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BIH Announce Deal to Invest in Indonesian Gas and Oil Firm

Birmingham International Holdings have today made an announcement to the HKSE to confirm that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding to buy 65% of a company called PetroPro PT.

The announcement confirms that the company that BIH are investing in are involved in supporting service to oil and gas projects/companies and distribution of oil and gas software in Indonesia – as first mentioned on this blog back in August 2013.

The deal is not as yet binding; it is conditional on approval by regulatory bodies and on proof that the company is worth what has been quoted and that the necessary licences are in place. Should it go through, BIH will pay HK$52million (around £4million) for the stake in the company.

BIH confirm that the deal is to diversify the interests of the company – which has to be a good thing as it means that the company will not be as reliant on BCFC for income/turnover. Furthermore, with new business under their wing it will be easier for BIH to gain regulatory approval to sell the club so I think we have to take this as a positive – IF the deal goes through.

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115 Responses to “BIH Announce Deal to Invest in Indonesian Gas and Oil Firm”

  • Graham says:

    Be interesting to see whether any profits made from this investment into O+G find their way to BCFC

  • Sam says:

    It’s a positive

  • Quokkasskip says:

    This is great news.

    Pannu confirmed last month that they couldn’t sell BCFC at present because then BIHL would then lose its listing as it had no other tangible business.

    If this deal to buy the Indo Gas/Oil company goes through there will be no regulatory reason they cannot sell the BCFC.

    Also there is another gravytrain that BIHL can focus on and they are more likely to let go the millstone that is BCFC (their previous cashcow, that has run dry)

    There is some light at the end of this long tunnel.

  • Cyprus Blue says:

    Has t be good news, and hence the over valued share price as I mentiond the other day. BIHL will want to increase the value of BCFC if they are to sell, this aonly be done via more investment.

  • Kazakblue says:

    It would be even more interesting to actually find anything out about this company and it’s plans and history, seems like another Beijing Agency with very few contact numbers, in fact 0.

  • Ray says:

    If CY beats the rap on the 28th I wouldn’t be surprised if the club changed hands and he goes into the gas and oil business. He must know what the fans think of him after the recent demonstrations.

  • Graham says:

    I wish they’d invest in Oilex, I am and the share price could do with a boost.

  • Tony says:

    Graham you need to be on Ithaca

  • Kazakblue says:

    I am thinking along Daniels lines, and working on finding out more, for example, who exactly is Mrs Setio, and is Round Soar Global Ltd another subsiduary of BIHL ?

    Very strange again that no information or contact numbers are immediately evident, and I believe that Petropro PT may be a software company supplying the Oil and Gas business, I wonder if this relates back to the Rothchilds fiasco of last year or the year before.

    Absolute clarification is needed without fail before everyone starts to get their hopes up again.

  • Tony says:

    To repeat Blueboys question where is the money to finance this aquisition coming from?.

  • Cyprus Blue says:

    At a guess it will be from the 12% sale of BCFC and the fundraising that happened prior to relisting

  • mark says:

    Well another great news they just keep coming with the day of reckoning on the horizon, gala dinners, birthday coming soon.carson and pp appear to be working extremely hard in hk.
    Speading bcfc word……..

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Frankly, I do not care where the money comes from for them to invest in Gas and Oil.

    Once they have aquired another outlet instead of being reliant on us, — Hopefully — We will be put on the market, ?.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Personally I have my doubts about this. Capital investment on a new venture which will take time to yield returns. The new investors are putting their own money into it at the mo, but for how long. What happens when their money runs out and the venture is not yielding returns? Will they then mire the club in debt to carry on funding this venture?

  • mark says:

    Hope they started to clean his director box out for his impending visit……maybe these pockets of success could have happened if his court case hadnt taken president………..

    • almajir says:

      Mark – out of curio, if Carson gets sent down on Feb 28 are you going to be upset?

      • mark says:

        Nope Daniel….i would be disappointed, but first and formost am bluenose…..what ever happen on the 28th there be a continuous legal battle if he is not found innocent just my opinion.

        • almajir says:

          Mark – hate to break it to you but I don’t think a not guilty verdict would be the end of it either.

