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More Reason to be Cheerful

Birmingham City advanced to the fourth round of the FA Cup last night with a 3-0 victory over League Two side Bristol Rovers. Goals from Paul Robinson and Chris Burke (2) ensured that Blues will face Swansea City at the end of this month for a place in the last sixteen.

I wasn’t able to attend last night due to work commitments and thus I can’t make any comment on how we played as I didn’t see the game. The line up stood out to me as despite Clark saying he would play his strongest team (and in effect he almost did), it showed just how paper thin the squad has got. I also think it speaks volumes for the career of Scott Allan than when there was only 21 fit/eligible players he couldn’t make the squad ahead of Charlee Adams – with Albion not wanting him back there has got to be some real issues there.

Thankfully, things should start to improve once again. With Brian Howard coming in on a short-term deal (ostensibly to replaced the loaned out Darren Ambrose who appeared to be well out of the picture), the good probability that Dan Burn will return on loan and the return from injury of Kyle Bartley means that Blues will have a bit more experience to call upon – although due to Burn being cup-tied and Bartley not being able to play his parent club (as he couldn’t in the League Cup) we could still be very short at the back against Swansea City – particularly if Robbo picks up his tenth booking in the next couple of games.

Reece Brown seems to have impressed fans since he has come into the side and I think Clark made the point yesterday to the Birmingham Mail that Brown needs to seriously consider his career at this point. The youngster hasn’t signed the pro contract he has been offered and there seems to be a whiff of him being tapped up to go elsewhere but the truth is the grass isn’t always greener. Foday Nabay moved to Fulham in the summer where he is now in their u16 side – had he continued to progress as he had at Wast Hills there is every chance he could have been on the bench last night at 15. Has he made the right move? Only time will tell – but I think there is a lot to be said for playing first team lower league football as a youngster and making the step up with experience rather than chasing the dollar sign as quickly as possible.

All in all, it’s more reasons to be positive. A home win, three goals, another youngster making his professional debut in Charlee Adams, one making his starting debut in Reece Brown… not to mention not getting knocked out of the cup by a team two divisions below us like one team in this fair city. Despite having very little money to spend Clark has managed to bring in another midfielder who can offer a bit of experience and passing ability – something we seem to have lacked of late and there is the chance other problem positions could be filled. It makes for a hopeful Wednesday and the hope we can continue this positivity into Saturday’s game with Yeovil.

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81 Responses to “More Reason to be Cheerful”

  • Peter bates says:

    A job well done good to see more youngsters in squad because that seems tobe only choice at the moment thought olly lee looked very good albeit against lower opposition well done all kro

  • Masaccio says:

    Foday will probably end up playing for Brentford or Orient as they seem to pick up a lot of the London clubs cast offs.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    For those chasing the money, I have not an ounce of sympathy. They can rot for all I care. Harsh I know, but at that age, you don’t need the big bucks… it should be all about the football, the game you’re supposed to love. Rant over.

    For me, the most lacking area is the striking department. It’s ok having 80% possession, but if you don’t score in your good spells, one goal against can cost you dear.. as we’ve found out to our cost more than once this season.

    I still feel though, that’s we’re only a whisker away from really taking off. I think the squad we have now have shown that they can more than hold their own against most teams. A couple more additions to help out would be welcome obviously.

  • Masaccio says:

    Will Dan Burn be coming back, looking at comments made by the Fulham manager its not a done deal: http://www.london24.com/sport/fulham/fulham_boss_hails_youngster_and_pays_tribute_to_birmingham_experience_1_3208434

    “Birmingham have been keen to extend his loan spell and Meulensteen is now unsure whether that will happen saying: “It’s definitely something we’ve got to review. Definitely.””

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I feel that with young players they are too heavily influenced by agents. Most agents are parasites who care nothing more than making a fast buck and not the long term success and career of the player. Players will make most money when they are established pros so better to get established first. Moving to play in a premier teams youth or reserve team and getting lost in the system is certainly not a good way of getting established.

  • DoctorD says:

    What’s this Brian Howard guy like — anyone know?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Clever, skillful left-footed midfielder. He can pick a pass. Knows where the goal is too.

