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The Blame Game

Social media was ablaze this morning as Blues skipper Paul Robinson was quoted at today’s pre-match press conference as saying that “some of the current loan players have let the club down”. The skipper faced the media along with manager Lee Clark prior to the game against Leeds United at the weekend.

Without being present at the presser it’s difficult to gauge the full context of the quote that was tweeted by Tom Ross – we don’t know what the comment was in reference to or what question was asked to make Paul Robinson state something like that and so it’s important to be careful when talking about it. That being said, as a standalone comment it’s a pretty outrageous thing for the captain of the club to be saying – especially while he is serving a three match ban for picking up a fifteenth caution in the season – his third suspension.

It seems a callow thing to say also when you look at who the loanees at the club are – you’ve got five callow youths in Jordon Ibe, Tom Thorpe, Emyr Huws, Albert Rusnak and Tyler Blackett; Federico Macheda who is one of the top scorers in the team this season; and then Shane Ferguson who has been sparingly used by Clark and Scott Allan who has been almost completely forgotten. I think it would be unfair to say raw untested kids had let us down, incorrect to state it in Macheda’s case given the goals he has scored which then leaves Ferguson – who I think has been a victim of being picked for odd games and then bombed out and Allan who must have dumped a whole sewage tank into Lee Clark’s fishpond bearing in mind how far out of the picture he is.

Blues have three matches left to save their Championship status – they are at this moment outside of the drop zone on goal difference only, with two tough games to come at home – a place where the haven’t won for sixteen games and now hold an unwanted joint record with Cambridge United and Reading for the longest winless sequence in the Championship. I’m of the opinion that it’s not helpful for the (suspended) skipper to make any sort of statement blaming anyone let alone the younger loan players when we’ll be needing them to play the best they can in two games he can’t take part in due to his own disciplinary problems. This is a time when the squad need to pull together and I will admit that based on the context as it appears I’ve lost a little respect for Robbo – I thought he had a little more class than that.

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59 Responses to “The Blame Game”

  • Squatnose says:

    He’d have earned more respect if he’d sat there next to Clark and told the world what an utterly clueless waste of space our manager is. The likelihood is that in just over a week’s time we’ll be facing up to the reality of League One football next season, because let’s be honest, this team isn’t going to win another point this season whilst Clark picks it. Tell it how it really is Robbo. Clark is to blame for the team being where it is.

    • tmsblues says:

      I think you only might be right about the outcome in a week or so but you are absolutely spot on about the cause. I hope Robbo did not let himself down in that fashion I was hoping he’d be picking the team this week !

  • John Ramsay says:

    Totally agree, it’s ironic for a player serving a three match ban (which is six overall) to criticise the loanees, most of whom are young and previously have had only development level football. The Championship is a really tough league and overall they’ve done OK, in fact Macheda and Huws have been excellent. His comments will certainly not help team morale.

    • tmsblues says:

      What morale ? ! They must already have heads in hands at team selection time even before they kick a ball they are ‘down’ and if Robbo has weighed in as suggested its close to writing the club off in the last Champs fixtures.

  • DoctorD says:

    Well he talked about only “***some*** of the current loan players” — not all of them Dan. Perhaps he just meant Scott Allen and Shane Ferguson.

  • Sarah says:

    As you say though, we don’t know the context of the question so it’s difficult. He might have said other things too. There might be things that have gone on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. My instinct is he was talking about off field events rather than during games. He is right about one thing and that’s that we all need to stick together for the last three games at least. Kro

  • Bluehobba says:

    3 games left and everyone a cup final! We must win that mini league at the bottom, kro

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Maybe “some” players are letting the club down and some are not, seems an obvious statement to make. I’d like to hear the quote in context but I can’t really see why there is a fuss if the comments are honestly made.

