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Referee Watch in Association with EZE Group – David Coote

Barring any late changes, David Coote of Nottinghamshire will be in the middle for Blues’ Championship game against Blackpool at Bloomfield Road today. Here is a look at his stats.

Season Performance

Mr Coote has taken charge of eight games so far this season, showing twenty-one yellow cards and one red. Of those games, two have been in the Championship and in those games Mr Coote has dished out seven cautions.

Last Blues Game Refereed

The last game involving Blues that Mr Coote was in the middle for was last October’s 2-1 home defeat to Bolton. In that game, Mr Coote booked three players – David Murphy of Blues along with Matt Mills and Darren Pratley of Bolton. In his match report, Colin Tattum noted that Coote had a strange aversion to giving free kicks.

Last Championship Game Refereed

The last game at this level that Mr Coote was in the middle for was Brentford’s 2-1 home win over Fulham on November 21. In that game Mr Coote booked four players – Harlee Dean and Jon-Miquel Toral of Brentford along with Elsad Zverotic and Dan Burn of Fulham.

Suspension Watch

One Red Card Darren Randolph (one match suspension served), Neal Eardley (one match suspension served), David Edgar (one match suspension served), Wes Thomas (two matches of a three match ban served)

4 Yellow Cards: Paul Robinson and David Cotterill
3 Yellow Cards: Wes Thomas and David Davis
2 Yellow Cards: Stephen Gleeson and Demarai Gray
1 Yellow Card: Neal Eardley,  Koby Arthur, David Edgar, Jonathan Spector, Jonathan Grounds, Michael Morrison, Lee Novak, Paul Caddis

The last date that five yellow cards will attract a suspension is December 31; for ten yellow cards it is April 12.

All referee stats via Soccerbase

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17 Responses to “Referee Watch in Association with EZE Group – David Coote”

  • Angela says:

    Dan are you sure your facts are correct? David Murphy has retired, I think you mean October 2013 BCFC website said exactly the same

  • raymondo says:

    Losing today was I think was due to over comfidence and not taking our chances.What matters is where we finish in the league this season. As far as I am concerned safe will do for now. Bring on the takeover! Hopefully. KRO.

  • DoctorD says:

    There are some antii-OP sentiments simmering on SmallHeathAlliance claiming Daniel’s writings this week were responsible for yesterday’s defeat. That’s just putting a narrative to events to suit your views. As I always say, don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Blue Lizard says:

    Fact is we were not as good as we have been of late…also blaming the poor state of a pitch wont cut it, it’s winter and pitches will be poor at some grounds and other teams can play on them?..if you don’t put your few chances away on the road then you get what you deserve…….Bugger all to do with anything on OP

  • AussieBlue says:

    Doc D: Just had a read of them. Load of wet blanket bollox in my view. 5 games without defeat and one bad day at the office and the Quislings start to bleat!! Certainly the top order shenanigans of any club can impact on performance but if these are reported in good faith and to inform those who give a damn about the truth – how in tarnation can these tossers link a 1-0 loss to OP’s dedication to revealing the truth of the very messy situation that informs our club’s ownership???? Just to make that clear; he described it as an ‘Augean Stable’ – let me defer to my 35 years of Australian frankness-versus Greek melodrama and illuminate that. It’s full of shite! Bull shite, cow shite; all of Augeus’s animal shite. You SMA whingers; d’you want to be Polyannas and pretend it’s not there? Play up to the BIHL ‘bury everything under the carpet’ lies? It’s what we are and it’s where we are at and we deserve to know. We lost a game of football by a slender margin – get over it. Blaming OP is just so bizarrely non sequitur it defies logic. So, that llittle clique over at SMA blaming OP; go home after the pub and have a good wank. At least your hand will know what loyalty is.

    • DoctorD says:

      Ahem, yes that’s put it rather matter-of-factly AussieBlue!

