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Set of Balls Number Four and Lancelot – QPR Reflections

Birmingham City’s miserable home form continued with a 2-0 defeat to QPR yesterday thanks to two goals from former Blues loanee Ravel Morrison. The result leaves Blues in eighteenth place, seven points ahead of Yeovil Town and the relegation places.

I could write a whole diatribe about the game yesterday but the truth is I’m not going to because I can’t care enough to do so. I think it can be easily summed up by pointing out that had they got a better manager, that QPR side should be fifteen points clear at the top of the table such is the quality in it; contrast that with us who looked very League One at times yesterday.

What worries me most though is how much people have given up. I know that I have – that performance should have left me angry and upset but I’m afraid I was just resigned to it. The team could have been selected with set of balls number four and Lancelot for all I know; the formation picked by Lee Clark putting on a sequinned outfit and spinning a “wheel of fortune” at Wast Hills – I’ve given up trying to rhyme or reason what he is trying to achieve at times. I know I wasn’t the only person who left five minutes before the end and I know that the whole atmosphere at Stans has turned flat – and that is the worst bit of all.

I kinda feel for the big flag organisers. The flag seemed a massive anticlimax after all the talk on the forums for the last few weeks; the reception for it was lukewarm and it did nothing to improve the noise level in the ground. I thought the conviction and sentencing of Carson would push fans into voice – maybe an ironic chant of “we’re going down with Carson” or something like that but it never happened. Block 11 didn’t even have the heart to muster a reprise of “we’ll sing on our own”. Has the whole flag thing already become passé?

I said a few weeks back that for all the positive outcomes that had come from the flags and from the placards that had been distributed around the ground, that there has to be a next step. As much as we got their attention in HK, we will only maintain their attention if we keep doing stuff and keep doing different stuff – and that’s just the media. The board of BIH seem to have the skin of a rhino and a protest in Birmingham isn’t going to force them to get on the phone to Paladini and beg him to take the club off their hands – and yes, Mr Paladini, if you’re reading this, as I said on Radio WM they ain’t going to come to you and they ain’t going to do it on the cheap. If you want to buy the club, you’re going to have to go to them and you’re going to have to stump up the cash.

If fans want to see change at the top then they need to do one of three things in my opinion – either a) come up with the money to buy or invest in the club themselves, b) find some rich bugger or a consortium of them who will put the money into the club or c) force the regulatory authorities to enforce their own rules a bit more. If you want to take part in option a), the Blues Trust are looking into it, in a similar way to how Portsmouth was taken over by their fans. It was good to see them handing stuff out at the ground but they really need to take the initiative now and be seen to be working towards doing something in the public eye. Their lack of response to the Football League statement troubled me and I think it should have been them and not me who advised fans on how they could contact the FL.

I can only speak for myself but I am going to take option C. I believe the Football League have a duty to ensure that the club will not be affected by the conviction of Carson Yeung and that they have a duty to enforce their own ownership rules. With this in mind I’m going to spending some time putting together information that I have picked up in HK into a dossier format which I will then personally deliver to their offices. As I believe in open governance and transparency, legal issues permitting I will also post the dossier online for people to read so that they can see what I have done.

Blues play Burnley on Wednesday in a match that is only a tenner in. We need to get behind the lads on the pitch now and we need to get our “care” back – apathy isn’t good for the fans or the team and will only continue to cause angst and division away from the ground. We might be an anarchic bunch of fans who refuse to conform but can we at least support the side?

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92 Responses to “Set of Balls Number Four and Lancelot – QPR Reflections”

  • matt says:

    We play burnley on wednesday night! Option four raise the profile of paladini? Get him on the pitch at half time as a celebrity fan? Why not? What else can we do? Lets start treating the man like a god that will get a reaction out of pannu lets try and flush the crooks mates out of the woodwork!

    • almajir says:


      Seriously, if Paladini wants to buy the club he needs to pony up the dough. He’s raised his profile enough in the press, it’s been to his detriment in HK. If he wants to buy the club he needs to get on a plane out there and sort it rather than talking about it here. Honestly.

      • matt says:

        I don’t disagree with you mate! To get the club he will have to pay over the odds as did carson yeung! If he does that and turns the club around he will get more than his money back with £100m+ for promotion and the riches that would follow! Maybe he can’t raise the funds either?

