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Postcards from HK: Delay Some More

Carson Yeung is back in court tomorrow morning to hear the verdict in his long running trial on five counts of money laundering. The verdict hearing, which began on Friday was adjourned until Monday due to the judge needing more time to read the 112 page reasons for verdict document in full to the court.

Friday was a bit of an anticlimax. I think everyone expected a short hearing to find out the verdict and once it became apparent the judge was going to read out the judgement in full everyone seemed to sigh inwardly as they realised it was going to be all day at least. Although I doubt some people will, I think one has to feel sorry for Carson – after all, it’s deciding his liberty and it must be hardest of all for him to have to wait and wait to hear what the final outcome will be.

During the days before the verdict, I spoke to various people to find out what was likely to happen. I was told that the old way was for the verdict to be read in full, which could leave the accused hanging for up to three days to find out their fate. New practice direction is for the judge to give the verdict and hand down the judgement to the counsels, adjourning the proceeds for a few hours to allow them to have a read and then to return to see if there are any immediate questions. We all thought that was what was going to happen, but the judge has been very careful and has decided to read it in full. It’s a cautious thing to do, but then this judge has been very careful throughout the trial.

I spent most of this afternoon going through what has been read out in court so far with my friend and business partner here, a well-respected solicitor of 24 years standing. Due to the fact the trial is still sub judice and I will no doubt be asked questions I can’t answer despite me continually telling people I can’t answer them I’m not going to publish anything from the 46 pages of judgement that was handed out to the press; I can only publish what was read out in court and no interpretation of it. It’s better for me to be safe than sorry in this instance, so I’m going to have to hold it all back until we get a verdict.

The big question is will we get a verdict tomorrow. If I’m absolutely honest, I’m not sure we will. There is still a lot for the judge to get through and I’m not sure he’ll manage it in the time available – I think we and Carson will be waiting until Tuesday to hear the final outcome.

The press here have shown a lot of interest – and a lot of interest in what is happening in Birmingham. The “Delay No More” protest particularly has caught the imagination here, with many reporters here telling me that they thought it was eye-catching and funny; no offence seems to have been taken at all by people in Hong Kong. As much as people have spoken about writing to the press, or advertising in the press in the UK, HK or elsewhere I think that phase of things is now over – for the press to really take note again things have to be moved on. I think this has to happen in two ways – firstly, I think the trust have it right in looking to see if people will join together in pledging money to buy a stake in the club for the fans.

Secondly, I like the idea of a big flag unifying the supporters groups but I think as fans we have to now back the team properly, with as many of us attending the games as we can. For all the talk of boycotting the games it’s now going to make no difference to cashflow between now and the end of the season realistically so it’s more worth our while we support the team and show investors that the club is worth putting money into. I do know that some people out there won’t agree but the team needs us and we should be there for them. Let’s leave any talk of “boycotts” etc now until the summer – when if it is wanted by all fans (it’s my belief it isn’t – the hardcore support would never boycott the cub) it would be much more effective.

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65 Responses to “Postcards from HK: Delay Some More”

  • Lee says:

    Can’t see a verdict happening tomorrow in honesty I think your right with it being Tuesday, I have absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever, if I break the law knowingly and I get caught I also take on what comes with it, he hasn’t come up with one plausible explanation throughout the trial with evidence to back anything up, he gets what he deserves, he deserves everything he going through and what’s coming to him, I couldn’t care less about him if I tried, let’s face it, what he’s going through with his trial is exactly what he’s putting us through with our football club, hanging in the air not knowing what’s going on isn’t nice, he doesn’t care, if he did he has a mouth and can easily make a statement to fans, fingers crossed the judge makes the right decision and puts him away, the fact he was at bihl offices when the judge went there only goes to prove this clown thinks he can walk round and do as he pleases when he pleases, be a great moment tomorrow or Tuesday if he goes down, almost as good as when melberg threw the ball in is own net

    • almajir says:

      Lee – the juddge didn’t go to the bih offices, a contact of mine did…

      • Lee says:

        Ok mate, nether the less my point is that since this whole episode began all we’ve had is silence, he/they clearly feel we don’t need to be told anything and if we do it has been completely staged, also if he were innocent he would be stating so, I know I would, I’d be saying I’ll fight this all the way, I’d go out my way to prove my innocence, clearly because of the state of the whole situation he’s had to be very careful on anything he says, which only tells me he’s as guilty as hell, so like I say, he deserves to be kept hanging and I’m going to be a happy man if it goes into Tuesday and gets nailed then, arrogant pri**

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Naughty Lee. You’re assuming because he’s been charged he must be guilty.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think the biggest anti-climax of all… is if Carson Yeung is found NOT guilty. That will mean that we’ve suffered for nearly 3 years for absolutely eff all.

