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More Home Agony? Burnley Preview

Blues take on Burnley tonight with Sean Dyche’s men looking to extend their seven point lead in the second automatic spot. Blues however will be hoping that they can overcome a horrific home record that has seen them only win twice in the league at St Andrews all season.


Burnley come into the game bang in form, having remained unbeaten in the league since Boxing Day and on the back of three straight wins. They have only kept three clean sheets this calendar year – twelve games – and only failed to score in one of those games – at home to Brighton at the end of January.

Dyche has a fully fit squad and could name the same starting eleven for the ninth match in a row.


Blues welcome Albert Rusnak back into the squad but Tyler Blackett is a doubt with a thigh injury, leaving Blues with one fully fit recognised left back in Paul Robinson. Rusnak could come into the team for Jordan Ibe as Blues may revert to the 4-5-1 formation that has served them well away from home.

I fear for Blues again; the gap in class was there for all to see on Saturday and Burnley are a composed, settled side. Danny Ings is in fabulous form with 25 goals this season and Sam Vokes has 18; it’s going to be a tough night keeping those two quiet and I fear it’s going to be another winless game for Blues.

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43 Responses to “More Home Agony? Burnley Preview”

  • Dave Shaw says:

    I’m always the optimist so I’m down the bookies to put a tenner on a Blues win! Mad? Yes, but I’m a Blues fan!!!!!

  • andrew grindrod says:

    Please Clark go 442 get in there faces, get stuck into them
    and at least if we lose, we go down fighting.

  • Bluemat says:

    I think Saturday was more about how poor blues were compared to how good QPR were. QPR for me never really got out of 2nd gear but we just gave them to much space and time on the ball. KRO!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind. Shaun Dyche has been able to pick a settled side, so everybody knows each other, everybody knows their role within the side and their confidence is high.
    Lee Clark on the other hand picks a different side every match. Nobody knows their role and the confidence is low.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I’ve got a feeling there’ll be an upset and we’ll get something out of this game. Who’d have thought a couple of years ago that some fans would be dreading the visit of the mighty Burnley at home!

  • nicko says:

    the mighty q p r came unstuck last night to brighton if we would have got stuck in on saturday we would have beaten them before they scored they were no better than us

  • kimberley blue says:

    I am sure when McLeish was manager we played Burnley in Premiership , they got relegated we finished in top 10 .
    Chucho scored tap in final score 2-1 home win.. which in itself was strange as we hardly ever scored 2 goals that season.
    Lets hope we get a good result again tonight… I have a feeling a score draw is best we can hope for

  • mark says:

    imo i believe it time that blues caused a major upset this is the moment to have a right go at a team that is punching above its weight…………….blues win

  • mark says:

    i gathered scott Allen had a terrific game against forest u21…….

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I’m so despondent about Blues at the moment, I dread to think what will happen. In my view it’s a crucial game; get something against the side in second and it may help confidence….lose at home for the 13th time and that’s it for the season (at home at least).

    Hope I’m wrong. KRO

  • dave mann says:

    i predicted 2-0 to QPR saturday and was right so this time ime saying that the mighty burnley
    will also score 2…..but we will score 3…mad i know but ime also a blues fan so 3-2 to blues
    and 3 points that will be massive with yeovil, barnsley and millwall all loosing last night…….
    so come on you blues!!!! DNM & KRO.

  • Andy J says:

    We need to be tight and remain in the game at least until half time, no giving away anything silly early doors and we will have a chance. I hope Clark picks a team and system that at least the players can understand and be effective in. I am hoping he picks 442 keep the gap between midfield and defence to a minimum and get in there faces and scrap for every second ball, it doesnt have to be pretty we need points on the board. I would go with 442 Randolph, Spector, Martin, Robinson, Ferguson, Burke, Adeyemi, Huws, Ibe, Macheda, Novak. Build any attacks down the sides and move their centre backs about to create space, I fancy a 1-0 to blues tonight, (blind optimism probably) I think Clark definately has afew decision to make tonight and he cannot complain at a lack of options.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s exactly the side I would select too.

      Looking at the Sky highlights of the Blackburn game, Burnley were lucky not to be 3 down before they even scored their first. After scoring, Blackburn also had one cleared off the line, then hit the post. So Burnley aren’t infallible. I’ve never looked at a game and thought “Oi oi, we’re gonna get slaughtered here.” I just don’t have that mentality. Every game, it’s 11 v 11 and, if things click, you’ve always got a chance.

      For me, their weak link is down their left flank. We need to get beyond their defence and cross low, because, although Shackell and Duff will swallow anything in the air, they’re a bit slow on the deck, especially Duff. I just have a feeling we’ll score a couple tonight.

  • DoctorD says:

    We will gain no more than 1 point and score no more than 1 goal tonight.