    • iMirkwood says:

      31 at th end of Jan. Over 380 first team appearances at 45 goals spread over 8 different clubs. 7 England U20 appearances. Highly rated in his day which may now be passing. Good acquisition, thoiugh in the circumstances.

    • chris says:

      Signed for Bristol City last February, so O’Driscoll wanted him, then he never started a match and only made 6 sub appearances, so couldn’t force his way into a team in a relegation dogfight.
      Sound familiarwith the useless player he’s replacing.
      So how useful will he be in our struggles?

      • blaneh says:

        Not too sure, I think he will either be a master stroke of a signing or another Ambrose. 3 goals in last 5 years so not a great scoring record of late. Friend of mine is a Blades fan and says he was good for them for 6 months but is the sort of player who if he plays well for a few games, suddenly thinks hes the best player on earth.

        Hoping though he will get a few and create a few goals.

        On the game last night, pleased with the result and was impressed (all be it against league 2 opponents) with Robo and Mullins, both looked v comfortable and dealt with there areial threat really well.

        Thought the first half was very scrappy and both sides were guilty of constantly giving the ball away to each other and making mistakes (guess conditions didnt help).

        2nd half was a lot better but the quality for a lot of it wasn’t there (if our crossing had been better we could of had 5 or 6 last night).

        3 points on Sat would be lovely.


        • Chris W says:

          Not sure where you were sitting but from the half way line they never won any balls in the air unless the forwards missed-timed their jump, on the ground were they were solid, but against quicker opposition they will be beaten for pace.
          Sorry, for me Robbo and Mullins is not the answer.
          If latest reports are to be believed Fulham are now considering keeping Burn due to their injuries in defence and the fact he played so well in the two cup games.

  • Roy Smith says:

    I remember a lad called Marlon Broomes who was due to sign for Blues and was tempted away by the high life and bigger bucks at Blackburn. In 7 years he made a total of 31 appearances for Rovers, by the age of 31 he was playing for Clitheroe., and all he was famous for was getting sent off on TV after a fight with Gianluca Vialli. Wonder how his career would have gone if he’d stayed at Blues and learned his trade playing regularly for us?

  • dave mann says:

    one home win down four to go. beat yeovil, swansea, leicester and derby and were be in the
    5th round of the cup and have 38 points from 28 games and pushing up the table….lovelyjubley,
    nabays choice to leave so he will after deal with his choice and enjoy under 16s football as for
    the rest of lees lads, very impressive, as ive said before the future looks a lot better than the
    present so all true blue noses will stick in there and wait for the roses to bloom.KRO.

  • mark says:

    I know Tom Ross reads this.

    Dear Tom

    I note your article in the mail today.

    I still await the conclusion to the nearly done deal?????

    It’s only been about seven months since that pearl of wisdom.

    Then today is telling Carson to sell. I could have wrote the article in di e minutes.

    Tell your contact whatever offer is on the table which has allegedly not been refused is clearly not a good enough offer.

    Tell that person to show their intent or officially pull out. Carson is probably using the bid to buy himself time with creditors etc thus contributing to our demise.

    Its simple if you are skint and someone offers you fifty grand for a house worth ninety grand you won’t sell. If they offer full value it will change the response.

    With each passing year we move further and further away from premier league football.

    Even now I believe it will take two seasons rebuilding to make us a force at this level.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Mark, CY obviously does not want to sell and nobody is going to offer based on an unreasonable value or terms. Don’t think that TR can do much about that. IMO CY is waiting for the last parachute payment before clearing off as after that there will be no more blood for them to suck.

    • chris says:

      why should someone offer 90k for a house worth 50k??
      Yeung wants £30 million plus for a business worth no more that £15 million plus £15 million of debt, so you could argue the club is worth nothing.
      if you bought a house and took on the current owners mortgage would you pay the full price?
      no chance you would take the debt off first then make an offer on the equity that is remaining.

