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Blues Eyeing Up Redditch Forward

Redditch United forward Jermaine Hylton will play in a specially-arranged reserve game for Birmingham City next week against Manchester City as they step up their interest in the young talent.

The Redditch Standard are reporting that Blues are having to contend with interest from Premier League Southampton and League One outfit MK Dons in the winger/striker who has lit up the Southern Premier League of late with some outstanding displays. Blues were interested in Hylton back in March but didn’t pursue it any further at that point.

Hylton was approached by a Conference side in October after a particularly devastating spell of nine goals in four games but he turned them down, seemingly prepared to bide his time for an offer from League football.

It’s an interesting one for Blues – Hylton was 21 when they looked at him in March and thus he has at the most half a season left to play in reserve team football as a non-overage player; and I’m in agreement with Gary Rowett that any player signed should be signed because they offer something different or better than what we already have.

I don’t like the idea of signing players as they’re “an extra body” – you only have to look at Cian Hughton, Caleb Folan or Olly Lee for reasons not to do that – and thus I think it’s imperative that if Hylton is to get a contract he would need to show that he could play in the Championship, five steps up the league pyramid.

That being said, there is absolutely no harm in having a look and I do think it’s something we should continue to do – picking up a late developer from peanuts and turning them into a league player makes good financial sense and I am equally sure that there are rough diamonds out there waiting to be polished up by the right coaching – something I think Blues have in spades in development coach Richard Beale.

Former Blues striker Akwasi Asante has gone in the other direction, signing for Kidderminster Harriers until the end of the season. The 22-year-old striker has been without a club since leaving St Andrew’s at the end of last season.

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41 Responses to “Blues Eyeing Up Redditch Forward”

  • Big Al says:

    I’m reticent to disagree with anything posted on this site at the moment after contribution it’s had to the long-term well-being of our club. However I think your being a bit harsh on Olly Lee. I’ve seen him have some good games for the club (I recall a 0-0 draw with Forest where I thought he was our best player and a fantastic performance against Stoke). He’s been tarnished because the anti-Clark brigade thought our manager was simply doing a favour for a mate.

  • mark says:

    what people have to accept there is no longevity about players staying at their respected clubs….Some players are bought in purely as a investment…of course we can hand pick further down the leagues, without the problems of shelling out serious money…….it like having a big sieve…..

    • tttpaule says:

      I thought all the talk about Clark had finished!! it is proven by our improvement that Clark was a very poor manager at best, i have to admit he was a good scout & brought in some decent players but couldn’t work out how to play them, Olly Lee was at best a Conference Player and the person who thinks he was the best player against Forest must have been watching a different game to me!! He probably had his best game for us,but if one good game makes Dan harsh well i think someone is taking the piss!!! Rowett has the knowhow & if Lee was any good I’m sure he would be playing. I think you Clark supporters need to get over him if you cant go seek some help.

      • mark says:

        It about opinions just because maybe you dont like a player…..that’s your problem
        There was a lot opinions about olly because of his connection through his dad…and lot decided to make mole holes out of mountain regarding this situation…. anti clark brigade have got nothing to moan about now, so why dont you roll yourself up in your carpet…..

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It never hurts to see what’s around and about, we’ve missed out on a few players in recent times, the Troy Deeneys and the like. But, before we start buying anymore strikers/wingers, we need to have a proper look at players within our camp who haven’t had a decent chance yet, the likes of Matt Green Denny Johnstone and Mark Duffy.

    • mark says:

      yes staffs where are a few players yet to be given a opportunity like those mentioned by yourself OR some of our younger players in U21 truelove,packwood,Hancox…..unless GR has in his mind the pruning already started???…

  • asif says:

    im from redditch and have been trying to get someone from blues to go to redditch fc to have a look. i even tried asking you dan if you knew how to contact gary. i eventually got to facebook richard beale and send him a text saying to get down redditch utd. there are a few down there. sammons is another. been scoring for fun

  • Dave Mann says:

    I think it’s pretty clear in the short term that rowetts been with us that he doesent fancy Duffy, Johnstone, packwood or Hancox for the first 11 and I can see those 4 being part of the ship out of players to bring in one or two who can push for first team places…. Matt green as yet to get fit but again I see him being sent out on loan for a month or two before he gets anywhere near the first 11 IMO. Kro.

  • John Marbella says:

    I just hope he isn’t looking at wingers thinking that we may lose Gray in January. I really hope not, not just for Blues but also for the lad. The best place for him for the next couple of years is here and then let’s see where we are as a Club, who knows we could have new owners and be plying our trade back on the Premier League. KRO.

