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Carson taken to tough HK Prison

According to reports in Hong Kong, former Birmingham City President Carson Yeung was transferred from Lai Chi Kok remand centre to Stanley Prison on the south of Hong Kong Island on Friday night.

Apple Daily, who uploaded this video and piece showing Carson being taken to Stanley report that Carson will have a cell to himself, close to convicted fraudster Peter Chan Chun-chuen, also known as Tony Chan.

Stanley Prison is one of Hong Kong’s six maximum security facilities, with a capacity of 1714 prisoners.

Carson was convicted on five counts of money laundering and was sentenced to six years in prison on Friday. He is set to appeal the conviction, and has until the end of the month to formally lodge it.


67 Responses to “Carson taken to tough HK Prison”

  • Dazzy Nicks says:

    Let’s hope, for his sake, he’s quicker to lodge his appeal than BIH are to log their accounts!

  • romanblue says:

    i cant help thinking it will be like the start of hangover 3 with carson in that prison.

  • Mario says:

    Taking one for the team?

  • Lee says:

    Great day for bcfc, all we need now is the club changing hands, really can’t see this lot giving up the cash cow for a good while yet though in honesty, be the best day in the history of the club

  • zuludave says:

    I hope he suffers

  • rhees says:

    My heart bleeds not

  • Shirley Blue says:

    He knew what he had done when he went to buy the club and what the consequences would be for the club if he was investigated and subsequently charged. I hope Stanley prison is a really desperate place and he suffers every single day of his sentence because he deserves it.

  • mark says:

    Daniel with the appeal process I would have thought carson would have done this with immediate effect…….

  • mark says:

    Daniel assuming the appeal process go ahead we will have appeal judges who might look at things differently………

    • almajir says:

      Mark – I keep saying this but you don’t listen to me. I’m going to try one more time and then I’m going to give up. Money laundering charges are almost impossible to beat in HK – thats not opinion, that is fact. The law there is draconian and it will take a sea change in the law for Carson to get released. There is a massive anti-corrruption drive in China and HK at the moment so its unlikely changes will be made.

      And to add my opinion, I’m convinced he did it. Remember Mark, ive seen the evidence, ive heard the testimony and I heard the judgement all first hand – you have not. I might just have a better idea of what is going on and what has gone on than you have.

  • paule says:

    I’m sorry if this as been asked before but i am a newcomer to Often Partisan and find this website very informative, if Carson appeals is he released whilst the appeal goes through if not he may have served half his sentence before it is completed?

  • Wingman Blue says:

    One tentacle less. Now to separate the rest…

  • DoctorD says:

    It’s interesting to compare our situation to Blackpool – they have a super rich owner who might be British but he’s sucking money out of the club, which meanwhile has not won a single game in 17 attempts. Even we beat them — they must be really really useless.

  • sappy sad says:

    if triad money has been used to buy blues they will want
    paying back …failure to do so if so is not a nice thought
    .i think carsons worst fear if not for himself but some of
    his family if a deal has happened… the triads have been in
    this country in major cities for 70years

  • Sheldon Gaz says:

    If he appeals, is there a chance that his sentence could be lengthened? If this is the case, could he not appeal, do his time and be done with it?

  • Mickey07 says:

    He can feckin die in there for all I care, I wonder how many people’s life’s and business have been wrecked out in Hong Kong through yeung …where has all this illegal money come from what’s the real story and the misery behind the money……deep down hes a evil tosser and his greed got the better of him….stuff him……

  • sappy sad says:

    i am not defending him micky 07 i am trying to work out why
    actions that we think are crazy to others may not be if all truths
    were known home or abroad

  • sappy sad says:

    almajir scrub my two comments off mate people may take them the
    the wrong way

  • Chris W says:

    Bet he won’t be on day release like here then, why mention he will be close to another fraudster are they expecting him to cough some names?