    • Auld Bertie says:

      Mark, Unfortunately it seems Mr Ross believes what he wants to believe. I sat there aghast last saturday week when he announced at the beginning of his show that “Aston Villa have won the FA cup a record 7 times”. I pointed out immediately on his Goalzone FB page that this “record” was eclipsed by Spurs in 1991 and has since been bettered by Man U and Arsenal. Undeterred, on his following monday night show he had a cosy little chat with a female villa fan who was complaining about villa’s recent poor FA cup form and stated “if we don’t improve someone will soon catch us up”. He did not correct her so I informed him once again and he has responded to neither so I assume he still believes the team for which he is an apologist still hold the “record” of 7 FA cup wins.

      Regarding last night, I thought despite dominating the game for most of the 90 minutes and especially the 2nd half, we never looked like scoring due to wayward or weak finishing. Zigic could have had a hat-trick but he either planted his efforts wide or tamely straight at the keeper. Olly Lee’s passing was far too wayward for me to agree that he had a good game although some of the passes he did manage to put on target were good. I also thought Mullins distribution was very poor at times and true neither he nor Robbo needed to win much in the air thankfully. I don’t think 3-0 flattered us but we certainly left it late to convert our domination into goals. Still, onwards and upwards and hopefully 3 much needed points on saturday.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    The longer this farce continues with lack of finace, The more admiration I am gaining for L,C.

    I ask myself who else would stay and fight our corner,?. Hughton, took flight after just one season, knowing that things would be getting tighter, L,C. came in knowing what our financial state was, and after his first season still stood determind to fight for our cause, HATS OFF TO HIM, !!

    Chuffed about last nights result,

  • Chris W says:

    I know LC is nurturing these young lads and they are reaping the rewards, it is good to see, good for the lads and good for BCFC.
    Foday Nabay was talked into his move by his father who saw the mega-bucks, bet Foday is kicking himself now.
    After a good night against weak opposition we have to look at the positives, we created plenty of chances and should easily been 3 or 4 up by half time.
    Ziggy probably had one of his best games regarding work rate, he was a nuisance up front and solid when defending, it might not be such a daft idea to try him in defence against Yeovil as temporary cover against Swansea and when Robbo gets his ” match ban.
    Bristol Rovers certainly showed us up in the support and singing department, what is it with our home supporters?
    With the current defensive frailties I don’t think 4-4-2 is going to work, especially against Swansea, We lacked height and pace and Mitch Hancox took a knock but also showed he had been out for a few weeks. We need a defender even as emergency cover who can play against Swansea as they will not be as easy this time round and a striker, where we are also light.
    For me 3-5-1-1 will be our best formation unless Will Packwood can fill that breach in defence.
    Overall, well done to LC and the lads.

  • chris says:

    unless he know bartley or burn is coming back he should have given packwood game time last night as he may have to fill in for robbo when he gets a ban.

  • pierre says:

    i too am worried about the burn situation,played very well alongside brett hangland.

  • TonyE says:

    Always thought it curious how Nabays single parent mother could suddenly afford to move to one of the most expensive parts of the country, maybe she won the lottery!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I would like to congratulate our under 18 team, which put up a valiant display in losing to Everton by the odd goal in seven in the 4th Round of the FA Youth Cup.
    The absence of Gray and Brown made the difference and it was a pity that LC opted to include them in the 1st team squad on this occasion. He could have started Elliott in place of Brown and included Allan or A N Other on the bench instead of Gray. I am sure Gray would have preferred to have played 90 minutes at Goodison Park rather than 3 minutes at St Andrews.

    • almajir says:

      Richard, you said this yesterday and I bit my tongue but today I’m going to have to say you’re talking out of your bum. Any first team action is more valuable to a player than u18 because it’s more than just having minutes on the pitch; it’s good experience for them in that they will have to deal with the match prep and a larger crowd – and the pressure of a cup situation.

      Plus, we only had 21 fit/eligible players. The three who didn’t make it were Randolph (rested), Allan (whose career with us is dead) and Koby Arthur (who played and scored at Everton). There was LITERALLY no one else we could pick.

      • Richard Granfield says:

        I prefer the phrase I don’t agree with you rather than “Your talking out of your bum”. You have been criticised in the past for lack of manners when replying to posts.
        The point I was making was that the FA Youth Cup is the most important competition for under 18 teams nationally. Both Gray and Brown will have ample opportunities to experience match prep and larger crowds this season, but will be ineligible for the FA Youth Cup now forever.