    Here are some titles for Dan’s blog tomorrow:
    Blues burnt by Burnley
    Winless home run stretches to five months
    Toothless, winless, hopeless

  • BigmanSteve0 says:

    C,Mon me babbiz, I know well get 3points tonight, the first win at home science God knowns when…keep the faith. Kro sotv

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I feel it in my water we will win tonight. I miss my first home game of the season as I have an early flight tomorrow, so ggod luck Blues and KRO!

  • Chris W says:

    Blues are full of surprises, usually after a bad or poor performance.
    I don’t think LC has had the luxury of naming the same side nine times all season let alone in a row.
    That is something we have harped about, consistency, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham have been able to use the same players over a sustained period making as few changes as possible.
    LC should play 5 in midfield higher up field as in away games to stifle the service to Vokes and Ings, but also allowing Rusnak a free role just behind either Macheda or Novak, the only problem will be balls over the top as Robinson or Packwood are the quickest of defenders.
    I didn’t fancy anything from this game but Blues rarely put in two inept performances together and hopefully Burnley will be over confident. A draw would be an excellent result.

  • dave mann says:

    blues have put in two back to back inept performances at home along with many otheres this
    season so the law of averages say that a better performance is well over due and that will
    come tonight so i will stick with my 3-2 prediction though a draw wouldnt be a disaster…….
    i just wish our last 12 games were all away then there wouldnt be any talk of relegation.
    DNM & KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Out of the last 12 games, I think 4 wins and a couple of draws aren’t beyond us. That would take us to 50 points and safety… I would hope.

  • steve aerobic says:

    I hate to be the bearer of doom and gloom but the last time I felt like I do now was when we got relegated from the prem, we all felt safe and one by one the games came and went and the bottom loomed ever closer, I pray that I am wrong! I woul play Rusnak insted of Ibe tonight and hope that we get something…..its a long long road and so far our sorrows have massively outweighed our joys. Sort it Elsie! I have always supported him but even those of us that have stood by him are beginning to wonder.

  • AussieBlue says:

    DoctorD – are you always this optimistic?
    I have to tell you lads, my wife and her family are from Burnley and they always fear a trip to Stans.

    PS: they are lovely people.

  • Mr_Crosby says:

    1-3 can’t see us breaking the hoodoo on this one.

  • Duncan Phillips says:

    Don’t know why people still call for 442, everytime we have played it we have lost. We played it at Ipswich an were awful. Three at the back is also awful, our players are not good enough, that is the bottom line, an that is not Clark’s fault.

  • Sir Harry 1875 says:

    I think confidence at home is so low at the moment, we are beat before we leave the dressing room. If we are not at it from the first to the last whistle tonight then i fear another defeat. Only this time it could get messy.

    I’d take a draw if it was offered before kick off. Thats how far we have fallen.

  • pierre says:

    if we lose heavily tonight,will the pro Clarke people start to turn?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Not this one.

    • Chris W says:

      I’m neither Pro or anti LC, the jury’s still out for me. LC has been dealt a rough hand, had his fingers chopped of and, my opinion, is doing a good job under the circumstances.
      He is learning, again my opinion, but not quick enough and seems to make the same mistakes over a period. He should, by now know his best eleven and have a set formation, instead he tries to play to the opponents weaknesses and not Blues strengths.
      He is our manager and deserves our support, as do the players, so get behind them and make some noise. I am just as fed up with the apathy of our supporters as I am of our results at home, both need to change, and quickly, so why not make it tonight?
      The feeling for tonight is to not lose heavily, but if it happens so what, a one goal deficit will be a fair result anything above that a bonus.
      For me I am looking at a 1-1 draw minimum, if we get the first goal then don’t drop back but go for the second, Burnley have proved they are not a team to lie down and have only lost 3 league games away all season.
      We put in one of our worst performances at Turf Moor and were punished, tonight we have to be in their faces from the off, don’t let them settle and shoot on sight.

  • mark says:

    http://www.bcfc.com/news/article/20140312-grassroots-football-ticket-incentive-scheme-1416179.aspx? love anything to do with bcfc wonderful new new generation on its way………….

  • dave mann says:

    who would we turn to pierre……jose, pep, arsene, its no good slagging clark of now and demanding
    change whatever the result, we cant sack him so hes here for the season weather you like it or not
    so lets get behind the team tonight and start supporting them instead of slagging them!!!!!! DNM & KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    randolph, caddis, packwood, martin, robinson, burke, rilley,howard, novak, lovenkrands, zigic.
    that is a blues team with NO loanes and all OUR players….not the team ide pick because ive
    already done that but just a thought….if that team had played all 34 games this season would
    we be better off all worse off ??? DNM & KRO.

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