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Faux Outrage

Birmingham City slumped to a 2-0 defeat against Yeovil Town yesterday to continue a shocking run of home league form stretching back eight games and over three months.

First of all, a confession. I didn’t go to the game yesterday. I’ve been snowed under with work, and I was forced to do that rather than go to the game. I wasn’t at the Bristol Rovers game and I won’t be at the Swansea game for the same reasons. That’s not my confession though – my confession is that I’m not missing it; there was a bit of me that was secretly glad that I didn’t go yesterday and that makes me feel like a bad fan.

Because I didn’t go to the game I’m not going to comment on what happened – I didn’t see it so I can’t. I saw online that Zigic was jeered off, I saw that the fans jeered Clark when he subbed off Reece Brown but as I didn’t see how the game panned out I cannot comment. It might be for the best if I didn’t, too.

I think what annoys me most is the faux outrage I see online. I’ve seen many people on various forums describe this as “the worst time ever for Blues”, the “worst team”, the “worst players” – and yet when I am actually at the ground all I ever see is apathy. Sure, some people boo and some people shout obscenities – but I don’t actually see anyone do anything more. I’ve seen the same people talk about half time walkouts, about banners and about sit ins for the last eighteen months yet when asked why they don’t do anything about it they dodge questions or worse – make it look like it’s my fault that they haven’t done anything.

I will admit, that I’m not a fan of protest that will affect the staff at the ground. I think if people are going to do something it needs to be very visible, very eye-catching, professional and something that will be picked up by the media in HK. I also believe that it won’t achieve much more than making fans feel like they have done something because the sad truth is I don’t think anything bar £32million or administration is going to change the owners any time soon – and as much as people want admin to happen (which is shameful in itself) I don’t think it will.

To blame Often Partisan (or let’s be honest, me) for not doing anything is incredible. I saw one guy tell me last night that he wouldn’t do anything because he knew I’d pick it apart. Whilst I think that’s an incredible excuse I think it’s the crux of the matter – I think people are all waiting for someone to stick their head above the parapet but are too scared to do it themselves for fear of making themselves look foolish. I heard a conversation between two fans not long ago in the seats near me where they talked about storming the pitch but when I asked them why they weren’t leading the charge they told me that they couldn’t because they’d lose their jobs – yet they were happy for someone else to put themselves in that position.

If you’re going to protest, do it. Rather than wait, point fingers at others for not doing something set an example and lead by it. I’m going to continue what I’ve always tried to do which is to make information available to people and to try to give people and understanding of what I think is happening. Meanwhile, things aren’t going to change on the pitch any time soon – if anything it’s only going to get worse – so let’s just make the best of that and enjoy things like we used to. I often wonder if any of the people in fancy dress at Crystal Palace all them years ago would rather have gone online and vented their anger.

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  • Bluehobba says:

    The bad times won’t be here forever and its a storm we have to ride out. Expectation and apathy at home games, excitement and a lot less expectation at away games. Keep the faith and kro.

  • mike b says:

    hi all……………..i wish i had not gone as well…..how anyone can be positive after yesterday i dont know………….
    Dan please try and not take comments to heart ,you know everbody loves you really..!!!!
    i think most of the comments on the last page are spot on so no need to comment further……..

  • mike b says:

    hi all……………..i wish i had not gone as well…..how anyone can be positive after yesterday i dont know………….
    Dan please try and not take comments to heart ,you know everbody loves you really..!!!!
    i think most of the comments on the last page are spot on so no need to comment further……..

  • Darren says:

    6 of us currently have season tickets but won’t renew next season, as we all feel we are just putting money into the club to pay Pannu’s wages.

    • iMirkwood says:

      You are also helping to pay the wages of the backroom staff who are all working their butts off to keep this club alive.

      • thejudge says:

        Unfortunately we don’t pay to go and watch the backroom staff.
        Don’t get me wrong they are invaluable to the club, but I am struggling to justify paying so much for what seems like little in return.
        I’m a depressed bluenose and am well and truly fed up now.

        KRO, Delay No More and Keep the Faith.

      • Wearynose says:

        The object of the club is to play entertaining football for its fans, not to employ people. The staff might be doing a wonderful job, and bless them if they are, especially in what must be greatly dispiriting circumstances, but the football is poor. Pannu is taking a grossly excessive salary, taking out almost as much again in so-called consultancy fees to his company, Asia Rays, and taking money out of petty cash to pay salaries and travel costs of incidental ‘working’ visits by people from Hong Kong. By putting their hard earned cash into the club fans are paying for Pannu’s excesses.

        The only way to even remotely assist the removal of BIHL and its malign effect on Blues is to not attend. All the talk of team selection and “if we had a striker we would have…” is nonsense. We don’t have a team; we have free transfers whom virtually no other club wanted and a lot of loan players, whose call backs have hit us hard, an outcome which vividly demonstrates our position to those who couldn’t see it.

        The future of the club is more important than even that of dedicated back room staff. It’s frequently said of troublesome players that they are not bigger than the club. Well, not even the back room staff are bigger than the club and the club’s sole interest at the moment is to get rid of the owners who are sucking out every realisable penny whilst cynically providing those who attend games with a low grade cast of players

        Administration would assist the end of the BIHL regime and should be welcomed. Relegation would further help. The fans can lift the club from wherever it falls to, as Wimbledon fans showed in forming a new club and getting it into the Football League in ten years. The only thing which matters at the moment is to remove BIHL. When we a flourishing Championship club then we can be worthwhile employers of not only good players but of support staff. Until then the casualties have to be suffered.

        • almajir says:

          I’ll keep saying it – but the difference in not attending now is minimal. Most ticket money is in season tickets… and they’ve already had that.

          If you don’t want to attend, that’s fine – however a boycott will achieve nothing at this moment in time.

        • Chris W says:

          Wearynose, while what you say makes some sense regarding ridding us of our present ownership, a complete boycott will never happen. A majority of revenue comes from sponsorship and advertising and has already been paid to the club, and spent, and then you have the season tickets sales. Therefore, the club can be trading without your match day ticket sales. Your season ticket holders, who have already paid over the top prices, will still attend.
          Very little income comes from ticket sales on match days, and I should imagine that money goes towards the stewards, policing and ancillary staff.
          The less supporters the less other staff are required.
          The backroom staff are working hard and do an exceptional job under difficult conditions, they turn up not knowing if it will be their last day at work. Of all the staff I have spoke to or had dealings with are always smiling, professional and efficient, talk to them about the blues or the club and they are all in the same uncertain boat, the club is a mess.
          LC is doing a brilliant job under the extreme circumstances, I have been one who has criticised vehemently, but I appreciate his difficulties, I now admire him for his positivity and his honesty.
          Not sure how long he has on his contract but I would not be surprised if he walked away and into a top job.
          What the club needs more than anything is for our support, show potential buyers what we can offer.
          There is enough negativity around the club, so let us get behind the team and add some positivity to try to get us into the fifth round of the cup and hopefully a top home draw, Arsenal or Man City.

  • Oby says:

    6 of us have almost decided to not renew also next season,.. 26 years a ST holder,.. It sure hurts

  • singingface says:

    We’re in a sad state OK.
    BUT….we’d be in a sadder state if Lee Clark hadn’t done such a great job in the first half of the season, as I’ve said before, against all odds. Then halfway through the season he gets the rug pulled from under him with Burn, Lingard etc. Complain about CY by all means, but BCFC are lucky to have LC. I dread to think where we would be without him or who we would replace him with.
    Chucking the blame for a lack of success at any moving target, including the writer of this blog, is pathetic.
    Poor result yesterday, but give the manager a chance to replace and settle in a few new faces and we will survive, ….which is our best hope.