        • steve says:

          I agree with Richard,We should have been able to pick a team to beat Bristol without Gray and Brown.We had more chance of winning the Youth cup than the FA Cup.

          • almajir says:


            We didn’t have the players. We did not physically have enough players to lt Gray and Brown go to Everton.

            Plus you forgot Charlee Adams

        • almajir says:


          Did you actually read what I wrote? We did not physically have enough players to allow Gray and Brown to go to Everton. We had 21 fit and eligible players. Of the three who missed out, one went to Everton and one was a goalkeeper. Short of putting two keepers on the bench, we couldn’t have sent more than one player.

          In addition, what has Charlee Adams done to offend you?

          Thirdly, and something you (along with others) might have overlooked – this is my site, and I’ll comment how I damn well like. If you don’t like my “lack of manners” then I am sorry, but I don’t like people who cannot understand something as plain as simple as I have written above – ignorance really does tee me off.

          • steve says:

            Fair enough.As for your other comment.You should remember,without these people who post on your damn site,you’d have no site.You’re quick to put people down that show disrespect to others,but you’re one of the worst.The good thing about this site is that people can disagree about things in a civil manner.I know that that i’ve been disrespectful to other posters in the past,but you take the biscuit.You put some good stuff on here and keep us all informed but you need to be a bit more tolerant.

          • Tony says:

            Daniel you should take a leaf out of my book and be more polite with your replies. lol

          • Richard Granfield says:

            To Almajir

            I would like to apologise for my gross ignorance and and stupidity re my post.
            I agree that as this is your site and that entitles you to be as insulting and abusive as you see fit.

          • almajir says:

            As it appears you wish to be Richard.

            I’m sorry you were offended by what I said.

    • RichardM says:

      Agreed, to be honest although Brown showed a few nice touches, and at one stage did a great bit of back-tracking and put in a solid tackle to break up a dangerous Rovers attack, for large parts of the game he looked out of his depth and not sure what to do. Promising yes, but he’s not ready for the 1st team yet IMO. We looked far more solid when Elliot replaced him (at times it was like playing with 10 players).

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Because a young player can look the dogs’ in the development side, doesn’t mean he can be the same in the Championship. Trying the kids in the first team, seeing what they can and can’t cope with… then working on their deficiencies on the training ground is the sensible way to bring them through. Just a thought.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Who gives a toss about the FA youth cup in the situation we are in. We can’t give that priority over the FA cup. We need every penny we can get at the moment. If we can get past Swansea who knows – Arsenal away maybe and a lot of money for us in shared gate revenue. It was also the perfect game for Brown against a lower league team to give him confidence. LC knew he needed work rate last night against a team that were prepared to run themselves into the ground and Elliott can’t do that any more.

  • dave mann says:

    its just young nabay looking after his dear old mom andputting her first and not is football
    carear, dont be to hard on him because he will have a lot of regrets later in life.KRO.

  • Evesham blue says:

    It doesn’t look hopeful to me about Burn’s return or Lingard. That’s the problem with loans. They are not our players!

    What is refreshing for me is we are in January and no one is after our players as we have nothing left to sell. Hopefully we have enough about us to stay in the division this year and clear the decks this summer and rebuild.

    • chas says:

      Evesham, I posted this earlier today on yesterdays Blog so perhaps you didnt see it, so here it is again.
      Taken from a well known TV site.
      Birmingham City manager Lee Clark admits he is working hard to strengthen his squad in the January transfer window and is hoping to bring Fulham defender Dan Burn and Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard back to St Andrew’s on loan

      Before kick-off I had seen quotes from (Fulham boss) Rene Meulensteen saying that the best thing he thought for Dan Burn was to come back to us, he had really developed in the first half of the season. I’m hoping that’s still the case. First thing on Wednesday morning I’ll be speaking with Fulham.

      I’m still pestering David Moyes on a regular basis about Jesse Lingard, I haven’t given up on that. And I’ve got one or two other irons in the fire as well.


  • Evesham blue says:

    Is Howard match fit now? Or will LC put him on a “mini pre season”? Don’t want another Dudka situation.