          • chudlt says:

            I don’t think it matters now if CY is found Guilty or Not Guilty. He has side lined himself to protect his interest . If BIHL gets the oil / gas deal they can remain trading on the HK stock exchange and then, if so inclined dispose of BCFC at their leisure.
            They could also keep BCFC in the hope that the situation at the club improves ie. Championship survival and someone steps in with the £32 million asking price.

          • mark says:

            Daniel i wont disagree with you there either……..its all about opinions i certainly dont know anymore than you do, and i certainly would not try to.. your lead up to now has been first class mate…….its my opinion whether other fans agree or disagree is definately up to them to make their own minds up.. obviously some have already…..some want to be judge poor sod given half the chance they would have had him hanged and quarter before the trial started… talk about a fair judgement even from fans…..i certainly dont lose any sleep over the issues.
            If there is fact in all this Carson certainly will not be going go quietly, anyone who appears to underestimate him do at their pearl…….imo

  • the badger says:

    The sale of 12% of Bcfc was obviously to finance the reversal of this company into BIH. As I have said before on this forum, the Chinese have difficulty getting companies listed. But its worth remembering that the 3.5 mil paid by this media company is real money, not just a promise. So It would seam that this is the first move in a takeover.

    • Johnny says:

      I agree, looks like a reversal into the listed company, this has little or nothing to do with the club, the listing is being used as a shell to be reversed into.

      club will probably be disposed of once this all goes through and BIH renamed.

  • DevonBlue says:

    If BIHL are buying acquisitions, and these make money. Then BIHL could hold on to BCFC and re-invest into the club. Using these new companies as sponsors etc ?
    As long as we do not get relegated this season, then all things are possible at this time.
    This is starting to get interesting. Maybe they do know what they are doing.

  • chris says:

    “proof that the company is worth what has been quoted ”
    Shame they never did the same when a) buying Blues and b) when asking £32 million or more for the club when even the last set of accounts says it is worth £23 million.

  • Cyprus Blue says:

    Badger. I would not class this as a reversal. BCFC are still much bigger than the O&G company. This is just an acquisition.

    A reveral would be when a large company is purchased primarily for shares, with BIHL’s cap at the moment this is much less than 10% of the company and it is paid in cash

  • Mario says:

    All a bit strange even for Bih one thing for certain 2015 should be very interesting for the club!!!

  • chris says:

    too much risk and even though i’m sure they will treat all three firms as separate businesses if it affects the parent company and administration arrives we’d be in the mire too no doubt as per Southampton when their parent company went into admin.
    Another concern would be if they need more money for this or other investments will they try and sell the ground to fund it.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Interesting development.

    Looks as if BIHL are going more into the logistical side as oppose to the actual exploration. They might just redeem themselves yet (if the deal does go through). But they should really have the courtesy to outline what the plan for BCFC is. As it stands, they are treating fans as little more than an annoyance who are getting in the way of their ‘master project’.

  • Martin says:

    How can they afford to buy part of an oil company but then not afford to give us a penny, or are they using what money they took out of the club over the years that was hidden away somewhere.

  • Harbsbleu says:

    comment removed – please don’t post unsourced uncited stuff you have found online that might possibly be connected to PetroPro. Thanks.

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Confirmation that BIH are definitively trying to investing into oil & gas triggers a question as to why would the new investors wish to use BIH as a vehicle for this business proposition. It demonstrates that the new investment into BIH is almost nothing to do with BCFC but could be to take advantage of past trading losses of BIH which can be carried forward and offset against future earnings, hence the reason to invest into BIH specifically could be to do with tax. If this is the case I can’t see why they would wish to subsidise losses in the subsiduary BCFC for the longer term which gives me more hope that the club will be sold. I think a trigger point could be the verdict on CY’s court case.

  • Brightside says:

    Don’t BIHL own land in China that has Oil / gas potential? Isn’t this just a typical, what is known in business as a “vertical integration” style acquasition of the required knowledge and technical ability to help them realise the potential of the land? Add to that that a media company in China that may assist them to sell the interest and encourage further investment into this project then it sort of hangs together to me. After all the Chinese love a gamble and oil and gas is the sort of low stake high return prospect that could be of great interest in the PRC. Whether this enables them to cash in BCFC or try to use the potential new investment to try for a push to the premiership (over several years). Clearly the later will probably mean that they need to strike black gold but either way I am heartend by this news. KRO

  • DoctorD says:

    Remember of course that various board members appointed in the last year, including current chairman Cheung Shing, have experience in the oil and gas industry. I hope their knowledge pays off.