      • John says:

        Unfortunately nobody will pay £30 million for BCFC. The club is just not worth that. The reason why it’s not worth that, is because the team is in decline and the reason the team is in decline, is because the directors sold all the good players. The team of misfits we have now, has been brought together for virtually nothing, with no hope of achieving anything and all this is because of a bunch of directors who have no idea how to run a football club. It would appear from all the goings on, they have no idea how to run any business. If they are still in charge next season and I fear they will be, a large number of people will not renew their season tickets.

        • Andy W says:

          I’m afraid I agree John. I think what I have been seeing lately is a lack of real desire from the team, simply because they don’t care enough. And that’s because most of them will be gone at the end of the season, and it doesn’t really matter to them whether we stay up or go down? I can’t justify spending that sort of money just to be depressed every other Saturday, and I know many others who feel the same. I think I will just pick and choose my games next season, but I can no longer put my money into the club in advance if nothing changes, which I believe it won’t.

      • bluenose08 says:

        Dan do you have any contact details for Gp so fans can contact him and show their support.

    • steve says:

      Why Paladini? If Flavio Briatore is involved we’re better off without them.

    • Thejudge says:

      Whilst I agree, it would still be good for fans to chant for a preferred owner. There will obviously be differing opinions but it might raise the atmosphere a little.

      • Thejudge says:

        In response to Steve.
        Paladini may be Italian but he’s lived in brum from an early age, his family are blues supporters (or so he states) it would appear that he’s got the clubs and fans interests at heart and I’d prefer to see a local businessman in charge of a local club.
        Say what you want about Doug Ellis, at least he cared about his club

        • steve says:

          Until he names his backers i,m not interested in him.He can’t do it alone and if Briatore is involved,which i,m lead to believe he is,then i hope he gets nowhere near BCFC.

  • Mark says:

    I was frustrated, constantly imploring fans to stand up to make the experience easier to deal with. I helped with the group who were passing it around the stadium and I have to say Blues fans are so apathetic it’s unreal.

    Sods law is during the flag movement we concede a goal, you just couldn’t make it up.



  • steven says:

    Daniel, I have suggested a similar thing on the “BCFC fans United” page on Facebook. a fair few of us had sent the Football League Emails about this (only one got a reply). In your opinion how can we do more to put pressure on the FL/FA etc.?

  • Gary says:

    The trouble is after the inept show on Saturday I can’t see many fans wasting their hard earned money that’s the problem with blues we finally get Carson’s verdict and then realise nothing is going to change in fact things will probably get much worse & like I said another awful performance on the pitch then Carson could appeal which could take years. The fans want to see something happen ASAP and it won’t there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t know if there will ever be with this lot in charge they just don’t seem to give a toss about anything.

  • Mario says:

    Dan is the club going to be closed down?
    There seems no reason for the owners to keep it as a going concern after the final parachute payment.
    You say the clubs virtually debt free so they can just sit on the land at st Andrews.
    The value of land will increase more than money in the bank.
    It feels about time now. I think it’s the end game soon.

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    A few comments on some of the points raised.
    1. The game – disappointing performance yet again. I can only agree about the random selection generator. I think our 12 match winless run at home in the league is the worst ever for BCFC. For the remaining games could we not have some consistently on both personnel and formation?
    2. The crowd – as you say flat. Not helped by a few people around me booing Zigic when the the team was announced. We’re there to support the team not boo them before a ball has been kicked. I guess the long winless run is having an effect.
    3. The flag – in future it may be better to circulate it before kick-off. I sit in the kop corner and did not enjoy missing about a minute of the game (including the foul leading to the first goal) as the flag passed over me.
    4. Relegation – I’m still optimistic we will scrape enough points to survive. Blackpool are in absolute free fall around us and we are not being hammered. However what really worries me is next season – I see no prospect of an early sale (see below) and the last time I looked we only had 11 players still in contract. I think it is going to be a real struggle.
    5. Any sale – I don’t see anyone paying £32m for the club, it’s just not worth that in its present state. If BIHL don’t change their mind I think we are in for a long stalemate.
    6. The Football League – I emailed them a polite detailed request last week about looking again at Carson being a shadow director. I have not even received an acknowledgement. Their set up is pathetic. Good luck with the dossier – we need to do something.

