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Often Partisan: Live in Hong Kong

Following a resounding “Yes” vote in the poll I conducted on the site (and with thanks to my workplace for allowing me to do this) I’ve now set up the live webinar – details of which are in this post.

The way this will work is a bit different to what I think many of you will be used to. Rather than being a text-based question and answer session, you’ll be able to hear (and see) myself and my co-author Will Giles speaking from our office in Hong Kong. We’ll be talking about what is happening with respect to the takeover, BIH, Carson’s appeal – and as the date is the date Peter Pannu’s consultancy deal expires we will also be talking about him and the rumours of him leaving. You’ll still be able to enter in questions for us to answer – but this way you’ll be able to see and hear us answer them.

To sign up for the webinar, you just need to enter the details below. The webinar will take place on September 30, at 11am – I will upload the video up to youtube/vimeo as soon as possible afterwards.

[register_free_webinar webid=1886525919211080961 pageid=12511]

(edit – you won’t get to a thank you page as of this moment to confirm registration because WordPress is playing up and I can’t figure out how to do it – I am working on it)


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