  • Asif ashiq says:

    Deserves it. U do the crime you do the time. Wasnt pannu an ex cop??? Well im
    Waiting for the day all his associates do one!!! That will be a good day. Cant see it for a while though. Mr pannu still wants to bleed club

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Given the nature I’ve of the crime I checked with a criminal lawyer here who says in the UK he would not get bail. Now did we say that HK are more draconian?

    • almajir says:

      Julian – it depends on if he has any chance of getting off. My contacts in the hk legal system are slightly better than most and some are confident he will; however I think that is a bullish opinion. There is a big appeal case in October that might change things so we will see; however having seen the anti graft measures introduced in mainland China I think there is still an appetite for throwing the book at people.

  • BlueNig says:

    Daniel, I have not read or studied this as much as you but did his defence not try to plea bargain about some of the funds prior to sentencing in the hope of a reduced sentence? Surely, if thats the case, its make an appeal just a hugely costly legal exercise and completely futile.

  • biberblueblood says:

    Pannu made sure club not busted and sorted all bihl problems for re listing. Hope he can help us sell. He want to sell to brits or australian…lov ehim

    • Agent McLeish says:

      PP only did this to fulfill CYs interests, he is CY’s employee and does what he is told. The rapid share dealings after listing will tell you that mate. Don’t be so blinkered to reality.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Biberblue – Australian interested in BCFC? Have you heard something I haven’t? Be great if someone like James Packer bought the club..do tell mate.

  • Barry Gibb says:

    I bet he is already settled in and is passing time betting on grasshopper fights during yard time.

    • AussieBlue says:

      G’Day Bazza- James does not gamble; that was his dad Kerry. James got smart…he now owns casinos so he’s on a sure thing!
      Oh; he owns one in Macau…eeeeek! (what have I said?)
      Seriously; he’s be a fantastic owner for BCFC – he’s sport mad, and a financial mind like a super-computer. I’d work for him any day.

  • Anthony says:

    Alrite dan,tom ross was saying paladini is trying to buy blues again for 20 mil,heard anything?

  • Anthony says:

    Don’t know why they won’t sell,the club ain’t gonna be worth a penny soon when we’re flying down the divisions,sell sell

  • phillip says:

    Is it possible that an appeal might be launched on the grounds that some of the money was counted twice by the defence and thus an error by the prosecution ?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Does CY’s defence team need to offer a a valid case for mounting an appeal, or can they appeal by offering no grounds whatsoever?

    • almajir says:

      They will need to offer a reason – ie the judge interpreting the law incorrectly or new arguments for the evidence presented. I’m led to believe they will do both of those things.

      • chudlt says:

        Dan I think you stated early on in the trial that there was a prosecution mess up over defence access to documentation which could give grounds for an appeal.

  • kazakblue says:

    Carson will soon be on day release enjoying a few pints at the smugglers arms and the Pelican at Stanley Market :))

  • dave says:

    this the best time to buy the club, paladini and tom ross and yor self AMARIJ and force the sale, think about this, he needs money, he,s in prison, if you guys go over there put the cheque book on the table the the club will be back in ENGLAND, BUT YOU PEOPLE WHO SIT ON YOUR BACK SIDE LIKE TOM ROSS WHO AS DONE NOTHING FOR BCFC AND GET PAID EVERY WEEK AND PALADINI WHO TALKS BUT KNOW ACTION,. GET THE BLOODY HELL OVER THERE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, BELEIVE ME THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME, YOU AMARIJ ALL TALK GET ON THAT PLANE AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

    • LatchfordHattonFrancis says:

      Hi Dave, well thought out and and brilliantly composed piece of work. Extremely araldite :-) !!

    • chudlt says:

      ??? Tom Ross is a radio interviewer/ commentator and I doubt if he could raise the 30 million. Amarij writes blog and a very good one at that and has to be sponsered for his trips to Hong Kong. Paladini has placed an offer on behalf of a group which has been rejected

    • Gawky Fuse says:


    • Agent McLeish says:

      Dave, are you on day release or something?