    • Oldbluenose says:

      singingface;, I tottaly agree with every word you said, !!.

      Pathetic people shouting out why does L,C. not BUY replacements, ?. — With what, !!. We aint not got any money thanks to the H,K. ownership.

  • Blue92 says:

    I’m sure you people will be renewing when the good times come again KRO till the end

    • chris says:

      why shouldn’t they, being a paying fan for life has gone and that isn’t the fans fault.
      blame the greedy players who are on £200k per week or the premier league that is happy with a monopoly of teams in the top 4 or 5 league places or is happy with owners not being fit and proper business people never mind that they don’t care about the fans of the clubs they own.
      the same leagues that are happy with £50 tickets for average seats or play games at 17.30 on a Sunday when the fans can’t get public transport at 20.00 back to say Newcastle down south.
      Loyalty works both ways, but it doesn’t in football as all the people who control the game and the teams care about is money and fame.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I heard an idiot caller to Tom Ross yesterday moaning that LC has had loads of time to sign players but he has done nothing. Are these people for real? With ‘fans’ like these who needs enemies? It’s the owners that the fans should be criticising for presiding over the slow and painful suffering of the club.

  • Steve W says:

    Well said, if people want protest they should just do it. All we here is plan after to plan that never happens. I won’t be renewing next season after 12 years a ST, and instead will just go to away games. Just don’t enjoy going to St Andrews anymore

  • edd77 says:

    Embarrassing against a side 100% for the drop,it will get a lot worse. Until yeung goes,hows Mullins n robbo going to handle Swansea,as for brown he’ll be the nxt player sold for nxt to nothing

  • JohnR200 says:

    Good grief what a load of fickle fans we have. Yes yesterday was a terrible result but the performance was not the worst I’ve seen. We gave two awful goals away but some of the passing in the first half was as good as I have seen this season.

    The stats are pretty impressive, 24 shots, 7 on target, 67% possession, what’s wrong with that?

    Have you seen the foul count, 17 from Yeovil and those are the ones the ref gave. Their game plan was clear and was to physically intimidate us and the ref let them get away with it. He was beyond poor. How many times was Howard taken out, numerous times off the ball.

    We need Bartley back asap because Mullins is not a centre back, yesterday we must have had the smallest back four in the division. There were some positives, Brown and Howard played well but Zigic and Novak were really poor. OK Zigic deserved to be subbed but imo we were poorer after he went off.

    It was one of those games, typical Blues. But the reaction to the defeat is depressing and a massive over reaction.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Well said john, there are posters on here that have said nothing during our 10 match unbeaten run, but now start coming out of the woodwork. I use the term supporters in the loosest sense of the word!

      • chris says:

        don’t read many forums then as i have seen many criticisms of LC during the 10 game run, like playing four strikers up front, headless.
        but now is not the time to get on his back, lost lingard, burn, Mclean (LC’s fault), adeyemi, bartley, reilly (poor passing) and needs time to replace them if greedy pannu and useless yeung actually look at our league position and give up some of their rip off wages to help the manager keep us up.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Good post John. The point about us playing poorer without Zigic made me think. Maybe that’s because we’re so used to him being there, we get flummoxed when he goes off. We’re so geared to every attack going through him. This is why I said yesterday, that we need to try something else.

      Of course, we’re always going to let at least a goal in each game… but with the chances we create, we shouldn’t be losing these games. We need someone to go in where it hurts and pick up the knock downs, flicks and crosses. We’ve been crying out for that kind of player. With the chances we’ve created in the last 2 games alone, a decent striker would have walked off the pitch with the match ball in both.

    • Here here! I did go to the game and have submitted my report to Joys & Sorrows; should be posted soon.

    • Eddie says:

      well said John,
      I went to the match and although I was shocked by the goals, it was one of the best performances I have seen from the Blues in a long time, the passing was very good and the possession was good.
      shame about the final third.

      and the ref was very poor

    • thejudge says:

      I don’t think it’s the effort of the players or staff that is making some fans ‘fickle’ as you say pal, it’s just the lack of investment in the club and the uncertainty surrounding the future of blues.
      I would love to see blues back in the PL we all would, however what is more important is the stability, reassurance and opportunity to progress for the future – from where I am it all looks pretty bleak.
      I love the blues and always will KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    I don’t think anyone will really get involved in any sort of demonstration, I remember some 25-30 years ago they we’re gonna do a simelar thing, when a certain banner was unfurled it was supposed to signal a mass walkout by the fans as a protest towards the then current board, & what happened?, the banner came out & the blues fans stayed in the ground singing “loyal supporters!!”.
    I think in all honesty we just have to bide our time, hopefully we won’t get relegated & hopefully something will get sorted by the summer. KRO

  • Gary says:

    Personally I think Clark is a bit to blame for the players we have in defence he must have known that burn was going back yet he waits in the hope that he comes back to blues without any plan to replace him the same goes for lingard. I was at the Bristol game and Mullins was just jumping into the player he was marking instead of trying to head the ball and his distribution of the ball was awful he brings back packwood who is a defender yet never usese him crazy.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Gary, has it not occurred to you that LC has no loan fee to offer, no salary to offer and only the promise of a short term deal. Who the hell other than free agents or players who the owning clubs are prepared to pay the salary can he get? You are aware that financially the club is on its knees are you? Criticism is fine but you have to base this on reality and not assumption.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Exactly right AMc. He’s tried to get a number of players in over the last couple of weeks, but the clubs either want a loan fee, us to pay all or most of the wages… or a season long loan, which the club apparently can no longer afford. I think the only way he’s going to get anyone in, is if a player is surplus to requirements, is a free agent, or a kid. We can’t afford to have anyone now that isn’t fit or able to go straight into the first team. We don’t have the time to get them fit, or accustomed to the division. So… what does that leave?

        I don’t envy Lee Clark, he’s trying to do an impossible job in impossible circumstances. Few of the players who came in during the summer were good enough for this league, but they’re doing their best. That’s all we can ask. We can help by supporting the team and the manager through this bad spell.

      • chris says:

        he will be saving money on any wages we were contributing to for burn and lingard so he does have some money, though very little i presume.
        plus some clubs won’t let players go till the window is nearly shut or even later as the loan window doesn’t close till March.

      • Bluenosegaz says:

        If he has no loan fee to offer why has he been looking at players like he said he has & if he has no fee to offer how was he going to get burn back I think you need to think about it mate.

        • iMirkwood says:

          You have to look at likely loan players before approaching their club and finding out what their terms and conditions for the loan will be. As far as Burn is concerned Martin Jol was happy to let us have him long term, but when Jol was replaced the new manager wanted to take a look and decide for himself. Unfortunately for us Burn played well in two cup games and started against Arsenal yesterday. No way LC could have foreseen that turn of events.

  • Gary says:

    Sorry that’s uses.

  • Dave Shaw says:

    At least most of you live nearer to St Andrew’s.. Think of the poor buggers like me who live miles away.. Stockport in my case (I’m an exiled Brummie) and travel down to see the rubbish we saw yesterday… But hang on!? We have just been on a ten match unbeaten run and then lose key players due to loan endings and injury with a very thin squad! The lads are pretty exhausted I would imagine so let’s give them just a bit of slack and man up ready for the next game??? Yes everything is pretty dire but I agree with Dan, snipping at the current staff, players and manager given our circumstances isn’t productive.. WE need to, HAVE TO, support the team….Clark isn’t a miracle worker but he’s doing the best he can with basically a Pub Team.. KRO
    PS Don’t take things to heart Dan.. You are doing a fantastic job on this Blog!!