  • Chris W says:

    Nothing mentioned about our own players who have not pulled their weight, Lovenkrands, Zigic on more than one occasion, Ambrose before being loaned out. The experienced players who, if not playing, should be helping the young lads who, in many cases, have shown them up.
    It was inevitable that Robbo was going to get booked and suspended, his style of play, his passion and commitment has to change, but then he wouldn’t be the player he has become. I am not condoning his suspension, but some of his bookings have been for over-zealousness than malicious.
    The culture of the game sees players booked for some real petty things yet the cheats get away with murder. Back when I started watching the game a goalkeeper could be shoulder charged into the net, now if a keeper drops the ball it is deemed a foul.
    Back to the loans, you will always get the odd jewel, Lindgard, Macheda and Huws, not forgetting Burns and Bartley. Thorn looks useful but lacks experience as does Packwood, they both need experience to help them during a game, this was evident against Blackburn until Caddis and Hancox were put into the back four.
    Young Blankett is very comfortable on the ball but as a full back he appears to be well out of sorts, but he is only 17/18, I remember debuting against semi-pros at that age and it was intimidating and hard, at times soul destroying.
    We all know that LC is the problem, makes you wonder who the manger was as we seemed to have nose-dived since Terry Mac left.
    I still believe in the glass being half-full and Blues will still be in the Championship next season 2 home draws and a win at Bolton…. Or maybe I should buy fresh coffee… Have faith…

    • Andrew says:

      I don’t know why zigic is slated as he is, yes he holds such a massive burden on the financial circumstances of the club and yes he appears not pull his weight or even goes missing in some games (which for a bloke of his size is puzzling) but through his faults he has almost always come up with the goods when needed. Half the points we have accumulated since he arrived, not just this season but even back in the premier league, can almost certainly be credited to his name, by not just his scoring but his presence as well. I am almost certain that we will miss him should the trend continue by lack of investment made into our playing staff.

      • Chris W says:

        You actually answered your own question and the one I am making, “yes he appears not pull his weight or even goes missing in some games (which for a bloke of his size is puzzling).
        His commitment has not been there this season, he spends more time waving his arms and falling over. He has played in English football long enough to know he is not going to get much from the referees, similar situation Crouch found himself in, but he doesn’t get in where it hurts, he doesn’t assert himself or impose himself on defenders. In a certain vain too Chris Burke, he has become one dimensional and easily marked out of the game. Chris Burke this season, now has the ball to his feet, before he was being played in behind the defence for him to run at them.
        A lot of the problem lies with LC, Blues have become too predictable, LC has no plan B or C, as proved against Bournemouth and Blackburn.
        Against Leeds and Wigan we need all players to be up for the fight, Experienced players making the sacrifice to lead the youngsters on. More importantly, LC needs to pick his strongest possible team and play them where they are comfortable and had the most success, not midfielders at left back because he once played there in a development game, or a centre back at right back, why not play Doyle at centre forward because he use to at school…
        Time to man up, time for the players to be responsible for their actions, commitment, fight and determination.
        If we can’t get anything from the Leeds game then I really do fear for our survival given the games the teams around us face, we must have the easiest run in yet seem intent on making it hard work.

  • Oldburyblue says:

    Would need to know the exact question and answer before judging. I am a little surprised and disappointed that with all your contacts you haven’t found the truth before posting speculation. “Do you still beat your wife….yes or no?” comes to mind.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I am sure Paul Robinson knows from the inside what has gone on in the club. If he feels the need to say openly that SOME of the loanees have let the club down then I for one respect his opinion.
    As for him getting 15 yellow cards, that is not letting the club down but shows his commitment to the cause in every game he plays.

  • Jaffa123 says:

    If the blame game has started then we really are in the shit.Dan will you be updating us on yesterday’s board meeting!

  • Geoff S says:

    Can’t really disagree with Jaffa. Has anybody read Colin Tattum’s piece in today’s “Mail” re THAT meeting?

    • Chris W says:

      Not much to say about it really, as usual Hong Kong are no commenting whether the meeting was a success or not. What we do know is that nothing will happen or be divulged until the end of season.

      • Geoff S says:

        I think you are probably right, Chris, with what you said about the end of the season.

      • tmsblues says:

        Chris, Could well be the case that bids are all subject to league survival… mine would be? After all the price drops with a sickening thud should Clark lead us into league 1. On the other hand the price might be higher if he were sacked already !

        • beegeeblueboy says:

          If we have prospective owners who would pull out if we were League 1 then I don’t want them.