  • Mario says:

    He dan did Peter pannu notice you in court Friday? If so I bet if looks could kill eh!!!

  • Mickey07 says:

    Mayor,feeling sorry for him?ffs….how long has he kept us dangling in air now 2 and half years…don’t feel sorry for that mug..he’s had plenty of time to speak to us fans but he chose to say nowt…

    • Lee says:

      With you all the way mate

    • almajir says:

      Remember what I said about how you allow your vitriol to cloud your thoughts and how it detracts from what you say? Yeah, that.

      • Mickey07 says:

        Mayor,the crux of all of this saga is whatever you think of yeung you will not get away from the fact that he has run our club very unprofessional and into the ground,yes your privileged to more information than us! But do you know what your everyday fan in the street is not interested in the darker forces behind him and how he’s been doing business out in Hong Kong we just want our club back so the sooner we are rid of him the better……..Shame on you for feeling sorry for him after what he has done to our club,your becoming as arrogant as pannu…

        • Lee says:

          As much as I respect dan for his work I have to agree that I find anyone with an ounce of sympathy towards this man unbelievable, his and fat boys whole attitude towards us from the day it all started has been a disgrace, this is fact, when you take a step back and look at the whole situation his guilt for the charges stands out like a sore thumb, his actions through out have been those of a guilty man, I will say ‘if’ as my comment will probably have to be removed but (ahem) ‘if’ he’s broken the law and found guilty then it’s his own fricken fault, he’s put us through the mill, if he’s going through the mill this weekend then that really makes me a happy man, called karma, he can tell us all he cares as much as he likes but the reality is he’s enjoyed mixing with a few tasty people, living a bit of a lifestyle, got used to it a bit and thinks he’s untouchable, don’t work like that though if you’ve broke the law, makes him nothing more than a common criminal in reality

        • BhamCityJulian says:

          The only thing I would criticise CY for is not selling the club knowing that his source of funds were frozen. That would have meant taking a hit as a loss but it would have been the honourable thing to do as well as minimising his losses

  • Robert says:

    Totally agree with your comment to get down the ground and support the team. Fans saying they won’t put their money in Carsons pocket is just a poor excuse. Now is the time the club needs as much support as possible to show potential investors what a great club it is. The club has lost money for the last two years and the accounts show that 95% of the income has gone to players. I’m not defending Carson but he stands to lose a lot of money if he sells so he’s trying to make the best of a bad lot. Wouldn’t anyone?

  • romanblue says:

    so the next phase is to get a flag and keep giving them money??are you for reall???unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    • almajir says:

      Or we could write whiny misspelled posts on forums trying to be a windup merchant. That has got to work… ;)

      • romanblue says:

        childish amil very childish.im on a boycott mate.and dont get me on the time you met carson in that lift and you didnt even ask him a question.now thats unbelievable.lol

        • Agent McLeish says:

          This is the only source of reliable info we get regarding BIHL and you have the front to criticise Daniel for something like that? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Some people that post here are just weird.

          • romanblue says:

            tony, i dont know if you realize but this is not a communist state and we have freedom of speech.yes i was criticising Dan because i disagree with his point of view regards flags etc.and my comment about the lift debacle with carson was in my opinion a wasted opportunity to ask carson a few searching questions.Dan remarking on my spelling just shows he lost the arguement and didnt do himself any favours and actually just showed himself up basically.i like dan and his blogs but sometimes our swords cross and thats whats called freedom of expression.If you dont like that i suggest you move to a communist country or if you want everyone to agree i suggest you join a hippy commune and put flowers in your hair.much obliged roman KRO

          • almajir says:

            You can give it out Roman but you can’t take it can you fella?

            PS you need to read up about freedom of speech mate, actually no such thing in England.

      • Tony says:

        Dan it does not become you to comment on peoples spelling, this is a Blues Football blog not a grammar seminar.
        Peoples emotions are running high understandably so, they do not need you to point out spelling mistakes.