    • Blueb says:

      I am exiled to the south coast and after yesterday really can no longer face going. Coming back miserable every week to wife and kids has finally taken its toll. It wasn’t yesterday’s performance so much as my total falling out of love with blues and more widely football (and indeed most sports that are commercialising whilst selling their souls for cash).

      2 grand a year can be better used now too so whilst as usual most will kick me for being a fair weather fan the brutal truth is I don’t care and actually feel relieved at freeing myself from the commitment.

      I grew up with blues through the 80s & 90s so know times have been worse and also know they will get better but at this time in my life with 3 young kids I really don’t have the energy to care. I think this is the same for many fans and I fear for the club as I don’t think there is a critical mass of young support to enable us to fulfill a dream of competing with the big boys.

      I will continue to follow them in the media but just have that Little bit less passion and interest than ever before and personally doubt it will ever return. I have always wanted my 4 yr old lad to be blues but with living on the south coast and no longer wanting to actually go it’s actually 2 fans the club loses

      • chris says:

        similar feelings from me and so glad my grown up children haven’t become football fans, they do far better things with their spare time instead of putting their hard earned money into greedy overpaid average players, prem league officials and owners pockets, who then do all they can to avoid paying uk tax or vat.

      • Ali Duncan says:

        I think that is how a lot of exiles feel. I live in North London and although I do between 20-25 games a season I often question why. I love the club and always will but in the coming years I’m certain I’ll go less and less. The travelling, expense, huge changes in the games since 1992 which for me means less enjoyment will lessen my love of football in general as well as my commitment to Blues.

    • Ame says:

      I think you just about sum it up..the players are tired.Now is when we need to support these lads,and St Andrews backroom staff..I know LC and the players will come good…but I fear the negative atmosphere is only gonna cause even more chaos in an unsettled side,as certain players are getting frustrated with some poor distribution on the pitch,and no support….The Tilton was not exactly instilling confidence..Come on,we must KRO to wherever this road leads us.As One.

      • Chris W says:

        I am an exile too, I live in Nottingham now so not too bad, before I lived in the Highlands of Scotland, that was jaunt most home games and games in the North of England.
        The Tilton use to be a sea of blue and white and so much noise you could be heard in the city centre, now its spot the supporter who isn’t moaning. Like another commenter I stopped going into the tilton because of all the “The end is nigh” soothsayers….
        Not renewing you season ticket does not mean you have to stop going, you can print your own ticket from the comfort of your own home or office (Don’t let the boss know, unless he is a blue too”).

  • DoctorD says:

    Here’s a tip – before thinking of shooting yourself, go on YouTube an watch the 2011 Cup Final win. What goes around comes around. Or read Tony Matthews’ book “Birmingham City: The Complete Record” to put current events into perspective. The Blues have been around since 1875 and there have been good times (albeit pretty thin on the ground) and there have been bad times stuck in the second tier. That’s us I’m afraid.

  • Mark says:


    I havent posted on here before, but I have been following your site for a year or so. I would rather read you than rely on the media for a balanced view of what is going on at St Andrews and I can only thank you for your hard work in the face of some often unfair and unbalanced criticism.
    I am speaking as someone who has not set foot inside St Andrews for a number of years. The reasons for this are often logistical (I havent worked in Birmingham for years and have spent time outside the country too) but I have found my desire to go and watch the blues wane in recent times.
    My first game was against Bradford, 1st May 1989. We had just been relegated to the third division for the first time and there were less than five thousand people there if memory serves. That said I remember the atmosphere being really positive, we were all stood together in and around the Tilton and when we scored (John Frain free kick from just outside the area after their keeper had handled outside the area) we celebrated like we had won the league. I was hooked after that and would happily spend my wages earned from stacking shelves and scanning stuff part time at Sainsburys on as many matches as I could get to. As you know the late eighties and early nineties were turbulent times, but I can only remember now the good times. Coming back from 0-2 down against Chester to win 3-2 after an inspired second half performance and a wonder goal from Nigel Gleghorn and being seconds away from beating Crystal Palace (then as now a preimer league team) in the league cup, only conceding because we were still attacking them and got caught on the break in injury time rather than running the clock down.
    The point I am trying to make is my overiding memory of that period of our history is amazing crowds, amazing noise and we were always singing our hearts out. The players back then more often than not worked their socks of despite not always being the most talented (Dean Peer will always be a favourite player of mine, but he wouldnt even make our reserve side now!) and anyone who says this is the worst squad we have ever had obviously have short memories are of a younger age than myself or only started going down to matches in the late nineties.
    The fans back then were often positive and we had a real siege mentality. We were in the mire, but we were in it together and we would move forward together despite what was going on in the boardroom.
    The the premiership happened. Dont get me wrong, I had a season ticket the first year we were up there and I loved every second of it. Seeing Henry destroying us, watching us turn over Liverpool and the obvious hilarity of watching Villa turn up and leave with their tails between their legs have almost as fond a place in my heart as that first John Frain free kick.
    In the following seasons though I noticed a change in the attitudes of large portions of the people sitting around me. Everything had suddenly got very serious and the comments I heard at most matches got more and more negative. I didnt recognise this ‘massive’ team that we suddenly were. I never understood the term ‘sleeping giant’ that was always ascribed to us. From my position on the Tilton in those early days, we were quite small, but we were united in our struggle and we were determined to stand by our team, even if we got relegated again.
    I miss that. I think that is why I have no desire to go back to St Andrews. It doesnt feel the same, there is no joy or togetherness. Everything seems fractured and angry. Instead of focussing on what we have (a small but tight squad with a manager fighting every inch of the way and determined to do his best for the players and fans), a large number of those watching most weeks appear to be going there so they can vent their anger in the ground rather than go home and kick the cat!
    I still miss the feeling of being a part of something important and special. We were fighting for our lives back then, but we were all in it together. When we won, we celebrated with joy and energy. When we lost, we stuck together and sang louder the next match and the players often seemed to respond to us.

    I am obviously looking through rose tinted glasses here to a point. It wasnt all cheering and hugging the stranger stood next to you when we scored back then. But I am sure that the squad was worse, the owners were still rubbish, yet the feeling around the ground was that none of that mattered as long as we could still sing ‘Keep Right On’ at the top of our voices and have at least one chorus of ‘$*** on the Villa’ during the match. From what I read, that isnt there at the moment. I dont think I will be making the long trip to St Andrews any time soon.
    One thing I can guarantee though, if we do get relegated down to the third tier again, I will be back. I like to think if my club really needs me, I will be there for it and if that means standing alongside only a few thousand faithful others and cheering a goal that means nothing like I have just won the lottery, then I will do so. Keep Right On and keep up the good work.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      That Palace Rumbelows Cup game was my most enjoyable game at the Blues ever. A bumper gate, cracking atmosphere, underdog spirit and hugging complete strangers when we scored first. I wasn’t that gutted when they levelled purely because it was a cracking night under the floodlights and the camerarderie and togetherness of the whole stadium was amazing. Not bettered in my opinion since the Watford play-off game. I made the first replay but couldn’t do the second but a proud moment to be a Blue.

