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Dear Peter Pannu

Last week, I published a piece on this website entitled “Just Say No” – in which I professed my hopes that the shareholders of BIH would not re-elect Peter Pannu to the board at the upcoming AGM as I felt the continuing presence of Pannu within the board was not good for the health of BCFC.

As you may well have gathered, I’m not top of Pannu’s Christmas card list. I have received four legal letters sent on his behalf objecting to comment and opinion on this site – not all of it mine. When I’ve asked him for comment he has rarely responded and when I’ve asked him to provide clarification or information he has remained silent.

I’ve mentioned in the past the irony that Pannu has tried to get the comments shut down on this having made comments himself; the last occasion that I know for sure this was happening was around the turn of the year. I’m sorry to say that it’s been brought to my attention once again that Mr Pannu, rather than coming out and talking openly to the press or making a statement has used the comments facility on OP to make a point and to boost his own image.

In the interests of openness – as these comments were posted between 2 and 5am GMT and may well not have been seen I’m going to reproduce them in full, unedited. I will confirm that they were posted by a smartphone on a Hong Kong mobile network, but privacy means I can’t give any other details other that the name used by the poster – “brainchildbluestar”.

We all know where you are coming from. Your book speaks clearly about how much you hate Carson and the ugly caricatures there signify that too. Pannu s hatred stems from his unfailing support he has for Carson and the fact that the club under him took defamatory pre actions against your blog. From reading your book it appears your were only required to take off those bad comments and because of that you have re structured your site. You have chosen Panos as your aide as it is a marriage of convenience, it was easy for him to ride on your hatred of Carson and Pannu and you can get inside information as presented in this article. .For him you scratch his back as thus far he has done F** all for the club that Pannu had not done before. ..where is the money? ??? Has he explained where we will get the money. .. and for you, he scratches your back….giving youewhat you think is inside information to give your site credibility. It pains to see this happening at our club.

We want the club to survive again this championship. I have also heard from some insiders at the club that Jeremy Wray and team came to do due diligence at the club as approved by Pandy but was blocked by Panos ..go find out from your sources as that is what we want to know. Why legitimate buyers are prevented

Pannu is incorrect if he thinks I hate Carson – I’ve mentioned on here many times I don’t – and if he read the book properly he’d understand that I have in actual fact liked Carson on the occasion I met him. Indeed, when Will and I have been at book launches we’ve always been at pains to say we’re not apologists for Carson nor are we looking to castigate him – we want to present what has happened in the clearest possible light and allow others to make their own judgement.

Please speak with Pannu and Wray about the latest approach and why panos stopped it …and i heard Roger and Gray at the club were furious as the truth is pannu is still trying hard to sell the club and give the fans a new owner…insiders said pannu was passionate and the finance staff felt constrained. Maybe we should approach Wray. ..This is where the focus should be Daniel. …no point repeating your agenda and hatred against pannu….you are losing your moral high grounds …For which you used to be famous. Why did Panos not tell you this…you are being used by him in what youhave presented as internal affairs. Be smarter…

Apparently I’m losing my moral high ground. To be lectured on morals by someone who bullied an auditor to the point where the police were involved and then forced to make a retraction – not to mention the exorbitant wages and expenses, the rents for offices in Hong Kong and the credit card bills without receipts – well, it’s almost a backhanded compliment.

Clearly Pannu is his own biggest fan, as he finishes with

Many fans thinks Pannu did a great job and I am one of them..His pay was high but so is the pay of many football executives.

This was a man who described himself back in March in the comments on this site as a “superstar”.

Peter, you know my email address – don’t be a stranger. If you’re going to make comments have the cojones to do it in your own name and answer some of my questions. I’ll post the answers in full, unedited and without comment for people to make up their own minds. Be aware your continued silence in the past has done you no favours. Starter for ten – why did the circular to BIH shareholders for the AGM describe you as “Acting Chairman” of BCFC?


30 Responses to “Dear Peter Pannu”

  • Hendo9 says:

    How small time can you get Peter? Wow.