    I wish, though, that BIHL would change the logo on their announcements from the Blues’ logo. It would help differentiate BIHL from BCFC.

  • Frankie says:

    If they need a plumbob on a rope to test the depth of some these depths, then they’d have a perfect candidate in Pannu.
    Was always wondering what he may be useful for …

  • Art Watson says:

    Hopefully by selling BCFC it will generate more money to invest in PetroPro.

    Could be the start of the end.!

  • Chris W says:

    Is this a good thing?
    Strange how they have found £4 million to buy 69% of an oil/gas projects company but couldn’t finance any decent signings during the window.
    As you say BIHL will not be reliant on BCFC for income, but it also means they will be offsetting monies away from BCFC.
    Like a lot of things with BIHL, “watch this space”, like tie media company that has bought BCFC, lets believe it when it actually happens.

    • Steve Aerobic says:

      The money was sourced from the re-listing which came after the transfer window closed so could not have been used in the transfer window.

      • Chris W says:

        Thanks Steve, it could still have been used to secure the contracts of Packwood or Martin, or even Bosman deals

        • almajir says:

          I think people have missed a key statement.


          No money has been spent as of yet.

          • Chris W says:

            Maybe to win some respect and put some faith back in the club then they should use the money as mentioned, tying down Will Packwood and Aaron Martin before we have to rebuild again.
            That would be a step forward for the club and supporters.

  • Art Watson says:

    Correct and BCFC are just an after thought and are not on their daily radar This is why I will never support the club financially until the current owners have gone.

    • bluenoseneil says:

      I think you might be in for a longer wait than you think, Art…….

      • bluenoseneil says:

        ….and unless you’re sneaking into Stans for free at the moment you aren’t supporting the club financially. In fact you aren’t supporting the club at all really. That’s not exactly the definition of a fan, sadly.

        I don’t see why the players, management and other fans should be punished for your views of the off field goings on at the club, as all it does is detract from an atmosphere of support that ESPECIALLY now more than ever our young players need.

        I am with Paul TVOR on this. You’re there or you’re not. If you’re not…then silence might be golden until your owners are confirmed as staying or gone gone gone….

        • Shirley Blue says:

          It’s not on to say that people who don’t actually attend for whatever reason are not real fans. People can do what they like with their own money. I don’t blame anyone for not being prepared to fork out £500+ for a season ticket or £30 for a match day ticket with the rubbish we have been served up with at home for the best part of two seasons now. There are some people boycotting games as a protest against the ownership situation but I am guessing for most fans it’s a simple value for money decision. When we reduced prices to £10 for the Forest game just before Xmas we got 23,000. That says it all to me.

          • Steve Aerobic says:

            Shirley Blue, I go to matches and have done for nearly 45 years. I totally respect the right of anyone not to go matches, our lives are complicated and everyones financial situation is different, its a kind of snobbery that has no place at our club. I feel lucky and priveleged to be able to go as often as I do but do not look down my nose at those that can’t. We are all in it together!

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          Very constructive

  • Art Watson says:

    So are you saying the missing 16,000 are no longer fans?

    And should they all be silent?

    • DoctorD says:

      Art — I suppose you can be an “active” fan and an “inactive” fan and possibly somewhere inbetween. “Hard-core” if you like.

      A bit like registered users on a website — there are lots of people who are “active” and do stuff on a site every day and a lot who are “inactive”. They signed up once but never do anything.

      • Art Watson says:

        I’m a great Rolling Stones fan but could never afford to see them perform at every gig and logistically it would be impossible to do so but it doesn’t stop me from being a fan.Its just nonsense to suggest that if you don’t go to the games you’re not a proper fan and therefore should remain quiet.

        How about expats/those who are ill/those who can’t afford to go/those who are generally fed up and frustrated with what’s going on at the moment..

        I’ve spent over 60 years supporting Blues and like many have gone through some tough times but I’m still a fan but just choose not to help finance this awful regime.

        • bluenoseneil says:

          Art (and others)…you miss my point…..slightly.

          Your comment was “This is why I will never support the club financially until the current owners have gone.”

          My response was effectively to highlight that the players and management shouldn’t bear the brunt of your (or others) apathy at attending/supporting and being a fan just cos you think the HK mob are twonks.