  • mark says:

    Daniel in all walks of life you will get people’s opinion….you are without doubt passionate about blues…..some days you have elelation….on others days take the kicking…..get up dust your self down when go again…..you are forever blue….you are the gateway to information. You are right if those truely have blind hatred for this regrime……it did not take cardiff fans long to vent their disgust at their chairman. Again what has carson supposely done wrong????

    • chris says:

      what has yeung done wrong!
      1/ Bought a club with other peoples money as he just wanted the glory of being a chairman.
      2/ paid £80 million for something worth £40 million, so losing his investors money before he had even signed on the dotted line.
      3/ By paying over the odds had less money for the club to invest in players or infrastructure.
      4/ As he is not rich had to take loans out to invest in the team for just one season, but saddled club with debt for years. How was he going to invest the next season? More loans? Just what Cardiff and hull owners have done. Cardiff in debt to owner for £100 mill & Hull £70 mill.
      5/ Sold star players on relegation in May 2011so before he was arrested in the June, so had no intention and more likely no resources to sustain most of squad in championship like WHU, QPR Reading, Wolves, Hull and Blues previous owners have done.
      6/ Even though he has court case doesn’t stop him communicating with fans over last two and half years, but nothing from him, then he will waltz back in like nothing has happened.
      There is nothing stopping him talking to the fans via club site or media.
      7/ Makes a mockery of the club with his shenanigans over sale and potential buyers who never materialise plus Paladini smoke and mirror show, the failure of meeting accounting deadlines, transfer embargo and who gave him money to buy a £5 million home in London.
      8/ Fails BCFC and BIHL shareholders as the shares are not even trading for around two years and have had HKSE on their backs as company is poorly run.
      9/ Now tells shareholders they have to lose more money to keep this poorly run business alive with the promise (a promise is a comfort to a fool) and speculation of we’re talking to prospective new investors.
      10/ Never told shareholders when they were talking to Paladidni, yet now there is an EGM al of a sudden ‘Prospective Investors’ is a news item, hypocrites.

    • steve says:

      Get your head out of the sand Mark.

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Not allowed an opinion if you don’t go Steve, pathetic, or am I only allowed an opinion if it agrees with you!

        • steve says:

          My comment was in response to you criticising other supporters.I travel home and away,and i,m not bragging or saying i,m better than people who don’t go,but the fact is that we’ve been rubbish more often than not.Even during the unbeaten run.There are fans who only moan when we lose,there are fans who moan all the time.Unfortunately,i,m one of the latter.I,m not happy with our form,and players and manager are equally to blame.

  • I agree with JohnR200; some fans are over reacting. What do you expect when the team is disrupted by injury and loan players going back to their clubs? Blues didn’t play that badly yesterday and did keep trying right to the end. Blues fans sing ‘we’ll be there at the end of the road’ but some mean that they will be there only if the team is doing ok. I have watched a lot worse games than yesterday’s. I was more discouraged by the fans who left early than by the team. There are some fans who support no matter what. I liked the comment yelled by a man a few rows in front of me half way through the 5 minutes of time added on at the end; he shouted, ‘Come on Blues! We’ll take a draw!’

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    There is nothing “false or pretend” regarding my outrage relative to a totally abject performance yesterday. That said despite the lack lustre display I will continue to watch the team I have loved for the last 45 years and for (god willing) many years to come.

    When times are difficult and let’s face it these are tough times for us as a Nation never mind as a Bluenose it is very easy to become part of the problem, After all we are only human and by definition fallible. One can moan and point the finger until that finger falls off but it will achieve precious little. Can we influence what is happening at St Andrews? Similarly “fan power” is gloriously overrated. The bottom line is you are in or you are out. Support the team through thick and thin or withdraw your support. Yes use Dan’s forum for some banter and a moan as we all need to share and have acknowledgement of our thoughts but don’t be vindictive or have personal “digs”. Treat each other with the respect you wish to receive. Life is too short!


  • mark says:

    My Other point dan you are a st holder at the stans, by you not attending, I am only assuming your daughter losing interest aswell by not going as she also st holder.??

  • mike b says:

    hi all….just one more comment…..many fans left early yesterday….never leave early normally…..it was just so depressing…..

  • DoctorD says:

    I’ve been going through Tony Matthews’ Book “Birmingham City: The Complete Record” and have worked out the Blues have had:

    * 12 spells in the top division, staying for an average of four and three quarter years
    * 13 spells outside the top division, staying out of it for an average of three and a third years.

    In fact the Blues have been promoted and relegated between the top two divisions more than any other club — 12 times up 12 times down. The current malaise is nothing new. The stats make me kind of feel better but lying 17th in the division is hard to take right now I know..

  • Chris W says:

    I have to admit the home support is beyond belief, go to an away game, I drive to them and sometimes wonder what it must be like on the coaches, the banter and camaraderie once you arrive is second to none, once inside the ground the banter with the players and supporters, LC included, is fantastic, crowd chanting and singing, players and manager giving the occasional wave when hearing their names.
    Come to St Andrews and it is like a cemetery, worse a morgue, no banter or atmosphere, in fact even waiting outside the moans and groans begin.
    I would love to do something in way of protest but since the majority of shareholders, the owner and Peter Pannu don’t attend the ground, or rarely leave Hong Kong, there is not much we can do, and as you say it would mainly fall on deaf ears anyway. CY, BIHL and PP will do what is right for them, they have no feelings for us or the club. We just have to ride this out, it is going to be painfully long but eventually it will end.
    Somehow we have to lose this apathy at home, on the whole the players we have are giving 110% and it is inevitable they will have bad days, just seems when one has one they all come out in sympathy.
    I won’t comment on performances as I have said all I can on other pages.
    If it wasn’t for Dan we would all be totally in the dark regarding what is going on behind the scenes at BCFC and are all grateful for his endeavours and insight, al I ask Dan, “Don’t lose the faith” Good times are around the corner once again.

    Enjoy the good games, feel the hurt of the bad games but remember, We the supporters ARE Birmingham City Football Club….
    Since 1961 I have seen the Coombes, Wheldons, Kumars and Gold/Sillivan/Golds all own and run MY club, I am still here for the Yeung’s reign and will be for the next chapter in the history book of BCFC or till my last breath….

  • Roy Smith says:

    I was listening to Radio 5 this morning and there was a long discussion about the situation at Hull City and it struck me that I have not heard a word in the national press about the situation at Blues.There is no way that the Hong Kong press are going to worry about us if even the British media don’t show an interest, so how about if we make an effort to call radio 5 phone ins that get a national airing and explain out plight? Perhaps if we can explain things on national radio it might reach the media in H.K. and who knows what might result. It certainly can’t do any harm and at worst will take up half an hour of someone’s time

  • gerard says:

