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Carson Yeung Sues to Prevent Sale of BCFC

Lawyers representing Carson Yeung were in court today trying to force through an EGM requested by the former hairdresser of Birmingham International Holdings in his capacity as largest shareholder and to prevent the immediate sale of Birmingham City.

According to on.cc, Carson has filed a writ with the High Court to prevent Ernst & Young from selling Birmingham City. He has also applied to force an EGM as previously requested, requiring Birmingham International Holdings to announce this on the stock exchange website as well as advertisements in two English newspapers. Carson has also sued registrars Tricor Tengis to allow him to inspect the shareholder register, stating that he believes it has been changed.

As of yet no news of an EGM has been announced and there is no confirmation whether the courts have agreed to it; however as stated before there are multiple issues regarding the appointment of at least one of the directors Carson requested. If an EGM goes through it will make life much more difficult for the receivers in trying to arbitrate the dispute between directors and will almost certainly affect the day-to-day running of the club.

The hearing date for the application will be May 6.

No comment has yet been made by the club.

As further news breaks I wil endeavour to update.

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64 Responses to “Carson Yeung Sues to Prevent Sale of BCFC”

  • John Ramsay says:

    As Yeung is locked up I see the hand of Pannu in all of this. Let’s hope this application gets thrown out.

  • Graham says:

    So if the receivers were in the process of trying to sell the club, does that mean that’s all on hold until 6th May when the the court will decide whether to uphold Carson’s request?

  • Mickey07 says:

    His last throw of the dice,I can’t see Ernst and young being pushed about by these 2 bob bit clowns pannu and yeung.

  • bluearmyfaction says:

    Hasn’t he missed the boat somewhat on this? The challenge should have been to the appointment of E&Y as receivers.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Did anyone really expect Laurel & Hardy to go quietly?

  • DoctorD says:

    It’s like the bully running to the headteacher to get his way. Surely the courts will throw this out. It is surely proof, if any were needed, that the number one thing Yeung cares about is himself and his money.

    • southcoastblue says:

      I don’t think there’s ever been any doubt about that. Carson may have enjoyed being a football club chairman but right now everything he does is a gamble about what he thinks gives him the best chance of getting as much cash as possible back from the whole fiasco. Ditto Pannu – they’d be mad to be thinking anything else.

  • Art says:

    This is concerning news -all these legal issues are costing the group loads of money.

    How long can the group sustain financial viability before closing the door on their business?

  • Peter Bates says:

    Apart from a fashion statement what reason can cy have not to sell bcfc he will never get what he paid and by keeping it he his doing the cub no favours also what further proof do the powers that be need to show that cy is Still running bcfc kro

  • ChrisG says:

    I imagine all the other shareholders are sick to death of all this (as are we) & probably just want to sell up & move on & who could blame them. What I don’t understand is how CY can be conducting business from behind bars

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I don’t suppose that Yeung had any toys of his own as a child (Pannu probably just took everyone else’s) !!

  • Gary says:

    When are theFA going to stop these muppets not only ruining clubs but the game in general

    • almajir says:

      As I keep saying, it’s nothing to do with the FA in this case, it’s the Football League…

      • bluedean1875 says:

        further proof to the Football League that he is acting as a “shadow director” which is clearly in breach of FL rules. Hopefully the FL will see the actions by the other directors of calling in E&Y as a “necessary action” and not dock us 10 points

  • Colin farmer says:

    This move by Carson Yeung must prove to the football league that he has control and influence over the running of the club

  • Bluenosesol says:

    My real concern is that these E&Y guys don’t come cheap and have a knack of spinning these situations out to maximise their earnings. I estimate that if E and Y have 3 consultants on this with three admin support daily costs will be approx. £30k. If that rumbles on for 6 months then you could be looking at nearly £4m in resources alone. That’s a bigger hole than the misappropriation costs to date!!

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Does this effectively mean that Carson Yeung has succeeded in stalling any sale of the club until at the soonest the hearing date on May 6th? If so I presume that EY will be still claiming expenses? can anyone throw any light on these points?

  • Jaffa says:

    It looks to me like EY are already talking to potential buyers for BCFC.That’s why Carson is panicking!

