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BIHL Announce Profit Warning

Birmingham International Holdings have today made an announcement to the HKSE confirming preliminary examinations of their accounts show a significant loss has been made in the past financial year.

The announcement which was signed by BIH Chairman Cheung Shing confirms preliminary examinations show turnover has been reduced by 17% and the net loss has increased by 20%. This ties in with a reduced income to the club last year with outgoings not having dropped by as much; the question will be if the holding company has lost money outside of it’s BCFC operation.

The accounts are due to be issued by the end of September.

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28 Responses to “BIHL Announce Profit Warning”

  • Andy Turner says:

    Well let’s look at the positives – at least they’ve done the accounts almost on time for once!

  • fingles says:

    Have they got any operations outside of BCFC?

  • Chris W says:

    Did we really expect anything other than a loss, the question is will it help sell the club at a reduced rate?
    How can they lose money outside BCFC when it is their only asset?

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Chris W;, That really is the question,?. What impact will it have on the ” sale ” of our club, — Any, ?.

      • Chris W says:

        I believe that talks of a sale are still ongoing and some sort of announcement might be in the offering, but as yet I don’t think they are in a rush, I believe that “Due Diligence” has been completed but there are still a lot of issues to discuss. Far too many stumbling blocks that it will drag on and on….

    • beegeeblueboy says:

      Chris. The club is not for sale.

  • Art says:


    I can’t also understand how the holding company can lose money with BCFC being the only business in the group-could it be anything to do with the loans and bonds issue?

    If you get time can you explain please.

  • dave says:

    the media in the midlands are rubbish, they sit on there fat money, will still don.t know if the club will be sold, and as far as l clark he as to go he could not pick a first if he tried, Thomas no good mat the same, cotteril on the bench the best player in pre season, do you see were I am coming from, get him out now before its to late ok you hopless blues fans.

  • tmsblues says:

    This is Last year’s position. They have put a cap on the loss going forward by not re employing out of contract players that saves about £6m and then making sure all incomings earn no more than about £5k pw. The total budget for the club can’t be much more than £8m per year now so if the fans stay loyal and are not finally p’d off by LC’s team, tactics, selections or whatever, then losses of £1m per month have just been stemmed. BIHL can continue without severe financial pressure to sell for the foreseeable future… sadly!

  • Blooflame says:

    Hmmm the time is drawing near…the takeover will happen not long after the issuance.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I’d like to see a breakdown on BIHL’s expenses. Maybe these are more of the so called “pocket expenses” to quote Pannu. These previously amounted to more than £430,000 which a finance expert called “irregular” and “poorly explained”
    Maybe BIHL will call these expenses something else or find creative explanations.

  • mark says:

    Well is it wonderful finally
    Our board realise what a wonderful club our bcfc is..
    Well done to the board for working quickly in helping Clark bringing in a replacement midfield so quickly, on Tuesday looked a decent player…

    • dave mann says:

      very impressed with davis mark and Donaldson will score goals for us if lee clark actually starts him in league games, the rest were very ordinary and again a very poor performance. KRO.

      • mark says:

        but it the result that matters dave i equally thought too much respect for the U’s early on. This is where it matters on Saturday maybe a wake up for some of them… This what was need uncompromising team coming to the stans, and a bit of extra time throw it……blues will to step it up against Brighton otherwise we could get horrid show.

        • dave mann says:

          well weve waited 10 months and 18 games for a league home win so were defenitley due one but the performance needs to be much better and we must take our chances. KRO.

        • Chris W says:

          That is my fear for Saturday, Brighton will be a totally different game and I’m worried for our defensive frailties being exposed.
          I think we have goals in us, not with Thomas though, but have we got enough?

          • mark says:

            i felt davis could play a holding midfielder or central midfield definitely got eye for a pass…..i felt we would be nervous at home least it was a cup game…they may surprise on Saturday…lol

          • Chris W says:

            I hope so, Davis looked as if he will be a good signing.
            It was a cup game and the main thing was not to lose, so there was some added pressure.
            Looking forward to Brighton and Ipswich now, we need that elusive league win to get us going.

      • mark says:

        regarding Davis acquitted himself extremely well neat passing, broke up their attacks smartly. I have a say dave put himself about which i like to see. methinks all these players will take time, a least home hoodoo out the away three points on saturday will do me nicely….kro

      • mark says:

        donaldson unlucky with the back heel at the gil merrick end if that had come off well……..kro

      • mark says:

        and he missed a sitter…..charming….

      • Chris W says:

        Looking at the plus points, we have something to build on but we need to be quicker releasing the ball and stop this sideways/backwards movement when there is a forward pass available.
        The next two games will be a real test, both are very good attacking sides which will test our defence to its limits.
        I would have liked to have seen more confidence within the defence and it doesn’t bode well, too many indecisions between the back line and at one time even Doyle was exposed because of it.
        I liked what I saw of Donaldson and thought he played better when Novak came on. Not sure on Cotterill yet, he showed promise but his delivery into the box was poor a times.

  • mark says:

    By the way Daniel are you writing anything regarding the cup game?? Not meaning to be rude….kro

  • Big Al says:

    As there was only about 12 of us there last night night I’m afraid to point out there were more negatives than positives to the performance. However in terms of the positives – Davis looked useful as did Donaldson – apart from missing an absolutely sitter, Caddis and Doyle played well while Duffy came of the bench and showed real quality. However based on that performance, if you offered me 50 points I’d rip your arm off.

    • dave mann says:

      i will second that Big Al but I thought the attendance was better than what I thought it was going to be and 50 points sounds very tempting after what ive seen in these two games. KRO.

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