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Flags and Support

After the success of the various protest banners over the last few weeks, a group of Blues fans are looking to band together again to get a huge flag for fans to hold at the ground as a visible sign of support for the team.

As of this moment I have yet to receive any details of a finalised design; however the flag will have the legend “All we care about is BCFC” – much like the scarves produced by Margaret of Long Long Road in October. The flag will be 50ft by 25ft and will comply with health and safety regulations to allow it to be taken into St Andrew’s without hindrance.

The group is looking to raise £3,500 to buy the flag and have asked me to include the donation link, which is here.

I’ve long said that with everything that has gone on it’s important that we continue to back the team and continue to give our support to a group of players who for one reason or another are struggling. It’s my belief that if we can continue to do this then it will show any potential investors that any unhappiness towards the owners is temporary and that the club is a good investment. Furthermore, I do believe that when the fans are behind the players on the pitch it will help inspire them to perform better.

When I have more info I will post it here.

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96 Responses to “Flags and Support”

  • Liam K says:

    This is such a good idea :) KRO!

  • the badger says:

    come on you bluenoses, donate now. I paid £20 by Paypal, its easy, do it now, don’t just moan. This type of thing creates atmosphere and helps the team.

  • Chris W says:

    Any action has to have a positive effect but must not interfere with what is happening on the pitch.
    The players, Huddersfield being a rare occasion, have given nothing short of 100% for the club, this is evident with results away from home.
    I take it the new banner will have the Chinese translation removed, will it be in Blue and White or the Red and Black similar to the scarves?
    Will there be any banners/flags allowed at Blackpool?

  • Tony says:

    Think I would prefer the original delay no more banner including the offensive chinese script., this is getting far to sanitized.

  • minotaur says:

    Having done survey where 70% of fans wanted a huge banner, its good fans get what they want.
    The ‘all we care about is bcfc’ message is from fans who want to show their feelings to the media on a united front but also the message shows team support and can be used even after these owners have gone, almost a legacy if you like.
    we will do all we can to let the media know what the message means
    its somethings fans can invest in , even if they donate 5 quid but it s theres to keep
    the other 3 banners of protest will continue and will be at blackpool this weekend

  • dave mann says:

    ime of to blackpool tommorow, looking forward to it with or without banners!!!!KRO.

  • David Gibson says:

    I really hope this protest takes off ,just donated ,very simple

  • Peter bates says:

    Lets all get behind the team and the protests against cy and pp will take care of themselves if you all heard pp on the goalzone with tom ross he thinks we are wrong protesting anyway and he also thinks hes doing a great job for his million pound and this is how arrogant these people are lets all kro and drive bih to sell our club delay no more bih and come on you boys who where the shirt on the pitch

  • Sagar Hussain says:

    All I care about is BCFC! so I donated!

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Decent donation from me, support is what we need not constant negativity. Hope tomorrows is as nice as today, you cant beat the seaside in the sun. Can we have photos so the online Blues get to see it too? Also Tony there is no place for racist bullshit at St Andrews.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Excellent idea. I’ve just donated.


  • Sh!t on the villa says:

    Thanks for the link, personally im enjoying the banners… The more the merrier and all that.. KRO

  • A Turton says:

    Great Idea…. glad to see the message is being put across!! Just put my donation in :)

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Heartening to see Bluenoses coming forward and making a stand. As of late, the vast majority of supporters seem to be having the same aims and objectives. Super.

    With a new-look coaching team, what seems to be a good signing from murkeyside in Jordan Ibe and movement in HK – albeit with BIHL as oppose to Blues – things are seemingly looking slightly brighter and there is an air of some optimism.

    We just need to see what happens with the outcome of CY’s trial next week and go from there.

  • fingles says:

    I have made a contibution, cheers.

  • dave mann says:

    just donated some of my spending money for tommorow….better be worth it!!!!! KRO.

  • blueroy says:

    Excellent idea. I will chip in…suggestion when we exceed the money need.how about putting any surplus to help harry? Just a thought. KRO DNM

  • Sh!t on the villa says:

    Bit off topic but Jordan Ipe… An old liverpudlian describes him as ‘Like Sterling except Ipe can finish’ and ‘Built like a brick sh**house for such a young lad’. Sounds like a good bit of work from LC. kro

  • sam says:

    Great idea and something we can also use post these clowns!
    Is there anyway we can track how much has been raised??
    p.s The link on facebook or Tom Ross show would help, I would ring myself but I’m getting pissed, cheers!

