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Referee Watch in Association with EZE Group – Scott Duncan

Barring any late changes, Scott Duncan of Northumberland will be in the middle for Blues’ Championship game against Leeds United at St Andrew’s today. Here is a look at his stats.

Season Performance

Mr Duncan has taken charge of seven games so far this season, showing seventeen yellow cards. Of those games, two have been in the Championship and in those games he has shown eight yellow cards. Last season, Mr Duncan took charge of thirty-eight games, handing out ninety-six yellow cards and sending off six players. Of those games, twelve were in the Championship and in those games he booked forty-three players and sent off three.

Last Blues Game Refereed

The last Blues game that Mr Duncan officiated in was the 3-2 away win over Blackburn Rovers last December. In that game Mr Duncan booked four players – Jason Lowe and Lee Williamson of Blackburn along with Lee Novak and Nikola Zigic of Blues. His performance didn’t merit a mention in Colin Tattum’s match report.

Last Championship Game Refereed

The last game at this level that Mr Duncan was in the middle for was the game between Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County in August. In that game he booked five players – Glen Loovens, Joe Mattock and Sam Hutchinson of Wednesday and Richard Keogh and Craig Bryson of Derby.

Suspension Watch

2 Yellow Cards: Paul Robinson
1 Yellow Card: Neal Eardley, David Davis, David Cotterill, Wes Thomas.

The last date that five yellow cards will attract a suspension is December 31; for ten yellow cards it is April 12.

All referee stats via Soccerbase

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44 Responses to “Referee Watch in Association with EZE Group – Scott Duncan”

  • AussieBlue says:

    Watching this via BBC commentary and it looks like a real nail-biter. No video but Wes Thomas’s goal read like a blinder….smashed the goal support post?? Hang in there lads, make it 2.

  • AussieBlue says:

    It seems somewhat ridiculous than an (inebriated) Aussie Bluenose is commenting all by his self based on not being there and reading BBC’s and Tatt’s text commentaries! Nevertheless, I shall continue to be ridiculous. Spector sub will make a differenece… come on lads, you can do it!

  • AussieBlue says:

    Draw. Should have been 3pts. Look forward to comments from those who were there. Sheesh…41% possession but 16 shots…must have been some fizz in the team and Wes sounded like a dynamo. Bodes well even though we dropped 2pts?

  • dave mann says:

    left is leg in and definete penalty but yet again blues draw a game they should have won on chances alone…very dissapointing. KRO.

  • Auld Bertie says:

    Yet another shocking performance from a referee at St Andrews for the home team. It was not just the penalty decision but a string of dubious decisions given in Leeds favour. Surely we’re still not paying for the referee incident in the mid 80s?

  • bluenoserob says:

    Gray looked brilliant.Better than Redmond IMO

  • mark says:

    how on earth he thought that was not a penalty……another ref who simply need to have their eyes tested…….would have been game set and match possibly to blues..

  • mark says:

    blues have got to learn when playing high tempo game it not just for 45 mins, some players just switch off for some unknown reason……

  • Staffs Blue says:

    Just been watching the Football League Show and Ade Edmondson was outside Exeter’s ground, talking to the reporter… and he said “We don’t have cheats here.. average players falling over for money. We have proper footballers here who like to play the game.” He also said “I was a season ticket holder at Chelsea for 10 years, but this is 5 times more exciting.” His first game watching Exeter, was standing outside on a shopping trolley, because he couldn’t get into the ground.

    That’s what football is all about for me.

    • Matt says:

      Maybe we should drop to league 2 then if it’s more exciting? I’d much rather be watching chelsea than watching exeter stood on a shopping trolley, if it was really 5 times more exciting I’m pretty sure Exeter would have bigger attendances than chelsea. If they were ‘proper’ footballers they would be playing at a higher standard.

      • Staffs Blue says:

        Some people prefer lower league and grass roots football than the prawn cocktail brigade stuff of the premier. No offence, but if all supporters felt like you, League 1, 2 and the Conference would have no supporters at all.

        • Matt says:

          Sorry, but I don’t let the prawn cocktail brigade cloud my judgement that clearly the higher the standard the higher quality of football. Ask yourself the reasons why they go to watch the premier league and not league 2? And I think you’ll find the majority of football fans would rather watch United v Chelsea than Exeter v Mansfield. I hear it often that league 1, 2 football is ‘proper’ football yet I see none of these people actually going to watch this football either live or on tele.

  • Staffs Blue says:

    Koby Arthur recalled from his loan. Good.

    • Raymondo says:

      I wonder why though, SB, is he planning to use him? Would he work with Gray? Is LC planning to start juggling with the team sheet yet again this early in the season? God forbid!

      • Staffs Blue says:

        I don’t think Lee Clark had much choice really, with only 2 strikers available. Matt Green’s had a set back and will be out for another 2 months, Lee Novak is out for a month and Denny Johnstone for 2 weeks. If either Donaldson or Thomas got injured, we’d be up sh*t creek without a paddle.

    • dave mann says:

      dont know what to think staffs but obviously there mega keen and mega rich so is this the return to the big time and an end to all our problems ? KRO.

      • Staffs Blue says:

        I look at it with some trepidation, after what happened with the Venkys at Blackburn.. but, surely they can’t be any worse than the imbeciles we have in charge at the moment. Can they?

        • dave mann says:

          there net worth is $7 billion dollars which is about £4 billion pounds…..happy days if this comes off staffs. KRO.

          • Staffs Blue says:

            It’s like all the other offers though dave… you have to take it with a pinch of salt until there’s something concrete.

          • dave mann says:

            the mail have said its a non starter so there goes that dream….never mind, good while it lasted. KRO.

          • AussieBlue says:

            Dave – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Pannu himself who approached the Rainus – common heritage. One thing I’ve learned from dealings with the supposedly mega-wealthy is that
            a) It doesn’t matter how much they are ‘worth’ – they can still be absolute tight-arses and if they buy a sporting club it’s only for the money they can make out of it.
            b) Some of those who claim to be worth ‘billions’ are in fact two-bob millionaires who are only ever one-three months away from bankruptcy. They are expert at raising money from other people. Case in point here in Oz…Chinese concern wants to spend $8.1 billion on world’s largest tourist development in the far north. Big plans, fancy drawings, government approvals but guess what…they don’t have $8 billion. Investigations show they would have to raise it now they have a ‘green light’.

            Agreed, we should never look at a gift horse in the mouth but often it’s the other end of the horse that presents itself!

          • dave mann says:

            true but would have been nice if they were interested and willing to cof up the pennies to buy and bring the club on but looks like were never know anyway. KRO.

          • Staffs Blue says:

            It’s no better or no worse than all the rest of the rumours. File it under “Oh well, maybe next time.”

          • dave mann says:

            its filled but lets hope in time it might re open but not holding my breath on that one. KRO.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Essar Group had revenue of $39 billion in 2013. On a local note they have a 500,000 tonne steel processing centre in Dudley.

  • Art says:

    It won’t happen -it’s just newspaper talk.

  • mark says:

    Its shame when truths are not truth……

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