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Blues Sign Dyer On Loan

Birmingham City added 32-year-old winger Lloyd Dyer on loan until the end of the season from Watford today as Gary Rowett looks to bolster his attacking options. The Aston-born winger started his career at the Baggies and is eligible to face them on Saturday in the FA Cup.

Although Dimmi Gray has done a great job on the left it has seemed obvious that Blues have lacked a left footed attacker as another option in the squad and the capture of Dyer would seem to address that problem. Blues were quick to say on Twitter that Dyer was intended as an addition to the squad rather than as a replacement as the club look to head off rumours that Gray may be sold on in the window.

I will admit to not knowing much about Dyer save that he started his career at the Baggies and his younger brother Wayne was on Blues’ books as a youngster. He’s had a fairly solid career around the second tier of English football and despite some mentions on messageboards of attitude problems forcing him out of contention at Vicarage Road Dyer seems to be seen by many of the professional types on Twitter as a good acquisition at Blues. Apparently Rowett has been watching him for some time and at this moment I trust Rowett’s judgement implicitly – I don’t think anyone else can argue that the Bromsgrove Mourinho has had a lot of success in the early part of his Blues managerial career.

Having missed out on Icelandic striker Bjorn Sigurðarson who opted to join FC Copenhagen from Wolves rather than Blues, I would expect that Blues may also look to bring in a striker in the window. Matt Green is still some way from returning from injury having had another setback – and if I’m honest I don’t think we’ll ever see him in a Blues shirt again now, which means it wouldn’t hurt to bring in someone else as cover up front – especially if they offer something different to what we already have.

It’s good to see that Blues are still in the market to bring in players who can improve the squad, regardless of some of the dire warnings we have had about unpaid tax bills and the like. While I’m of the belief that the summer might be a bit hairier, as it stands Blues are into the third week of the transfer window having happily rebuffed a couple of offers for one of their star players and having been able to loan out some of their younger players (and Olly Lee) to give them more experience. Blues don’t seem to be the club in crisis that they could be – especially given the ongoing soap opera in Hong Kong – and I think it’s testament to the ongoing work of the support staff behind the scenes at St Andrews that the club is able to continue in relative self-sufficiency.

Blues are also on course to sell out against the Baggies at the weekend with Wayne Cowen confirming over 27.7k tickets have been sold and only 750 remaining; while it’s a bit galling to be so chuffed about selling out a local derby the hope is that the returning fans will see that things are better once again at the ground and we’ll see a further upturn in league attendances – which could have the dual knock on effect of continued good performances from the players and more money in the bank for Rowett to manoeuver in the transfer market.

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49 Responses to “Blues Sign Dyer On Loan”

  • TRO says:

    I heard a not so young Andrew AJ Johnson is on a free from QPR. A poacher with a bit of pace is probably somebody we’re looking for up front. Might do a job until the end of the season.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Why would Dyer come from the Watford squad to the BCFC squad? Because he’s unhappy getting so little game time? Does he think he’s just going to waltz into the starting XI and is he going to throw a wobbler if he doesn’t?

  • Blue Lizard says:

    At 32 and with over 200 championship games behind him I would think he knows how things work…he’s a brummie and wants to play… What’s wrong with that? G R has seen enough in him and I trust his judgement so give the man a break and welcome him to blues

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Exactly: ‘wants to play’. What happens if he doesn’t?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Dyer may be 32, but he still has the legs and, with all that experience, I think there’ll be much more of an end product than we see from Gray. Dyer is, like Duffy, a more direct winger and will provide the crosses from the left that the likes of Donaldson should thrive on.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      So you would drop Gray for Dyer? I think that would be a mistake. Apart from the fact that we now have a winning team of which Gray is an integral part he individually wins us a lot of free kicks which has led to goals and teams are worried about him so double up on him which creates space for other players.

