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St Obafemi’s Day

Three years ago today a mixup between Laurent Kosicelny and Wojciech Szczęsny saw Birmingham City striker Obafemi Martins presented with the ball and an open goal to aim at from ten yards to give Birmingham City their first major trophy in a Wembley final. It was a day for us all to celebrate and judging by the amount of tears I saw streaming down grown men’s faces was the realisation of a dream for many.

In the three years that have followed it’s been a bit of a downward slide – relegation, players being sold, Carson’s arrest, more players being sold and then after the failure to get past Blackpool in the playoffs even more players being sold. There have been a few high points – such as the Europa League games which gave so many fans the chance to follow Blues in European competition but in the main it has been one long slog since.

As much as I fondly remember looking back to February 27, 2011 I’m reminded that reliving history is something the claret and baby blue mob from across the expressway do. Rather than remember the “glory days” and live in a nostalgia-tinted world, it’s better for us to look to the future and the hope that things will improve, that we will rise again from our current malaise and that we may once again be challenging the big boys for a place at the top table.

It’s also Carson’s 54th birthday today and no doubt he’ll be looking to the future as well. His future is potentially much darker, with the very real possibility he will be spending tomorrow night in Lai Chi Kok prison on remand waiting to hear how much of his life will be spent behind bars. Whatever happens to Carson, I think it’s a fallacy to believe that much will change in the short term – either way the verdict goes the losing side will appeal and with that Carson’s assets will remain frozen and his movement will be restricted.

Should Carson be sent down, the Department of Justice here can apply to change his restraint order into a confiscation order but that would be held in abeyance until all possible appeals are exhausted. He wouldn’t know his sentence for a week or two and although there is every chance he would be allowed to be on bail once again pending appeal, the hunch here is that application would have to go to the high court meaning if Carson is convicted he would spend the next six to eight weeks minimum behind bars waiting for that to be heard.

As Carson isn’t a director of the football club or BIH any more the “owners and directors test” no longer applies to him; he doesn’t own enough of the club to be considered an owner by the Football League and I suspect it would take pressure on them to get them to consider if he still exerts control as if he were a director or a majority shareholder – and it would take some major bottle from them to push Birmingham City on that issue.

Whatever happens, I’m going to remember the good times today and everything that was right about Carson’s tenure. We’ll have enough time to consider everything else tomorrow – especially if Carson is found guilty. I’ll be at the courthouse tomorrow to hear the verdict and as soon as I can I will post news on twitter followed by an article here.

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62 Responses to “St Obafemi’s Day”

  • John Baker says:

    “As much as I fondly remember looking back to February 27, 2011 I’m reminded that reliving history is something the claret and baby blue mob from across the expressway do.”

    Well, it’s been three years since we won a major trophy, and the Vile . . . . erm, when?! Let’s enjoy the comparison!

    Looking past the Carson debacle, I see a team full of future Premiership stars right now, but are there enough games left for a run at a playoff spot?

    The potential is there, but so is the inconsistency Clark’s Blues teams.


    Content in the Blue fog in the wild west

    • Pete says:

      I am sorry, but I am happy with the position we are in now considering… I do not see play offs being on the cards this season. Look at the points gap.

      • Applebob says:

        I dunno pete. I am happy with position on grounds of the fact the club should really have been relegated last year. As much as I think we may have a possibility of it this season I think we’ll be going a few places higher.

        Al, any chance of a made in Brum feature/series on the youth players over the years? I think a look to the future players we’ll be seeing and the ones from the past decade that have gone on to other things would be good.

    • jdf2473 says:

      Playoffs??!!! Have you been watching the rubbish we’ve been playing this season? Two wins at home and were into March. If we stay up it’ll be a miracle. This has been the worst season in 20 years.. No positives in that.

    • jdf2473 says:

      .. And a team full of future premiership stars? Yeah, that might be right but it’s a shame we don’t own any of them!! There all on loan.

