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BCFC Appoint New Directors

Birmingham City have announced today that they have appointed two new directors to the board of the football club. Victor Ma Shui Cheong and Panos Pavlakis, both directors of Birmingham International Holdings have both been named to the board with immediate effect.

Ma is managing director and executive director of Sing Pao Media Enterprises Ltd, the Hong Kong based newspaper that Carson Yeung owns roughly 11% of. He is also brother-in-law to Carson.

Pavlakis is a recent addition to the board of Birmingham International Holdings and has been at St Andrews for a few weeks prior to the Derby County game. As a graduate of Aston University he knows the city well and he specialises in raising finance on the markets.

It’s easy to speculate what this means but with an EGM coming up it would suggest that the board of BIH are looking more to hold onto the club than sell it. It also asks the question if Carson is preparing to step down from the board of BCFC (as he would have to should he be convicted of money laundering on February 28). It is also a condition of the relisting of the shares that Carson has to step down from the holding company board until his court case his resolved in his favour.

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71 Responses to “BCFC Appoint New Directors”

  • AndyP says:

    Dan,from your sources in H.K has anything been mentioned about the protest on Saturday.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, Apart from what your article implies. Could it lead to possible influx of finance, [ no matter how small ]., ?.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Didn’t we have new directors before that remained only for the duration of an AGM or EGM?

  • Blue Nose Gaz says:

    I find it ironic they are appointed after the transfer window closes

  • AndyP says:

    Pardon my ignorance but isn’t news allowed to be reported on public holidays.?

    • almajir says:

      Tell me how many newspapers you see for sale on Christmas Day… ;)

      • bluenoseb says:

        Christmas day the only one though! Easter sunday, the sunday papers are normal and for any mickey mouse bank hoilday monday over here its normally business as usual apart from consrtuction and banks. Have to admit after all the ‘national holidays’ through sh*theads courtcase do they have half the year workin half bank holidays cause everytime something comes up its either in the middle of or leading up to another national holiday.

        Rumours on sha and free forums that CY not happy about the protests or timing off you heard anything along those lines dan?

        • AussieBlue says:

          Bluenosebob – It’s Chinese New Year you wally. It’s bigger to them than Christmas is to us. Time for all the families to get together and many travel thousands of miles to do it so please try to understand their culture..we gave up Hong Kong in 1998 mate! BTW it’s now the Year of the Horse…BCFC fans have had enough of what comes out of the rear end of this animal over the past year…let’s hope we can now gallop ahead!

  • AndyP says:

    Ha ha,none but there are plenty of other places to read / report news but get your point

  • Jaffa says:

    Al,do you think these appointments affects Peter Pannu’s position.

  • Lee says:

    Isn’t the Greek geezer supposed to be the one wanting 24% of carsens shares?

  • Lee says:

    If nothing else at least he understand English and Cantonese so the message should get back

  • spoinkop says:


  • Lee says:

    So the stewards said they were told to stop the banner going past the directors box on Saturday, someone made that order, so someone knows what it said and wanted it stopped, so I’m saying carsen is perfectly aware of the unrest, bit strange this announcement is made out the blue after this particular game, whatever he’s up to I still hate him and his fat faced side kick

  • mark says:

    looks like Carson is preparing for all eventuality in his plan ABCD
    Tightening his grip even further what ever his outcome……….same regime but with different names and relative joining in………sell…… me not think……………

  • mark says:

    Pavlakis hopefully his skills in raising finance will be a good asset to bcfc………….

  • mark says:

    25 days to go with the possibilities of walking free and returning to his director box………
    Daniel has Carson still got his directors Box??

    • Poppa999 says:

      I should imagine if he is found innocent nothing will stop him coming back and sitting in the Director’s Box. What do fans think? If the present owners wanted to destroy the club Blues would be out of business and the ground would be up for development. Look at Leicester and Southampton. Out of business, slate wiped clean and both doing nicely thank you.

    • almajir says:

      Mark – seriously, what do you think?

  • tony says:

    he was never going to sell its one big game for him i own a football club and all that run it down till all the pride has gone and we are convinced that we should play in yellow and brown be called brummie bashers and have ken dodd as manager then our home ground changed to london for convenience i am sure we will put up with that are we going to let these mugs change our club forever thats where its heading

  • sappy sad says:

    the only thing that is going to earn this board ot any other board
    a lot of money is the team….this board so far has a long way to
    go to prove to the people of birmingham that they are good enough
    or big enough to take this club forward and upward .as so far
    they have took us 2 paces forward and 10 paces back we the fans
    have a dream the players have a dream .these dreams need
    fullfilling ……

    • Art Watson says:


      Good post but the fans and success are the only thing that will give this board money.