  • walmleySteve says:

    Even amid the destruction of the club overseen by Messrs Yeung and Pannu, 12 home league games without a win deserves a P45. The club is sleepwalking towards League One and fresh ideas and experience are required. Dare I say it, someone like Gary Megson.

    • matt says:

      Gary Megson? Ha! Ha! Where did you get that one from? How about any manager that can win a home game? How about a manager that is brave enough to wait for it…………………..Play two up front? Crazy i know but what the hell!

  • jassyblue80 says:

    I like the idea of the flags… I preferred the delay no more one… This being walked around was much better… It got a round of applause, people (like me) down from the stamds to help make sure it got all the way round!

    We need to get more organised in the protest attemps. Lots of talk but little action IMO

  • Gary says:

    I would rather Neil warnock he is a bit mad but a great manager in this league he would give them players a good kick up the backside which is what they need in my opinion we allow teams to bully and dominate us I think they are listening to the so called expert pundits who keep using the excuse they are only young. You would think these players would want to get stuck into the so called bigger teams like blues have had done to them in the past.

  • Cotswold Blue says:

    I agree with Option C as well, mate. Like a lot of others, I have emailed both the PL and the FL and got no reply.

  • Gary says:

    The PL/FL are not interested unless it’s one of their beloved top six teams or a team up North or from London they are all a bunch of idiots.

  • Fed Up Of Kings Heath says:

    If you are going to get a dossier together make sure you have copies because those useless tossers will probably lose it.

  • mark says:

    Well looking forward to burnley game hopefully a full house with the price cheap as chips……

    Hopefully the players who were supposely strangers will know each other abit better.. .. This curse must be broken….this is up to the players collectively to take responsibility on the pitch…..kro

  • Gary says:

    Well said mark I agree the players need to grow a pair not worry about the opposition & just get stuck in.

  • blueboy88 says:

    The product is simply appalling…the atmosphere is sour…Clark is a tactical buffoon with no idea of either his best team or even his players best positions..

    If Portsmouth are the model to follow then we have to expect years in the wilderness of league two or maybe even conference football.

    Bringing the FL to book even if successful will change nothing directly with regards investment for BCFC

    So we are left with the distant hope of finding a consortium to purchase & invest in the club.

    This is what our proud football club has come too…no momentum, no confidence, no investment & no future , left scrapping the barrel in our every endeavour

  • Gary says:

    Couldn’t of put it any better myself nice one blueboy88 everything you wrote there is spot on mate.

  • Art Watson says:


    What a very depressing but accurate review of the current situation.

    I will never be a Clark fan but I actually think we will escape relegation this season but only by the skin of our teeth .However my real concern is next season.and frankly it’s not looking too good in fact it could be far worse than this season.

    Revenue from ST sales,match gate receipts,commercial goods and sponsorship will be far less than this years revenue and I can’t see the current owners investing in new players or replacing the current incapable manager..If you were a sponsor would you really want your business to be associated or linked with a Chinese crook-don’t think so

    New ownership is the only way forward and nothing else will change until this happens.The owners are in the driving seat and clearly will not roll over to fan pressure so depression and apathy continues.

    Surely there must be a few successful businessmen in Birmingham who can save our club?

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Unfortunately, there’s no white knight in waiting (and I include Paladini in that list because as Dan said if he had the money, he’d have properly stumped it up by now or upped his offer to take the club on) and if anyone is going to break cover and start the salvation of the club, now is a great time to open their mouths!!
    Stans is a toxic, depressing environment right now and the only reason our ‘die hards’ are loving away games is because they get a change of scene every 2 weeks, can get pissed on the coach/train on the way up and feel the hope as we (possibly) outperform our opposition. At home, that’s a non-starter.
    I have sat next to hoardes (overstatement but you get it) of whinging, moaning, miserable, wannabe tacticians and managers over the years but recently it seems even more evident that every bugger in the ground could run the team better than LC…….and maybe that might contain a tiny thread of truth.
    I couldn’t give a toss.
    HE is paid by the club to manage. HE is paid to get results. WE pay to turn up and support the team and it’s a broken-record statement but we need positive noise around Stans…..and the players are greeted by silence, apathy or whinging and booing.
    If you don’t lilke the football or the results you know what to do: don’t go and give up being a fan altogether, just like the 16,000+ others who have deserted the ground of late (and I am not blaming any one of them for it).
    BUT if you are going to be present, make it count….because sitting there grizzling for 90 minutes, booing every time Ziggy miscontrols the ball or any number of other activities are fruitless.
    What the team can hear is chanting, singing, cheering, clapping.
    If there’s none of that then why the hell should they feel they are being backed to win, and – by proxy – ACTUALLY win?
    We have to hold up our hands and say the toxic and absent fans are all a contributory part of the reason why we haven’t won at home since last year, and whilst LC and the players continue to try and get results (lottery/dice rolling or not) they are getting f**k all help from the stands, and that is the most disgusting part of it.
    I will be there at the Burnley game on Wednesday and I don’t care if I am the only one singing….I will be. I suggest you join me.