  • Evesham blue says:

    I think we are better off giving our own youngsters game time rather than someone elses providing they have quality.Next season we won’t have any central defenders to start with Burn and Bartley gone.Surely Packwood needs game time now? I think loans need using as a temporary basis or with a view to signing. Not season long ones?

    • chas says:

      I would agree with you about the Loans but we cant really be choosers in our position. There are reports that Kevin Phillips is signing for Leics. today.

  • Evesham blue says:

    For me Ollie Lee has been the surprise package. It will be interesting to see the stats about how our results have picked up with him in the team? Fair play to LC he seems better at developing younger talent rather than coaching older pro’s. Perhaps he can’t deal with anyone undermining his authority or who is not prepared to work hard? Scott Allan must have an attitude problem?

    • RichardM says:

      Yep, very impressed with Olly Lee last night, thought he was the best player on the pitch after Burke. Mullins played well – but would have preferred to see Packwood given the start. Caddis and Burke down the right hand flank worked very well together.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Agree, Ollie has worked hard to break into the first team and testament to him and the coaching staff for this. Don’t forget that he wasn’t even a regular for Barnet but now has proved that he can do a job at Championship level.

  • dave mann says:

    brown lee, caddis and burke were the stand out players for me and the 4-4-2 system created
    many chances which we did not take, be interesting to see what lee goes with saturday but
    its looking good for a final 21 game push on the championship and a good run in the fa cup.
    ……see there charging £12 adult prices for swansea cup game for season ticket holders..
    ..well done blues for droping the prices cuz had it been man utd it would have been closer
    to£30…..might get 15,000 now…..wowwee!!!! KRO.

  • edd77 says:

    For me the Fulham manager is just messing about in the press, he will be going back now he wont be,why say anything, hes had 2 good games against a poor Norwich team lets see how he does Saturday at arsenal, I’m thinking come Sunday he’ll be sending him out on loan again, if I were Clark id be looking elsewhere now

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I agree. Why should we be pissed about by premier managers. We need to bolster our squad now, not work to their agenda. Bring in a defender and a decent striker and we’ll be fine.

      • Chris W says:

        Totally Staffs, though Dan would be great to have back let’s move on before all the decent players have moved and we are left with the scraps.
        We need to plan for yesterday and don’t have the luxury of playing the waiting game, we don’t have any money to barter with.

  • dave mann says:

    were bigger tha fulham so if not were go else where, too right staffs!!! KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Admitted, we’ll miss his height… but not the heart attacks he gives us every game. :-)) I’m sure we can find another tall defender from somewhere.

      With the praise for BCFC from the likes of West Ham (excluding Allardyce,) Man Utd and Fulham… premier clubs will be alerted to how well players will be looked after here. Can’t do any harm can it?

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I know we’ve done this dance before Dave but I’m shocked you still think Blues are a bigger club than Fulham. This is Fulham that are in their 13th consecutive Premier League season and as recently as 4 years ago played in a European final, get average gates of 25k, have a squad full of internationals, can actually afford to buy players and have a multi-millionaire owner. Blues on the other hand…

  • dave mann says:

    too right staffs!!! KRO.

  • sam says:

    I thought we made hard work of it last night against a poor Rovers team, even from the Tilton Zigic’s
    latest missed free header looked really bad! Agree brown looks short of 1st team and would play the quiff instead.
    But at least we won at home so should put us in decent position to secure 3 points saturday!

    P.S This site is too classy to have all of Tom Ross’ mistakes
    and gaffs discussed!

  • sappy dsd says:

    i think the fulham manager is just playing safe with the fans
    . getting their idea first ..what is becoming clear is that we
    are getting the foundation of a good squad ….brown must be
    persuaded to stay at all cost …..and lee clarke and co must be
    kept on ..he does to me seem to have what it takes to make
    the big time ..if he is left alone like he his now to make the
    club his own

  • Evesham blue says:

    Where does it ultimately get us developing premier players? Eg Morrison has moved on. Consequently LC has to build a new team from scratch and tinkers with squad formations for half a season before results pick up?

