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Carson Yeung Given Two Weeks to Prepare to Defend New Lawsuit

Carson Yeung’s lawyers were back in court this morning as the imprisoned former President of Birmingham City was given two weeks to prepare his defence against a civil action raised against him for an unpaid debt.

The South China Morning Post reported this morning that Carson’s lawyers had asked for a four week adjournment to prepare to defend the action raised by moneylender Hansom Finance over a HK$2.3million (approx £176,000) debt that he defaulted on in July of last year.

Carson, who is serving a six year prison sentence having been found guilty of five counts of money laundering took the loan out in April 2014 but Hansom are alleging that he only paid HK$120,000 in interest on July 9 with the outstanding balance defaulting on the next day. He stepped down from all posts within the club and BIH but Carson remains the largest shareholder in BIH.

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3 Responses to “Carson Yeung Given Two Weeks to Prepare to Defend New Lawsuit”

  • bluenoserob says:

    am i the only one who has lost all interest in Carson Yeung, no offense Dan , im still gonna buy your book.

  • Jonny Tafft says:

    Dan the man Come Good !!
    love his work and contributions to the matter of our club ..wish we could all buy shares 30,000 would be a start least we own the chair we support and watch every home game …

  • mark says:

    It will be interesting how Carson lawyers deal with this , obviously they will want this dealt with quickly. With the impending appeal regarding his conviction in the pipeline…

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