  • Marky mark says:

    I often wondered if Pannu was posting comments on here and now we know, he’s going to have to get up a lot earlier than that to pull one over you Dan, let’s face it he’s not even clever enough to disguise it very well, or perhaps he wanted you to find out Dan all part of the game, a game he is currently losing.

    And if your reading this Pannu, many blues fans don’t like you and don’t want you to be any part of Bcfc and for all the legal threats under the sun there’s nothing you can do about those feelings

  • alex hurley says:


    Absolutely priceless, you just couldn’t make this sort of stuff up.

    I’ve stuck up for PP in the past, but dearie me what does he think he’s doing getting involved in incognito posts on fans’ blogs. Embarrsing really.

  • Jaffa says:

    Dear Peter, please wake up and leave our beloved club alone.You have been paid more than enough money than most of us fans can only dream about.NO MORE.

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Oh dear.

    As the last surving, defender-come-apologist for Peter~~ words fail me.

    My only explanation for this juvenile cowardice, is that he was drunk???




    I sincerely hope that Pavlos DOES NOT respond to what is legally, anonymous taunting, trolling.
    I hope he does a Nicola and retains his dignity with silence.
    Well, on this topic anyway because it certainly puts a damper on Pavlos’ hopes of a more open dialogue with fans. Perhaps the “Blackberry” quote hit home to our superstar?

    Hmmm. I’m not afraid of apologising for my support for Peter ~ [ I always saw him as a provider and minion of Carson, not a robber-baron in his own right ].


    I asked you on twitter for the ISBN of your book – I can’t do Amazon and Waterson want the code [YTS girls, one on each floor, who do book-stacking, coffee waitressing and occaisionally arrending the ques at the till} Just give me the ISBN and then I can read it at Christmas.
    Thank you.

  • Art says:

    Well well well!

    Mr Pannu-you are just a pathetic little man who is not fit to be part of our great club..

    Well done Dan for once again exposing this little turd and for standing up to his infantile tactics.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Pannu has just demonstrated what a money grabbing childish weasel he is. Pannu’s dislike for Panos is probably due to the fact that Panos has stopped money leaving the club and going into Pannu’s account. Effectively the parasite is now being starved by its host. The club now seems to be being run much better under Panos and not as a cash generator for Pannu. From The comments Pannu has made it also appears that Wray and Pannu are bed buddies, thankfully that “sale” did not materialise thanks to Panos.

  • Wayne Smith says:

    Oh dear oh dear! Surely Mr Pannu it is you who needs to be a bit smarter!

  • Mikegrey says:

    Oh dear
    Mr Pannu when will you wake up and realise that blues fans only see you as a barnicle of our beloved club a near leech of money, I’ve known bankers and MP’s in this country in the last few years less of a rip off merchant than you. We don’t want you on our board, we don’t want you on the BIH board, we want you, your name and your association with OUR club gone and gone forever…

  • Art says:

    Just shows you the mentality of this moron and he’s a Director of BIH.

    Frankly he’s an embarrassment and should resign.

  • Ronj says:

    What is the definition of a leech? I consulted the Chambers Thesaurus and the exact definition is repeated here— hanger on, parasite, sycophant , clinger, toady, bloodsucker, freeloader, extortioner , sponger, scrounger. Does that remind you of anyone? Amazing ! To think that all could apply to one individual ! Now I have committed my seething thoughts to print I feel more relaxed. Don’t be intimidated Dan as we know you only have the interest of BCFC at heart and want the club to be in the hands of people who care passionately about the club and supporters.

  • Mark says:

    What a complete parasite, Parasite Pannu, I heard he not only took a fat salary from BCFC but also took a large cut from the Ladies team win bonuses. He took whatever he wanted from the Club. Panos has probably got a better deal for the sale of the Club lined up, probably better for the Club not Pannu’s pocket and that is why he is trying to weasel his way back in. Voting him back on to the board would be very bad for the Club.