    We are getting loans as we ain’t paying most of their wages. I’m hoping with Zigic off the books plus Loverkrands and Mullins we can build a young hungry team. Add a loan or 2 to add quality not build a team around. X

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Quote from LC on Mail website regarding Scott Allan – ” he is out of the picture, for whatever reason”. Am I the only one who thinks the Manager should know the reason. That’s one wasted loan. You can probably add Shane Ferguson to that so far this season for all he has been involved.
    I also think there should be some more information given about what the hell happened with Darren Ambrose. He came to us as a 29 yr old, regular goal scoring championship midfield player involving a transfer fee of anything up to £1m. He ended up playing I believe 10 games.
    Not every player is going to work out but it’s a lot of failures for a club in our financial situation.

    • Chris W says:

      LC just said it didn’t work out and was diplomatic without actually giving the real reason. Darren Ambrose on Talk sport last night said it was Lee Clark’s formations and style of play that didn’t suit his style. According to Ambrose he was also accused of not being willing to track back and had a lazy work attitude, one of the reasons he was also accused of at Charlton that caused him to leave.
      I think it is a similar reason Scott Allen is out in the cold too.
      Players have to realise it is a team game and they have to be prepared to work for each other.

      • Shirley Blue says:

        If it’s a high work rate and high tempo you want you want then get players in who you know fit into that style rather than wasting big money on the likes of Ambrose who never fitted into that category.
        I still don’t believe all the crap we were fed about Keith Fahey either. It’s too many for me.

        • Chris W says:

          Ambrose was bought when LC first arrived, so I forgive him for that one.
          As for Keith Fahey, I think that was more a backroom revolt against LC, though nothing ever came out of the Bues camp stating either Yea or Nay, I think the fact that certain players were put up for sale or moved out and contracts not renewed,says a lmore about the turmoil LC endured during his first season.
          He has mellowed and matured since.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I’ve always believed that, when a new manager takes over at any club, there’s always a resident clique who like to think they run things (a good example is Man Utd at the moment.) The best thing a manager can do in those circumstances, is get rid. He’ll never get on at a club until he rids it of any disruptive influences around the club.

            As you said, there’s no proof either way, but that’s my guess as to what may have happened. I think Lee Clark felt let down last season by the majority of senior players… hence the shift to a younger, brighter squad this season.

  • andy says:

    This site is by far the best read for any Birmingham fan, it has bought us valuable information and after reading a few of the comments above, I totally agree with Dan. Its his site, he will say what he wants and how he wants too. This guy has been brilliant, show some respect guys.

    • steve says:

      Respect works both ways.This site would be nothing without us.Nobody doubts the info he gets is top draw,but he needs to respect us as well.

      • almajir says:

        Respect works both ways.This site would be nothing without us.Nobody doubts the info he gets is top draw,but he needs to respect us as well.


        Sorry mate, but that isn’t true. Whilst it might not be as well read if I did so, I have been SERIOUSLY considering stopping anyone from commenting on this site as a) I don’t have the time any more to go through them thoroughly and b) comments have been the sole reason this site has had legal threats.

        I know that is going to offend some but that’s the way it is.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Ooooh where to start!

    1. Dan runs the site, yes, and he is to be respected at all times. I do however think that – other than foul language or libellous rants – people should be able to speak their minds without disagreements breaking out!

    2. Dan Burn isn’t THAT great. We could be seeking other options right now and I am sure the irons in LC’s fire include other Centre Backs. If we get Burn back great if we don’t hey ho. No biggie.

    3. I thought Robbo and Mullins acquitted themselves well and considering Bristol Rovers forward Harrold was almost as big as Ziggy he proved equally crap in the air so was dealt with. Against better opposition the collective lack of height and pace would tell. Mullins is useful though and of the 3 we had (Ambrose, Lovenkrands and him) I would rather he was played.

    4. Ambrose was crocked when he came. Palace knew it and we didn’t spot it. He was also an arrogant little shit who didn’t want to put the effort in to track back and defend much like he never odd at Charlton or Ipswich when he was a kid. Luxury players show up teams when collective quality isn’t there. Look at Berbatov at Fulham. He had 10 others to hide behind at Man Utd and where is he now?

    5. Reece Brown played well last night for a young slip of a lad. My only minor criticism was he wanted rid of the ball a little to quickly at times.