          Your attendance means a lot to the atmosphere of any game and 10,000 miserable b*stards whinging every time someone misplaces a pass and booing at half/full time is part of the reason others have slowly started to stay away, I understand that.

          I go when I can and it’s NOT every game and I don’t think I am entitled to my opinion as a non-season ticket holder any more than someone who’s being going for 50+ years (my Dad) or a young lad who’s first experience of the Blues was Huddersfield at home….pity if it was!

          I am merely saying that this attitude towards the regime is TOXIC, not conducive to good support and creates a general sense of fear for the players at home…..then we wonder why the results are shite in the time since we have gone down…and it’s NOT just under Clark before anyone says it. Hughton didn’t exactly cover himself in glory either.

          At the root of it I suppose I am saying that it’s a SHAME we all end up bitching about the football is crap and the regime is crap when what is boils down to is less money in people’s pockets and a decision to go or not go…as at the moment I can agree I am sure it is hard to troop down to Stans on a fortnightly basis.

          Bring back the atmosphere and Fortress St Andrews can return….with or without HK help!

          • Shirley Blue says:

            What did Hughton do wrong apart from leaving? He got us comfortably in the play offs and we were extremely unlucky not to qualify for the knockout stages of the Europa Cup. We played good, attacking, winning football all season and scored plenty of goals. We were still averaging nearly 20,000 then in the League. A highly enjoyable season apart from the actual playoffs themselves.

          • bluenoseneil says:

            So you agree with the rest of what I said then Shirley?!!

            Hughton was brought in to get us back up. He didn’t. It’s history.

            Lee Clark is here to KEEP us up in my eyes now. Different brief under massively different circumstances.

            Comparing apples with oranges….

            If we are 4th bottom this season’s end – given all LC has to contend with – that’ll do for me.

            I am normally more demanding but NOT under these demanding circumstances!!

          • Chris W says:

            I believe we can still finish mid table, away we have excelled and our home form has to change. We have played well and not got much, a couple of draws but we have been beaten by teams below or just around us.
            We have 3 tough home games Q.P.R, Burnley and Reading, I really believe we can get something from all those games and a couple of points away will have the fans dreaming of a play-off place.
            Like you 4th from bottom would do me this season, that will be a success anything higher and we should plan an open bus tour.

          • Chris W says:

            I believe we can still finish mid table, away we have excelled and our home form has to change. We have played well and not got much, a couple of draws but we have been beaten by teams below or just around us.
            We have 3 tough home games Q.P.R, Burnley and Reading, I really believe we can get something from all those games and a couple of points away will have the fans dreaming of a play-off place.
            Like you 4th from bottom would do me this season, that will be a success anything higher and we should plan an open bus tour.

          • Steve Aerobic says:

            To sum up Chris Hughton, he used us to better his career. He had a squad that should have been promoted but bottled it in a semi with Blackpool that was there for the taking and when he eventually jumped the ship that he helped to sink he came back trying to steal Davies and Redmond for next to nothing! I just don’t understand people kissing his ar** he’s not half the man Elsie is!

          • bluenoseneil says:

            Thank you Steve!

          • mark says:

            exactly one season wonder, have a another go chris took a look thought f**k it I’m off……I did well with what i had….oh look chance to jump ship premiership unfortuately for him and Norwich got a sh*t win ratio with the money he has attained…… we certainly gave him a lift up…………..and a chance back into football territory big time………….

          • Art Watson says:


            The way blues are playing at home 20,0000 couldn’t improve the atmosphere and I suggest the fans are only miserable because the team keeps losing and the footballs crap.

          • steve says:

            Ok Hughton had a better squad than elsie.But he had european games as well as the pressure of getting us up to contend with.I can’t believe people are knocking him. I don’t remember people knocking him on Thurday nights at St Andrews.Or in Bruges.I’ve said it before.Pannu told him there would be new owners coming in.Well where are they? The just fed him lies.

    • mr_crosby says:

      I pay for 6 season tickets does that mean I have more of an opinion?