  • Ginger says:

    This reminds of a kid who’s had his sweeties taken away. Really professional.

  • peter Pannu says:

    Daniel,,, you can go on and on in your OP site about me. Anything said in favor of me is made by you as it has come from me. This one is from me for sure.

    Well I tell you what, I know you are passionate about the club but at times you really do annoy us in HK. You books is not well received by Carson and your facts are certainly not correct. I have only remembered the one or two cases I have lost whilst I was a Barrister and not as you have put it, a mediocre barrister who had only won one. That again is not factual and is defamatory. You also went out to attack Carson’s lawyer too in the same vein.

    The fact that I never entertained you is because I feel you are not impartial like Tom Ross and many others. You seem to know everything and even you have went on to criticize Clarke, a manager who tried so hard under very difficult circumstance and never once complained.

    Daniel, you asked to see me at a shit hole pub in wan chai girly bar and offered me a beer . I don’t think that was particularly respectful as I was more than willing to entertain you at much better places. Your ego to present me a book which slags me and Carson off with an offer of a beer to me in HK was an act of low class retaliation for the club’s efforts to erase very defamatory comments about me and Carson. Remember how you pleaded and we decided not to take any civil action against you. Now you feel you are a tiger again. Don’t be so cheap.

    I can assure you that you book will receive some High Court attention in HK from Carson , me and perhaps Mr. Harris as well.

    I love the club as much as you . You can fan as much anger against me as you can. Your site and those posts in here (and remember it is not me who blows my own trumpet here but you wish people to feel that way…) does not bother me. Frankly, I don’t give a F….. F*, Likewise can I also say that you are wearing many hats to slag me off here. You have made it clear you hate me very much, and I can tell you I don’t hate you at all, just pity you. Frankly, I feel I have wasted a minute of two here already.

    Take care of your self and be ready to answer some questions from the High court of HK. I may decide not to spend money against you at some point but I wish to let you know your pen is not above the law.

    Now this is me…


  • Andy says:

    The time is coming hopefully that I may return to watch my club down at St Andrews.
    I swore I would never set foot in the place again till parasites like Pannu were gone.

    I can see that time on the not too distant horizon….

    Goodbye Pannu you complete %%%%%%

  • Mickey07 says:

    Pannu shows his true colours for what he really is,the green eyed monster has well and truly got hold of him…..

    “Pannu scum get out of brum”

  • andy1 says:

    comes as no surprise to me, can honestly say after being at the game v forest and watching the half time celebration and tribute to the 21 that the place seems more professionally run since his departure

  • Will says:

    I think you’re wrong Daniel – this isn’t PP MkI.

    It’s Claud.


  • MA24 says:

    Ha what a sack, if the fool was so great he would have already sold the club, the fans would be happier and the money he leeched from the club would be a thing of the past.
    Panos over Pannu any day – don’t ever want to see such a greedy parasite at the club ever again

  • Craig B says:

    Delay no more – absolute joke

  • peter Pannu says:

    Your book*

    Daniel, also another thing. Your speech at the FCC in HK is also being examined too. Wished you were as neutral as your co-author was, who was fair and clear and to the point. You went around saying things stating I was an ex-this and ex-that and alluding to my past as a police officer and suspension and so on and so forth.

    If you need to contact me,,, email me mate. If you want to see me, come and see me. Don’t sneak around to Bupa Centre taking pictures. Pathetic…

    Read the new announcement by the group now,,,, the club is not for sale anymore and I feel my efforts to sell the club is over. Good for you guys. Stuck with Bihl for ever…would give you plenty of opportunity to slag of Carson in the future.

