the game from start to finish. Funny how different people see different things. It’s the Wenger Effect.

  • Chris W says:

    The beauty of Often Partisan is the views and opinions that are posted, within reason and provided it is legal we can post any comment regarding BCFC, the players, manager and supporters, we are allowed a freedom of speech.
    I have wanted LC out, I have knocked Novack and Ziggy, but I can also see improvements and what LC and the team are trying to do, I have been to every game this season home and away except Wigan, so I feel I have the right to voice my opinions, I have also given credit where it is due.
    The players, management, employees who are doing a sterling job under extreme financial constraints, and us the supporters have no control on what is going on in Hong Kong.
    What we should be doing is getting behind the team and LC and giving our 100% support, they may not be the most skilful, LC may not be the best coach, but collectively they are the best we can afford and they are giving 100%+ for the badge, club and us the supporters.
    I will continue to follow BCFC home and away, I shall continue to offer my opinions, concerns and criticism That Often Partisan allows.
    We are on a good run and Blackburn claim they dominated from start to finish, well they and others, Bournemouth did too, can dominate as much as they like, we got the points and they didn’t.
    We have been outplayed completely twice in my opinion, Burnley and Leeds, but on the whole we have held our own and been unlucky on a couple of occasions to come away with nothing, QPR and Watford.
    Stop being blinded by things we can not alter and look at the whole, the one thing we, the manager and players all have in common is the Blue and White of BCFC.

    A Happy New Year to Dan, LC, the players and to ALL Bluenoses the world over, lets see anothe 20,000 tomorrow.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      What a lovely post. Those that post insults and deride users for not seeing their point of view should take note

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I’ve been saying all season that this team would come good once they got used to each other’s style of play. I know Clark has tinkered with the team a lot, but in my opinion, he’s had to, just like last season. When you have a new set of players, no manager knows for sure how they’re going to work out, but with LC, he had to buy what he could afford… and try to adapt the formations and tactics to suit the skils of the players at his disposal. We’re now seeing the fruits of those labours. It’s taken a while, but, if you know anything about football, you knew it was always going to. Well done to Lee Clark and all the players. Let’s hope we can take off now and make it a cracking 2014!

      • Chris W says:

        Staffs, not too cracking as I don’t think we are ready for anything higher than mid table, both on or off the field, I will be happy with consistency and consolidation.
        Lets get through this season with limited damage and a renewed hope that financially we can be solvent either under a new regime or investment come the summer.
        Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks for the banter, though we won’t always agree we seem on the same wavelength… for most things and have similar wish lists

        • StaffsBlue says:

          A top 10 finish would do me Chris… just to prove that relegation was never a reality. A couple of useful loan additions next month and who knows. I predicted between 8th and 5th. I’m sticking with that. A happy new year to you and yours too… and the rest of the Bluenose Family. Cheers!

  • BlueBlues says:

    Would be great to see a 20000 gate tomorrow, I will be there along with the other die hards. Perhaps some of the arm chairs might make the effort and support a team that is giving 110% for the badge, something that our ex premierships over paid players failed to do during our relegation.

    To all blues fans a very happy new year and many thanks for this great blog KRO

  • chas says:

    Anyone see the BBC News about Bolton’s Debts ? there are going to b a few Clubs going to the wall before long, unfortunately.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Would this comfort letter be from the same auditors that cited a disclaimer of opinion recently?

  • Darren Brown says:

    Well done mate for your work !

  • mark says:

    happy new year to all for 2014 only more joys lol

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