  • parchy99 says:

    I’ve donated. Shouldn’t take long at this rate!


    Other ideas welcomed….

  • rhees says:

    Like it donating
    like idea of Jordan ibe
    have large can of oil in the garden
    bihl can drill in it if it will help

  • sappy sad says:

    by his own admitance in court carson is a gambler .so
    perhaps the words enhanser not chancer should be shown

  • bluenose08 says:

    I cant get to the games very often due to working on a Saturday but I am still a bluenose and happy to donate towards the flag. k.r.o. delay no more. !!

  • glosblue says:

    I’m in too

  • Mario says:

    The flags didn’t help against Huddersfield where Clark set up one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen and it even surpassed Fulham at home the year we went down! Sad to say that even with these clowns in charge a decent manager would have this squad top 8 at least. His two idiot assistants have been found out and got rid of now it’s time for the Clark to delay no more !!!

    I’ve donated btw

  • bluenoserob says:

    how are we a top 8 squad (at least) ?

    • Mario says:

      Because the standard of hoof ball in this league is truly awful. Any decent coach could get these players competitive we have had decent players all season but this man changes tactics formations and players by the second players come into the squad from nowhere then dissaper again without any thought Clark should be gone by the new season . Thankfully

    • Steve Aerobic says:

      I think he is deluded Rob, as if Clark has got rid of the players himself! It all went deathly quiet when we went 10 games unbeaten and suddenly they are all coming out of the woodwork together. At times like these we should be united with our players and our manager and united against anyone deliberately trying to destroy our club. It doesn’t matter what you think of Clarke surely no one thinks he loses games on purpose?

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Well if he does, then the players must go out to lose too. It’s nice to know they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet isn’t it? You couldn’t make it up could you. :))

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Lots of deluded people unfortunately. A squad, if you take Zigics wages out of the equation, who’s wage bill is the second lowest in the division. Players through the revolving door in January, a squad made up of inexperienced youth players, loan players, and players past their best. We are lucky to be out of the bottom three. Some joker even said a good manager would get the best out ofthe players. That’s like saying if Mourinho managed Luxembourg they would win the world cup. Deluded, or just love moaning about Clark.

      • Shirley Blue says:

        I don’t doubt he isn’t trying hard. He is just not up to it in terms of ability.

  • TracyKRO says:

    Made my Donation £10 for a good cause come on you blues KRO

  • bluenoserob says:

    i dont think that clark is a great manager , but how many top managers were interested in taking over a club in freefall as we were then (and still now? .if clark was to go now who would we get .i cant see even a top manager getting us into the business end of this division .Mario must have been unhappy that our last manager didnt win the league by 10 points and lead us to the europe league final.And the manager before that ,how Mario must have been pissed that we didnt beat the top 5 at stans only managing to stay unbeaten all season.

  • andy says:

    I said on here before the Huddersfield game that we need to get right behind the team and in particular Lee Clark and show the visiting support what a big and fantastic club this is. The new big flag is an excellent idea and come the next home game lets chant Clark’s name and get right behind the players, to the visiting support we are seen as a joke, lets change all that right now.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the crowd to chant Clarke’s name unless it’s closely followed by out.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        They do away from home.

        • Chris W says:

          Too true Staffs, looking forward to tomorrows game. If the papers are true then Blackpool had better beware, a Blues win is on the cards and LC will be our hero.
          To be fair LC has had his hands and legs tied, rebuilt the team TWICE in ONE season and we are 9 points clear of the bottom three.
          I would defy Mourinho or SAF to do much better with what LC has endured this season.
          Time to UNITE as a force for the run in to the end of season, get behind the manager, the team and the club, we have no control over the ownership issue but we can make ourselves heard as ONE VOICE.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Ferguson and Mourinho wouldn’t do bugger all with our budget. It wouldn’t even cover their wine bill.