    I think that our first team coach as he is called summed it up beautifully after the match- we have to beg steal or borrow players now- and Kevin Broadhurst said the same on radio- I do think LC is naïve at times and indeed not my favourite manager although a decent honest guy, sadly the blame lies fair and square in Hong Kong with Peter Pann the invisible man and Yeung and more so Pannu who I am sure is pulling all the strings behind the scenes as I think Yeubng is not capable or intelligent enough ( just my opinion )does not care an iota about the supporters, Pannu just ensuring whatever the outcome he along with Yeung will not suffer but actually gain financially at least, So as 500 season tickets holders who paid monies up front for this season do not bother to go down, I personally am very selective and did not renew this season, although I was there yesterday and will be for the 3 games before I depart these shores to OZ-on my return I shall NOT be going down again this season. Due mainly to cajoling and other peoples generosity I have been there a lot and indeed enjoyed a few away games, however think about this 12 months ago including myself there were 9 regular season tickets holders who I have sat by for years , next year there will 2 maximum -NOT ME- add to this limited income- no parachute payment-regardless of which division we are in -so before you say I am a traitor to cause my first match was in 1956- I have seen the club I love play away on over 60 other grounds -hitch hiked to Carlisle-Sunderland in appalling weathers MID WEEK, but the difference this time is you cannot mount a crusade or protest against invisible owners who live 6000 miles away and never show in this country despite in Pannus case the £1million per year he is extracting from the club-paid by you , me and all that support the club, the staff is cut on and off the field to bare bones, and shortly we may see the only assets we have left sold, consider this it is not your club anymore it is the owners plaything aN ego trip a cash cow for whom?> NOT the supporters , so you can only protest regrettably by staying away.I HAVE SEEN BAD OWNERS COME AND GO-BUT THIS LOT ARE DESPICABLE THAT IS PUTTING IT MIDLY-SO WHY PUT MONEY IN THERE POCKETS-THINK AGAIN ABOUT THE £1 MILLION PANNU HAS TAKEN IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS YOURS AND MY MONEY-WOULD YOU LET ANYONE ELSE DO THAT ?THINK AGAIN

    • Royalblue says:

      We lined gold/Sullivan and Brady’s pockets for long enough didn’t we?
      Not to mention the absolute fortune they made when they sold us to the highest bidder with no regard
      As to who that may be.
      The fact of the matter is its never been our club.

      • Chris W says:

        When will people stop blaming GSG for selling us down the river, they sold to the idiot who offered some £50 odd million more than the club was worth, would you say “No thanks, you keep the your £50 million, the club isn’t worth that”…… No, neither would I.
        They built us up and ran it as a business, that put us on a good footing for whoever came in, except the Barber from Hong Kong and his side kick PP, who have all but run us into the ground and most supporters, who only wanted the glory days like some of the players, to stay away instead of getting behind the club.
        Stop blaming everyone else, try getting behind those that are doing the best they can with the tools they are allowed.
        You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear….

        • chris says:

          They should have had some decency and morals about selling us down the river but they didn’t care for the club, greed was all they cared about, themsleves just selfish people.
          Unlike Readings owner and ellis at villa who both told yeung to do one.
          not gold and sullivan they just wanted money.

          • Chris W says:

            Not disputing they should have done the same as other clubs, but Yeung was determined to own a club and so offered twice the money and would you turn down an offer for your home that is double its worth, I know I wouldn’t and neither did they, they were first and foremost successful business people and money has made them rich, CY made them richer that’s all.

          • steve says:

            I might be wrong here but didn’t a lot of fans let them know they weren’t wanted anymore ?

    • chris says:

      we do get parachute payment next season last payment is jan 2015

  • SirHarry1875 says:

    Things have been worse before but what makes our current plight harder to stomach is that it has come off the back of a golden period in our history. Back in 89 we’d been pretty shit for a while and expectations were low. Football in general was going through a bad patch and stating you were a football supporter was something you definitely left off your CV.

    However following Blues in them days was’nt as painful as it is now. To have fallen so far in such a short time is heartbreaking. English football is enormous worldwide and we had a piece of it. We were part of it. And thats the cause of our downfall. A dodgy Chinese fella had dream and unfortunately he bought us to try and realise that dream.

    But you are right, we have to try and enjoy it again. St Andrews is an awful place to be at the moment. There can’t be many that say they enjoy it. I personally go out of duty. But we have to keep going, we can’t give up. As Churchill once said “when you are going through hell, keep going” Keep the faith and our time will come again.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Fortress St Andrews is a far distance memory.

    Clarks home record is 9 wins in 35 games, by any standards an appalling record, & yet circumstances dictate he is unsackable.

    There within lies the heart of the problem. The current owners shocking governance of the club has dicated we have a manager & team that are not fit for purpose for a team carrying the name of a proud second city in England..

    We didnt lose to a Man City side in its pomp yesterday, rather a rank poor Yeovil side that will be relegated from a below average championship.

    Apathy is now King around St Andrews, a boycott will unfold organically with ST holders just not bothering & finding more nourshing pasttimes.

    Perversally Swansea & Leicester lie ahead, & with a twisted Birmingham City logic, will probabley lead to two home wins…………..

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Leicester could be embarrassing. The football they played against Derby last week was at time breathtaking. Might bring my dark glasses and a pillow and pretend its not happening.

  • Blue Nose 1945 says:

    So many negative comments on a match where – OK we were not at our best, at least not where it mattered most, but as several comments already made here, we are struggling with a depleted squad, and to keep sending in high balls against tall defenders, with Zigic usually anywhere but in the box was not the best idea.
    However despite all our current problems – my wife and I will still be ST holders next year – and the year after. ‘cos we are loyal ‘Blue Noses’ and wouldn’t change that for the world !
    KRO !

    — Keep up the good work Daniel – No forum better in our times of great need !

  • Ed Lane says:

    It’s not the team we are fed up with surely, it’s the owner(s) and the useless PP. By not going to games and not cheering on the players we are punishing them and helping towards a relegation fight. I feel that it is better if fans still turn up to the games, still cheer the team but protest against the owners, and in my view the simplest and cheapest way to do that would be for all the fans to hold up an A4 size poster with the words that Dan explained in one of his old posts that means sell up and get out.
    A sea of white A4 posters with the same wording would I am sure attract the attention of the media.

  • gerard says:

    re Gold And Sullivan-we did not line there pockets until they sold the club they did not take a penny themselves -Brady was the only one who took a salary- all of them not my favourites for sure- Brady actually worked every day could be seen and was at least available- Pannu has taken far more out on an annual basis than Brady-at least we we were run properly under Gold and Sullivan, , never in dire financial straights and never subjected to beg steal and borrowing players as stated by our coaching staff- today . As for Gold and Sullivan -they made there money when they sold the club to Yeung-thats business -called profit-the unacceptable face of Capatilism which I do not agree with as its shear greed, , still that’s a topic beyond football? So please realise the real facts regards the current owners ,it maybe negativity but do not hide from the truth-it often HURTS my friend

    • chris says:

      Sorry Gerard your wrong.
      They took a salary from the club from about the year 2000 onwards.
      They also charged the club interest on money they loaned to the Blues.
      They got the fans, football trust grants and shareholders to pay for the Tilton / Kop development and again for the Gil Merrick stand.
      Even before they left they had back every penny that they put in, they only helped with cashflow.
      Brady i agree did not take out the amount of wages like pannu but she had share options which in the end i believe was worth over a million.
      the truth hurts my friend.

  • gerard says:

    Finally don’t you realise Pannu and co -have got us were they want us, apathetic, stay away ,etc etc, its there ball they do not care,they can do what the hell they want, we cannot do anything to them , faceless indiviuals who hide 6000 miles away, and whoever said it has never been our club -you either have a short memory or not supported the club that long. I remember the blue revolution, the 1960-70s when the club was about its supporters and players ran thru brick walls for the badge and dare I say the wages they picked up came second, and owners were responsible to there supporters first and foremost

    • Royalblue says:

      I’ve supported this club for 30 years, season ticket holder for most of them, I think I know who has owned the club!
      To say gold and sully never paid themselves is garbage, they may have dressed it up as ‘ management fees’ or some other nice title but they drew money alright.
      Don’t get me wrong I’m as pissed off with the situation as anyone, but take your rose tinted glasses off for a minute.