      Without a fan base the business is dead in the water and is worth FA..

  • rockh says:

    I can understand the frustration but you need to get off Carsons back, the guy has enough on his plate. Just remember it’s not him on the pitch is it.

  • mark says:

    definately Daniel there a good chance pp could step down if he is voted off……..

  • utbb says:

    Something tells me pauline wong has something to do with this. There are early indications that the xtep rebrand launch will co incide with the start of next season….but thats only if you are able to make the yu and paladini connection just outside brum. Food for thought

  • Peter bates says:

    Dan did you report that mr pavlakis and the other guy joined bih and werent being paid if thats the case will they be paid by blues

  • mark says:

    Daniel are you hopefully of interview with this Mr Pavlakis???……… obviously with the guy input to finance…can you see any chance of this happening??

  • philanza says:

    A while back people were saying that if Carson was found guilty, the Footnall lleague might step in and force him to sell, even if he appeals..I see this as our only hope of getting rid of them, but nobody has mentioned that happening recently and the verdict being this month I wondered why it had gone so quiet on that front.. Anyone shed some light? or is it as easy as if he goes down, he hands the reigns over to his other family members which still leaves us with no money and unfit to carry on.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:


    Could you clarify a couple of things for me please.

    You say Carson would have to step down from the board should he be convicted of money laundering on February 28. Two questions, 1/ what if he refuses to step down? No-one can enforce this rule can they or is it a criminal charge in the UK? and 2/ If he gets convicted but lodges an immediate appeal, as expected, does he have to step down in those circumstances?

    Thanks Mate

    • almajir says:


      Under the rules of the football league, no one can be director (or act as a director) of a football club if they have been convicted in a competent court of a criminal offence such as money laundering. Thus Carson would indeed be forced to step down from the BCFC board, he’d have no choice unless he wanted Blues potentially kicked out the league. If he is convicted and appeals it makes no difference, he’s out until the possible eventuality of being found not guilty on appeal.

      • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

        Appreciated thanks Dan

        On one level that’s a good rule but on another he would still retain his shareholding and be able to exert influence so maybe it’s as you were anyhow

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan – juat a small point. Why was this mentioned on bcfc.com not to the HK Stock Exchange. That’s where all other news of this type has been posted first.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Did anyone ever believe that Yeung had any intentions of selling the club? If he’d bought it just for the prestige of owning a premier club, he would have gotten rid as soon as we were relegated. There’s no pride in running a club into the ground. If he bought it to make money, surely he’s not stupid enough to think he’s ever going to get his money back (if ever) whilst we’re outside the premier.

    So, it still begs the questions, why did he really buy the club in the first place… and why is he now hanging on to it when it’s on it’s knees?

    • mark says:

      just a point of view imo whether he guilty or innocent i personally think we will never know…..if found not guilty he will probably return like nothing ever happened, and will want to move on quite quickly with that ever plans he has for the club………. whether we like or not he is going though an ordeal himself, it been life changing for all. I dont believe he has loved it for one second just my personal opinion……… he himself has gone from euphoria to complete lock down………….hope the 28th will be a defining moment for him as well as bcfc………….kro

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I think too much significance is put on the court case. Whether he’s innocent or gulity, I can’t see anything changing. The only way things will change, is if footballing people take over the club.. and whilst we retain the same ownership, that’s about as likely as Lord Nelson getting his eye back.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Staffs could I ask you to consider what Carson has been charged with.

    May help with your question.

  • Mickey07 says:

    If found guilty yeung will then be running bcfc from his prison cell basically with these new people put in place today (his puppets)??surely the football league will see through that?or will it be a case of they can’t do anything….

  • philanza says:

    Maybe we would get more joy protesting outside the football leagues offices.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    If Carson is found not guilty, sacks Pannu, gives a plausible account as to why he was incommunicado during his exile from the UK, hires a new Communications Officer, fills the BCFC board with wealthy associates and announces many millions of pounds to rebuild the squad in the summer, what would the fan reaction be?