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    This makes the sale of BCFC possible without BIH losing their listing, but a buyer would only get 88% of BCFC. They would have to negotiate separately for the other 12% or offer BIH more to get the media company to sell at the same time. Otherwise they could wait and negotiate later and risk have to pay more for that 12%

  • Paul says:

    I DON,T CARE, BUY BUY BUY, SELL SELL SELL, who even cares. All I see are figures and percentages that don,t mean nothing to a layman. I dont even care if Carson stays up or goes down, whats the difference. The next day we,ll still be in the shit.
    All I want is Blues sold to anyone with some money and 11 players who can win at home, the rest is all nonsense. It makes me look at the Gold and Sullivan era with affection. I dream of seeing Karen Brady parading her curves around the pitch. Those were the days ………………………She must be loaded. Give her a call !!!

  • sappy sad says:

    lets hope the media company take over .football and media go
    together .for success…. as long as they are not sensored in
    club criticism when it is needed for the club to go forward .
    apart from lack of money i like a lot of whats going off at brum.
    as for the team come on your better than this kro

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Bluenoseneil. Where at any point have I said I agree with you on anything. Hughton didn’t have any money to spend unlike Clark who wasted good money on Ambrose. The best players out of the team that got relegated were all sold. He did a fantastic job getting us in the play offs and if it wasn’t for injuries to key players towards the end of the season we might well have gone up. He is a managerial genius compared to Clark.

    • Steve Aerobic says:

      What a joke…are you for real? Tactical genius? Have you watched Norwich? He bottled it and came back like a vulture circling the corpse that he helped to kill. We had to reverse a 1 goal deficit at home to Blackpool! He BOTTLED it in both legs!Yes he did somethingvthat Clarke didn’t…he deserted us at the first opportunity!

      • Shirley Blue says:

        The difference is someone wanted Hughton. As I have said before if Clark is so fantastic why hasn’t someone come in for him. It’s not like there hasn’t been any managers sacked has there. Also get your facts straight. We were 1-0 down from the away leg. He lost Caldwell, Myhill and Fahey to injury before the play offs which killed us defensively or we might well have got past Blackpool.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          Losing Myhill was key to both legs, Colin Doyle was like a rabbit in headlights and gifted two goals to Blackpool in both games.

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          Read it again….we had to reverse a 1 goal deficit at home to Blackpool, this means that we were 1 goal down when we had them at St Andrews. I liked Hughton at the time but hated him for leaving us to go to Norwich!! Blackpool came in for Clarke if you remember and as far as Redmond is concerned he is one of the better players at Norwich but that isn’t saying much. I dont think Clarke had the channce to affect Nathan either way, its a real shame that he was sold. I don’t agree with everything that Clarke does and some of his selections are baffling but I get a feeling of genuine loyalty from Clarke that I never got with Hughton. I think the Hughton season is coloured by the European adventure but he should have got us to Wembley. Its absurd to forgive Hughton because of 3 injuries bit not to consider Clarkes bad luck at regularly losing half of his squad in one fell swoop!

          • Shirley Blue says:

            We scored 97 goals that season in all competitions. Apart from the Europa Cup we took Chelsea to a replay in the fifth round of the FA Cup and were unlucky not to win at Stamford Bridge. We had played a lot more games than Blackpool who had hit form at just the right time for the play offs. To say he bottled it is rubbish. If you don’t think losing your first choice keeper, captain and a key central midfielder wasn’t a factor then that’s up to you. All I can say is that it was one of the most enjoyable seasons I have had as a Blues fan (40 years+) and I don’t think too many would disagree on that.

          • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

            And Steve, Neil I’m with Shirley Blue allday long on this, last year LC had a “potentially better ” team with a England/GB Keeper, a better right back in Caddis, Murhpy started the season, as did Caldwell, the midfield had only really lost Mutch and G’Naw but LC bought in Mullins and Ambrose and up front Zigic and King where still there……………….but where were we before Clark was forced to play the U21’s? Going down thats where instead of getting to the play-offs, so were Mutch and G’naw that good????? Get off your love-in with Clark and smell the coffee/roses etc etc etc etc etc etc.. And Shirley Blue makes a great point has Clarks teams scored 97 in a season and a half???

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Again….thank you Steve. And Shirley: I was being sarcastic ;p

      • Shirley Blue says:

        I don’t think it will happen but if a higher placed club came in for Clark and offered him a big increase in salary (as Norwich would have offered Hughton) what do you think he would do? He’s not loyal he’s just not on anybody’s shortlist unfortunately for us. I also wonder what Man C and Man U now think about sending us their starlets now our asst Manager and first team coach have done a runner.