  • Ame says:

    Yea good work Dan
    Keep it up KRO

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I think any protests at this stage will not make a blind bit of difference to the HK crew. They have shown total indifference – maybe utter contempt is more apt – to what the feelings of Bluenoses back here in Brum. Now that they’ve got their ‘cunning’ plan in motion to try and attempt to raise funds for BIHL and to keep the club afloat, nothing will deter them from continuing from this path. A small (perhaps insignificant) glimmer, could be if this mysterious group who wish to purchase close to quarter of the club, have designs to eventually f*** off PP and CY sometime down the line, and try to take over. Most have now come to the sad conclusion that Carson will hang on as hard for as long as possible – even if he is imprisoned – and is desperate to retain power at all costs. But if this group in China is not connected to CY, they will have reasons for buying into the club. Will they want some of their own personnel at St Andrews in the absence of PP for extended periods?

    The only thing we as fans can do is try and raise revenues for a concerted effort to either buy shares in BIHL (risky) or try and get a small stake in the club itself. Money and the smell of it is the only thing that will entice some into dialogue.

    • chris says:

      i can’t see any new investor having their own peolpe on the board as they will own only 25% of blues not bihl.
      bihl and pannu / yeung will decide on directors
      this is why paladini never went for this part share idea a he was told he could have only two seat on the board to yeungs three even though he was going to buy 50% of the club.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        I would say that it remains to be seen if this new party wish to remain as ‘silent partners’ or not. Obviously CY and PP will ostensibly try and retain control but sooner or later their hand will have to be forced in no serious amount if funding is secured.

        I am extremely glad by the way, that Paladini was not successful in his endeavours.

  • Frankie says:

    Dan, the ‘outrage’ should surprise no-one who regularly goes to St Andrews.
    We do NOT have the most savvy crowd, in fact it is sometimes difficult to avoid ‘clumping’ someone you have had to endure 90 minutes of garbage from.
    I moved my season ticket from the Tilton for this reason, to avoid ABH charges.
    Its a little better where I sit currently but you do bemoan the end of terraces and the flexibility that afforded.

  • Peter bates says:

    We keep hearing about the job the staff at st andrews are doing and in most cases they are doing a good job but there must be some kind of leadership down there who are answering to cy or pp so for people to think pp or cy dont know the feelings of the fans is ludicrous and sites like op and others have more chance to contact these people than most supporters the supporters trust a while ago said protests walkouts and the like should not be done what is the normal supporter to do I dont agree that protesting is not right but who do you protest to cy cant come to this coungry and the invisible man ie pp wont say anything when he is here unless its to threaten people with the courts I dont have access to these people the same as a lot of others so someone needs to come up with an answer because I dont know where to go from here kro

  • Lee H says:

    Whilst I agree that football has lost a lot of its soul with high player wages and match day prices, I find the general mood surrounding Stan’s very disconcerting. Are neighbours down in Wolverhampton are still managing to pull in crowds of 20,000 in league one. As much as I want the best for our club, I don’t think I could follow a club like Man City who through money will eventually end up winning trophies most years. With regards to on field matters, I feel that it would be in the interest of the club to bleed players such as Will Packwood into the team, instead of 34yr old midfielders. At least if the same result would of occurred yesterday, Will would have more to gain from the experience. Although the ownership situation is distressing at present, at least we are not losing £100mil plus like teams such as Bolton. KRO and the good times will return(and be more enjoyable from the road we have travelled!!)

    • Pete says:

      Is that the same 34 year old midfielder who stopped them scoring after 30 seconds with a brilliant tackle? He did cost us a goal, but not much else wrong. I noticed Robinson let him mark their big lad, and Robbo’s man scored the two goals. Mullins and Ziggy are easy scapegoats.

      • steve says:

        Yeah.Remember Burn against Leeds and i think Bolton in the televised games?

      • Chris W says:

        The reason Mullins marked the big guy is Mullins is 6′ 0″ and Robbo is 5’9″.
        On saying that neither Robbo or “The Blue eyed Boy” Mullins won a single competitive header, in fact apart from that tackle Mullins did nothing else, his passing was woeful at the very best, baring in mind that apart from Howard and Brown the rest were not much better.
        Ziggy, yesterday, just didn’t want to be there and should have been taken off at half-time, but who else do we have in the strikers department, Reece Hales is probably the only other fit striker we have and he has yet to make a league game and in his 6 games he has yet to score.
        We need a defender and a striker, LC is well aware of it but has no carrots to dangle other than they will get playing experience, the only real hope of having anyone decent is over the hill has beens who will be grateful to still be recognised, Bring back Kenny Burns….

      • Lee H says:

        I will back whoever wears that shirt, but I am not a believer of fitting a square peg into a round hole. I know finances dictates, and for all I know Packwood has failed to convince since his return. However, I feel just like Burn, if Will is thrown in against Yeovil and had a mare, he would have benefitted from it a lot more and could ‘potentially’ develop into a player which would remove the need to rely on another loan player.

    • chris says:

      Wolves have an owner who has kept most of their prem squad over the last two years and has let them go slowly, they made a £35 million loss after their first year back in the Championship which he has bourne.
      our useless board / major shareholder yeung has no money not even without his £60 million held by HK, £60 mill still isn’t enough to run a top two tier club and have some of the top players in your squad.
      sheff wed owner is putting in £5 mill a year and look where they are.

  • chris says:

    many have left and the club has reduced staff by 13% so to say a boycott will hurt the staff is not wholey true as they are already hurting and losing jobs.

  • parchy99 says:


    A question for you.

    Would you be prepared to help/assist facilitate a protest that was legal and did not affect the Club staff?

    I sense from this post that you would like to see something done, whereby you do not have to lead it, yet something that is striking and media grabbing. If this is the case, and its simply a case of a lack of time and a wish not to be a figurehead then can you offer your blog as a medium to rally the troops?

    A poll to see what people would think would be the most effective method of protest may get the ball rolling?

    A poll to see how many people would commit to a protest of sorts would then clarify the effectiveneness of any action?

    We are all guilty of passively wishing for something to be done without being willing to donate a ton of time and energy. If we had a way of bringing things together I really think people would commit. Frustration levels are peaking.

    We just need the glue to bring it together.

    Just thoughts……

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Surely the meaning of OFTEN PARTISAN is were often come together in a single united group.

    The team is playing poorly at home. To blame this on the lack of money from our owners is too simplistic. This is the same team of players winning away games.

    I did go to the game and if it wasn’t for poor finishing we should easily have won versus Yeovil. This was almost Bournemouth in reverse which we won when they absolutely battered us. To call this one of the worst performances is an over reaction. Yes we were all expecting a win versus a team cert for relegation and its an awful result but the performance wasn’t that bad. I’ve seen games where we’ve created nothing all game. The next few games will be extremely difficult and doubly so without the fans backing.