      • atko says:

        I think the move for Dyer is for cover for Gray. No good bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted If he does go but if he doesn’t then we have a natural replacement when GR makes substitutions or rests Gray. We have recently seen when the boss wants to substitute Gray he has to bring on Novak or have Thomas or Donaldson in a less natural position so he can replace Shinnie with Novak. I think bringing Dyer in will keep the shape of the team when the boss wants to rest players.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I said, there would be more end product with Dyer…. direct runs at defenders, crosses etc. Nothing about dropping Gray. Reading something that isn’t there, now there’s a surprise.

        • atko says:

          Who’s your comments aimed at? I never read in to anything, I was simply answering Shirley Blues question. It’s not a case of dropping Gray, both players can play in other positions but as Gray lines up on the left & with so many rumours flying about with Dyer primarily as a left winger too, people automatically jump to conclusions. Gray can play right side & also play in Shinnies role as I’m sure Dyer will also be able to. I think it’s about having suitable cover for every role regardless of whether there is interest in any of our players from elsewhere or not. We don’t want players to burn out, they need to be rested some time.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            My post wasn’t meant for you, it was an answer to the post before you. I thought that was obvious. Sorry.

  • Robwerto says:

    I remember Leicester away a couple of years back. Dyer came on and absolutely ripped us apart with his pace and directness.

    If he can replicate that he’s a great aquisition. The Leicester fans (who I was sitting with) seemed to get excited every time he was on the ball. Reminded me of HRH Stanley.

  • Alex T says:

    I would be happy if game time was split between Gray and Dyer (assuming he’s as good as we think), as I think at Grays young age, he could do with coming on as an impact sub a few times. Consistency rarely comes with being 18 and it will be good to have a bit of rotation for him.

    Koby Arthur might not be quite there yet in terms of development, but this addition may help him along too!

  • Bluesbot says:

    The short term capture of Dyer is a very canny deal, not only does he provide solid competition down the left but his experience will be invaluable not only to the team but also to Dimi Gray at this point in his young career.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Dan, I would just like to endorse what you’ve said about the Blues backroom staff. It isn’t just good, it’s incredible that they have been able to perform at such a high level in THE MOST difficult of circumstances.

  • darren says:

    Dyer still lives in the area, in fact he looked at my house the other week!

    Seems very athletic so hopefully a good addition.

    Sad news to report is this upturn in fortunes in the league has stalled the sale process as of course if by some magic we get in the prem then the club would be worth a lot more.

    So this form improvement ironically has dented our hopes in the short term of getting rid of the current owners.

    Ah well the life of a blues fan

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Watched Albion last night. Pulis has transformed them from a footballing side to a solid defensive team.
    No shots on target and Berahino playing as an extra left back.
    They still have better players than any current Championship club and Blues’ will have to be at their absolute best to beat them.
    Financially a draw would be a good result as it would guarantee another decent payday.

    • Adam True Blue says:

      I think Pulis may set West Brom up differently to play us than he set them up against Everton, although he will see us as a threat they will be expecting to leave with the win, they may be in for a suprise.

  • Tony says:

    Well you know what you get with Pullis, football goes out of the window, hard work and organisation is the byword.
    He has the same drills in training every single day, the players end up bored to tears but they know their job. We will find it difficult to score, on the other hand apart from Berahino they don’t score that many.
    Regarding Dyer, hes a very useful direct winger a good acquisition.

    • Adam True Blue says:

      Regarding Dyer, I think it will require a good manager to bring out his best, and offer him the discipline he requires, luckily we have one! It was not long ago on this ‘Blog’ that fans were shouting for Randolph’s head, look at the transformation, Long may it continue.

    • Teej says:

      Bang on Tony. West Brom v Everton… what a boring game! Pullis will keep them safe at the expense of football! Thank God we didn’t get him. Don’t think Pullis will play many of his first team, the last thing he would want is a replay.

  • Derek Wall says:

    Dyer was on the books at Birmingham but was released at 15 because he was deemed too small.