          On the contrary a new owner can became an instant hero in League 1 for a relatively modest outlay compared to what they’d have to fork out to get us onside in the Championship

          • Chris W says:

            I don’t think it is a case of pulling out should we be relegated, however the price would reduce drastically and any offers pending on the table would, I would think, be for a Championship club, so if we are relegated they would all be resubmitted with reduced figures, I would if I was negotiating.

          • tmsblues says:

            Exactly the point I was making. Of course a new owner could be an instant Hero but we don’t want a financial fool in charge who’d still pay the same price regardless of our status. We are hopefully just getting rid of someone like that !

          • beegeeblueboy says:

            Well I can’t imagine anyone not bidding based on both scenarios if they were prepared to buy us as a League 1 club

          • Andrew says:

            if relegation is the outcome id wait for admin, becaus you know its comin

          • Andrew says:

            football clubs are businesses and if i was buying a business or anything for that matter i would not want to have it depreciate in value within 2 weeks! Especially when i spent an amount more than most would see in 10 life times

          • Andrew says:

            of course i dont like they are run this way but thats just how it is these days

          • Andrew says:

            and very true about who takes charge in what league we face next season

          • beegeeblueboy says:

            Sometimes you have to backwards to move forwards. I want an owner who is in it for the long haul and who doesn’t drop out at thr first opportunity. By all means put in a much lower bid but it says a lot about you if you won’t bid at all for a League 1 club

      • William Styler says:

        Only thing to come out so far is we have a new company secretary

        Mr. Chow Hiu Tung resigned and has been replaced by

        Mr. Wong Wai Kwok

  • Rhees says:

    Any news on yesterday s meeting

  • Art says:

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot .The footballing side of things is completely off the rails and the club is on course for relegation.Clark is supposed to be the man in charge not his captain and here lies the real issue .Clark is not a good manager and never will be .

    It makes absolute nonsense of Clarks public plea for unity .

    The shambles continues!

    • Gaz says:

      The players have been trying to get him the sack for months, but the only thing people seemed interested in was getting rid of the owners. Can you imagine the discontent when he gets rid of the senior experienced players and replaces them with overpaid kids from big clubs. Two of these kids are doing a great job but the others are completely out of there depth. We have other more experienced loanees who we know are more than capable and have talent but cant do it for LC because he cant motivate people and his tactics are unreadable. I don’t see passion or enthusiasm oozing out of him as he speaks, or stands on the touchline. His body language says it all for me and this is what the players have to put up with. Have you heard a battle-cry from anyone at the club? Please tell me you did because what I am hearing is a manager asking his players to support him knowing they don’t like him.
      Just my opinion.

      • Art says:

        You make some great points and sadly I just can’t see Clark turning things around over the next three games.He’s completely lost the plot but I really hope I’m wrong.

  • Chas says:

    If that Statement is true , it is absolutely disgusting . I agree with your comment about Robinsons Booking, I cannot see how any player can get 15 bookings in a Season , and from the bit I saw on TV, it looked as if it was his fault when he and Thorn collided for the third M/boro Goal when we were chasing an equaliser. He would be best served by keeping his mouth shut , or ask questions of one or two Older Players.

  • William Styler says:

    kEEP CALM EVERYONE,Blackpool to loose there two remaining games, new owners and investment in the club for next season, that blow on the head hasn’t effected me at all

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    Maybe he means some of the loanees are lacking dedication, or not showing responsibility and commitment. It might explain why Allan, Ferguson and Rusnak are virtually frozen out and Kiko is on the bench a lot.

    On the other hand maybe he thinks he is talking as a manager would for whatever reason I can’t imagine

    • Chris W says:

      LC did mention last week that some of the loans have not shown 100% commitment to Birmingham City Football Club and kept returning to Manchester.
      Rumour has it that it was for nights out and were late reporting for training prior to games. Whereas Macheda, Huws and Thorpe have disassociated from their parent clubs and live in Birmingham. As I say it is rumoured, but a friend close to the club hasn’t denied it.

  • Alex T says:

    God! this reply forum is CRAP! The responses are in no order at all….
    Al, is there anything you can do about this?