  • sappy dsd says:

    …blues fans are upset mainly over the fact that the realisation
    is in football is that the fans have no say at this club even
    though many families have been fans for 130 years …answer
    when you have money buy shares and pass it on to your kids
    ..blues fans also are fed up with the lack of protection to their
    hard earned cash that has been put into their season tickets
    really speaking if you pay for season ticket and the club has
    a fire sale half way through the season surelby the s.t.h.
    should be entitled to a refund if he so wishes ..no that is going
    to far but it would get a closer relationship between owner and
    fans ..lets see what carson has in mind next month he has not held
    on to this club for no reason…

  • paulo_bcfc says:

    It ain’t just blues, it’s how it is with everything: no one has the balls to come up with a well thought out idea, then plan it and execute it by themselves – too much hard work and then the responsibility if it all goes south.
    I got tired of all the negativity as well and don’t blame you for wanting ‘distance’ from it all almajir.
    If people don’t want to go, then don’t go. If people want to create a protest that is similar to a scale of a civil rights march, then do it – the procrastination is abundant. The blame however, lies in Hong Kong and those connected to BIHL (in my opinion), and not at the doorstep of fellow fans or those trying to push water up a hill with a damn sieve.

  • KeepRightDan says:

    I think the fans need something simple and ultimately accessible cheaply to express their outrage at the Chinese owners. Could I make a suggestion of a kamikaze style headband, as far as I’m aware it is not considered racist (although I may be wrong). Almost anyone could make one using a white bandage and a red marker. Fans could arrive an hour early with flags etc, local media could be invited and the Chinese link may attract international publicity. Any thoughts?

  • Art Watson says:

    It’s so bloody simple-stop feeding PP and his cronies with money.

    Stop going to the games/stop buying the club merchandise and anything that generates revenue.

    Money spent by fans is the companies main source of income -no money = no business = quick sale .

    That’s the way to protest,

    • steve says:

      They’re not getting that much from gate money anyway.I,m a ST holder and go away.My protest,albeit a small unnoticed one,is that i won’t be buying a ticket for Swansea on Saturday.

      • steve says:

        And if we beat Swansea and get a home draw,i won’t be buying a ticket for that either.And before you ask.If we get to wembley for a semi final,i will go.The reason? I’ve paid for a ST and i deserve to go.

      • Art Watson says:


        Yes I agree but at the moment the club is haemorrhaging money and are borrowing substantial
        sums just to survive ,so revenue from ST sales have run out.These guys are not fools and they will not invest in a business which is not supported by its main source of income -it’s fans.

        No business can survive without a viable customer base.

        Stop feeding these clowns and they will be forced to sell .

        • steve says:

          If these new investors come forward Art,we’re back to square one.We’re waiting for the court verdict aren’t we ? If he’s not guilty,he’ll get all his money back and hopefully invest.If guilty,then hopefully the football League will do the proper thing and stop him being a director.The one thing i wouldn’t accept and i hope all Blues fans would agree,is that Pannu should have nothing to do with BCFC in the future.

        • Dan H says:

          The only thing they will be selling is players, staying away is pointless

        • Chris W says:

          And if the supporters stop going they will just borrow more and more, that is a vicious circle that WILL see the demise of BCFC.

        • Ame says:

          Not that easy mate.What if they turned it into an ice rink……or a car park?

    • Drew says:

      Completely agree Art. I think the lack of any demonstration isn’t helped by the fact neither Prince Pannu or Kato will be at St. Andrews any time soon, so who exactly do the supporters vent their frustrations towards.
      Are there any home games scheduled for TV coming up ….. A COMPLETELY empty St. Andrews live on sky could certainly get sky tv talking about our current state of affairs and one would assume this would filter through to the Far East.
      Sadly, I suspect we still have enough fans who would say ‘I’d never do that cus I support the lads dun I….derrrrrrr!’ And ‘I’ve paid for me season ticket in it’.
      Sadly the togetherness and siege mentality the fans had in the terrible times of the late 80’s and 90’s seems to have drifted in to apathy on a level I never thought I’d see.

      • Art Watson says:


        An empty St.Andrews would certainly focus PP’s mind but it needs more than that..

        An indefinite boycott will be more effective but I agree I can’t see it happening.

        • Drew says:

          As the Far East culture is based heavily on honour …. Perhaps the crowd wearing Pannu and Carson printed masks with a Chinese wording printed across their faces. The Wording could simply read C**TS in Chinese.

  • gerard says:

    I think by the shear passion you have aroused today on this website regarding the club we loved, with so many different views and opinions it shows how much we love and care for the club-yes we may have totally different views opinions etc but one thing is for sure we have a future, we all in the end want the same thing, our club back how it used to be, passionate support all pulling the same way even if we share different opinions, I never come on here to offend my friends but nearly all the replies are full of fight and in the end we all want the same outcome, the end of the current Chinese dynasty and new caring honours who will run the club the right and correct way in the interest of us the supporters-it is a pity all of us cannot pool our resources as one and help rid of the current owners your thoughts welcome remember when eventually the shower of shite who currently own the club have long gone we shall still be there the sooner the better

  • sappy dsd says:

    the fact is brum had enough shots on target to win this match
    ..taking it out of the players is not going to do blues any good
    at all …we have just had a great run now we are crap ..come on
    give the team a break

  • sutton apex says:

    for me why i am losing heart is the home form, particuarly against teams around us. Its no good winning away in front of 900 blues away fans – the home form should have cost lee clark his job by now – look at the other championship managers sacked ??

    • steve says:

      Yeah,1 point from 9 against the bottom 3 is just not good enough.Unfortunately Clark,probably has the safest job in football.

    • Drew says:

      Am I assuming you think any other manager will perform better then?
      Personally I’m not entirely sure how we can judge Clark given the fact he had precisely NOWT to work with. Let’s be honest….. Who on earth would want the job at the moment …. It must be like juggling sand….. Wet and runny sand at that.

  • Royalblue says:

    I wondered how long before the sack lee Clarke bullshit started again.
    He’s just been nominated for manager of the month for christ sake.
    Sack him and get who exactly? We can’t even hang onto our loan players , name one half decent manager who would want to work under these constraints?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Lee Clark. :-))

      I want him to stay… and I want him to be given a decent amount of money to bring in Championship quality players at the very least. Only then can he truly be judged. At the moment, he’s trying to stay in the Championship, with a lot of League 1 quality players. He’s not doing that bad. We’ve had these blips before this season and last.

  • Steve-0 says:

    The goal is survival until we see a new chapter. If Lee Clark can do that then in my opinion he’s done a good job.

    We all know the sit auction we’re in and I’m sorry but you play Hayden Mullins at CB then you’ve got to expect incidents like Yeovils first.

    We’re on track for our seasons goal.

    • Chris W says:

      Totally agree, Championship survival and 10 clear points above the relegated clubs and it will be like winning the Champions league.
      I will be happy finishing 21st but still think a respectable 11,12 or 13th is well within our grasp, just hope for more Swansea’s and less Yeovil’s…

      • StaffsBlue says:

        It’s bit of case of making a mountain out of a molehill. We went 10 games unbeaten, then we lost 3 players, were beaten narrowly by Brighton and lost yesterday when we should really have scored a hatful. A finish of 11 points above the bottom 3 will be a success… anything more, a bonus.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    As far as Blues are concerned, news never “breaks” in Hong Kong. When events occur which are of significant interest to us, we usually get to hear about it thanks to Daniel’s quiet crusade to do what he can to expose the truth and keep us informed. His announcements are often picked up by local and sometimes national sources who repeat what Daniel has already revealed. If we think that there is a communications blackout perpetrated by Messrs Pannu and Yeung, I dread to think what our current comprehension would be if it wasn’t for Dan’s revelations.
    My biggest fear is that Dan will decide he has better things to do than dedicate half of his life to an excellent and well informed blog which at times does no more than attract the derision of narrow minded observers and even some supporters. Lee Clark is doing a fantastic job with limited resources, maybe he has taken a leaf out of Dan’s book! Get behind your team and thank goodness for Daniel’s endeavours. Lee will get in a new centre half, Adeyemi will get fit again, Burke will stay at Blues, Howard will be the find of the season and we will end the season above the relegation zone. Keep Right on and Keep the Faith.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Why is the atmosphere so crap at home games? The main reason for that is ithe ground is less than half full. The main reason for that is it’s too bloody expensive. My old season ticket seat yesterday in block 27 would have cost £33 – for Yeovil! Think back to just before Xmas when they reduced the price to £10 against Forest and we got a 23.000 crowd with a bit of help from good away support. The point is that the situation wasn’t a fat lot different then than now but people turned up because they thought it was decent value for money.
    Get more people in the ground and the atmosphere will take care of itself and to do that they need to get the pricing right. Make it a kid for a quid for a start to make it even feasible for families to attend. It’s difficult when they have already overpriced the season tickets. We are still paying Premiership prices to watch a much poorer product.

