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Men United

Prostate Cancer UK – the Football League’s charity partner for the 2013-14 season are launching one of the biggest men’s health drives in the country right now to build awareness of one of the biggest health issues to affect men.

The charity us urging people to take this test so that they can build a better picture of what men know about their bodies and the disease so that they can better inform and help in the future.

I’m not generally one to promote things for the sake of it but having actually seen a close family member battle cancer in the last few months I have seen at close quarters what it can do. I have seen how early detection of prostate cancer can help recovery percentages and thus I think it’s imperative that men get past the whole machismo of not going to a doctors for a checkup and ensure that they are looked after.

If you need any help, support or advice surrounding Prostate Cancer the charity operates a helpline here.



9 Responses to “Men United”

  • Macc Lad says:

    4/5 .. just couldn’t bring myself to click on Vile park!!

  • mrbluesky says:

    Serious subject and worth following the link. ALL men over 50 should be checked. I went after being nagged and surprise surprise I had PC. Treatment followed and because it was at an early stage it was dealt with. That was eight years ago and if I had not gone it is doubtful if I would have made the CC Final. What a memory.

    I had a good friend who did not make it. The test is readily available and is a life saver.

  • Kazakblue says:

    Come on all you “Real Men” what have you got to lose?

    Well, first your family, wife, kids, brothers, sisters and parents, and secondly you will not be able to watch the mighty Blues again if you are going high speed gas or in a box with worms nibbling at your innards.

    The test is simple and does not take hours, generally a finger or two up your jacksie, just bend over and take the marigold !!!!

    It can save your lives, just look at what mrbluesky wrote, I am sure all of us would rather be singinging Kepp Right On than having a few people humming the words to Amazing Grace over us.

  • southernbrummie says:

    hi being a member of a few forums I don’t usually post but felt I must on this. I have terminal prostrate cancer im 56 and have probabaly a year left . I cannot stress how much men over fifty need to get tested not by the finger test but by a psa blood test . when I was diagnosed last year I had both tests the finger test said I was fine , the blood test came back at 331 they take your prostate out at 10! so if you are worried I cannot stress how much you need to take a 5 minute blood test . sorry to go on but it nen need to do it .


    • Kazakblue says:

      Terribly sad to hear about your illness Southernbrummie, I just wish there were more posts here on this subject, which is very very serious indeed. People should take note of you.

  • southernbrummie says:

    thank you kazak . unfortunately yes men do need to take this seriously . I am the first to admit I didn’t but now I am paying for it . its not just the person who has its the family aswell my 13teen year old step daughter just broke down in tears and cries herself to sleep please don’t don’t let that happen in your familys .
    sorry to preach

  • Chris W says:

    Well done Dan on promoting this topic, I had the test and thankfully nothing untoward was found, but it gave me peace of mind and a cure for the real problem.
    Every time I go to a doctor and they “hum, ah” I’m sending you for more tests” my heart sinks and think of the worst and the big “C”. I think most men over 55 do.
    Men are tough and don’t need doctors, wrong, we are human and, like your car, need a service, go get tested and have no fear, early detection will, more than likely, lead to a cure.

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