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Peter Pannu – His Response

Peter Pannu has responded to my blog article of this morning where I exposed him as posting in the comments on this blog under an anonymous name. As I believe in the right to reply and fairness I am reposting these below, unedited and with no comments. Comments from others will also be suspended on this article.

Daniel,,, you can go on and on in your OP site about me. Anything said in favor of me is made by you as it has come from me. This one is from me for sure.

Well I tell you what, I know you are passionate about the club but at times you really do annoy us in HK. You books is not well received by Carson and your facts are certainly not correct. I have only remembered the one or two cases I have lost whilst I was a Barrister and not as you have put it, a mediocre barrister who had only won one. That again is not factual and is defamatory. You also went out to attack Carson’s lawyer too in the same vein.

The fact that I never entertained you is because I feel you are not impartial like Tom Ross and many others. You seem to know everything and even you have went on to criticize Clarke, a manager who tried so hard under very difficult circumstance and never once complained.

Daniel, you asked to see me at a shit hole pub in wan chai girly bar and offered me a beer . I don’t think that was particularly respectful as I was more than willing to entertain you at much better places. Your ego to present me a book which slags me and Carson off with an offer of a beer to me in HK was an act of low class retaliation for the club’s efforts to erase very defamatory comments about me and Carson. Remember how you pleaded and we decided not to take any civil action against you. Now you feel you are a tiger again. Don’t be so cheap.

I can assure you that you book will receive some High Court attention in HK from Carson , me and perhaps Mr. Harris as well.

I love the club as much as you . You can fan as much anger against me as you can. Your site and those posts in here (and remember it is not me who blows my own trumpet here but you wish people to feel that way…) does not bother me. Frankly, I don’t give a F….. F*, Likewise can I also say that you are wearing many hats to slag me off here. You have made it clear you hate me very much, and I can tell you I don’t hate you at all, just pity you. Frankly, I feel I have wasted a minute of two here already.

Take care of your self and be ready to answer some questions from the High court of HK. I may decide not to spend money against you at some point but I wish to let you know your pen is not above the law.

Now this is me…



Daniel, also another thing. Your speech at the FCC in HK is also being examined too. Wished you were as neutral as your co-author was, who was fair and clear and to the point. You went around saying things stating I was an ex-this and ex-that and alluding to my past as a police officer and suspension and so on and so forth.

If you need to contact me,,, email me mate. If you want to see me, come and see me. Don’t sneak around to Bupa Centre taking pictures. Pathetic…

Read the new announcement by the group now,,,, the club is not for sale anymore and I feel my efforts to sell the club is over. Good for you guys. Stuck with Bihl for ever…would give you plenty of opportunity to slag of Carson in the future.

Jeremy Wray’s latest approach through me represented the best opportunity for the group as we have worked out a strategy that would have allowed us to sell the full club by Jan 2015 and yet possibly retain the listing status in HK. Given the political environment in HK/UK and the dog fights with different conflicting directions that the major shareholder and the majority of board members wish to take, I feel stagnation is the only outcome now. Let’s hope the new manager can keep us up. As for funds, there is 1.8 GBP potential tax liability which is not factored in the UK cash flow yet, which comes from the novation of the funds to HK. If that materializes, funds runs out in Jan/Feb 2015 and I don’t there are any plans in HK as I see it with the failure of 120M HK CB subscription exercise, which the subscribers just dumped and fled with impunity, albeit being a company held by some directors. This of funds and survival….. I am daily thinking of this in HK. Let’s hope the HMRC wont come knocking. Did you not find this out with your great contact???

The sale is not because of want of trying but due to different views that Carson have to those now controlling the board. Carson certainly wanted Wray to proceed with the due diligence and to keep all the options open which did not meet with the current majority of the board member’s views, who wish to sell to another party possibly in China as opposed to a British owner. Go speak with Jeremy and find out more and let the beloved fans know that…..do that….rather than making me a movie star on your site.

Your piece regarding internal camps is not correct. We are all working closely for the benefit of the club. There might be at times that we have different views but what is best for the group and the club is really the driver. Who to sell to perhaps is at times posing some problems, as I feel a local owner is preferable to someone like the failed approach from China. And frankly I have seen many racist comments against Carson which you have hosted on your site and which we have now taken down. No criticism of me or Carson were ever taken down by us, just defamatory and racist ones.

Daniel, do what is proper and that is go support the team and find out true facts. Don’t do what is not proper, and that is to inflame or put me down. You achieve nothing.

I have done my bit and managed to make sure I steered the club through very difficult times and came back and chased up all the accounts and removed dead weed and re-structured the group and have it re-listed. I also tried to help sell the club to the best of my ability. Go find out from Jeremy why it is not sold and when he speaks,,you will find out who is the angel and who are the villain mate.

Have a good day.

Yes, this one is me peter pannu. Please your self and state this is not me too.


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