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Referee Watch in Association With EZE Group – Darren Bond

Barring any late changes, Darren Bond of Lancashire will be in the middle for Blues’ Capital One Cup tie against Sunderland at St Andrew’s tomorrow. Here is a look at his stats.

Season Performance

Mr Bond has taken charge of nine games so far this season, showing nine yellow cards. Last season, he was in the middle for thirty games, showing one hundred and three yellow cards and five reds.

Last Blues Game Refereed

The last game involving Blues Mr Bond officiated in was the 2-2 draw with Middlesboro last December. In that game he booked two players – Paul Robinson and Grant Leadbitter and didn’t merit a mention in Colin Tattum’s post match report.

Suspension Watch

1 Yellow Card: Neal Eardley, David Davis, Paul Robinson.

The last date that five yellow cards will attract a suspension is December 31; for ten yellow cards it is April 12.

All ref stats via Soccerbase

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16 Responses to “Referee Watch in Association With EZE Group – Darren Bond”

  • dave mann says:

    me and the son and wife will be there tomorrow though ime still fuming about the last two games where weve thrown 4 points away so a performance and a strong team to boot and a more positive approach from clark is a must and if sunderland do go down to 10 men keep the bloody strikers on and go for it…..stop being negative and go out and finish teams off. KRO.

    • dave mann says:

      totally agree dave. KRO.

    • Staffs Blue says:

      I agree dave, but I can understand why Clark did what he did, because the midfield wasn’t coping with what Brentford were throwing at them. But, at 1 goal up, with 5 in midfield and Brentford down to 10 men you’d expect them to hold out comfortably. Although, if Thomas had put away that easy chance and put us 2-0 up, we probably wouldn’t even be debating it.

      But, It has to be 4-4-2 for the rest of the season for me… home and away. Get on the front foot, stay on the front foot.. and let the opposition spend the game worrying about us.

      • Raymondo says:

        It’s such a simple formula I don’t know why LC doesn’t see it. Play to your own strengths and get so used to doing it that it’s second nature. Simple for the players, simple for the manager and simple for us. Let the opposition worry about us, not the other way round. Anything else is not clever tactics, just negative thinking. Sometimes we’ll get beaten because the other team has better players, but that doesn’t mean we should change our tactics to suit them.

    • Chris W says:

      Totally agree Dave, if we are going to play the high line it has to be with attacking players. Would like to see what Duffy has to offer, not sure why LC hasn’t used him more, if only to give Cotterill a rest or to give the attack more width.
      A lot depends on how serious Sunderland take the game but we should stick with 4-4-2 and play two wide men.

  • Staffs Blue says:

    I think it’s time Lee Clark stopped picking Novak on the left flank. He does a good job defensively and works his nuts off…. but he offers little or no threat going forward, unless he cuts inside. Well, we have Cotterill for that.

    Caddis has done well in the CM slot, but he’s too indisiplined to play there regularly. That was half the trouble on Saturday, he kept charging forward and leaving Davis to cope on his own against Brentford’s breaks. For me, the middle line has to be Duffy, Gleeson, Davis, Cotterill… with Donaldson and Novak up front.

    • Chris W says:

      I like that Staffs, that would get us on the edge of our seats, pity LC doesn’t think the same

      • Staffs Blue says:

        I suppose it’s easier to see the obvious when you’re not getting paid for it Chris. ;-)

        • Raymondo says:

          I agree Staffs, but I do think we’re wasting Duffy, he has pace over a short distance, and a good shot which he seems to be able to disguise by shooting from behind a player, so that the goalkeeper doesnt see it coming until it’s too late. KRO.

          • Staffs Blue says:

            Not playing Duffy is the biggest mystery for me. He should be playing on the right, with Cotterill on the left. That’s how they were used to playing for Doncaster. I certainly don’t see Gray as the answer.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Why start messing around with it now. We should have won Saturday but it’s still 3 games unbeaten. Novak has not got the pace and strength of Thomas who in partnership with Donaldon not only provides the first line of defence but also far more of a threat than we ever had last season. I don’t see what Novak gives us up front. No pace, not particularly good in the air or at holding the ball up. I think it would be a big mistake to break up the Thomas-Donaldson partnership now when they have actually done fairly well.

      • Chris W says:

        Wasn’t a big fan of Thomas when he came on loan and still have my doubts, but I agree we have more pace and strength up front, just hope they can keep it going.
        I would like to see what Duffy can do, especially if we have Cotterill on the other wing but that may leave us exposed in midfield as Cotterill is slow tracking back.

  • mark says:

    this is a one off game, so Clark can be as flexible as he likes imo, Saturday is far more important. But who ever he sends out should still be 100% committed….
    Doyle should reclaim goalkeeper slot..this also chance for some of the fringes players to get a opportunity, to get into Clark thinking……kro

    • mark says:

      ie duffy should get opportunity, looking forward to Matt Green return think he could be more of a clinical finisher than wes,,,,Donaldson and Green both out and out strikers who both like scoring goals….imo they probably complement each other better but we have to wait and see on that one…..

  • mark says:

    we as fans have opinions on whether Clark was negative or not, but this season Clark came out and defended his decision…..great to have a manager who bullish. let hope the players complement him on Wednesday……kro

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