      Fact is, Gery Rowett has been key to our revival. Simple as that. I am sure Gary is strong enough not to let rantings on this site get to him assuming he is even aware of them. It’s all about compartmentalizing things in your life. Look at how he managed to turn around a club that had just lost 8-0 by saying that was that, now forget about it.

      • AussieBlue says:

        I’d had a few when I posted that Doc! Apologies if the colourful language has offended anyone, but I do remain incensed that some supporters are trying to scapegoat the hard working owner of this blog site when he’s doing more behind the scenes to get us out of the “Augean stable” detritus than anyone else.

  • blue says:

    shinnie’s absence,no moussi on the bench,and unable to find the spark even a poor pitch, could all have contributed.to the loss.nowt to do with a blog. Cotterill got some lovely crosses in,just begging for zigic to be on the end.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    The defeat had nothing to do with anything posted on here. That’s just utter boll*x.

    We had 2 or 3 good chances in the first half, with 2 Cotterill crosses and the Novak cross that went begging (that’s what you get for not having a far post player.) But overall, I think Blackpool passed us off the park for long periods. They played a lot of one-twos and triangles in, around and behind us. Their goal had been coming for 10 minutes. Our main ploy was to hit the long ball up to Donaldson, who was easily pocketed by Nosworthy and Clarke. We just never got behind them to any effect in the second half. But, it was just a bad day at the office, no more, just like it would have been if it had been against any other team. File it and move on to Reading.

    • raymondo says:

      Next week we’ll have Wes Thomas and Zigic added to the squad and hopefully Shinnie back. Nil desperandum. We’ve got a good enough squad and manager to stay up and hopefully the exit of PP to look forward to and after that maybe the club sold to people who know how to run it properly (and honestly). I think the tide could be about to turn. KRO.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Relegation? No chance Ray. In the last 3 seasons, I’ve only feared relegation once…. that was in the 2 minutes between Bolton’s 2nd goal and Zigic’s. In fact, I’m more confident of this squad doing well than the previous 2 years put together. I’m not a panic-merchant, so relegation’s not even crossed my mind. If we can reach 30 points in the next month, I think we’ll already be safe with 3 months still to go.

    • mark says:

      exactly staffs…some thought maybe a easy win here yeah they got it right…..Unfortunately for them he the one smiling…in my book should never feel ill of anyone good luck to him…
      Back to our fans lick our wounds and get behind GR….ITS DEAD simple really…………

  • neil says:

    possible saving there energy for there xmas bash today

  • mark says:

    well well a few quiet fans inept, no tactics, does not know what he doing, players are scare stiff him , pitch was crap….
    well he got his game plan right, and his tactics spot on. Any way I enjoyed the Blackpool lights….. Sometimes it pay to give credit where it due….he moved on shame others cannot lol
    Daniel i am sure you got a big heart just let run off your back, in any club you got fickle fans most of us take no notice tough as a rhino….lol

    • StaffsBlue says:

      The old ‘pitch was crap, we couldn’t play football’ excuse never washes with me… because it’s the same for both sides. It’s no excuse to lump the ball up top all game. This is what worries me with Zigic on board again. It’s not his fault, but the other players tend to play that cop out ball a lot when he’s in the team.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I agree staffs that those excuses don’t wash with me either so lets not go down that path…but I do agree that now we’ve lost a couple of changes for reading should happen, maybe bring Edgar in for Robinson and Riley in for glesson and maybe bring Thomas in for Donaldson and bring shinnie back in if not injured as we missed in at Blackpool, zigic on the bench and moussi also though you could put him in the starting line up instead of Riley which would propably be more the case if ime being honest. Kro.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Wouldn’t disagree with any of that dave. The one problem with having Shinnie in the team, is that we’d most likely have to play one up front, which seems to suit him best. But, when you constantly play one up there, you’re going to get games like Saturday.. because it takes a lot out of the striker, as witnessed against Blackpool. It seemed Donaldson hardly had the strength to put any power behind his shots. But it’s not too surprising when he’s up against 2 burly centre backs every game. It’s easy pickings for defenders.

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