          • Chris W says:

            Probably would buy a bunch of grapes to make a glass….
            I’m just glad we are where we are at the moment and I have no fear that we will go down, still think mid table is attainable. The way the league has been this season with everyone nicking points another 9 10 points could be enough to see us safe.
            I do believe we can get 5 points from our next three home games, Q.P.R are on a dip so a win for me there, Burnley a draw and reading are the outsiders and hitting form at the right time, another draw.
            We had a good run in last season and a couple of good away results should be the start of another.
            Maybe I am one of those deluded supporters, but my glass is half full.

  • bluenoserob says:

    well said andy

  • Harborne blues nose says:

    This is why are so different to the vile. We are different class. Kro till I die

  • sappy sad says:

    MAN U are the same side as last season ..the top man leaving
    and what effect has it had on the team ..come on we have
    had more nightmares than elm street ..of course it has
    affected the blues team …what do they need .they need
    protests at half time when they are out of sight and more
    roars from the once mecca of motorbikes than 50’000 old
    british bikes clearing their throats come on lets give this club
    some throttle kro

  • Eddie says:

    I dont like this,

    a lot of people are forgetting that we have been the most successful in my life history under this regime and because of situations out of their control, we have hit a rocky path, but this is not going to help anyone.

    support our team or go away, stop stirring trouble and anger.

    look at Bolton, Leeds, Wolves, Wigan, Cov, Blackburn, almost every team and they are all .

    I say this a lot at work, but, “don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions” just moaning is not helping.
    as Pannu said in his interview with Tom “what could he have done differently”, the company isn’t bankrupt and still trading, well done them I say.

    I know there is a lot of True Blue that agree with me

  • HK Phoey says:

    You yourself are moaning about other supporters who have just as much hope and aspirations for the club moving forward. So I flip your comments back to you “Provide everyone with the right solution”. The simple answer is their isn’t one, and while I agree to a extent that yes we may have had success on the pitch in recent years it unfortunately was a smokescreen for what incompetence was going on behind the scenes from day 1 of the Carson Yeung era. Thinking the fellow Blue who agree must have expensive seats in the executive area and a private jet in Hong Kong.. KRO!!!!

    • Eddie says:

      support the team is the solution.
      be grateful of what we have, not upset by what we haven’t.

      we are above Bolton in the league, we’re not doing that bad. not every team can win the Champions league, this is Birmingham and we are not in a unfamiliar position in the league.

  • mark says:

    the unity flag is a fabulous idea cannot wait for this to return to stans for QPR game full house…………and load of noise……………kro

  • Art Watson says:

    I’m vey happy to make a donation and I hope it helps to get rid of PP and CY.

    But don’t tell PaulTVOR because he still thinks I’m a Villa supporter.

  • Bluenosemase says:

    Made my donation. Absolutely love the Blues and I will do anything to see us succeed. Many thanks to all the people on this blog, especially Dan, without you my friend I honestly believe that this would be a lesser club with less informed fans, there is nothing else like this around and I’m proud to have you on our side. KRO.

  • Brian king says:

    I’m happy to make a donation and help in some small way, let’s get this lot out

  • Chris W says:

    As we haven’t had a ref watch or pre match report I presume Dan is en route to Hong Kong.
    Beautiful Blue Skies over Nottingham so hopefully it will stay that way all the way to Blackpool
    Looking forward to seeing many Bluenoses en route on the M6 as I join it around Stoke.
    Lets hear plenty of noise and make Blackpool Rock with BCFC written through it.
    Safe Journey all…

  • AussieBlue says:

    Okay mates, a few quid in from afar. Feckin’ PayPal…bank rate .54 and they convert at .516….what an easy way to make money out of poor overseas Blues fans! Wish I was there…..

  • chas says:

    I am happy with that result.. Well done Ziggy, another fine game..:-)

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Congratulations to Lee Novak! Two more vital goals.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Why is it such a different story at home? Bottom three all won so we can’t relax yet. Up to 16th though which at least puts another couple of clubs between them and us.

  • Tony says:

    The much maligned Ziggy showed his class, Shirleys right Ziggy and Macheda up front, Clark is starting to listen to me and not before time.Now he needs to leave well alone.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Great win lads but we need to work on those missed chances with only a goalkeeper to beat. Could have been 5 by sound of it.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Interesting he dropped Caddis today. Wasn’t expecting that. Maybe because he thinks Spector is more of a physical presence. Also he can more naturally drift across to make a three at the back if Hancox bombs forward on the left. Let’s see what happens next week!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think the problem with Caddis and Burke, is they both attack at the same time, which often leaves big holes at the back, which the opposition keep exploiting. Spector tends to know more when to go and when to stay put. It was also interesting that when Caddis came on, he played right midfield. Maybe a new role for him?