    • almajir says:

      Love the spirit Neil

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Thanks Dan, let’s hope it translates across to more than one seat in the ground!

        I am actually bringing my mate (and lifelong Everton fan) on Wednesday and have had to pre-apologise for the shite atmosphere…..let’s hope people can prove us wrong, eh?!!!

      • fletch says:

        the fans are tired and weary…. what can u expect?

    • jassyblue80 says:

      I love the sentiment but I’ve heard it before. If anyone tries to get the songs going it’s met with murmurs and even groans sometimes.

      The singing section never got off the ground either

      It’s such a shame at the moment. Empty lifeless ground :-(

      I’ll be there as ever and I hope we can get St. Andrews rocking.

      I’ll join in any songs


    • Tony says:

      Neil in your own words Clark is payed to get results he doesnt do it, he cant do it for christ sake the man is incapable. Why should those who are not satisfied by his efforts give up being a fan altogether?.
      Far from applauding your spirit as Dan does I condem your apathetic attitude your never ending willingless to be walked over, you and others like you would still be singing KRO in the conference, well I wont I will watch Chelmsley town , or Knowl fc.

      • bluenoseneil says:

        You’ve just dug your own grave there Tony.

        I would sing if we went into admin and re-emerged as FC Birmingham playing in the non-leagues.

        You wouldn’t, and you’d still be whinging whatever success or failure we are experiencing because you are habitually a miserable bastard, and NOT. A fan.

        Sorry Tony but when you start to throw insults you have to expect it back, pal. Luckily my position is stronger as I am simply stating fact…and fact that many others will agree with.

        Cheer up or do one cos it’s getting old.

  • Asif ashiq says:

    Cant see blues getting any points from next three games. I hope im wrong but we are in freefall and can see relegation.ight be the best thing to happen. Them pannu can stick 3ill. Wont be worth half that

  • rhees says:

    The question still remains if someone came in for the club would they
    actually sell.
    im not sure they would i think they would rather sit on us.
    after all why no comments again no talks of future purpose
    there just laughing at us really.

  • paule says:

    Why would it be a full house? I am a season ticket holder so will always be there, If i was a supporter who hadn’t renewed in protest against the board i wouldn’t give a quid to watch what appears to be 11 strangers running around like headless chickens. I read a comment yesterday saying this lot train together all week so should know each other, a) training is totally different to a competitive game as you should well know b) have you actually seen them train together because on home performances it doesn’t look like they do much on the training ground either. If anyone could find a past manager in the top 3 divisions who has kept his job with only 2 wins at this stage of the season i will happily put £20 into a charity of your choice,

  • bluenose50 says:

    I’m simply amazed with wot is happening with my beloved blues owner get banged up. Manager well he ain’t got a clue what team to select or wot formation god sake players manager pull your finger ourand start playing for the club instead of your wage packet

  • Big Bill says:


    The opening paragraps of this piece made me very depressed.
    C’mon Mate, you are not living in Crimea and all that they have to face!!!

    We can get out of this mess, but it will take time.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Well the club could help itself with pricing. £32 to get in the Kop yesterday and when I checked how much it would be to sit in my old ST seat in block 27 it was £40. Who the f*ck is going to pay £40 to watch this shit? Credit to them making it £10 for Wednesday but it would have made more sense to do it for Saturdays game as a lot of younger kids won’t be able to go with it being a school night. £32 is Premier League pricing. Hopefully by the summer they might actually employ someone with an ounce of common sense in the Commercial dept who can come up a more realistic ticket pricing policy including season tickets. Particularly annoyed as I can’t go Wednesday!!