    • mark says:

      imo pp could be voted off or step down, or pressure is applied on pp to appease fans back here…….imo again i feel more directors will come on board the bcfc from hk………..then we have internal struggle between board here and the trust……. it already starting to make good reading…… but scary………….obviously all hypercritical

  • andy says:

    As much as we are sick to the back teeth of what has gone on and the frustration and banners, which Carson should really understand, we have to remember that it is only because of Carson having his assets frozen that the club has ended up in this mess. The guy has not set out to destroy the football club, that has to be remembered.

  • philanza says:

    For me Carson is hanging on by his teeth coz he knows the only way he’ll get his money back is get bcfc back into the prem, So he’ll ride the storm hoping investors will come his way, and have a shot at promotion..

  • John Wildig says:

    Very favourable I expect.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    If Carson gets off I wonder how many fans would be willing to forgive him as soon as he tries to undo the mess he’s put the club in. Despite the DELAY NO MORE banner I fear there will be a delay in the verdict.

  • philanza says:

    Dan could you shed some light on what the football league could do, and would it be worth fans campaigning to them to try and get them to do something as I think there the only ones with authority that can,

  • philanza says:

    Well i’d be willing to spend a day in Preston outside the offices,

  • TonyE says:

    I presume that whilst Paviakis travelled to and stayed in the UK, the tab was picked up by the club, more mouths to feed that we don’t want and can’t sfford.

  • Paul Carter - Poster of the year 2013 he says:

    Agreed Tone but I bet it’s peanuts compared to pannus travel bills

  • Lover Blue nose says:

    Paviakis is also carson’s brother in law just like Victor Ma..he is the fiancée of Carson’s step sister.. and Ma is married to one of his sisters as announced in the stock exchange.

    Pannu had got all the mess sorted out in HK and it appears also got Carson;s debts moved to HK for us to sell the club.. No doubt carson need to step down for the resumption.

    Pannu deserves all the credit as I see it and if he leaves after the resumption is completed I for one will worry who is protecting our interest behind the scenes. His pay is high but that is expected from high caliber senior staff as is the case at the London firms. He wears few hats and deals with everything in the Uk and in HK

    Let s see what happens at the EGM tomorrow……

    Carson no doubt will leave soon to satisfy the resumption requirements.

    All is very clear from the announcements.

    PP deserves more credit….CY maybe not but he also have a heart for the club and his arrest destroyed us as all his assets are frozen…lucky PP maintained the club till now and is still available for sale.

    I have a close friend at senior corporate level who knows what is happening at the club…. PP had shown resentment towards Cy s attempts to sell the club to another Chinese buyer who is his friend but have no funds to inject. PP prefers to sell to some British owners and there are few others from Europe too but CY want to sell to Chinese for some funny reasons of his own.

    So we have Pav.. Ma.. and Ryan Yeung……and..PP on our UK club board. Its not difficult to figure out who out weights who…and why CY had planned it this way. A son and two brothers-IL….and PP on the other side.

    Guys lets use our brain…Just because PP does not come out to criticize or tell us more does not mean he is part of them…. His appointment of Hughton,,,, Lee and how he managed the club whilst we have no money and heavily indebted to the bank deserves credit and should not be forgotten…We are the least spending club after Yeoil but still doing well.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Can you prove any of this please? Thanks

    Pannu refused to talk to potential buyers so your conjecture seems skewed.

  • Julian Glass says:

    I have just sent this to Mr Pavlakis. Perhaps more people should do the same?

    “Good morning Mr Pavlakis. I am Birmingham City fan. I hope you will understand that the protests that have now started in earnest are a venting of frustration of helplessness at the rapid decline of BCFC as a football club. Once long term funds are found and the supporters can see this as evident in investment in the playing squad you will find no more fervent and loyal supporters than us. We follow the words of our anthem – Keep Right On … With best wishes. Julian Glass

  • Chris W says:

    Nothing like keeping it in the family, his son is on the BCFC board, now his brother-in-law on BIHL. Looks like CY is putting a plan together with the view he will be found guilty.
    Panos Pavlakis sounds a positive addition if BIHL have no intention of selling, he has contacts in his financial field for investment and he has local knowledge and contacts from his University days.
    Victor Ma Shui Cheong, other than being CY’s relative I can’t see any other reason for his addition.
    I bet it isn’t his paper publishing the news and photo’s from Saturdays protests.

    I was told by someone from Hong Kong that Carson would be foolish to appeal because: if he loses his sentence will be doubled and he is looking at anything up to 20yrs depending on the evidence that is proven.
    Any truth in that Dan?

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