  • sutton apex says:

    the only good thing that happened under carson – a famous day etched in my memory forever !


  • mark says:

    Happy birthday to carson best wishes

  • mark says:

    Title for 2mor Daniel judgement day lol

  • The Francis Fake says:

    The Cup Final was undoubtedly my greatest day as a Blues fan in over 50 years, however, we should not forget that we also had our highest league finish for years, a long unbeaten run and a one year unbeaten run at home. I just prey that if CY is convicted that he will finally decide to give up his hold over Blues and sell up.

  • mark says:

    One of the best days in my life time Daniel to see the pain etch on the arsenal players faces will long remain with me……. Our special fans who made the day unbelieveable………

    • chas says:

      I looked for the pain etched on the faces of the Arsenal fans , but the buggers had all gone before the echo of the whistle died down . :-)

      • Ali Duncan says:

        Bit like most of them leaving 15-20 minutes early at their home games. It baffles me to see THOUSANDS of empty seats with so long left. Why pay up to £100 for a ticket and miss so much of the game.

        The debate about leaving early is as old as the hills but often the game is still exciting / winnable etc and still they leave in their droves. Bizarre.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    You call it St Obafemi’s day and it is true he was in the right place at the right time to tap the ball home. The unsung hero in my mind of the match was Lee Bowyer, his performance that day will stay with me forever. I say unsung hero, as other players including man of the match Ben Foster were widely praised, but Bowyer was magnificent.

  • Eddie says:

    If the football league don’t consider him an owner of BCFC anymore, then why do we?

    I fear your stubbornly going on a tangent here because your writing a book about him.

    He’s stepped down from the club, lets move on and ask the new directors.

    I do realise they are related to Carson but what I’m saying is they aren’t Carson, Move On

    • Mickey07 says:

      Take your head out the sand Eddie…

      • Eddie says:

        We’re all following posts and reading articles about a bloke who is not connected to the club!
        Whilst your at it, I hear the Kumars have a new shop on the High Street

        • Mickey07 says:

          Keep dreaming fella,sometimes I wish I thought like you but I live in the real world Eddie I’m afraid…

        • almajir says:

          Eddie – your view is laughable. Carson is very much still connected

          • Eddie says:

            My point is that this is a great example of “media saturation”

            Years ago, we would have read the Sports Argos about FOOTBALL maybe potential players and how BCFC performed on the pitch,
            now we are all following a blog about someone (according to the football league) unconnected to our club.

            I know you’ve put a lot of energy into this, but move on, He’s unconnected, who cares.

            Even you say the result wont change anything, your acting like a dumped teenager

          • Mickey07 says:

            Great attitude Eddie and you must really love the blues…….but what do they say about love??love is blind kid!!i will take your comments as a bit of a wind up though so which shows you have a sense of humour,nice try though.

    • chudlt says:

      Greatest day in my 42 years of supporting The Blues. And Eddy why don’t you just bugger off?

      • Chudit mate, is there really any reason to be so rude to Eddie just because his view differs from yours? Eddie makes a valid point as like me he is as bored with this whole saga as I am and the original article by Dan was about Obafemi Martin’s memorable goal that caused tears to flow down the faces of grown men, myself included given that it meant so much to them. As far as Carson Yeung is concerned I have consistently refused to condemn the man until the rule of law has finally played out and judgement day is tomorrow. There are far too many of the Bluenose nation that have already decided that Mr Yeung is guilty; just remember he may be acquitted tomorrow and one way or the other Dan will let us know first hand since he will be present in the courtroom. Let’s just stick to the facts and wait patiently. We’ve waited three years so we can wait one more day before adding to the huge mound of speculation which is all there has been for the most part. Daniel will write his book but I won’t be buying a copy and not because I don’t admire the excellent and informative journalism that he has produced but quite frankly I’ve read it all already and once this is over I for one want to move on and look forward to that funny old thing called football. KRO SOTV

    • Blueboi says:

      Eddie, there’s a simple answer to your comments. Don’t follow the blog!