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      I’m with you Shirley Blue, once he knew his best team he stuck with it, that came after the thrashing from Southampton where if I remember he got slated for, but we allow LC to get THRASHED AT HOME BY BARNSLEY to get away with it. I’m really happy LC hasn’t been given money because he wastes 90% of it (Terriers fans will say the same) 1 out of 10 works (when he spends cash) Jordan Rhodes is his only bought player that has been a real success and made money for the Terriers. It was with hope that when the Terriers fans started singing “you’ll get sacked in the morning” when they went 1 up that the board might just be watching…. LC had an incredibal “not losing” run at the Terriers but they weren’t even in the top 6 when he got the sack. I hope when CH gets the sack at Norwich he is brought back and finishs what he started. And my last point is, and is only my opinion, LC put Redmond’s career back 2 years with how he played him last year, just look at how good he is at Norwich now the shinning light, was he an automatic starter for LC last year?

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Yep, Redmond sold for eff all and he looks out of his depth in the Prem and is still one of the worst culprits for ‘huff and puff and no finish’ other than the illustrious Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. He’d have been better off staying with us but CH dazzled him with the allure of the Prem and it’ll probably put pay to his career development as a result.

        As for CH coming back….why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shovelling????!!

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          you don’t half talk rubbish neil….. So the “pundits” are saying Redmond has half a chance of going to Brazil. Listen to Colin Murray and friends at talk sport (perry groves, mikey gray and others) and they talk about him being almost as good as Sterling….

          • Steve Aerobic says:

            Obviously a pundits view is just that, their view and nothing more. I think Nathan is a great talent but I think Brazil will come a bit early for him. In a way it will be good if Norwich are relegated for his sake,hopefully a big club will come in for him. He is a lovely well grounded lad and I wish him all the best.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          Tell me what CH win rates was at St andrews???? ermmm just a bit better than LC and how many has beens did he buy? The only “old head” that worked for Clark is Robbo… And the majority of fans didn’t want him anywhere near the club. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that Clark has bought the youngsters on but Richard Beale could have done that without wasting good money on Clark’s hangers on…. BTW are they still sacked or are we the poor mans Fulham????

          • Steve Aerobic says:

            To be fair Staffs you could also compare their away records and I think we know who would come outon top. Its comparing apples and oranges and we all have our view. It is interesting that the 2 old fellas have gone, its intriguing but typical that we havent been told anything. I still think it could be the precurser to Elsie going but who knows?

          • bluenoseneil says:

            I talk rubbish?!!! I am not the one comparing Nathan Redmond to Raheem Sterling!!

            I love love LOVE Nathan but his move was too soon and to the wrong club and that’ll set his development back 2 years at least, which is of course an utter shame.

        • mark says:

          definately in agreement with you on this one mate…………….

        • mr_crosby says:

          You forget why he was sold? To keep the shower in charge of us from going into admin.

  • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

    Has anybody thought the the reason for attempting to buy 65% of PetroPro is because St Andrews is a prme “mining site”…….. Just throwing it out there!!!!!

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Not sure if there is oil under the StAndrews pitch but there is a lot osf s**t on it Staffs!

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Im not in a love in with Clarke but I wont kiss Hughtobs ar** for doing the dirty. It seems from reading your description of Hughtons season mentions a lot of nearlys and bad lucks but at the end of the day what league were we in at the end of their respective seasons In charge? Exactly…the Championship! I do agree with you that it was a fantastic season for the fans, in fact the only better season was the preceding one when we won the league cup. Its such a shame that both of those managers walked away when they had a better opportunity ( I suppose its human nature really?) . When the ginger walked away I wasn’t really that bothered but it hurt me when Hughton went as I expected more from him as a person. I think as fans we have to accept that a manager will never love our club like we do.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Yes I was gutted when he went too but he has a right to look after his career and future like anyone has. Clark would do exactly the same if he got a better offer but apart from a polite enquiry from Blackpool last season there has been, as far as I know, absolutely no interest in him. Don’t you think that’s strange with how many sackings there have been?

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        Again Shirley Blue I’m with you on this. Steve, I’m not sure what the difference is with the away form between CH and LC but I bet its not as far apart as we are now? CH had a better offer, would you chose to stay in a job that was slowly imploding or go to a job where the prospects are better? And for more money. Neil, it wasn’t me comparing Nathan to Sterling it was pundits. Do you think going to a team were he plays week in week out or sitting on the bench at a top six club is bad for his game? Not sure I do?