    • Alex T says:

      sorry.. its not crap. I am though, apparently a bit thick! It was sorted by best!! :)

      • Tony says:

        Maybe just maybe Clark asked Robbo to say things like this in order to try and deflect the blame from himself.
        In all my years i dont think i have ever seen so many people turn completely against a manager on the basis of one game, even his strongest supporters agree now he is utterly useless.

        • Chris W says:

          To be honest Tony, there is not a Birmingham City supporter who could have possibly remotely, even using a pin, selected the players in the positions he did Saturday.
          He defied rational thinking and basic logic, he left everyone speechless.
          Please tell me he can’t do the same against Leeds…
          I have supported him and felt sorry for him at times but Saturday was the last straw for me, no matter what happens come Bolton he has to leave either voluntary or sacked, if he had an ounce of integrity he would hand the reigns over to the development managers and clear his desk.
          Sadly he won’t.

    • beegeeblueboy says:

      Change the Sort Order to Newest

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Er…..use the filter to sort by oldest and newest.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Just seen Robbo’s comments on the Mail site. There’s nothing like a bit of tact and diplomacy to build togetherness and confidence just before what is probably the most important game of our miserable season!!

  • Andrew says:

    Although its not the best to come out and say this I cant say i disagree with him! but that’s said a lot of players who clark signed have let us down! there aren’t many players he has got in to be honest that have made a great difference to us as a team! focusing on quantity over quality has led us to this mess and I always knew having a center back pairing consisting of loan players was never going to end well, even though they did gel.

  • 55 years of hurt says:

    Would not be so bad if the comments did not come from one of the worst players ever to wear the shirt.
    All this rubbish about his spirit and commitment is just that, rubbish, and covers up the fact that, with his complete lack of pace and inability to read situations, he has been a liability all season.
    This guy is our Club captain and yet he comes out in public with a statement like this. No wonder he sat alongside Clark, together they should be able to guarantee our relegation.

  • Darren John says:

    Really disappointed in Robbo. We are teetering on the brink of relegation and we need leaders pulling people together. If people aren’t pulling their weight then LC shouldn’t be picking them. Simple. But at this stage of the season what goes on in the dressing room needs to stay in the dressing room – at least until the season is over. Robbo could have shown his commitment to the shirt by not getting his third suspension of the season when we need him most. Pot calling the Kettle black. Very, very disappointed in him.

  • Alex T says:

    I dont care if his statement is true (it probably is), but making it public has probably destroyed all trust within the team (as most players are loanees) and has practically sealed our relegation IMO.
    Well done Robbo, for your complete lack of profesionalism on AND off the pitch…. and that goes to LC too, after the most inept managerial perfomance in one game any of us have ever witnessed (Never thought it would get worse than Barnsley!)

  • Bluenosesol says:

    At my mates last performance review, he was told he was not proactive enough, so he thought right, I don’t get paid to work late nights and I don’t get paid to answer my phone out of hours, so as a response he worked strictly to his contract! What on earth was LC and Robinson hoping to achieve by slagging off our young loanees? It would seem a logical conclusion to me, that if the loanees are not good enough, then Clark signed the wrong players in the first place! Robinson also made a point of slagging off players from Big Clubs – Nice, they will all be queuing up to ship their players out to St Andrews, I think NOT!!!

  • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

    Pot and kettles spring to mind. Total moron to get booked 15 times and get 3 suspensions.

    4Q Robbo

  • mark says:

    what a captain wears our club on his sleeve, will give every ounce of sweat for bcfc puts his head in wear its hurts. its possibly true what some players only want to know what car their mates are driving, where they going out for that night, what girls they are meeting, do they like this type of music. I have harp on before its about the team winning as a team. All those players who have come in contact with the first team should know by now the work ethic that lee Clark is demanding. sorry but it not about formation or team selections………it about those players who are picked whether they are loanee or our players taking responsibility on the pitch…..cutting out all the individual errors and do the basics right. bring on the mighty leeds….kro

  • Art says:

    You will never get a winning team if there is discontent in the dressing room and Clark is responsible for ensuring unity and proper discipline.Why do you think the MU manager was sacked….discontent in any business always leads to poor performance and results

    Truth is Clark ,despite his numerous excuses ,is not up to the job and never will be.He’s a very poor man-manager and lacks tactical awareness and frankly he should not be in charge for the last 3 vital games.

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