  • Poppa999 says:

    I don’t see Matt Green playing in Blues first team again. His contract is up in the summer and time is against him. His only saving grace would be a successful loan period where he sets the world on fire. Shame really but his injuries at Blues have ruined his chances of progression.
    For Asante read Aluko.

  • Dave mann says:

    I agree with green that’s why I said he needs to go out on loan first when he’s available to see if he’s upto scratch and good enough to come back in to the squad and then into the team!!!kro

  • Marky mark says:

    Agree, we have a manager we can trust now. If we sign him then I am confident he will step up.

    PS How about a ban on talking about Lee Clark, he has gone time to move on, most of us are trying to forget about him.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Come on lads mark where’s his heart on his sleve and as blues interests and future success ingrained in him like we all do, the guy respected lee Clark for the valant job that he done under very stresfull circumstances and so do I but the guy could not pick a side or formation to match the personal but I thank him for his work and I was proud along a with the rest of my family to applaud in at Blackpool which was the right thing to do but now we move on and push forward with sir Gary rowett !!! Lol&kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Hear hear! I supported the previous manager from the time he walked in the door, to the time he walked out of it (just as I will the present incumbent)… but that era is gone now, we have a new era to look forward to. As Oasis once sang (sang?) Don’t Look Back In Anger. ;)

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Clark was a frigging disaster for our club. He turned us into a joke club. Surely after a couple of months of competent management then some of you lot can see just how crap he was.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Don’t get the anger aimed at LC. Ok no tactical genius but who was it that brought all these players to the club without any money whatsoever. These after all are the same lot that GR is doing very well indeed with and he actually commended LC on the quality of the squad.

  • Euston 9:15 says:

    I hope someone at the club is looking at G`Rowett’s contract.
    If BLUES carry on the way there playing,come the end of the season,think plenty of clubs will be sniffing around.
    I would give him a 5 year contract for 2 reasons.
    1) Rowett would have the keys of St Andrews to run the playing side even if new owners turn up & if it went tits up i’m sure with Rowett in charge he would get BLUES back up at the 1st attempt.
    2) If he did trap at the end of the season at least BLUES would get a large sum in compo,more then his 1 year roll over which he is on now ( I think)

  • Tony says:

    blue is correct Clark was a joke, a disaster who turned us into a joke club, those who supported him and still do as far as i can see, are almost as bad.
    There are two or three who still will not admit just how bad he was, as for applauding him not on your life, he hung on for dear life for the money, nothing else..

    • ian g says:

      Totally agree tony

      Comments that we support the manager until the leaves show that people don’t realise that blindly supporting to the end actually can damage the club

      We would be bottom 3 now with Clark and going the same way as Blackpool , no question. Blind faith due to a man showing passion shows a total naivety and the fact at every turn a couple of posters look to show Clark was successful shows a lack of acceptance that sometimes you are just plain wrong with your views.

      I am glad a lot of us posted here calling for him to go and I believe that did help the decision being made by club and it was those of us who believed this change was needed who have helped set the club back on a better track.

      • raymondo says:

        After they stayed up by a miracle last year they gave Clark a second chance but it must have been with the proviso that he had to start doing better more or less immediately. He didn’t and the home form continued culminating with the 0-8. The owners had to do something and didn’t they do well !We should be delighted. I know I am. GR is the best thing that could have happened to the club and all we need now is new owners because everything else is in place ready for them Halelujah!

    • Dave Mann says:

      You talk out your backside sometimes tony, those players we have now excluding Morrison are Clarke players and there doing well now be she’s we’ve got a better manager end off. Kro

  • steve says:

    Since GR has come in i,ve started looking forward to going again. Before he came it was a tortuous slog to go and watch the team i love.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Bugger me, Clark again? lol The funny thing is, it’s the Clark haters that are keeping his memory going. Those who supported him whilst he was manager have moved on and are supporting the new manager… which is how it should be. :)

    • ian g says:

      think you will find it is people like Mark who can’t move on and brings his love of all things clark back into every debate thus provoking a response from others, see this thread as a perfect example

  • Dave Mann says:

    That’s is perogative!!kro

  • John says:

    If anyone wants to keep discussing Lee Clarke here is the link to the Blackpool Fans Forum…..


  • Tony says:

    It was us the fans who finally got rid of the idiot, those of you who still cant see his shortcomings are yourselves idiots.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Most of us idiots could see his shortcomings Tony but he got a lot of players in that are in a improving side now under rowett so it looks like we’re all idiots right Tony including yourself for thinking that we supporters who goes to most games did not no this .. Unbelievable!!! Kro& lol

  • Jazzzy786 says:

    Back to the subject. Does anyone know anything about this player we are looking at. If clubs like Southampton are looking at him he can’t be too shabby.

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