    • LatchfordHattonFrancis says:

      “You people who sit on your backside”…………and what do you do for Blues, Dave? Sit on your backside I imagine.

    • almajir says:


      a) turn off your caps

      b) If the opportunity was there to help force the sale, Dave, do you not think I would have taken it? I put it to you that maybe there is stuff that has happened that you don’t know about.

      c) it’s spelt almajir, but you can call me Daniel if you want. I don’t mind.

      • phillip says:

        Daves right about you sitting on your backside though Daniel,,,,,,How longs the flight out and back /

        • phillip says:

          Should have added “Stewardess dont like you standing all the way, makes it hard to get the drinks trolley round !!

        • Agent McLeish says:

          Sometimes it staggers me at the intellect of some who comment here. How can some of you muppets accuse Dan of sitting on his backside when he has done more to raise the profile of our current plight than all of us put together. Some of you idiots just sit on your lazy asses and point ridiculous accusations at the very people who are helping. Phillip & Dave, enlight us all in what you two have done other than sit on your asses and do jack. Point your venom at BIHL and not at true Bluenoses.

  • Wraggie says:

    It is quite ironic that he ends up next to Tony Chan. Anyone who followed the RCG Holdings court case over the past few years will see the similarity between the cases. If you think CY was a far-fetched story, have a look at the history of TC and RCG Holdings.

  • bluenose08 says:

    I bet cy is setting up his own business in prison as the demon barber lol

  • brumbie says:

    Almajir keep up the good work
    as for CY I am sure he will he will regret his actions every time he is in the showers. What goes around comes around and CY has screwed us so maybe his time is coming !

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      brumbie, not sure how he has screwed us, Sully and friends sold him a pup and he made a mistake paying champion leagues wages for average players that Mr McGinger wanted at no expense spared… At best he was badly advise. KRO
      p.s. I’m not trying to stick up for him but he hasn’t willingly put us in this position just accepted what people were advising him.

  • Norfolk blue says:

    Hi Dan thank you for the updates you have produced!Without you the vast majority of us would be totally oblivious to what is actually going on in the back ground of the club we love.
    If it was almost impossible for Carson to defend the original charges, how can he then stand any chance on appeal. It would seem that with the time the judge took to complete the trial he has been very careful as to not to leave any loop holes for cy and his very expensive legal team to exploit

  • Gerry says:

    Well my take on this is as follows, Carson wont be anybodys blow up doll in that prison if he is linked to triads or criminal gangs, Carson will be running the joint on behalf of the triads, all joking aside, I certainly hope that he does not go to appeal as it will hold the club back another possibly 2 years, I think he may decide through BIH that enough is enough and he will get BIH to sell up, who to is another matter though, Paladini needs to come up with hard evidence if he is serious about his consortium, dont see anyone else interested though, maybe Trevor Francis can get Jeff Lynne(ELO) to go with him and buy the club, Jeff is in brum for a few more days yet, wishful thinking i may add, its all up in the air about what will happen but i dont see anything happening in the short term and i feel we may have to suffer for another 2 to 3 years yet, hopefully i am wrong but can anyone else have any belief that things are going to go away, it will get a lot worse before it gets better, in my opinion

  • eebeegeebee says:


    Thank you for all the info, its better than anything produce by the tabloids and radio/tv.

    I can see no reason why CY will sell currently on the table. If he sells, HK is bound to freeze any proceeds, if he does not he can take any amount of expense out of BCFC without any penalty. The PL will keep giving the parachute money and Pannu budgets easily within that by cheap youth loans.
    Next years budget is already improved with no Zigic/Murphy/Mullins/Ambrose/Elliott, replaced by more cheap Bosmans. Season ticket money is insignifcant by comparison.
    Paladini is not offering enough up front to compensate for the PL cashflow.
    Next year is a different matter when there is no parachute and with a likely relagation to League 1.

    He will go eventually but we must just suffer and wait.
    KRO as we say

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