    • BlueBloodWhiteVeins says:

      That’s exactly how I’ve taken this horrible news.
      It’s not nice reading this, but there must be a reason why it’s happening.

      All we can do is pick up some points and hope we don’t get a deduction.

      Hopefully this will all be sorted out by next season and we can start looking up rather than everywhere else.

      Keep right on!

  • John Blue says:

    May 6th? so am i right in thinking nothing can happen until that date?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think that all we can do, is what we’ve always done with this bunch, hold our breath and watch what unfolds.

  • Dave Mann says:

    It amazes me how much interest fans have when Carson yeungs name is mentioned… It’s ashame they don’t show the same interest when the team have a game to play tonight and give there opinions more on the team and Ipswich but that’s just my opinion so as far as ime concerned mr yeung can rot in his prison cell and sue who the fok he likes!! Kro

  • rhees says:

    Ffs wish this could end sick of waiting around

  • rhees says:

    Come on the boys tonight

  • blue lizard says:

    Yeung is getting advice from somewhere..he isn’t smart enough to work this out for himself..i Detect a big fat bald head in glasses poking him from behind..(probably not the only one considering where he is)

  • Oldbluenose says:

    For a man, convicted, in prison, and [ supposedly ], had all his assets frozen,?. How is he funding all these appeals/ court injunctions, etc, ???.

    None of these actions are free,!!.

  • Ian Ambrose says:

    Best getting lost to carson because carson too many time lair and let blues fan down No Good !!…Best new fresh who someone big business takeover at BCFC and bring blues fans better than vile on HERE massive with BCFC like man city!!…GETTING LOSTand OUT OF ORDER CARSON in China!!! BEST SELL CLUB NOW and NO WAITING TOO LONG!!! Because Bring Blues fans on here is important

    • Weaponsguru says:

      Well said Ian Ambrose!
      I couldn’t have put it better myself .

      ….and BTW, I see this as a good thing long term.

      It’s “End Game” time.

      Carson trying one last desperate ploy – E&Y will (likely) deny him his request – as I believe is their legal prerogative, as BIHL and it’s subsidiaries are effectively in their hands now(?)

      I’m not 100% sure I’ll like the “New Owners” an awful lot more than this lot, but one thing’s for sure, they can’t be any worse!!

      3 points tonight at Ipswich – 2-0 win for me! KRO!

  • Rob says:

    Nothing to worry about guys, As a director of said company, who is currently behind bars can not by law have any say or dealings with his so called company, he should have been stripped of his directorship as he is currently behind bars, if he is found to have been involved with said company then he can face further jail time and company forced into a winding up order, the guys who are currently in charge can i will eventually sell blues and wind the company up them selves, as it has been menchioned that blues are the only assets left in bihl portfolio

    • chris says:

      he has been stripped of his directorship, he resigned that position himself this time last year, BUT he is (legally) still a major shareholder and is entitled to defend any position / argument concerning the business, whether he wins that argument is a different matter.

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Dan, am I right that Carson’s appeal is due in March and could the result of this have any impact on the receivership process?

  • Zuludave says:

    Hi dan, do you know if Jeremy Wray is still prepared to wait this out, and do you know of any other interested parties that have been alerted to the possibility of a sale opportunity being brought forward?

  • Sean Thomas says:

    Dont forget that Carson Yrung has always had his own way, what he buys, who he hires and fires etc etc now all of a sudden this is being taken away from him as well as his liberty, probably a bit too much to take. He is obviousle seething and I believe this is more of a show of strength than anything else. The power struggle continues.

  • blackcountryblues says:

    Is this the proof to the FA by there very so called ethical RULES that the person running our club is not fit to do so and why is he still allowed to ?

    • chris says:

      he is not running the club,
      he is trying to run it and so far not succeeding because the other half of the board are fighting him and have brought in a third party to help resist him.
      The League can do nothing as he is just a pest with no boardroom power

  • Dave Mitch says:

    Is CY’s son still on the Blues’ board? Surely he’s a CY spy on the inside and reporting straight back to his father? I’m not an expert, but that sounds dodgy.

  • stephen stretton says:

    whatever the out come the club will not move forward until they have gone & we dont want any new owners who are linked to this lot.

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