  • Retired&Weary says:

    Surely option b) rich buggers buy it is the only positive option, although the most unlikely. To be fair, just because CY paid well over the odds for dubious reasons, you can’t expect GP or anyone else to do the same. Just got to hope that the current owners, whoever they really are, see sense before it’s too late.
    Supporters buying shares, although nice for sentimental reasons, won’t provide the required investment to be competitive. It would codemn us to being a small lower league club for ever. What’s the point in that?
    What can the Football League do, apart from penalising the club for dodgy owners, and deduct points?
    If a miracle does happen & a new rich owner appears, the first thing he should do is let LC go. He is damaged goods I’m afraid. Yes he’s been dealt a very poor hand, but his constant tinkering is driving most of us mad. It’s not all about money. If only we can find the new Roberto Martinez!

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I’ve said for a long time that the club need do do something radical regarding pricing. After 2 home wins all season Ibelieve many won’t renew next year if LC is still the Boss. As I understand it most revenue is from tv and sponsorship so I’d like to see a Bradford ST model which would although be less revenue from tickets but more in catering and merchandise. This would also mean more bums on seats, a better atmosphere and hopefully have a positive impact on the team.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      For a start they need to abandon putting games in price categories. Yesterday was a category A game which is why it was so expensive. I can understand it in the Premier League when there is very different demand for tickets when Man U or Liverpool are coming compared to Fulham or
      Sunderland but your average Blues fan doesn’t give a toss whether it’s QPR or Doncaster Rovers in the Championship. With 9,000 ST holders and 1,300 away fans only 4,000 paid to go to the match and is it any wonder at these prices and the utter crap we have had to put up with for the best part of two seasons now.

  • Retired&Weary says:

    Dan, do you really think the FL will do something that positive? Points deduction more likely if they are pushed to investigate properly. God knows what will come out of the woodwork.
    With relegation a real possibility perhaps admin will have the same effect.

  • zuludave says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your efforts I look forward to the response from the FL to your latest work i.e, option c. I don’t know what we’d do without you, you’re a clever bloke I’m just a foot soldier lead and we will follow.

  • Blues1875 says:

    Sadly I don’t believe either the Football League, Carsen Yeung or Mr Palladini really cares as much as the fans do for BCFC.
    In my opinion we are in a position of backs against the wall and the only way out is to stand up and fight, I don’t mean physically but mentally.
    I as most blues fans do moan all day every day about what Mr Yeung has done to the club, honestly do we really think we make any difference to an outcome, I so wish we could but Mr Palladini won’t purchase the blues because the fans have asked him similar Mr Yeung won’t sell because everyone hates him. It just does not work like that.
    If you know what the seller wants as a purchase price and the buyer seriously wants to buy the the buyer will generally pay the price with some negotiation in between, I haven’t seen this yet and personally until the buyer whoever they may be stands up and acts in a professional way to buy the club I am not taking anymore notice. As they say talk is cheap, whoever it is please stand up and make an honest bid for the club that meets the purchase price the seller wants.
    With BIHL moving in other directions the blues could end up being a thorn in their side. Get rid of us and move on which is what us blues fans desperately want, go on make my day punk !!
    Well that’s mt piece said. KRO and good luck v Burnley we so need some points.

  • sutton apex says:

    As much as i admire lee clark for just getting on with it and not moaning if we lose to burnley he has to go. Home form affects revenue, fans passion, avoiding relegation etc – one more defeat and change is needed ( pannu are you listening lol )

    i will be there wednesday cheering us on as ever – if we lose he has to go

  • Johnners says:

    Anybody fancy talking about the game itself yesterday or do we not care about that any more? I’m a football fan not a protest group member or a crystal ball gazer. I want to talk about what folk thought of the formation yesterday or whether we think Ferguson did enough to warrant his selection or how much potential the boy Morrison has. The words of the song say ‘we don’t care about carson’ but according to the chat on this web site that’s all blues fans seem to care about. And it’s just making us more and more miserable. I’d like to propose a fourth option d). Ignore the jumped hairdresser bod. Forget him. Let the wheels of ownership turn as they will inevitably do and focus upon the football, the players, the game, the tactics. Not only will this option keep us sane it will maybe help give the team the feeling that what happens on the pitch is more important that what happens off it.