  • blueroy says:

    My question is. how can a barber from nathan rd kowloon. And i have been there (Think cov rd small heath )10 years or so ago,how did he make his money? Gotta be bent(allegedly) he deserves all he gets imho

    • Blueb says:

      By that reckoning anyone who does well for themselves in life has done so by breaking the law

    • almajir says:

      Well… bearing in mind he wasnt just a barber on nathan road, kowloon (and yes, I’ve been there too) ten years ago…

      • blueroy says:

        Ok dan. Enlighten me to his history. Was it just urban myth he was a haidresser ?if i have got it wrong i apologise.

        • Kazakblue says:

          That’s why Nathan Road in Kowloon is known as the Golden Mile, not a bit like Coventry Road in Small Heath and I was last there in December, go to Chonking Mansions and you may see a resemblance to Coventry Road now. Daniel will understand my view.

  • steve says:

    Is the judge paid by the hour ? that could explain a lot :)

  • Lee says:

    Any potential buyers of bcfc who do their homework will know exactly what the club is capable of, and in honesty in our best years under gold and Sullivan with Bruce as manager we still didn’t sell out every week, gates were around 25-26k, practically double what they are now, anyone buying the club will know it’s knee deep in shit and needs massive investment, taking this into account and with what’s occurred over the last three years then any one who’s made or has the kind of money needed knows why attendances are low, what is needed and understands perfectly the situation, so to suggest we need more support to attract investors or buyers is utter bollox, let’s get something straight, bcfc is a club in the doldrums, it needs investment, anyone looking to buy a club would understand that blues have potential to be premier league side with the right structure, if these people have the means it will happen, secondly the club belongs to a complete arse who isn’t willing to sell it, also shares are being sold to other parties making the outright sale of the club even more of an impossibility, the investor is asking for more time to come up with cash to purchase the shares, indicating the level of investment from them is basically going to be non existent, therefore for the foreseeable future gates will only ever go down, until a day comes where a mutli millionaire decides bcfc is the toy I want to play with then as we are will be how we are for a long time yet

  • Chris W says:

    CY probably feels as we do, waiting to see what is happening next, with our beloved club, to be honest I have little sympathy with him and his wait.
    We all probably know that whatever decision the judge decides as to the verdict this will not be the end, appeals await, it will be more difficult for CY to play any roll or to have any say on matters concerning both BIHL or BCFC if he is incarcerated during this process, though I doubt he will.
    He may have decided to step down from both boards but that does not mean he is not having an input in to any matters that arise, especially as he has appointed at least three family members into very influential positions.
    As to the footballing side as we enter the final matches of the season, I think we can safely say we will not get relegated for financial reasons, i.e administration, I’m still confident of a mid table finish, 12th/14th, it would take a catastrophic collapse by us and an incredible resurgence by those in the bottom three to see us relegated.
    If only our home form was half the away we would be sitting pretty now, but then everyone would be looking at promotion and I think with our current financial situation it would be the last thing we would want.
    Let us get right behind the team and as you say, show potential investors what BCFC is all about and that we are worth more.

  • TonyE says:

    Do you think that the judge is reading all this out and then explaining his reasons for whatever judgement he has decided in an attempt to reduce the options for any appeal?

  • bluenoseb says:

    Were supposed to fell sorry for the man who is singly handedly and solely responsible for the demise of our club in 3 years, are you for real? I hope the liitle pri*ck rots in cell for the next ten years after what he has caused at blues. Like you said on sha dan he could of resigned from the board the day he had his assets frozen and we could of got relisted years before we did, but hes dug his heels in for HIS own benefit not blues which is why we have had to sell any player worth any decent value for a pittance! So for that alone I hope he gets everything that will hopefully come his way, whatever hes got caught up in are down to his choices which have now effected blues so to have any compassion for anyone that has done that to blues is ridiculous!

  • glosblue says:

    If the Judge is reading out the judgement in full over 2/3 days and CY is found guilty then the prospects of his making an Appeal must be considerably reduced. I would have thought that he would need a very strong case to even get an appeal off the ground. The fact that he disagrees with the verdict isn’t enough on its own. Of course he could actually be innocent and he could be found not guilty. We’ll just have to wait another day or so to find out.

