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Carson Home For Christmas?

Former Birmingham City President Carson Yeung may find himself back at home for Christmas as it was confirmed that a bail hearing has been set next week in the prelude to his appeal.

Carson will find out on Tuesday December 16 if he is to be allowed bail pending his appeal hearing, which is unlikely to be heard before the middle of 2015. To be granted bail, Carson’s legal team must demonstrate at the hearing to the judges in the Court of Appeal that he has a reasonable chance of getting his conviction overturned.

Sources in Hong Kong have confirmed that Carson is to be represented by Clare Montgomery QC at his appeal (pending official confirmation). Montgomery is a barrister out of Matrix Chambers, and also Recorder in the Crown Court and Deputy High Court Judge, and has previously represented Augusto Pinochet and Vicky Pryce in high-profile cases. She is a very highly respected barrister who will undoubtedly have cost Carson a pretty penny to retain the services of.

The fact Carson has a good chance of his conviction being overturned should come as no surprise; I have spoken on here – and more importantly, my co-author Will Giles (a solicitor of 24 years standing in Hong Kong) confirmed in our book – that the law Carson was convicted under was being interpreted incredibly harshly and thus I’m not surprised that the Court of Final Appeal overturned a similar case recently. Carson will use the precedent set in that appeal as the basis for his own grounds of appeal.

What does this mean for BIHL?

Should Carson be granted bail, it would mean he would be free to attend the AGM of BIHL which is to be held in Tseun Wan on December 23. However, following Peter Pannu’s comments on this website it’s possible he will not attend in order not to exacerbate fears that he is acting as a shadow director of the embattled company. As Carson has no title or position within BIHL he shouldn’t have anything to do with the day to day running of the company and thus this bail hearing shouldn’t have an effect on the company – whether that actually will however remains to be seen.

What does this mean for BCFC?

I guess the big thing is if Carson is granted bail it makes it more likely that he will get his conviction overturned on appeal at some stage in the process; should he manage that then he would be free to return as a director of BIHL and of BCFC – and should he wish, he’d be free to return to Birmingham to continue where he left off in 2011.

However, that process will take time; as previously stated his hearing in the Court of Appeal isn’t likely to be heard for at least another six months; should it go to the Court of Final Appeal it would be another twelve to eighteen months after that. There is also the possibility that even if his conviction is overturned, the appeal court may order a retrial – which of course would add more time to the legal process and potentially delay any kind of movement for the club further.

Is there anything we can do?

Realistically, in Carson’s case there isn’t much we can do as fans to speed up the process. However, there is a meeting of fans facilitated by the Blues Trust tomorrow at the George where they will be looking further into how to get the regulatory bodies such as the Football League and the HKSE to act – especially in the light of recent comments made by Peter Pannu. I’ll be there to offer my assistance and to answer any questions I can.

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28 Responses to “Carson Home For Christmas?”

  • Hillfield blues says:

    So there you have it then. Another 3-4 yrs of this shit.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Who will be the people dan trying to “keep yeung in his cell” and trying too make sure he doesn’t get bail?whos that down too?

  • bluenose08 says:

    Its going to be a bloody long road and I predict carson will eventually end up top dog at bihl and bcfc. Watch out for hair cuts and league cups volume 2 !!!

  • edd77 says:

    Completely fed up, if we do get another 3 + years of these, god only knows what league and state our great club will be in.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    A Carson is for life not just for Christmas.

  • Tony E says:

    This will all end in tears, unfortunately for the fans they are the ones who will be doing the crying. I see no end to this ownership issue, does Yeung actually think he can ride into stans on a white charger with all the fans cheering, if he does the man’s deluded.

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    My god!,will it ever end.

  • Blue is the colour says:

    By the time we get rid of BIHL we will be playing Blythe Sparterns in some non-league.

    I had a season ticket for 20 years and will not return till every last one of them is out of the club. It’s harsh but the only way for these lot to get the message.

    Delay no more kick these idiots out !

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Whichever way one looks at this, — Whether C,y, is still in prison or out on bail, — We will not be rid of BIH, until Carson decides, He is still holding the full-house, !!.

  • andy says:

    If Carson rides into St Andrews on a white charger with bags of money, I will cheer!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m wondering, would Carson Yeung be accepted back with Pavlakis, instead of Pannu?

  • AussieBlue says:

    Carson’s QC is certainly top shelf by all accounts but she didn’t succeed in getting Assange extradited to Sweden and she didn’t succeed in preventing Dewani’s extradition to South Africa to face charges of murdering his wife did she?

    I hope the appeal goes ahead because it might be again an opportunity for the prosecutors to demand exact answers to the question “Where DID the money come from, Carson?” and “Where did it end up?”
    and perhaps “Whose money was it in the first place?”

    Having said that I tend to agree that he’s in the pokey on largely circumstantial evidence…a QC’s manna from heaven.

  • mark says:

    Well what a week pp cat call, clark returns to humble us with spot on tactics and game plan, and Carson will be home for Christmas……..I always knew being a blues fan was hard. But I support my team though thick and thin, though sad and happy days…..very nice mince pie and mull wine merry christmas everyone…..that right Daniel he spent 40 million on players wages as you have previously noted way way way back………..NOW remember dust yourself down we got to get ready for reading…its one defeat in six, and it was AWAY from home…..all your sad comments are cheering those vilers up…get behind the team….kro

  • raymoindo says:

    The club’sgot no money fot transfer fees but Carson’s got money fot expensive barristers and expensive appeals. Odd isn’t it?

  • Graham says:

    I’ll have a pint with him if he comes back

  • richardgranfield says:

    just a note on Blyth Spartans. They lie 20th in the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League, although they have played up to 9 fewer games than some of their rivals.
    Also in that league are Rushall Olympic, Halesowen Town and Stourbridge.

  • The Timms says:

    Can the football league not be invited to send a representative to the blues supporters meeting? I guess it’s too “small fry” for them to be interested in.

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