    • almajir says:

      Johnners – I hate to say this but watching the football is making me depressed rather than keeping me sane – the tactics were wrong, the players werent good enough and we should have been humped. There isn’t much more you can add to that.

  • steve says:

    Dan, spot on, but facts
    It was not a huge flag 75ft should of been 200ft like alot of clubs have.
    The crowds are a joke.
    Atmosphere a joke.
    This was the chance when for 1 day only the national press cared.
    Yeung is now todays chip paper to the press.
    Missed a trick and i know you tried your best for profile.
    Biggest problem blues have no assets a ground needing millions spent on it, no players and a crap wast hills owned by somebody else.
    Fans can change this but they dont care enough

  • BluesBlues says:

    Those of you that have not made your mind up to go on Wednesady and would like to know where the singers are here’s my guide. Block 11 always have a go at singing… Block 3 & 5 towards the back once again always have a try to get the crowd going not so many as there used to be…Block 37 & 39 a little moody and close to the away fans but always fans at the back of this area willing to get behind the team. Perhaps if we could get two hundred fans that are singers in these locations the the rest might join in

    My own chose would be to try and join those In blocks 37 & 39 seems as if there is always spare seats but as mentioned above always fans trying to sing

  • BluesBlues says:

    Ps Burnley games only a tenner come on join us we need the support now

  • BluesBlues says:

    The fans flag was an idea by various supporters clubs fans contributed over 3.5k and this enabled it to be produced in little under a week. If people on her think that a larger flag can made and purchased then perhaps they should try. Well done to all concerned that went the effort to do something. I would once again contribute to any other larger flag but how many do we need, one already sits in the GM upper and is never used.

  • The Flying Pig says:


    You summed up my thoughts almost exactly. I hate feeling this way but it has ground me down. It was the fact that we tried hard [most players] but were just devoid of ideas and belief, that left me feeling so down at the end. I am just glad QPR were no great shakes, but I fear we will get stuffed by Burnley if we play like that.

    I cannot understand why we let Ravel run with the ball – we knew that is what he does and yet seemed incapable of stopping him. I’m no tactician but I think we defended too deeply thus allowing him to find the hole between middle and back four. Moreover, why didn’t anybody give him a nice tough tackle early on? Before I say anything more, I guess LC thought the way the 3-4-3 worked against QPR away was justification for trying it again – fair do’s. However, if Rainieri was the “Tinkerman”, goodness knows what LC is? I’m not sure the players are good enough to cope with one formation , so it can’t help being constantly asked to play a different one; worse still when we keep using different personnel.

    I shall still be there on Wednesday, but as someone says earlier, the whole package is poor just now.

  • Andy says:

    The flag cost a little over 2000, this was the money raised, if more was raised the flag would have been bigger.

    Regarding paladini , we need to know his vision for the club, we should hold a Q&A forum with him and supporters

  • Chris W says:

    Can’t fault your opinion Dan except for one point, we lay Burnley Wednesday not Tuesday.
    With your dossier item, couldn’t you publish something to be signed and sent direct like some of the government petitions are?
    I too have opted for option C and I have written to the Football League pointing out several points that should be A) clarified and B) need investigating and acting upon. Whether they will remains to be seen.
    I have joined the Blues Trust and in a similar vein am disappointed they haven’t be more pro-active in contacting the Football League.
    For a supporters buy-out you are going to need 5000 people to put in £8000 each just to put a decent ball park figure to BIHL for them to take it serious and unless you get some big boys to stump up a few £50k to £100k pots to make it a realistic venture for any supporter buy out.
    The Supporters trust should also be looking for a big name figurehead to help carry some weight in any campaigns.
    The Delay No More Survey seemed well supported and plenty of volunteers giving them out.
    The apathetic singing and support is probably the worst I have witnessed, even when we had 5 to 8 thousand we still made a noise, we certainly make more noise away from home.
    Do the supporters sympathise with events and therefore accept we are not going to win at home?
    I mentioned in an earlier post that the problem has to be a psychological one, but I am at a loss to where it is coming from as it can’t be the fear of upsetting the supporters, it is they who have accepted defeat as the norm. Though some do leave early, the majority remain and even applaud the team as they acknowledge the supporters, I never boo any player or team but surely we must show our disapproval some way, clapping Zigic’s substitution was the only sign of frustration.