    6. Ziggy was useless in the air and finishing. Ironically his passing was sublime. Who knew?!!

    7. Scott Allen = waste of time and another arrogant little upstart who needs his legs slapped by his Mum. Worse than Morrison cos LC clearly hasn’t been able to ‘tame’ him. Albion knew this and we are victims. The sad thing is he will be handing out programmes at Walsall at this rate. Shame.

    8. Welcome to Brian Howard. Now we have an excuse to not pick Elliott any more. Sorry but he’s had his day and loaning him out would be a godsend.

    There you go, nice and brief!!!! KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Can’t pick any fault with any of those points. Spot on!

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Well TBH Staffs I may be a windbag but I am not a knuckle-dragger, one of the 15,000 that’s gone AWOL since no Prem footie is on offer or a conspiracy theorist.

        It’s simple for me: I go when I can (as I don’t live locally), I like to see everyone put in a shift and I want to hear our crowd. Last night all I heard was noise from 3,500 immense Rovers fans. It was like a goddamn library. Shameful.

        One more point: what the hell was wrong with Ferguson last night? He looked poor apart from a few crosses and corners and – more worryingly – a bit disinterested truth be told.

        One to ponder.

        • Chris W says:

          I have to agree regarding the crowd, you should try and go to an away game, I live in Nottingham so games in Yorkshire are actually closer than St Andrews, but I go to most of the away games, in fact only missed Wigan so far, the atmosphere, banter and camaraderie is brilliant, lot better than St Ans.
          I’m pretty sure the travelling fans don’t go to St Andrews as they fear of waking the dead.
          Hats off to Rovers supporters they certainly made themselves heard.
          I think the signing of Brian Howard will give LC an option over Ferguson, he certainly isn’t the same as last season, and yes, he does seem disinterested, that is one of the drawbacks with loan players, they get paid regardless their performance.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Over the last year or so, a few people have bemoaned the fact that players like Ferguson, Allan, Ambrose, Lovenkrands (to name a few) haven’t been used much by Lee Clark. But, be honest, does anyone really believe that any of those players deserve to be in the team ahead of those who have played this season?

    Allan looked a prospect when he first arrived.. but hasn’t seen the first team for 4 or 5 months. It’s been hinted that his attitude isn’t the best. It’s a shame, because his career is stagnating. Ferguson is a shadow of the player he was last season. Apart from the odd cross, he’s added nothing this season. I think Clark is right not playing these players. If a player can’t be arsed giving everything to the cause… then they can sod off and warm someone else’s bench.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Also, I think that, instead of waiting for word on the likes of Burn and Lingard, Lee Clark should go out and bring other players in and integrate them into the squad now. While we wait for these premier managers to give the thumb up or thumb down (like some little Caesars,) our team is suffering from lack of numbers. We’re more than halfway through January… enough is enough.

  • Evesham blue says:

    Burn ain’t coming back I dont think. Fulham are shipping goals and Burn had a couple of good performances for them. Think it is a bit disgraceful or unethical a Premiership manager calling a player back from a 12 month loan albeit they have the option to.

    Baggies should have their little brat back as well. He’s their player to sort out.

  • Karl says:

    Has’t LC issued a statement or given a statement saying he thinks it is very unlikely Burn will be back? I agree with Staffs… should be shopping around not being kept waiting.. by the time these get sorted all the good stuff will be gone…

  • Tony says:

    Daniel, must admit to being somewhat perplexed by your consideration of not allowing comments on the pieces you write, that destroys the whole point of this blog.
    Can appreciate the legal threat but I think most of us know where the line is, there are many opinions many differ.
    This is by far the best site of its kind and if you go ahead with this threat you will destroy everything you have worked so hard to establish, your writing is excellent but it is the comments that have made it ,I would urge you to consider carefully.

    • almajir says:

      Why are you perplexed Tony?

      The whole point of this blog was for me to write. If I stopped writing articles, there is no blog mate… I’m the one who runs it and I’m the poor bugger who has to pay for it.

      I’d be happier if people restrained themselves – not only legally but not posting comments on each and every thing every day. If people kept stuff on topic this wouldn’t be an issue. (that isn’t a dig at you by the way)

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