      And may I add, this blog hasn’t attracted millions of readers for no reason.

      • Eddie says:

        I opened a blog celebrating a great day and yet again have been dragged down to a Carson conversation, move on.
        cant we just celebrate a great anniversary without being so typically bluenose negative.

        • John says:

          Quite right Eddie, Ii don’t care what happens to Carson Yeung. I don’t know the man personally, so what happens to him, is of no consequence. I am only interested in the eleven players, who pull on the royal blue shirts every Saturday. The day I hear no more of Yeung and his cohorts, ,can’t come soon enough.

  • Blue tsunami says:

    Great to remember that famous victory, I waited 55 years for that, never forget that ball rolling towards me into the goal.
    I wish I could share some of the optimism for the future though. Irrespective of the trial outcome I can’t see things changing. The stubborn adherence to the modus operandi of the Board shows no sign of changing, namely developing and then selling youthful assets, relying on loans that come and go through a never stopping revolving door, existing on a hand to mouth basis and struggling to maintain Championship mediocrity.
    This is not a criticism of the UK operation – the club”s staff, management and players – who do a good job in very trying circumstances, even if there are question to be asked on tactics and player selection.
    So what to do?
    We have to keep right on behind the team, if we don’t then no one else will. The protest campaign needs our support too. And keep those fingers crossed and those prayers coming for a new knight in shining armour

  • Flying Doctor says:

    Nothing wrong with looking back to that day. Those memories will keep us going for years and we need them right now with all that has been happening to the club. The best thing about that day was that if finally confirmed we’re not a hopeless case. We have a definite high point. This club can win trophies, give it a few years to get back on it’s feet and try again. If Wigan can win the FA Cup, then why not us?

  • Ali Duncan says:

    As good as it gets in my supporting life. 9th placed finish, a Cup final triumph and seeing the Blue Boys play in Europe. It doesn’t get any better. Brilliant memories that I shared with the people I’m closest to in this life. You couldn’t buy a feeling like that. Decades of shite and those great moments that you’ve grown inro in a way. Even though it felt like a knife being stuck into my gut at Spurs on the last day of the season I wouldn’t swap it.

    Getting a warm glow thinking about it now.

  • Johnners says:

    A timely post to remind us all that in fifty years time all that will be remembered of Carson Yeung is that he took the club to Wembley to win our first major trophy. Maybe then ‘son of OP’ will be proposing that we rename St. Obafemi day to St Carson day!? Because when all said and done I would not trade that day for anything and am quite happy to accept mid-table championship football because I DID go to Wembley and I DID see my team win a major trophy. Carson Yeung – whatever dark deeds you may have done and however many days you spend in the clink, I salute you for that day and I forgive you all the rest. KRO.

  • ray says:

    I seem to remember we had more Blues fans at Wembley on St Obafemi’s Day than we ever get at Stans. That made me realise what the potential is in the Prem for a successful Blues side.This is a big city, after all. It’s another milestone in this saga tomorrow and as always we KRO. I would wish for a consortium involving people like TF and Jasper to take over, together with others who really care about the club.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    “In the three years that have followed it’s been a bit of a downward slide.”

    Almajir… Master of the Understatement. ;)

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Will always love Carson for the good times.

    Best owner we’ve ever had by a country mile.

  • TonyE says:

    Only 3 years ago, in footballing terms it seems like a lifetime.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    According to SSN, Darcy Blake is training at Wast Hills and the coaching staff are having a look. Another promising career that took a bit of a dip. He can play centre back or right back, so might add another option to the squad as a free agent.

