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BIH Name Victor Ma Shui-Cheong as CEO and MD

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed that Victor Ma Shui-Cheong has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company, effective today.

The announcement confirms that Ma, who was already Vice-Chairman and Executive Director of BIH will combine those roles with the roles of CEO and MD following Peter Pannu’s sacking in December 2014. Victor Ma is also Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Sing Pao Media Enterprises Ltd – which also lists Carson Yeung as its largest shareholder.

While Ma is Carson’s brother-in-law, it should be noted that he was one of three directors that Carson demanded the removal of two weeks ago in a letter to BIH requesting an EGM. The appointment of Ma is another kick in the teeth for Carson as it directly goes against his wishes and will no doubt leave Pannu annoyed also. Ma and Pannu have been opposite sides of the BIH board split for some time and Ma’s appointment to Pannu’s old job will undoubtedly leave a bitter taste in Pannu’s mouth.

As news goes I think it’s slightly more positive than negative; but only slightly. It does mean that Pannu’s power and influence over BIH wanes a little more and it makes it harder for Carson to remove Victor – the HKSE are going to want a good reason from Carson as to why he wants the removal of the Chairman and the CEO/MD of the company should he call for an EGM again. From my sources in HK it does appear that Victor knows that the club must be sold and I hope that his appointment is BIH’s way of distancing themselves from the past excesses of Pannu which have returned to cause issues – particularly the problems with the BDO audit over his consultancy fee – and that distance will help convince the HKSE that BIH is slowly returning to the straight and narrow.

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