    • Ame says:

      I think that’s the prob.It csnt be done due to the ST holders!
      Overpriced as they are,we’ve shot ourselves in the foot!

      • Chris W says:

        I also think the prices are governed by the Football league so everyone pays around the same fee then it is up to the club if they charge more but they are only allowed so many reduced fees throughout the season.
        Some clubs are offering deals such as Middlesbrough who get a free pint if they arrive before a certain time and another club are offering free meal deals. I think it is Stoke who provide free coach travel to away games as a reward for loyalty.
        Blues are just milking the supporters because there are no assets left to sell…

        • Shirley Blue says:

          You are probably right about match day prices but I don’t think the Football League can dictate what a club charges for season tickets and that is where Blues have got it wrong. I couldn’t justify £530 again following the dross I saw last season.

          • Chris W says:

            Yes the season tickets are still Premier prices, but that doesn’t stop people buying on a game by game basis.
            I know some people work shifts and have problems but in general I find the prices for our home and away to be fairly average for the league, I travel to the away games by car and find the car parks and refreshments about the same, with the exception of Barnsley where they forgot to turn the pie warmers on, it was freezing but cheap.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      We have had low attendances for subsidised games. I recall the opposition singing only £10 and you still cant sell! pricing is not the cause as our prices are equitable. The issue is that many fans have fallen out of love with the club due to the turgid oppressive atmosphere caused by the painfully lingering incommunicative board. Once the club is sold and new investment is provided the fans will return. In the meantime it is down to us diehards to keep the club going. KRO.

  • Max Rogers says:

    Can I congratulate you on a magnificent piece of writing. Nailed it. Every word written, I agree with.

  • TracyKRO says:

    I went to the game on Saturday cause im ST holder and said to my mom before she dropped us off that if Mullins is CB we will probly lose not because it was Mullins but he had a lucky escape with Bristol Rovers.
    Zigic made their CF look a class act, same height and I said to my self who’s the one who was playing in prem couple of seasons ago and on a high wage.
    The only thing I blame Clark for because he’s do a good job without funds etc is, why call back Packwood back and not play him, he was ok last season until he had is injury.
    I thought Brown and Howard was the best on the field Saturday.
    Its the BOARDS fault we in this MESS not the TEAM, MANAGER or STAFF.
    We can not change things what happens in Hong Kong.
    I got my ticket for Saturday to show them im still behind them

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Zigic got all the stick yesterday but Novak was no better. If he picked the right team and we played to the strengths we have got which is two decent full backs and two wingers in Burke and ferguson and got the ball into the box from decent areas then Zigic might be effective. Novak is totally ineffective wide left because he hasn’t got a left foot and has to come backwards.. We had a lot of possession yesterday but it usually ended being passed backwards to be then hoofed up in the general direction of Zigic. I don’t do away games but I just think he over complicates it.

  • zuludave says:

    Hi Dan, I was at Palace in fancy dress tanked up and had a great day, remember the guy who climbed the floodlight? I remember getting off the train at Euston with my mates and bumping into a Roman soldier, then seeing the bar at the station full of Blues all in fancy dress. We’ve the greatest sense of humour of all fans I’ve come across, the most songs and we never take any nonsense. Being a Bluenose in about more than football, it’s special and that’s what sets us apart from the vile, they do not have the intelligence to understand that. I want to run on the pitch and protest, but who to? LC? It’s not his fault, I’m surprised he’s not gone elsewhere. He’s made mistakes but doing the best he can with what he’s got. I’d love to get to Pannu or CY but the cowards stay away. Apathy? yes, but I think until we pick the bones out of the aftermath of Feb 28th nothing will happen. Blues will be back,we will get new owners we’re ripe and a good medium to long term investment. Sit tight for now, KRO and support the team with all your heart we must stay up.
    And Dan, thanks mate for your hard work when this is over the club should recognise your efforts.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I will always renew my ST as long as I can afford to as it’s part of me.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    It’s simple for me: we win, lose or draw together. As a team, a squad, a managerial and back room staff. And as FANS.

    Migrate away and you affect atmosphere and players thrive on that to perform.

    Imagine turning up to a gig or your own party with nobody there. You’d have a crap time wouldn’t you?

    Forget the past, forget CY and PP. Be a fan.

    A few years ago we would’ve felt entitled to beat Yeovil (and many other teams) at home. Now we aren’t entitled to anything and I think most fans don’t like to have to cut their cloth to suit.

    And that is quite sad.


  • Murph says:

    I didn’t get there yest but deep down wish I had , lot better than mid 80s Wer in the main stand a old boy would shout rubbish rubbish ! And you could hear him , a lot better than that and the players are ten times better , Clark doesn’t know how good a team he’s got , that’s my take , the players are far better than where we are , we have premiship players as in ferguson Bartley burn until last week and we are still very average , zigic Burke most championship teams would have , why can’t we get the best out of or decent good players ? Coaching and tactics ?????

  • John Baker says:

    We won the League cup in 2011, beating a team ‘for the ages’.

    That will do me for another 100 years.

  • Ray says:

    I’m not normally vindictive but I hope CY gets 20 years for what he has done to our club.

  • Ben Mountford says:

    Sorry lads, but I don’t know how you expect a mass protest when there aren’t enough fans to even partially fill the ground. People have stopped going to these home games because results have been poor, it allready looks like a mass walkout!

    I beleive in LC, the last two years we’ve spent January down in the dumps and come back very strong in the second half of the season and I’ve got little doubt we’ll do it again, February is historically a time when our turn up in fortunes arrives and we’ll see what happens after that!

  • mark says:

    players wages should be the focus point of our present demise, silly wages paid out !! players should learn three things, and in this order club first team second, and third themselves…………………….otherwise they should clear off…………………….kro

    • Enckelman says:

      This is probably mostly pointed at zigic but I have to be honest, I can’t blame him..his family come first. It was carsons or whoever was in charge of wage amounts fault for giving him so much money.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    A boycott will not gain us anything. Even if it were able to force CY to sell (which I can’t see), unruly and disloyal fans will not attract a buyer with serious resources. Think back to when Sullivan bought us – he was a racehorse owner tired of being snubbed and ridiculed by the racing fraternity, who he saw as a bunch of snobs. So someone suggested buying a football club, heard we were for sale, came down and was knocked out by our support even in the bad times. So he, along with the Golds, bought us, and he put his right hand woman in charge of day to day management.
    The difference now? We no longer have the support. The moaners and whingers have finally triumphed. Who would buy such a depressing, negative club?

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