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          He doesn’t play week in week out at Norwich, he has been used more recently because Hughton is out of his depth and is panicking! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him to stay when he was here but he bitterly disappointed me and many other Blues fans when he jumped ship. I agree regarding bettering himself but given the fact that he had just under achieved by not getting us at least to Wembley I hoped he would give it another saeson. It looks like he will be out of a job very soon anyway. What goes around……

          • steve says:

            I think Redmond is getting decent reviews in the prem.The board lied to CH and he saw through it.

  • Tony says:

    No offers because no one wants him hes a joke.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Let’s hope there’s some money in the pipeline!

    “I’ll get me coat!!!”

  • mark says:

    Daniel slightly off the cuff are you doing anything on your blog regarding your podcast BM????

  • AussieBlue says:

    Cayman Islands company enters MOU to buy British Virgin Islands company…all nice and ticketty-boo and transparent then eh?
    HK market didn’t think it was a game-changer…BIHL shares down a bit.
    We are the football that’s getting kicked around in all this.

  • Will says:

    Another youngster a striker possibly joining our ranks

    Liverpool youngster Jordan Ibe looks set to be the next promising youngster to be sent out on loan to gain first team experience with Championship strugglers Birmingham City his apparent destination

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Anger with Peter Panu as reached boiling point for Bluenoses ; criticism of him has centered around his salary, his contribution to BCFC and his perceived arrogance. In his recent interview he justified his salary based on both his performance and the market price for a CEO.

    The social media response to Panus justification of his seven figure salary was a combination of outrage and disdain. Panu argues his salary is ‘consistent with market salaries for a CEO in his homeland of Hong Kong – as well as his performance at Birmingham.

    So lets examine the facts. Firstly, what is the market salary for a CEO of a Hong Kong small cap company? Lets ignore the fact we are a British Company, based in England and operating solely in the English market.

    Business people often use the web site http://www.payscale.com which is an excellent guide to salaries. A CEO in Hong Kong would expect a salary in the band of HK$446,982 – HK$3,945,774. Average bonuses and profit shares would take the combined package to HKD$704,674 – HK$5,144,227.

    According to the web site research the median salary for a CEO in Hong Kong is HKD $1,642,000

    Now Mr Panu is earning a salary of HKD $13,000,000 according to the publicly available data or a massive eight times the median salary of a CEO in Hong Kong.

    Despite claiming his salary is in line with the ‘market rate’ Mr Panu is clearly being paid about 800% more than the market rate.

    Ofcourse, Mr Panu will advance his cause arguing his role is more complex, he has performed well and has managed the club through a crisis. So I went back to my university books to identify the KPI’s that would apply to a mid market public company so test this thesis.

    I’ve identified five key performance indicators (KPI’s in management speak). These are listed:

    1. Shareholder Wealth (measured by the share price)
    2. Trading Results (profit and loss)
    3. Customer Satisfaction
    4. Brand Value, perception, acceptance
    5. Employee satisfaction and retention

    I won’t analyse any of the KPI’s you can all do that yourselves.

    In assessing his performance and therefore his remuneration, the shareholder returns are easily quantifiable by referencing the share price. An ugly story indeed despite the recent mini rally in the price.

    To me there are three defining factors to consider when assessing Mr Panus performance, these are :

    1. The price paid for BCFC initially at £81,000,000 was a multiple of our clubs real value – we all knew that .
    2. The de-listing of the BIHL shares was a classic failing, Panu should have been sacked at that point.
    3. The repeated qualification of the financial accounts from the auditors highlights the failure of the CEO and his team to coordinate our finances.

    All things considered – you can consider the facts to decide if Mr Panu salary is fair, has he been poorly treated by the fans. Or has Panu been paid between five and ten times his market value?

  • brainchildbluestar says:

    That is why Pannu was needed in HK to clear the mess…..now i understand and hope all the fans too. God bless him as he took so much rap for carson from us fans. I am very apologetic.

  • Mark Rahner says:

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  • mark says:

    What If they dont want to sell the club? Nothing wrong diversifying your interests……makes sense anyway…never have all your eggs in one basket the saying goes……

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