    Jeremy Wray’s latest approach through me represented the best opportunity for the group as we have worked out a strategy that would have allowed us to sell the full club by Jan 2015 and yet possibly retain the listing status in HK. Given the political environment in HK/UK and the dog fights with different conflicting directions that the major shareholder and the majority of board members wish to take, I feel stagnation is the only outcome now. Let’s hope the new manager can keep us up. As for funds, there is 1.8 GBP potential tax liability which is not factored in the UK cash flow yet, which comes from the novation of the funds to HK. If that materializes, funds runs out in Jan/Feb 2015 and I don’t there are any plans in HK as I see it with the failure of 120M HK CB subscription exercise, which the subscribers just dumped and fled with impunity, albeit being a company held by some directors. This of funds and survival….. I am daily thinking of this in HK. Let’s hope the HMRC wont come knocking. Did you not find this out with your great contact???

    The sale is not because of want of trying but due to different views that Carson have to those now controlling the board. Carson certainly wanted Wray to proceed with the due diligence and to keep all the options open which did not meet with the current majority of the board member’s views, who wish to sell to another party possibly in China as opposed to a British owner. Go speak with Jeremy and find out more and let the beloved fans know that…..do that….rather than making me a movie star on your site.

    Your piece regarding internal camps is not correct. We are all working closely for the benefit of the club. There might be at times that we have different views but what is best for the group and the club is really the driver. Who to sell to perhaps is at times posing some problems, as I feel a local owner is preferable to someone like the failed approach from China. And frankly I have seen many racist comments against Carson which you have hosted on your site and which we have now taken down. No criticism of me or Carson were ever taken down by us, just defamatory and racist ones.

    Daniel, do what is proper and that is go support the team and find out true facts. Don’t do what is not proper, and that is to inflame or put me down. You achieve nothing.

    I have done my bit and managed to make sure I steered the club through very difficult times and came back and chased up all the accounts and removed dead weed and re-structured the group and have it re-listed. I also tried to help sell the club to the best of my ability. Go find out from Jeremy why it is not sold and when he speaks,,you will find out who is the angel and who are the villain mate.

    Have a good day.

    Yes, this one is me peter pannu. Please your self and state this is not me too.


  • Big Al says:

    I’m no fan of the bloke but he does pose a couple of interesting questions. First and foremost is the possible sale of the club being blocked just to spite him?

  • Geoff S says:

    It seems to me Peter Pannu and Carson Yeung are both large parts of the same rotten malady which is so debilitating for the club. I hope Blues fans will back Daniel here.

    Also, has anybody wondered why Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has been asked by the Football League to relinquish his control at Elland Road as legal papers have surfaced in Italy allegedly showing he is guilty of tax avoidance while the same officials insist Yeung, currently serving a five year stretch after being convicted of money-laundering, is “fit and proper” at St Andrew’s? What am I missing here?

  • JohnR200 says:

    Looks like Panos has a fight on his hands, let’s hope he comes out the winner. Pannu just has to go.

  • Andy says:

    Geoff, I heard that about the Leeds chairman on the radio this morning and like you my first thought was why doesn’t this apply to the Blues. Surely the Football League can’t be that inconsistent so I can only assume there is a something different about the case (more than them being Leeds). either way I’d love the FL to comment on this.

  • Kazakblue says:

    Mr. Peter Pannu,

    or Pis* Poo*, several months back I was in Hong Kong and was convinced I saw you returning from Stanley Prison, it was a Tuesday morning I recall, Daniel actually defended you to say it was not you in the Black Maybach, registration PP 7, and I bow to his superior knowledge, but I suppose you could afford one on your grossly overpaid salary.

    All us true Blues fans, whether in the UK or on a world wide basis as Ex-Pats wish you would go away now, or I will ask the very simple question,

    “Do you like sex and travel” ?

    Then you know when you say YES, it is what all BCFC supporters want,


  • Masaccio says:

    Pannu, go now, walk away, all we care about is BCFC!

  • Lee says:

    The guy is so blindly self absorbed it’s embarrassing, very cringeworthy reading, he’s so desperately off the mark it actually defies belief, very childish, ridiculous school playground stuff, why would he think for a moment anyone would want someone like this in any part of their lives let alone in business, surely this is not the norm in hk?

  • almajir says:

    Comments on this piece are now suspended.

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