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BIH: Informal Non-Binding Offers Will Not Be Entertained

Birmingham International Holdings today confirmed to the HKSE it will not entertain any “informal, non-binding offers” for Birmingham City FC.

The announcement, signed off by BIH Vice-Chairman and BCFC director Victor Ma Shui Cheong was in response to continued high volumes of trading of BCFC shares. It confirmed to the HKSE that BIH had no reason to believe that there was any information that might have caused that trading to have happened.

What this means effectively is that BIH will not entertain any offers like the one made by Soccer Management Worldwide back in May. It’s a massive snub to the likes of Jeremy Wray in that BIH have effectively called a halt to any negotiations. Whether this means that they will enter negotiations with someone who is prepared to make a firm bid – something that a binding contract – is a different story, but the word still is that BIH have not received anything from HKSE saying they can sell any more than a 24% stake in the club without strings attached.

From my point of view, it’s also a dig at Peter Pannu. Rumours are that Pannu has been trying to resurrect a deal to push the sale through (and to pick up a hefty commission) and an announcement like this could be a political way of saying that he can’t do that any more by confirming in the public domain it’s not possible.


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27 Responses to “BIH: Informal Non-Binding Offers Will Not Be Entertained”

  • Tony E says:

    If BIHL are trying to block Mr Pannu and his attempts at getting another massive pay out, it suggests that they do not entirely trust him. If so, why on earth would Mr Yeung back him for re-election on the 23rd of December.

  • bluenose08 says:

    well its a good thing there has been improvement on the pitch as off the pitch nothing has changed and is unlikely to do so in the near future ! so a big thank you must go to gary rowett for getting results from the same players that played under lc. congratulations to tf on his award and was pleased the players got a win for him. As for pp he is not welcome Birmingham. kro dnm.

  • Art says:

    Just get the feeling that things are afoot in HK-hopefully for the better.!

  • Mickey07 says:

    Biggest kick in the bollocks you can give pannu is when you hit him the pocket,I can’t stand bihl and everything that comes with them but part of me is smiling that this slimball isn’t getting his way at present…..

  • Gary says:

    Art – I have no idea why you think that. If anything, this article is more depressing than ever.

    • Art says:


      Yes I agree it appears to be depressing news but there has been a lot of share activity-the shares have gained value and who knows with PP out of the way there may just be some interested investors.The next board meeting could result in some significant changes even though it appears there can’t be a full acquisition.I think the key to all is getting rid of PP -if he stays we will be definitely worse off.

      • Gary R says:

        Well, OP seems to think/believe that Pannu will be re-elected at BIHL, so I don’t think anything will happen. I think people are seeing/believing what they want to believe over what is reality. And I think reality is we’ll still be in our current situation (off-the-field) for at least another 4-5 years.

  • Mark says:

    Bih will own our club for a long time yet.Let`s get used to it.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    One thing that’s occurred to me is that Gary Rowett could win the Championship Manager of the Month award for November with 3 wins, 2 draws and 0 defeats.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. There is one lesson in this experience for football clubs (perhaps all sports outfits)…stay away from HK and China – it is impossible to get clear communication or a clear sense of direction.

  • Peter Bates says:

    Lets hope this means a firm binding offer will be accepted and we will see the last of bihl and pp but like others I can’t see it happening anytime soon so lets just support gr and the team kro

  • Blue Lizard says:

    Cellino told by football league he cant be in control at Leeds because of an Italian tax evasion case he was found guilty of…why the **** cant they see that Yeung who is actually serving time for a similar offence only far bigger!!! and still pulling the strings behind the scenes is also not fit and proper nor has he ever been!!! ……(I’m also hoping the arrogant pie scoffing Pannu gets nothing but bad luck and his life turns to mush…… my opinion and not influenced by OP)

  • Gastank says:

    Dan, where you say “in response to continued high volumes of trading of BCFC shares.”, do you mean BIH shares? or are these BCFC shares different to the BCFC shares that I have.

  • AJE says:

    On the subject of takeovers and suitable owners, I was reflecting on the Cellino situation at Leeds. He seems to have been deemed unfit because of tax evasion in Italy. I had a feeling that the reason Yeung wasn’t deemed unfit was that the offence had taken place abroad. But now we have a free man banned for tax evasion in Italy whilst another man is nominally left in charge whilst in jail for money laundering in Hong Kong. Would you be able to explain what the difference is here? Is it an EU non-EU issue?

  • gerard says:

    Dan- can you in lay mans -simple terms -describe the exact content of what would be a binding offer also once a binding offer is put forward does BIHL have to notify the HK stock exchange and ask formal permission to entertain , negotiate or reject the offer in other words if a binding offer is made who will decide whether or not it is binding as I am a little perplexed

  • Hillfield blue says:

    It may well be that pannu is trying desperately to push something non binding through before the board vote him out before the 23rd. This may be a way of diluting his powers to this end. It just seems a little unusual that they should even bother to make the statement anyway really. They’ve never felt the need before.

  • Blackcountryblues says:

    Mr pannu you will never know what it feels to be a blues supporter so dont kid yourself just grow up and leave us be the only thing u have a passion for is wealth you shallow git so get lost

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