    Interesting article in the Mail. Dyer is a Brummie born and bred. He says he had lots of offers some of them quite lucrative but when he new Blues were interested that was it. He still lives in Birmingham..

  • Dave mann says:

    I think dyer is a good signing bearing in mind that a left sided player is one we wanted and another is an attacking midfielder come striker so obviously not like our previous manager rowett does no where to strengthen so let him get on with it….as for the baggies, no problem in my mind, I said that a draw at Leeds would be a good result and do it proved but only a win on Saturday will keep me happy as a replay is not what either club want really and also a defeat either way will not be the end of the world as the baggies is staying up as there priority and us pushing up the championship is our major priority which means it should be a cracker if west brom do decide to come out and play which they didn’t at Everton last night ..3-1 my prediction! Kro

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Daniel, Off subject I know, but the Birmingham Mail reports that a 33,yr old man has been arrested in H,K. — any info, coming your way,??.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    The last time we played Albion in the FA Cup was 47 years ago in the semi final at Villa Park. I was there standing at the back of the Holte End and as a second division side we lost 2-0 to goals from Astle and Brown.
    Ron Wylie was Blues’ captain, Fred Pickering and Barry Bridges our attacking threat……Happy memories.

  • rhees says:

    My mate is liester fan and said dyer was excellent for them
    Should be good signing I think

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for recognizing the “behind the scenes” people at Blues who are doing a marvellous job of running the club under difficult circumstances given the split ownership situation. They are allowing Rowett, coaching staff and players to get on with the game. Keep Right on Blues from Canada.

  • Tony says:

    You have to laugh( Compliance officer) Jokes there galore but silence is golden.

  • mark says:

    well with a few players shown the door no surprises….maybe past his best lets see……..disappointed that Duffy who can play on either wing not given a shout……well it managers who fall on their swords..

  • mark says:

    maybe he can have a chat with Troy who knows……..

  • mark says:

    well well only 750 tickets left for the baggies game glad i was correct that we would one day fill the ground….kro……….going for 27,500
    sorry old Dave 3-1 blues is abit steep in my opinion……pullis factor boring 1-0 to baggies with him playing 11 players behind the ball……..Everton were in my opinion extremely unlucky…should have won by canter……

  • Dave Mann says:

    Ime usually pretty good with predictions mark so don’t underestimate my score line, were be more up for it than them as premiership safety is there main goal and a slightly weaker side propably picked..as for us, we’re be picking a far stronger team that played at blyth and its a no loose situation as were pretty much safe from relegation unless we’re deducted 10 points for BIH mess… Looking forward to seeing stans full again and I agree that 27/28,000 will be order of the day and whatever the result I can guarantee that against Norwich it will go back down to 17/18,000 but that’s the way it his nowadays with supporters picking and choosing games.. Are well not to worry!!! Lol&kro

  • bluenose08 says:

    tom ross in the b,ham mail states that bcfc can be sold without bihl losing their listing on hkse. !!

  • Dave Mann says:

    If that’s the case what the hell are they holding on to it for… Trouble is there get next to nothing for it now and mr yeung is looking like he’s here to stay and when he gets out of jail wants to carry on as though nothing’s happened..unbelievable !!!!!.. Sell up and piss off if that’s the case but then what does Tom Ross know? Kro

  • Richard Granfield says:

    28,100 tickets sold for Saturday, with only 400 left.
    What this means is if we can get back to the Premier League or even look like getting back the support is there.
    Blues’ fans want success and under the previous management achieving 1 win in 25 home games effected attendances.

  • Dave Mann says:

    That’s a fair point RIchard but because I go to most games home and away the performance of the team does not influence me regarding attending but for a lot of fans it does so I won’t comment further on that…28,000 plus will be fantastic Saturday and your right regarding fans returning if the team is back in the premiership and that’s wonderfull but I just wish it wasent as occasional as it is now but never mind I will just look forward to a bit of Baggie bashing and the 5th round of the cup!! Kro

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