  • Andy says:

    Its easy to say get down and support the team, i agree that it would be great to have 25,000 every week but its never going to happen and fans cant really influence that only the performances on the pitch can.
    During the 80s violence turned many away, now its the tripe on the field thats turning fans away, combined with the fact that the custodians have eliminated hope amongst supporters we can only foresee a downward spiral with them in charge.
    Supporters want THEIR team to watch, players they can relate to, their favourites etc.
    Next Saturday v QPR from the starting XI, over half the team wont even be with us next season
    Season ticket holders need 45 minutes just to familiarise themselves with whos playing and where
    Pre season the club was holding brainstorming sessions to get bums on seats etc. This is all well and good and i cannot fault the effort but decent football, hope and ambition get bums on seats.
    Even in the bad old days we had a team of players who were at least OUR team.
    Nothing will change until this regime go, and whatever people can do to make that happen should be applauded, whether the by the trusts incentive or press or whatever means any fans feel, there is not only one way to approach this but many and undermining and embarassing them and lowering their stock is a bloody good start.
    These guys are all about ego, dent it and keep denting it i say.
    Of course you have your opinion but saying to retain the press interest we have to move on, by doing what?
    Protests have only happened at home twice, unless this continues along with other methods then the worlds press will not take it seriously, it becomes a flash in the pan, surely all forms should continue as each will compliment the other.
    The thought of these being here next season will be too much for some its been very noticeable how people with STs this year are missing a lot of games.
    I dont think as blues fans we expect to win the cup every year but whatever state the club has been in weve always had hope and i dont see that for next season

  • StevieW says:

    Does anyone think that once the outcome is reached it will make a blind bit of difference to the club??

    I don’t think so and as for supporting the club we all do but in our own ways that we believe is best, not every football supporter is a lemming.

    I would also suggest a letter to the players asking them to show some intent on the pitch Delay No More to them aswell.

    Rant over.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    We’ve all waited this long for the verdict. A couple of more days won’t make much difference.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Dan -Couple of questions , Do the press get the 46 page after he summarised in court or was this presented on arrival.

    Will the judge be briefly going back over the 46 pages read out on Friday hence it may run in to another day.
    By the way it was quite a dour game at Ipswich

    • almajir says:

      Bluehobba – they can’t have it presented on arrival as the judge hadn’t read it yet. I had to hang around after the end of the session to get it hot off the presses of the stenographer.

      No, the judge will not recap.

  • glosblue says:

    I will definitely be renewing my ST next season whatever happens and whoever is in charge and whoever is still playing. It does help that,as a pensioner it’s only 1/2 price but it means I can afford a ‘better’ seat, but doesn’t “keep right on” mean just that? Over the years there have been good times (League Cup win in 2011) and bad times (who, of my age, can forget the 2 semi-final games against Fulham all those years ago). How many fans have threatened to ‘tear up’ their STs when things have gone badly? If you want to be an arm-chair supporter go and support some top-5 Premiership team. All I want is to support BCFC and attend matches for as long as I can. As you’ll see from my name-tag I no longer live in B’ham so every home game means a round-trip of 125 miles but I wouldn’t change my support for a comfy seat at home watching the billionaire clubs of foreign players with unpronouncable names. So we’re not in the top flight at the moment, but even Man U supporters feel that their season is a disaster this year! Come on you fans – Get down to St Andrews and support the TEAM on the field, never mind the Ownership in China, that will resolve itself in time – BCFC will KRO!!

    • andy says:

      i applaud you glos, and as one of the die hard few in the kumar an wheldon era, i know what you are saying.
      the thing is gates were 5-8,000 which just shows how bad things can get when the club is being run so badly, i hope that is not our future under donald, mickey and goofy or whatever this/next weeks directors will be called

  • john says:

    dan, long until your book is out, and how much will it be and where can you buy it from

  • blueboy88 says:

    I do not understand your comment on how the trust getting supporters pledging money to buy a stake in the club is a good idea ?

    If you put in a £1 to buy a stake, unless you are continually going to put another pound in on a regular basis for no further stake, we are no better off than we are currently.
    ie – No internal Investment….

    • almajir says:

      If that’s the case Blueboy, then people have no right to complain about any owner, ever.

      • Blueboy 88 says:

        You dont have to be a shareholder to complain about an owner.

        Equally if you are a shareholder in a football club & are making no further investment, it is very hard to criticise other shareholders who do the same.

        BCFC desperately require a new owner/s who will invest independently in the club.