      • Shirley Blue says:

        Yes i would agree with that. He has got to find a way of giving us a left hand side attacking threat at home and balance it up a bit. It would be a risk going with Zigic and Macheda up front and Burke and Novak wide. Asks a lot of the two in central midfield then.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Absolutely agree. Only by locking up the middle, can we release the guys on the flanks to do their stuff. Jordan Ibe made a difference when he came on. Maybe he could be the answer on the left, with Novak moving inside with either Zigic or Macheda.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    We have to give Lee Clark a lot of credit too. His change of formation and substitutions in the second half were absolutely spot on. Well done that man!

  • Ray says:

    Great result today! Let’s hope we have a great result in Homg Kong next Friday (28th) and something starts happening from then. Another away win next Saturday too! Followed by a home win at Stans? KRO.

  • davidfowler says:

    Donated last night.

  • Ribeye says:

    Great win yesterday and some impressive young footballing talent on display, including those from our own acedemy. I look forward to the day though when Blues can again rely on its own players to form the spine of the team without such a deep reliance on the loan market. KRO. £25 donated.

  • mark says:

    jordan ibe what a road rocket he is…..unbelievably quick…………..Clark obviously had a kick start big ziggy, sometimes these things have to happen to provoke a response from the big man……dont you just love Blackpool ……….

  • steve says:

    Very poor first half performance against a team with confidence even lower than ours at home.Completely different performance in the 2nd half.The young loanees shone again.If only we could keep them.Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen.Ziggy and Novak also deserve a mention.Didn’t understand some of the changes.Martin and Caddis should count themselves unlucky and must be wondering what they’ve done wrong.Welcome to the world of elsie.All in all a very good result and performance.Well done boys.

  • BluesBlues says:

    Just sent 20 quid hope this helps all we need now is more fans in the ground to make the point and help with the protest

    Come on fill the Tilton and Kop


  • Chris W says:

    Great weekend in Blackpool, isn’t it nice to be beside the seaside, and boy! did we rock..
    LC certainly come up with some surprises, dropping Caddis and Martin and starting with Spector was a bold move.
    The main thing it worked. Took a little time to settle and we went a goal down, but in true blues fashion they kept battling and got their just rewards.
    Novak deserved his double for his endeavour all afternoon, I will give credit to Zigic for the lay off towards his second goal.
    But, “one swallow does not make a summer”, if Zigic put as much effort in to 90 minutes as he does waving his arms he would be player of the season.
    In my opinion, and I know I will get slated, but Zigics attitude and work ethic does not justify his place in the team and I personally would be more than happy if he never played for BCFC again, specially after the feeble effort when one on one with Gilkes. My 5 year old grandson has a harder shot.
    After Huddersfield it was difficult to find a single positive, the introduction of Jordon Ibe more than made up for that, He showed more skill and fire in 20 minutes than Zigic has in his 20 appearances this season.
    I am looking forward to seeing him against the likes of Q.P.R and Burnley when he has a few training sessions. Looks as though he might get more chances depending on Burkes injury status.
    A good result, plenty of promise and at last too shout about.
    Once again the supports was first class and a nice gesture of LC and Robbo coming over to acknowledge the fans.

  • steve says:

    Forgot to mention the support.Can we stop the USA chants please.As for Ziggy.Two subs appearences and Two assists.

    • chas says:

      Taken from a Blackpool Forum..

      McMahon shoves Zigic in the face.
      Lucky to get a yellow.
      Zigic must have done something to provoke him …. They had to be pulled apart in the tunnel.

      • Chris W says:

        McMahon should have received at least a yellow in the first half and even tried inciting the fans with his attitude. Had a go at a supporter sitting near me in the third row, if that had been a supporter they would have been ejected from the ground and faced charges.
        How that second offence was not a red is beyond me, Robbo got one for a lot less.
        As usual we have no consistency from match officials.

  • brainchildbluestar says:

    Leave pannu out of any protest. I am one of many fans who supports him as he did a great job

  • Spiceyzulu says:

    In regards to when it will be seen, QPR, if the funds are raised in time:)

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