  • dave mann says:

    3 years ago today was the happiest, proudest day of my life as a bluenose, beating arsenal
    the way we did will never be forgotten and propably never be beaten in my lifetime, to think
    that happened then to whats happening now is unbelieveable…..so raise a glass to that
    memorable day… not st obafemis its ST. MARTINS DAY…that sounds much better dont you
    think..hopefully in the next 24 hours it will be ST. CARSONS DAY…but then again ime not
    to sure about that one!!!! KRO.

  • Alan Watton says:

    the similarities between us and Portsmouth are too much to contemplate. Pompey won the Cup with money they did not have. Ours was based on monies from who knows where. The fact that we are not in Portsmouth’s position is worth celebrating

  • dave mann says:

    to right Alan. KRO.

  • dbuswell says:

    A day I will never forget
    So glad I was there under where the cup was lifted
    Looking forward to some more of that in the future

  • neil says:

    Hi all just clicked on this link or copy paste http://www.bcfc.com/news/article/20140226-throwback-thursday-carling-cup-special-1384236.aspx

    scroll to the bottom and press play all

    what a great day was had by All

  • Ted says:

    Ray: neither TF, Carrot or for that matter Jeff Lynne will entertain buying Blues. Carrot has made a career out of deprecating Blues is worth a fortune due to his share of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, yet doesn’t care enough to put his hand in his pocket. A Brummie investor stepping in with a golden deal isn’t going to happen.

  • dave mann says:

    your right Ted , trevor, jasper and jeff were linked 21 years ago but nothing came of that then
    and nothing will come of it now….it would be great to have a brummie owner with £32 million
    to buy the club and then spend another £30 million building it back up again but it hasent
    happened over the last 3 years and would be staggered and exited if it ever did…..but at
    the momment… no chance. KRO.

  • Tony says:

    Alex Mcleish was resonsible for that fantastc time, give him credit.

  • andy says:

    I think a lot of fans will never forgive Big Eck for his defection to Villa but I bet hand on heart, he regrets that move because I don’t think he realised the upheaval it would cause between both sets of supporters across the expressway. But in a way, it ruined his managerial career somewhat, and he knew staying at Birmingham would also be a downward spiral, he was facing the sack had he not bought Blues straight back up. Big Eck did give us that fantastic day along with his players and as a result became the most successful manager in Birmingham’s history.

  • John Baker says:

    Sorry, but I can only give McDuff credit for the great job he did at the Vile.


  • bluenoserob says:

    If i had a quid for everytime somone said that TF ,Carrot and or Jeff Lynne was gonna buy the club we would be half way to a fans buy out.

  • andy says:

    I am sure most people with a bit of money like the Birmingham boys mentioned would see buying a football club, money being thrown down the drain. Not just Blues, but any club.

  • Chris W says:

    I was one of those grown men bawling tears that Sunday afternoon.
    How much has changed since that glorious day. As you say we will always remember CY for that and nothing can take it away.
    As has been said, the verdict will not be the end but at least we will have an idea of what is likely to be the start of the end.

  • Poppa999 says:

    I still have the nightmare: Laurent Kosicelny and Wojciech Szczęsny have a mix up in the final minutes of the Carling Cup final, the ball runs free the Cameron Jerome, and he blasts over from 3 yards out!!!!!

    • Gavin Noone says:

      Poppa999 – I share your nightmare !! I actually like Jerome and feel he did a good job for Blues ……….. but I’m so glad that chance fell to Martins and not him ! KRO

  • DeanBlue says:

    Yep I was one of them grown men in tears too
    But there was 40,000+ ‘bluenoses’ there that day – now we see just over a third of them
    Not just Arsenal glory hunters we saw disappear that day
    Come on – I know we’re watching lots of dross at home at present – but I reckon if 60 percent of those who paid £50+ that day turned up at Stans for half the price and made the same noise we could create a fortress again with the encouragement that would give to the youngsters – and hugely impress any potential investors
    I expect all the usual answers of why should you pay for rubbish etc. etc. but think about it
    We get what we deserve

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