  • paule says:

    I think if Carson is found not guilty then he can’t be held responsible for the financial restraints on our Club, unfortunately he & Mr Pannu are responsible for everything else that is wrong with our beloved Birmingham city, if the owners of our Club could have the decency to communicate with the fantastic support this Club has then things on the Terraces may be better & the players on the pitch would get our wholehearted support instead our energies are aimed at our owners.I do feel sorry for Lee Clark he has to deal with owners who don’t give a shite about our club & a sombre support from the stands, i believe whilst Lee is our manager he should have our full support & i as a ST holder i will always give the manager & the team my support on match days. Any debates regarding team selection formations & substitutions should be done on this wonderful site or secondly maybe the.Tom Ross phone in but please not on the stands where it may only effect our players. KRO

  • Tony says:

    Did anyone see that what can only be described as a back heeled cross from Hazard for Chelsea yesterday?.Stupendous skill there is not an Englishman alive who can do that
    Then you watch the tripe (as someone called it) at Stans, is it all worth it?.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I’m with Dan here so I’m doing my little bit by travelling over to support the team on Saturday (and Tuesday night).

  • DoctorD says:

    Wow, there are some angry people commenting on the blog today.

    Fact is, Carson Yeung — love him or loathe him — brought us a ninth place finish and a League Cup. Yes, the communication from Hong Kong has been terrible, yes the club seemingly wasn’t prepared for the impact of relegation and yes it doesn’t seem to have been particularly well run. Carson was probably the wrong person to have bought the club and paid over the odds — but none of us could have known he would be charged with money laundering and hence had his shares suspended. Those shares are back on sale so one big problem at least has been solved. The biggest problem in English football is the financial disparity between the premiership and the championship — the riches on offer in the top division make people do things that in any other business they would never dare to. And when you fail via relegation, the impact is devastating. Just look how desperate the bottom 11 clubs of the premiership are fighting for their lives. It is madness.

    • Chris W says:

      Money they say is the root of all evil…
      Personally I would rather be comfortable at the top end of the Championship, maybe to occasional visit to Wembley for a play-off final or even a cup final.
      Prices would remain affordable, crowds would be sustainable and we would retain our identity.
      We will never compete with the money people like Chelsea or Manchester clubs, the Vile tried and now look at them, we would just be a Stoke, Norwich or Swansea, a struggler with hope, up one season, struggle, relegated again.
      To be p the top we would have to pay mega wages, I dread to think how much those clubs are actually in debt for should the money men find a new hobby.
      No, for me I would not want that as things stand, maybe there are benefits with success, but I feel that some of these clubs will be another Accrington Stanley quicker than you can say Champions.
      KRO+DNM are

    • almajir says:

      Ever the voice of reason Doctor D

  • Tblue says:

    I love the blues and would never turn my back on them but I’m sick to the back teeth of the soap opera and the badness that it seems to bring out in a lot of people.

    I like a bit of drama like the next man but it is a joke at present. I want to debate football not ownership, politics and resources (although of course I know that all of these things have an impact on what’s happening on the park)

    Here’s hoping we can get back to debating the things that we really care about as soon as possible.

  • Peter bates says:

    I said before on this site cy pp have lied from day one pp tells the fans what he thinks thsy want to hear and does the opposite ie no player sales and cy has only spoke once and lied ie mccleish will be getting 40 to 80 million to spend jokers one and all tey donf care about the club why should we care about them support the team kro

  • mark says:

    I agree with you Daniel IMO I am sure Carson just as frustrated……..looks like the usual judges have arrived on the blog. Be prepared to have egg on your faces if you are wrong…….or if he found not guilty I sure think it’s been fixed……no love loss there. Daniel maybe you are right the judge will probably get through another 40 odd pgs tomorrow, further delay until Tuesday. Good luck to Carson tomorrow.

  • mark says:

    Absolutely right about boycotting daniel again absolute futile excerise……all those holding on to that their bubble just got pop…….oh dear……..its not rocket science support team……….

  • mark says:

    Daniel what time the hearing start ??? Will you be on your twitter??

  • Art Watson says:

    Found guilty on 3 counts of money laundering.

  • dorsetblue says:

    what is best for blues? if he is found guilty or not gulity. which one really puts the club in a better position to be sold? if found not guilty what stopping him apologising to us all and he stays to build the club back up again( even if we don’t want him)

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