  • Gardenshed1875 says:

    Perhaps we should follow Lazio and have a whole stadium boycott. I have argued for a long time that we should back the team and avoid a boycott, but I think the time has come for action.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    For the next flag we need to cal on the services of a professional designer for visual impact. I watched the new flag from 20 feet away and couldnt make out what it said or what the pictures were.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Absolutely agree. Very disappointing.

      Am I also the only person who thought it didnt look royal blue, as I had not be selected under natural light?

  • BhamCityJulian says:


    I’m 100% on you post.

    IMO the longer Clark is with us the worse it will get.

    We have to hope that there are some peccadilloes that surface that give rise to HK pushing through the out door

  • happiness stan says:

    Terrible game yesterday, bad atmosphere, can’t see me renewing season ticket with these bananas in charge,it breaks my heart.

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Dan I think you are a star with all you have done on the CY, Hong Kong and the China story. You are right the football league route is the best way to go. A media campaign needs to be stirred up somehow by action taken by Blues fans which, could follow on once you have provided the FL with the all the background info that you have discovered. Its’ important that this information gets out into the public domain. I’m sure you will no doubt have it all in your book which I look forward to reading.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I no longer know what to think or what to hope for. I DO know that if something doesn’t change PDQ we will be going down with Carsen. I think Clark has lost It. Perhaps his 2 previous assistants might not have been completely useless……….after al, we haven’t won a game since they left! (Just saying…..) !!

    • Chris W says:

      I agree that things have to change pretty quickly and for the better but we won at Blackpool after Mac and Faz left. An ex Minehead Blue, miss the old town sometimes but it is not the same anymore

  • StevieW says:

    We have been beaten into a state of total apathy by the fact the people we want responding to the banners and chants have just totally blanked us.

    It appears that no matter what we do things are not going to change and no matter how the club is supported the team and the manager continue in the same vein.

    All in all groundhog day.

  • Ron Jones says:

    Be careful watch you wish for in a Paladini takeover. Has he the funds.? Just remember a lot of supporters wanted the Sullivan folk out. Look where it has got us . Yes a strong possibility of relegation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stable club on the up with a capable manager. Until we get that I believe there are several trapdoors available.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Chin up Dan! You’re the voice of Blues, and if you’re down, what hope is there for the rest of us? A big problem is that the Bluenoses with Get Up & Go have got up and gone, leaving too many of those who luxuriate in whingeing, bleating and ‘here we go again’.

    Firstly, Clarke has to go. We need some leadership in the dressing room. Then we must unite behind the new manager and press for a takeover. What we desperately need is hope, some positive mental attitude and silence from the ‘LC is Doing Great’ crowd and the perpetual moaners who delight in every missed kick and failed clearance. We have had failed leadership from our Chairman, Our Board and Our Manager. Who will step into the breach?

    Guess it’s over to you, Dan!

  • AR says:

    Last season I was very disappointed in LC and was wholly in favour of his going (if the club could or would have afforded to do so). This season however, bearing in mind that he has hardly any money, his 2 loanee centre-backs were taken back, the Man U guy lasted a few minutes only, Jesse Lingard goes to another club (not to mention Ravel Morrison) and his goalscorer Marlon King left. So he takes other loanees, kids and Robbo and you expect him (or some other manager) to avoid a relegation struggle? Who would be crazy enough to take the job? Only someone whose reputation is at rock bottom or someone who has no reputation at all. I believe you are blaming the manager for being in a position where he cannot improve the team by going out & buying anyone decent (can he bring in any more loanees?).Who do you think would do better?

    • almajir says:


      I don’t think Clark helps himself sometimes. I agree, he’s had it hard and I expected a relegation struggle this season but I also think there comes a point when you have to admit that despite that he could maybe pick a better, more balanced, more settled team. I want him to succeed – I really do – but I’m fearing more and more he’s not going to be able to.

  • Ted says:

    1. Paladini does understand Chinese attitudes or business mores. Piss them off and they become immovable.
    2. Paladini wants the club on the cheap and is trying to play financial footsie with the Chinese. Bad idea.
    3. I like your option C. We must petition the FA. Arseholes though they be.
    4. KRO.

  • Ted says:

    Should have read ‘doesn’t sorry.

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